Pokémon Spectrum v1.4.3

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  1. Spectrum 1.4.3
  3. Download:
  4. RAR:
  6. ZIP:
  9. Screenshots:
  12. Changelog:
  13. Version 1.4.3
  14. -Changed cries of Rypeck, Rybeak, Nimbian, Konimbus, Beelzebug
  15. -Changed some NPC/trainer sprites (Sahara receptionists, Beauty, Battle Girl, Black Belt, Tuber, Bird Keeper, Schoolkid, Punk Girl, Biker, Fisherman)
  16. -Adjusted some maps
  17. -Fixed bug with Pokémon Center healing automatically after blacking out in a restricted location
  18. -Fixed bug on Route 11 where turbine blades sometimes stay on screen after entering windmill
  19. -Fixed bug where boats don't tint based on time of day
  20. -Fixed bug where opponent's party status doesn't display properly in double battles with more than one opponent
  21. -Fixed visual errors in Fly and Dark-type move animations
  22. -Fixed bug where following Pokémon footsteps show in sand even when the following Pokémon isn't out
  23. -Changed Dazzling Gleam to hit all opposing opponents in double battles
  24. -Misc. event changes
  25. -Updated Aychem front sprite
  28. Version 1.4.2
  29. -Fixed tile/passability errors
  30. -Misc. event changes/bug fixes
  31. -Fixed Metal Claw animation sound bug
  32. -Added Medunaga and Ledian front shiny sprites
  34. Version 1.4.1:
  35. -Fixed evolutionary stones
  36. -Fixed icon sprite positions in Pokédex for larger sprites
  37. -Fixed icon sprite visibility in PC box for larger sprites
  38. -Readjusted Pokemon front sprite position in PC
  39. -Updated Ratation, Revolster, and Junkster's following sprite
  40. -Updated Revolster and Jestrio's back sprite
  41. -Added more shiny sprites
  42. -Fixed Pilove's shiny sprite
  43. -Fixed tile/passability errors
  44. -Fixed updating issue where Liz won't show up in 1.4 if player entered the Day Care in 1.3
  45. -Made talking to Liz for the egg after beating her optional, since this could cause a softlock if the player game overs with a poisoned Pokémon immediately after beating her
  46. -Updated disclaimer splash screen
  47. -Fixed bug with Farm scientist not giving Pokémon even if player caught >= 30 Pokémon
  49. Version 1.4.0:
  50. -Upgraded from Essentials 16.2 to Essentials 17.2. Associated changes are here:
  51. -Upgraded from EBS 2015 to EBS 17.2
  52. -Increased screen size from 256x192 to 370x240
  53. -Added mouse functionality in battle and for the start menu (toggleable in Options menu)
  54. -Modified battle UI
  55. -Redid party screen UI
  56. -Redid Pokémon summary UI
  57. -Redid Pokédex UI
  58. -Rewrote some Pokédex entries
  59. -Redid region map
  60. -Redid Bag UI
  61. -Redid Trainer Card
  62. -Redid Pokémon Storage System UI
  63.     -Removed Withdraw/Deposit options
  64.     -Exiting from the Pokémon Storage System will now completely log the player out of the PC
  65. -Redid Pokémon Center healing animation
  66. -Redid Poké Mart UI
  67. -Changed border design and changed border ratio so screen size can be adjusted to 16:9
  68. -Changed default font to FRLG
  69. -Changed battlebacks and battlebases
  70. -Renumbered Routes
  71. -Redid Gobi Forest
  72. -Redesigned Gobi Village Gym
  73. -Redesigned Kalahari City Gym
  74. -Modified Route 5
  75. -Modified Color Rock entrance
  76. -Redid Route 6
  77. -Added Kolora Outpost between between Sahara City and Kalahari City, which contains a Pokémon Center
  78. -Removed all map connections from the game
  79. -Updated Lass, Youngster, Breeder, Hiker, Young Couple, Poké Maniac, Poké Fan, Nite, Eve, Yucca, Stein, Gemma, Roy, Biv sprites
  80. -Updated all Trainer transitions and added special transitions for Roy and Biv
  81. -Newly available Pokémon: Mairkura, Buoychin, Inflatant
  82. -Redesigns
  83.     -Minor: Platsplash, Dropokol (formerly Kowomnut), Tumbli, Drygon, Muskle, Veneon, Ironeon, Parabox, Gondolog, Bubbelo
  84.     -Moderate: Dengo, Olvee, Tauring, Taurmera, Shrimbur, Volglee, Thorniust
  85.     -Major: Doongo, Nimbian, Komodon, Beelzebug, Larvuzz, Flydra, Velocisect, Drakeon, Bouldeon, Pesteon, Windeon, Chickatoo, Clownun, Jugduo, Jestrio, Eleclee, Waddalog, Apololo, Dianan
  86. -Re-typed Tauring to Normal/Fighting
  87. -New abilities
  88.     -Thorny: Identical to rough skin and Iron Barbs
  89.     -Bull Charge: Boosts next attack by 1.5x if received direct damage during the turn
  90. -Updated receiving Badge animation
  91. -Created new wild battle theme
  92. -Added some following sprites
  93. -Shortened wild/trainer battle transitions
  94. -Throwing animation is now skipped in wild battles if a follower is out before the battle starts
  95. -Shiny rate adjusted to 1/1024
  96. -Added more shiny sprites
  97. -Changed character dialogue and fixed typos
  98. -Fixed bug with Paralyze Heal not being available at the Pokémon Center
  99. -Fixed tile/passability errors
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