Dadonequus Discord Part 220

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  1. >Nymous then became busy hugging any colt that entered her vicinity.
  2. >You were just silent.....what the hell was all this?
  3. >" could ya not remember havin' a sister? Family bonds are like, the most important thing besides friendship..." Applebloom said. She found it odd that you somehow just didn't remember. "Ah mean, she seems so nice. How could ya not remember that? You don't look too young not to remember in some of these photos."
  4. >........
  5. >"Anon? Applebloom gives you a shake
  6. >"...hrnn..." Diamond Tiara waved her hoof in front of you, no reaction.
  7. >"I think he's stunned from all the joy he's feeling from finding out he has a sister. I guess it's really that overwhelming." Silver Spoon says to Diamond Tiara, taking notice that you were just staring at Nymous.
  8. >"Well he can't just sit there." Sweetie Belle gives you a push towards Nymous "Get in there and say hi already!"
  9. >oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  10. >You were now directly in front of her, knocking a colt to the side as you got pushed forward.
  11. >"...Hello Anon...I-I hope I don't scare you...." Nymous says with a shy stutter in her voice
  12. >ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  13. >You turn your head to Miss Cheerilee
  14. "Miss Cheerilee, do you mind if I have a private moment with my sister I never met?"
  15. >Cheerilee was crying, she blew her nose on a tissue, she just couldn't handle how depressing and yet happy it all was "O-of course..j-just d-don't go too far..."
  16. >.....oooooooooooooooooo
  17. >You walk with Nymous outside, through the front doors. Pushing a colt who was obviously lovestruck with the false mare back through the door before slamming it shut.
  18. "......Chrysalis?"
  19. >Nymous giggled "Is that my name now?" She looks at her legs with a mocking smile "No, I think it's Nymous now"
  21. >You were still too surprised to sigh. How did she get here? Did she escape..or...
  22. "What are you doing here Chrysalis?"
  23. >"What am I doing here?" Nymous frowns "Can I not visit my only friend at his school? I missed you, you know"
  24. "Did you?"
  25. >you didn't believe it
  26. >"Ohhh I did. You're my only other source of entertainment and socializing after all. Among other things" She licks her lips
  27. >As you got used to it. You let out a sigh after nearly holding your breath for prolonged moments of time.
  28. "Chrysalis...I can already tell you're here to mess with me. Did Discord let you out because he got angry at me?"
  29. >She shook her head "Angry? He's delirious. The buffoon has no idea what to do. And given all his ramblings. I felt it was my duty as your friend to suggest my release...he was never going to actually do it otherwise. And because he's looking for any solution that might help. He agreed..." Nymous looked down at you, and then put her hoof under your chin to raise your head so she could get a good look at you "Apparently you have become a moral pony like everypony else. That's sad to hear"
  30. >You grumble and step back. So she managed to get here through coercion. Discord didn't know what to do? Was he really freaking out that much just because you decided to take the more moral path? Why should that bother him...really..he was being a baby.
  31. "Look, It's not really that. It's just that being a good guy feels better than being an ass. Trying to be better than anypony else just gets me into trouble."
  32. >"And? Are you telling me you'd rather live the life of a boring and bland pony? Being a colt has blinded you then. The only reason it's easy for you is because nopony is there to make things difficult. In other words, your "age" has made you deluded."
  33. "Deluded?! Listen here. I just want to live a loving and peaceful life! With my friends and family. I don't need you or Discord telling me how to live my life! Understand?"
  34. >Nymous just lets out a annoyed "hmph"
  36. >"Is that it?" Nymous gives you a cold hard stare "I'm not Discord, you twit. I'm not going to step away just because you have a flawed ideology now. It's a weakness, that's what it actually is. Let me ask you, because it became very obvious. You want to help me, don't you? You want me to be able to live with the ponies in peace...right?"
  37. >.......You did. you were still her friend. It was in a neutral zone. But you actually found enjoyment in her company. Even the little noire moment during Nightmare Night felt special to you.
  38. "I do."
  39. >"Well sorry Anon, truth be told...I'm not interested in befriending any of these fools. And the way you're turning out, I have a feeling you'd turn me in to the princesses. If you want to live this life you need to get rid of me. You may have had some chance of getting me to see some good in them...but there's no way you're going to do it spouting shitty ass friendship lessons at me"
  40. >Shitty ass? wut? she just said that without it being a reminder of human language.
  41. "Anypony can see the light Chrysalis...and...what's with the cursing?"
  42. >"Oh, that? I picked up on it. I really did enjoy the documentary. Those humans are the true definition of warrior. The way you're acting. You'd just be a weak civilian rather than a citizen. You're unfit to be part of the roughnecks"
  44. >You raise an eyebrow at her
  45. "Are you serious? Do you really..."
