Jun 16th, 2020
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  1. “Heeugh...” A withering sigh escapes your lips, as the sun beats down over your hood, cloth pauldrons and heavy robes. The hateful rays convey an almost tangible weight and evoke inspiration on new spells, dark arts of withering. Like… a giant mirror or something. Your parched throat swallows, like dust down a rust splintered pipe and you gaze longingly at the glimmering, sparkling aquamarine sea, wishing for just a moment to cast off your light-shunning dark overlord warlock evil robes and frolic in the waters.
  3. Your boot crushes the flakes of dirt into desiccated powder as you come to a stop, standing atop a sort of hill, sort of cliff, looking out over the bandit occupied port town. The hill’s not especially tall, just a good little bit higher than the roof tops, a wondrous vantage point well within your fel, infernal reach. If only you could lure small batches of your prey here, then blast them with afflictions, distract and warp their minds as they scramble up the incline to you, to earn a face of hellfire.
  5. Yes, quite the dastardly plot, you’ll just need a… helper. Turning aside, you begin to move your hands in cryptic patterns, uttering an incantation, the easiest to come to you. Your Imp is too… distracted, needing to be called multiple times before heeding you. Your Infernal is a bit… dense. Your succubus, like a needy cat, tugs at your soul link incessantly and the moment you begin to summon her, a vast wave of joy is transmitted to you, the cost in power and time mitigated by half as she rushes to heed your call.
  7. A large rune circle of devilish energy appears before you and a speck of unearthly darkness opens up, a pinprick opening into a small circle, expanding as you exert your magical might on this plane and tear asunder a passage into the twisting nether, widening it ever more until your succubus can step through, proud, seductive. The first thing to emerge a long, lissom demonic leg, digitigrade with small spines running either side from her cloven hoof up her foot, while scales cover the extremity. They, alongside the spines, grow smaller as they approach her slender ankle, whereby skin you can attest to being as smooth as silk takes over. An infernal discolouration of red flames dominate most her legs, from shin to upper thigh, the licking flames give way to the rest of her skin tone of a light pink, redder discolouration only returning for a band of flame over her biceps.
  9. Her lewd abundant body would be squished into a tight leather bodice that just barley covers her immaculately shaped breasts, not too small like your imp’s, not too large like your Infernal’s, but perfectly eye drawing and imagination ensnaring. The sexy leather bustier would stop just over her belly button, revealing her toned lower abdomen, prominent pelvic bones drawing the eye to a puffy mons just barely hidden under a thin, erotic pair of panties, inflaming the lusts of all who witness it, riding high on her hips, curving around in thin strings. The sheer fabric does its best to contain the oft engorged lips of her sex, a line of moistness never too far, making it only ride up her slit tighter, emphasising the ample gap between her thighs and crotch, able to squeeze and fit all manner of tumescence between those supple curves. The rear of her panties barely contain her immaculately shaped, bouncy, tight ass and are tucked under her tail which is long and thin, dexterous like a whip and spined along the end.
  11. Speaking of whips, one is her weapon of choice, whereby she’d use it to toy with herself in idle moments, cracking it against her milky thigh and crying a maddening gasp of pleasure and pain and fluttering her smallish batlike wings, less a tool of her magically enhanced flight, more handholds in the bedroom or just more of herself to drape and wrap around her master. The same holds true for the horns parting her always-perfect fringe, curling, sweeping back spires, that then sweep forward again at the tip. It says a lot for their design that their practical combat use is near null, but they make perfect handlebars.
  13. Flowing around the horns and down either side of her face, framing it to make the absolute most of her outlandishly beautiful, delicate features are silken raven black locks, fitful and textured, suggestive of a wild night, yet elegant, not a strewn nest. Her plump lips are that reddish pink suggestion of absolute fertility, while a cute button nose begs for a kiss and smouldering blue eyes year for something more carnal. A long pair of ears – also sturdy handholds in a fix – jut out of her flowing black hair either side her head, where you’d expect them to be.
  15. But expectations aren’t always what you get, that image of her in your head had shattered the moment you’d laid eyes on her and she you. There was no sultry strutting and again, a pair of graceful, delicate fingers grip at the black tear in reality and rend them asunder. “M-Master! You finally – ouch!” Struggling, a densely robed figure rips her way out of the twisting nether, squeezing herself out of a too small portal and landing face first onto the sun-baked dirt, while the half open portal halts its expansion in an almost alive bewilderment before fading out of existence.
  17. You look down to the covered robe-creature in a heap on the ground and watch as she lifts her head up to you, perfect face a dust-smeared smile of happiness, “Master!”
  19. You sigh and pull her up, stepping back as she predictably tries falling into your arms and you brush the dust off her face. “What are you wearing?”
  21. “Ah! Our Matron came up with a really great idea! Only our masters should have the privilege of seeing our beautiful bodies, so when we’re not alone together, we should cover up. A-Ah! S-sorry, do you...” She bunches up the hem of her robes up to her stomach, revealing her nude and wet, always ready snatch. You feel your own robes shift a little down below despite yourself. “… wanna see?”
  23. You sigh and rub the bridge of your nose, face thankfully cowled in shadow. “Aeliana, what are you?”
  25. “I’m Master’s!”
  27. Your lips twitch, “You’re a succubus, what is your jo- no...” You cut yourself off, terminating the predictable response. “How will you seduce and distract people if you’re all covered up?”
  29. “I’ll… use my charm magic, or, or blind them with my love for you!”
  31. You sigh again and give up, turning to the town below, while Aeliana bounces up to your side, desperate to cling to you, yet that was one of the first lessons you had to instil. “It doesn’t really matter for this. All I need you to do is hop down into that alley there and head out onto the road, attract some attention and run back here okay? I’ll then draw their attention and keep them occupied with my magic and you come up from behind while they’re distracted and help me wipe them out okay?”
  33. She nods, large hood flopping and you quickly wonder if you’re going to run out of breath to sigh. You push her hood back, at least so her supernaturally beautiful face is showing. Your laxness around her and your proximity is rewarded with a swift betrayal, however, as her lips curl into a sneaky grin and her lips dart forwards to connect with your own. Your teeth knock and her long, split tongue darts out to lash your lips before she turns and runs off, leaving you stunned and out of your mind for a moment. The uncomfortableness in your robe shifts once more. Shamefully, you’re no stranger to casting with an erection. That’s… something you’ll never admit though.
  35. You watch as she fairly dances down the hillside, skidding and ending it in a graceful jump, as she pulls her robes tight around herself and heads out onto the street. Not even a moment later she struts back into the alley, smiling and humming to herself, “Back to master, back to master~” She reaches the steep incline, however and her face pales, as a ragtag band of men enter in the alley behind her, jeering amongst themselves and evidently excited. It’s not them that causes her to panic, however, as she gets intimidated by the large hill, her inability to reach you, you read in her panicked eyes exactly what she’s going to do next, and your heart plummets.
  37. “M-Master! Don’t leave me!” Her orders completely gone from her mind, she descends into a panic, head darting every which way and that and as she identifies the nearest rout to you down an alleyway, you cry out, “Aeliana don’t!”
  39. Alas, you are too late. She sets off at a sprint, so too do the bandits behind her. And the bandits near them. And the bandits she runs past. Soon, she makes her way the long way around the hill and runs up to you, bringing the whole town behind her. Some eyes flick from her to you and weapons are drawn. The noise from behind startles her and the realisation of what she just did dawns on her. Her beautiful face firms into stern lines as she takes a stance infront of you and lashes out with her whip, ripping a wicked scar into the ground before her, “No one hurts my master!”
  41. Despite its futility, you begin to cast your magic, but it’s too late, as they rush her and split, some going for you. She turns back just in time and makes a swift dash, intercepting a spear at the last moment and getting run through and not in the fun succubus way. Not that she’s ever shown interest in the spear of another.
  43. Even though you’re not really surprised it turned out this way, even though this is all her fault, an uncontrollable rage overtakes you, as she spends her final gasping moments reaching out while trying to protect you. You spell sort circuits, feeding off your emotion and ripping through your body, igniting you in soul flaying hellfire, blessedly, easily manipulated hellfire that you spread along the ground in devilish cracks and blast out as a wave into everything present, winds scream and howl as a tornado of green flame appears around you, then vanishes, sucked in before exploding out and levelling the entire hillside and all that dwell upon it, your last moment spent locking your gaze with Aeliana, not entirely sure what you’re thinking.
  45. You gain consciousness, a great winged spiritual entity looming over you. You’re in the graveyard, again. She points to the direction of your corpse, again. You set off, again. You swear she’s smiling.