  46. >You now start to show your agitation
  47. "REALLY think I can't balance my friendship with you and my friends and family?That I'm suddenly all weak and useless?"
  48. >"Think? I know....come on Anon, I know what happened with the Chimera. It had you under it's paw like you were a slab of meat." She lets out a mocking laugh "Pathetic. The Anon I knew would have used the horn or shot that grappling hook of yours right into it's eye..."
  49. >.....oh shit....that was actually a good idea...
  50. >"But instead you ran towards it like a sentimental idiot. Tell me Anon, if that situation were to happen and you didn't have little Princess Do No Wrong with you, Do you think the yellow one or you would have survived? One of you would have perished for can't deny this. Go ahead and try"
  51. "..I.....I....."
  52. >......
  53. >Shit...s-she was right. You just rushed in like a dumb colt.
  54. "..I..didn't realize.."
  55.  But she stops you with her own words before you can finish that thought >"I know you didn't. And that's why I'm make you remember. And also to engorge myself. I trust you have no problem with that?"
  56. >you couldn't risk her just walking about. Not due to Discord's insane whim.
  57. " can't just go doing things the way you like to do. I know you'll cause trouble. You have to behave."
  58. >"Behave? I think I'm doing a good job of that so far. What, are you afraid of me ruining your life?"
  59. >.....sorta
  60. "Kinda"
  61. >She chuckles, she then let's out a hearty laugh before slamming you to the ground. She then starts digging her hoof into your side while speaking angrily as you yelp in pain "Too bad, I seem to remember you having no problem ruining mine. You're my friend, but mark my words. I'm no pushover, I'm not some soft piece of shit that you can just flush down a toilet.Are we clear?"
  62. "Yes! Yes..just stop. Get off!"
  63. >You were whining in pain. Chrysalis rolled her eyes at how pathetic it sounded and removed her hoof ".....just terrible"
  65. >You get up and rub your side, stepping away from her, now you were angry
  66. "Fucking...Fine..sheesh..I'm sorry for ruining your didn't have to fucking do that though"
  67. >Nymous put a hoof to her forehead and shook her head "Apologizing now?'re going to need a lot more work. It'll be alright though..we have plenty of time."
  68. >......
  69. >She wanted to convert you to something you didn't want to be anymore. And she was being harsh about it....fine then. You wouldn't reveal who she is. And you would play her game. If she was going to try to convert you, then you're going to convert her. She'll see that her entire hive could live in harmony if they just give it a chance.
  70. "yeah we do...and I think I'm getting it now. But it works both ways Chrysalis. And you're in the very town that holds the Princess of Friendship. And you're going to see that I was right. You'll see."
  71. >"So are you telling me if you were put in another life and death situation, you'd just roll over and die? Because "in this very town" live a bunch of ponies who shriek at the littlest of things. That's what you seem to be inferring to me anyway."
  72. >No!
  73. "N-no! I'd try harder and do things more intelligently...geez...You know I'm talking about in general"
  74. >"...We'll see about that..." She smirked at you "But you're a fool"
  75. >Suddenly, you both can hear the door opening.
  76. >Nymous immediately hugs onto you, holding you gently, rubbing on the side where she pressed on you.
  78. >"Is everything alright out here?" Cheerilee asks
  79. >"Oh...y-yes ma'am. I was just going to return my brother to you after this hug. He's accepted me...but..I don't want to interrupt his classtime...I'll....find someplace to stay until you're done" Nymous says with a fake meekness
  80. >"Oh no no...It's just my students are worried. And I'd like them to see everything is alright so they can continue their tests. If you'd like, you can wait in the back of the classroom until Recess." Cheerilee offers her.
  81. >"I'd love that actually...i-if it's ok with my little brother.."
  82. >mmnnnnn
  83. "'s alright.."
  84. >You give Nymous a big hug. As nice and nuzzly as possible
  85. "I'm just soooo glad to have a big sister. She's so loving..."
  86. >Cheerilee started to tear up again. "O-ok..w-well....come in you two"
  87. >You both walked into the class, whispering to eachother
  88. >"You're going to lose Anon...."
  89. "You wish..."
  90. >You sat back upon your seat and quietly waited for Recess.
  91. >You could see the colts in the class taking glances at Nymous. Nymous...or really..Chrysalis...was loving it. She was batting her eyes and smiling at them. Piercing their hearts and sucking on the juices.
  93. >It was actually annoying how easily she was getting attention. She was making it harder for you to denounce her in anyway. You knew what she was doing....
  94. >She was getting favor. That way, if you said anything against her, the rest of the class would jump on you. Clever, but it's from an old tired playbook. Problem couldn't figure out how to counter it.