  47. You don’t have the wherewithal to continue and upon reviving you take out the warping stone tethering you to an inn far far away from here and vanish after sifting through the smouldering ash for anything of value.
  49. * * * *
  51. Back in your room and finally surrounded by some semblance of safety, you begin to call to Aeliana. Only, this time the summoning takes longer and instead of the usual joy you feel from her, there’s nothing but fear, shame and remorse. She doesn’t even step out of the portal after it forms to its full size. It grows frustrated and kind of collapses around her, fading away to nothing and revealing her figure on the floor, kneeling, head down, wings draped flat, tail limp and butt only half wiggling seductively. She seems to have ditched the robes at least.
  53. Your anger fades. “Look… Aeliana, it’s… not your fault. I should be giving clearer, better orders. I don’t blame you. You can get up now.”
  55. She ignores you, shoulders shaking faintly. You shake your head, “We need to talk anyway.” Her shoulders jerk. “I’m going to go get something for us to eat, after that we can have our discussion.”
  57. You turn around, when suddenly there’s the crack of a whip and fel whipcord lashes around you, binding you tight, both physically and mentally. You’re robbed of your ability to move and speak, but you don’t even get time to panic before there’s a rustling of clothes behind you and a pair of bare, shapely breasts press into your back, nipples aroused, hard and digging even in this state of emotional turmoil. She wraps her arms and wings around you and cries into your back, “P-please don’t abandon me master! I’m trying to be a good girl! I-I just get so scared you’re going to leave me, a-and I’m always messing up and I can’t do anything right a-and I’m… I’m always making you disappointed in me a-and you never touch me and I-I just… Don’t throw me away for some dumb Inferno lady, even if her tits are bigger, mine are better, i-it’s the shape that counts! T-that’s it! M-maybe you just don’t know how good I can make you feel!” She pivots around to your front and kneels before you, knees hitting the wooden floor hard, her pretty face a bit of a tear streaked mess, though admittedly, there’s something twistedly arousing about watching her wrap her fingers around your cock and slavishly stroke you to hardness with tears running down her face. Though her eyes are swimming in desperation and loneliness, she doesn’t even wait for you to get fully erect before she spreads her plump red lips and wraps them about your half-hard cock, taking it deep into her mouth.
  59. It’s almost enough for you to wish you could retake control, unshackle yourself and tell her it’s alright. Unfortunately she’s too far gone in her paranoia. Inwardly, you sigh to yourself, now being forced against your will to do what you’d honestly always wanted to do. She takes you all the way, hilting your length in her warm, coiling throat, while her long tongue squeezes out between the cock-tight seal of her lips and wraps around your balls, pronged tip flicking. She chokes and gags as she looks up to you, nose pressed up against your stomach, not because she’s unable to breathe as succubi don’t have that problem, it’s just another symptom of her emotional distress. Deep concern settles in you as you realize the spasming sensations of her distraught throat are actually kind of pleasant.
  61. Succubi are incredibly jealous. Aeliana is truthfully, incredibly devoted and obedient to have stuck by you for so long without falling into a fit of jealous rage, showing them in the most carnal way how much you love them is all that will sate them, you just… the power you have – or, had – over her always made bedding her sit wrong with you. It was your cruel selfishness, that left her high and dry for so long and this is what you reap. A plump pair of luscious lips sucking and slurping along your length, watery eyes looking up at you imploringly as she grips your hips, petrified you’re going to somehow vanish. Granted, of all the consequences from not fulfilling your part in a demonic pact, this isn’t so bad.
  63. Her hellishly hot throat burns your cock with lustful fire, while her slick tongue lavishes love along the underside of your shaft, plush lips pressed almost flat around your girth as she sucks and drags them down your length. Unable to move, unable to even mount any mental defences, you’re a mere mortal with your cock halfway down a succubus’ throat. And you cum like one. Flames flutter in her eyes and you swear the fiery markings on her legs and arms begin to shift and sway, as you spurt your thick essence into her stomach. She swallows greedily and you feel your demonic pact with her grow all that much more powerful – she grows all that much more powerful. She moans and climaxes as the taste of you fills her. Understandably, you hadn’t noticed one of her arms drop from your hips and dip down between her shapely thighs to stroke and finger her sodden succubus slit.
  65. “Mmmm-muah~” You’re also glad the walls are fairly thick, every one knowing you’re getting blown by your pet succubus isn’t something your heart is ready for yet. Her eyes seem to grow just a little calmer, just a little more sane, but you know she’s not ready to truly release you yet. Despite cumming, her nature leaves you as rock solid as ever and your shaft throbs and bounces free of her lips with a wet pop. “Does my mouth feel good master?” She stands and pulls you into a kiss, invading your mouth with her tongue. You already can’t taste yourself, your seed wicking away inside her like droplets in a vast desert. Her mouth, as it entangles yours and her tongue dominantly embraces your own, does indeed feel good. She breaks the kiss and just stares at you in a daze, breathing heavily. You can feel the heat rolling off her, smell the lust. No. Smell the love.
  67. She leads you to over to the bed, your body obeying the leash slavishly. You watch in aching hardness as she falls back over the bed and spreads her long, luscious, lube lathered lissom legs, whip in hand, pulling you forwards over her as her other hand reaches out to caress your face, “Come. Be a good master and breed your pet. Let this naughty little succubus show you how good she feels,” You body heeds her orders, slowly climbing the bed and mounting her as she moans and opens her legs wider, “Ram your big hard rod inside me and punish me like the horny little slut I a-aaaahmmmm!”
  69. You cut her lewd demands off with a heavy, deep, piercing thrust. The very thought of you makes her soaking wet; by now she’s so drenched it’s running down her thighs and as you pierce her puffy lips and sink in to the hilt, with all the folds, nubs and tiny feelers all there to make your rightful passage into her depths as pleasurable as humanly conceivable, it’s like plunging into soaked, sticky velvet magma. Her excitement overflows as you bottom out in her and slicks your thighs, soaks your balls as they clap into her tight ass.
  71. Spines tickle as she wraps her legs around your hips and screams in bliss, her demonic pussy gripping you tight, convulsing and milking as her walls come alive in stimulating frenzied movement, sending waves of hellish ecstasy coursing through you, as they seem to attack the spots along your rigid swollen cock that are the most sensitive, like her pussy was made for you, all the while she calls out for her master and moans.
  73. Now they know you’re fucking your pet succubus. That’s way worse. She thrusts her chest up against your face and tosses aside her whip, wrapping her arms and wings around you, tail coiling about your balls, kneading and massaging them. Thankfully, the spiky bit is still a good bit away and thrashing fitfully at the bedsheets. You’ll have to pay to get those fixed.
  75. Your freedom returned to you, you do what any master does confronted by such a horrendously disobedient pet, you wrap your arms around her, bury your face in her bosom and fuck her even harder, grunting softly as you squeeze her supple yet lithe form in your arms and train every muscle in your lower body to pound her naughty succupussy.
  77. Her wings flutter weakly against your back and her fingers spread through your hair, clutching you close to her. You find the strength to twist your head aside, break her grasp for the most part and catch a bouncing, shaking, stiff nipple between your teeth. Your eyes go wide as something thick and viscous fills your mouth the moment you wrap your lips around the stiff nipple. Clearly the transfer of vital fluids between a master and his minion isn’t only one way.
  79. Her tainted milk fills your mouth, thick, creamy and almost vaguely spicy. In hind sight, her body’s less a body and more a vessel for every fetish conceivable made manifest, so it makes sense. You settle into a rhythm of slamming hips and wet fleshy slaps. She rewards you every time you hilt her and slam the tip of your swollen sceptre against her cervix by squeezing your balls with her tail, though evidently she doesn’t feel it to be deep enough and a crushing bliss descends on you as her inner muscles writhe and twist, that barrier your tip smashes into dropping and opening, before closing tight again around the head of your cock, her legs working just as hard to keep you locked in her womb.
  81. You fight for leverage to continue thrusting, but she just holds you too tight, it’s to the point even her wings join in the effort, clutching you to her, as her insides begin to move for you, “S-sahh… see? I-I’m the only one that can make master feel this good aren’t I? No other girl could ever compare! Y-you-ahn,” your world spins as her innards quake, as telltale a sign as any of her impending climax, you shudder, in part pleasure, in part fear as every part of her passage – even her womb works to over stimulate your length, squeeze and kiss you, stroke and caress. You’re worried she’ll cum and you’ll appear before the spirit guide again, only with your pants down and your corpse out there somewhere frothing from the mouth with your brain melting out your ears. “You just have to j-j-jam your big perfect masterly cock deep inside your good little succubus pet and let her d-do all the work for you! Now you can’t leave, r-right? I-I feel too good to leave, don’t I?”