  95. >after the last of the tests were turned in. Cheerilee let you all go outside for Recess. She felt it'd be safe to let Nymous be among the other students.
  96. >You stepped out in a group with the CMC,DT,SS......and Nymous. Most of the colts kept a distance, but ogled her pure beauty. They didn't feel comfortable getting too close when ALL of them were trying to get to her now at once.
  97. >"So...Nymous. ah noticed yer cutie mark is a gem shaped like a heart,what does it mean?" Applebloom asked. Yeah, you yourself didn't even notice her cutie mark. Why a heart gem?
  98. >"Awwwwwww....' Nymous dodged the question as she looked to Applebloom with gentle, motherly eyes. "You're so curious. Well, it's representative..and I only think this as even I'm not sure...of my unbreakable love...especially for my brother. And must be his little marefriend? You're so adorable. I think you both make a great couple!"
  99. >You nearly puked...WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK WAS SHE DOING?!
  100. >"H-huh?..." Applebloom blushed deep and turned her head "I-it's.....not like that" She frowned, but was already starting to feel a certain validation she thought she'd never feel. To instantly be recognized by a family member of you?...It made those old feelings heat up.
  101. >"Actuallllly...." Diamond Tiara stepped up and nuzzled into you "He's MY coltfriend, and I'm HIS marefriend"
  102. >...ohhh..even you could feel Applebloom's heart break all over again.
  104. >"Come on Diamond Tiara, you don't have to be so...announcy about it." Scootaloo says as she moves up to her and whispers "Applebloom is still feeling some of those feelings...I dunno how it works...but, just don't mention it in front of her. Ok? Me and Sweetie Belle have been trying to get her out of this funk for awhile now. She's being really stubborn about it"
  105. >But Diamond Tiara dismisses her "What?! And? I'm not going to hide my love for Anon because she can't get over him. I'm sorry, I know she's all our friend. But he already made his choice."
  106. >And you could tell...ouch...that made Applebloom feel even worse. But she held her head up high. and spoke "She's right, ahm just being a big dummy. Like my sister says, ahm too young for those kinds of shenanigans"
  107. >"See? She gets it" Diamond Tiara points out.
  108. "Uhh..if I can speak. Maybe it's just not a good idea to show our affections at all during school. There are a lot of foals around. They could be jealous...and.."
  109. >Diamond Tiara gasps "You're right Anon! They could get jealous! And if they all get jealous..they'd all try to get you even're the hero colt after all." She shifts her eyes at the other fillies "There might be other fillies who want you."
  110. >Ok..that's not exactly what you meant. But if it eased Appleblo-
  111. "Woah! agh"
  112. >Diamond Tiara pushes you so hard you fall to your side and hit the side of your head.
  113. >" affection. In fact, I'll be mean sometimes..hmph. I don't need affections anyway...not during school anyway"
  114. >...oooogghhhh
  116. >And while you were picking yourself up. You noticed Nymous whispering something to Applebloom. And whatever it put a smile on her face?
  117. >what?! FUCK...
  118. >You immediately step towards Nymous and whisper in her ear
  119. "Ok..what did you tell her?"
  120. >You could hear Sweetie Belle take up the opportunity to talk about her badge. You used that to make a soundscreen so they wouldn't catch your whispers.
  121. >"....I just gave her hope Anon..that's all I did" Nymous chuckled as she gave you a pat on the head.
  122. "What?! You can't do that. I'm trying to get her to let go of those feelings!"
  123. >"Shhhh, don't get too loud Anon. They might hear you. I'll just say this...I could taste her dying love for you. She may have or may have not been close...It's one of the most stubborn senses of schoolyard crush I've ever tasted. It was a different type of I resparked the flame. If you actually step up to the plate then it should be easy for you to handle. At least you're not dealing with three hearts...only two"
  124. >Three?....what? WHAT?!
  125. "G-gnmm.. w-what do you mean three hearts?"
  126. >"Oh, nothing much. It appears the white one has very near dead feelings for you. Nowhere near as stubborn and probably died long before anypony could realize it, even her. I'd bet you turned her off with your self centered attitude you tend to have...or used to have."
  128. >Y-you had to be fucking careful..Wut?! Sweetie Belle...really?
  129. "W-what about the other fillies?"
  130. >Nymous chuckled "Are you asking for my help? Are you asking me to be your love you want to admit defeat and follow my lead?"
  131. >Ngh
  132. "Whatever...forget I said anything. You're not getting me that easily"
  134. >Son of a bitch. You nearly bit it hard. Asking her for help?! What were you thinking. If you put yourself in a way of owing her. She would take advantage over it like no tomorrow. She's worming herself into your life. She's making too many power plays. There had to be a way to make her see your point of view. Because the longer this goes, the more she'll fuck with your life.
  135. >And then you hear it. the barks...of a puppy.
  136. >"Puppy!" you hear Twist say as her and a bunch of other fillies and colts gather around a...really really adorable puppy. Perfect, even she couldn't stomach something that adorable. it had cute little white almost looked like a smaller, more adorable Winona. This couldn't be more perfect. It was being playful and licking the faces of the other foals.
  137. "Awwww, look at that adorable little puppy. Hey sis, you like puppies, right? Come on, let's go pet it! Come on everypony! It'll be fun!"
  138. >The rest of the group seemed to agree, but Nymous hesitated stepping forward.
  139. "Something wrong sis?"
  140. >You give her an arrogant grin
  141. >"'s nothing..I'd love to pet the puppy. I'm just wondering where it came from...I hope it's not lost"
  142. >Oh could tell she didn't like that puppy at all. But she was going to see how nice it was to give love to a lost puppy than it is to just take it for herself. She'd have no choice but to join in, lest she make herself suspicious.
  143. >You all take turns petting the puppy. deciding to do it in a certain order, with Nymous being last right after Diamond Tiara. With each pony petting. You could feel Nymous's spirit dropping. You knew how the show works. All she'd have to do is show actual love to a animal and bam..the rest should work itself out.
  145. > the turn actually came to Diamond Tiara...something went horribly horribly wrong.
  146. >The puppy suddenly became feral. It was growling maliciously at her, making her fall back, restricting her movement. "W-what's wrong with it? D-did I do something wrong? N-nice puppy..p-please..d-don't hurt me"
  147. >But the puppy moved closer, the other foals were getting worried.
  148. >Fuck, it was about to jump. You were hoping the puppy just got startled. But no, it WAS vicious all of a sudden. You call out to Diamond to move...but it's too late...
  149. >...or...was
  150. >Nymous heroically jumps inbetween Diamond Tiara and the puppy. The puppy..holy shit...meant business and had power behind it's bite. it took a big bite at Nymous's chest. Making her yelp in pain and fall backwards.
  151. >You were stunned. Not only at the attack. But at who protected Diamond Tiara.
  152. >Now, even worse. Some of the colts were trying to block the puppy or trying to grab it. But the puppy was barking viciously at all who approached it.
  153. >"Hey, everypony get back! Somepony get Miss Cheerilee! And don't worry, ahm gonna handle this!" Applebloom steps up as she takes out some food from her food bag and sticks some of it on a stick she found.
  154. >Nooope
  155. "Applebloom, don't do it!"
  156. >You step up next to her
  157. "Everypony, get back..Applebloom, you too. That thing means business. Let me handle it. Get all the foals back to the classroom, ok?"
  158. >"None doing Anon, ah got this. It's just hungry is all. There's no reason to hurt it. Just check on yer sister, alright? Ah got this" Applebloom said as she bit onto stick and waggled it infront of the puppy "C'mon fella, get a smell of the stick"
  160. >You went to check on Nymous, hoping..fucking hoping Applebloom knew what she was doing.
  161. "Ch...I mean, Nymous..are you ok?...seriously? Are you ok?"
  162. >But Nymous just wimpered as she spoke "I-I need to help your friend...that puppy..I don't think it's...ngh"
  163. >What? can sense feelings. The puppy must be..evil?...oh shit...
  164. "Applebloom get out of there!"
  165. >You rush back towards her as she nearly makes contact with the puppy.
  166. >"...ok now...fetch!" Applebloom tosses the stick, but the puppy doesn't go for it. Instead it dives right at Applebloom.
  167. >Applebloom, not expecting it at all. Yelps and raises her front legs to either try to fight off the puppy or protect herself.
  168. >But she didn't have to do either.
  170. >You shove her out of the way of the puppy as it bites right onto your leg. making you howl in pain.
  172. >You already got beat by a fucking Chimera, fuck this puppy. You didn't care if everyone around didn't want to see it hurt. You weren't going to let yourself get torn up by a fucking baby dog.
  173. >You raise then slam your leg to the ground. Making the puppy slam onto it's belly. Making it let go and yelp in pain...but oh weren't done.
  174. >With a yell, you stomp on the puppy once, and then buck it away. it flies a few feet upwards before falling back down. Despite the damage you thought you did to it. The vicious fuck managed to get up and run away as if nothing happened.
  175. >You could hear the foals crying, some whining, some scared. They had no idea what happened.
  176. >Applebloom got up, and looked at you, her hero. Although it was a puppy. it managed to bite into both a mare and you..the hero colt. That puppy was more vicious than any animal she ever seen..aside from that chimera she herself had run into. " saved me"
  177. >you were about to ask her if she was alright, until dread hit your very soul when you looked into those sparkling eyes...
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