  83. You wish you had the presence of mind to verbally reassure her that you weren’t going to leave her before, much less now, but the raging fire in your loins makes it hard to think, let alone speak and your only answer to her is to hold her even tighter and cum, while screaming ‘YES!’ in your heart.
  85. Thankfully, such intense emotion is enough to convey your intent through the link you share. In fact, it’s enough to nearly overload and fry her soul, transmitting back to you nothing more than an ocean of joy and serenity. It’s a little odd, considering how your just love-bludgeoned her brain and set off an orgasmic avalanche that swallowed you whole and milked out flood into her womb, but you’d just satisfied something deep and intrinsic to her, her slutty body just hasn’t caught up to that tranquillity yet, still in the throes of climactic passion, and jetting milk into your mouth, while the other nipple weeps neglected.
  87. With uncanny accuracy, her tail squeezes around your balls with every aching contracting pulse of your loins. Your tip, still crammed through her cervix, currently getting milked like the rest of your length, finds the pressure to jet through despite the convulsing tightness of her fel-tunnel and you paint and smear and blast her womb white, filling it to the brim and then some, though not a drop of it escapes out through her tight passage. Frankly, you’re shocked you’re able to dump this much of a reservoir into her womb to begin with.
  89. You collapse atop her as her contractions die down and your load is spent, the two of you breathing ragged, her hot breath by your ears, running down your spine and making your cock twitch inside her. Only now does she seem to radiate a kind of glow, as her state of being realigns with her body and she returns to the Aeliana you know and love. Her wings peel off your back, part sweat, part forceful indentation, “Mmmmm. Can we just lay here Master? I want to feel you go soft, I want to feel all your precious seed filling my womb...” her half moans-half whispers by your ear are the devils temptation and you allow her this indulgence, though as you release her nipple and move on to the other, you quickly find the strength refilling you for a second round. Not right now though, you give her another few moments to herself of stroking your head as it lay in her bosom, going half-mast inside her before moving on to your master’s duty.
  91. Eventually, you push yourself up and loom over her, glaring, as she shrinks into her self and tries to put on a hurt and lovable expression. “D-do you want to enjoy me again, master?” Her fingers reach for your half-hard cock and you gently smack them away before rolling off her and sitting on the edge of the bed, knees apart. You look at her and pat them. “Ass.”
  93. Her ears droop as she rolls over and rights herself, before crawling over to you, head and belly low, ass raised and wiggling as she crawls and settles over your lap, looking forward with a pout. Her ass is immaculate, thick and bouncy but poorly, poorly lacking your seed all over it. That can be changed, but for now you raise your hand.
  95. Smack.
  97. “Ahnn~” her tail writhes and lacerates the sheets further, while she bunches her fists up under her, squirms her thighs together and flutters her wings. Smack. “Haa-ahh!” Smack. “Kyaahn~” She twists and writhes with every hit, large ass quickly turning red with handprints, while she leaks her excitement onto you, but she won’t stop moving, crawling up your body and despite this only being a half-punishment your smacks grow weaker, part out of intent, part position as she ends up straddling you and balling her fists up on your chest, face oh so close to yours, mouth parted and panting while her eyes water, “Punish me mashter~” her open, saliva flooded mouth can barely contain her long, drooling tongue. You smack her again and she all but falls onto you, creaming herself, lavishing any part of you she can reach with kisses and licks and coating your now rigid cock with her lewdness as it drips down her thighs.
  99. You sigh and rest a hand on her red, hot ass, stroking and caressing it, while your other takes her chin in hand. Her watery eyes widen a little, shocked out of her lust haze by your tenderness and you finally get to dominate her in a kiss, invading her mouth as she practically melts over you like so much wet succubus. Tears begin to fall again, but there’s aught but contentment in them.
  101. You break the kiss. “I am never, was never ever going to abandon you Aeliana.”
  103. “M-Master!… But then… w-why did you never...”
  105. “I just didn’t want… well I guess it doesn’t really matter now,” you blush faintly.
  107. “T-then… round two?” Smack. “Ahhnn~, master!”
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