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  1. [2010/11/13 17:03]  GothGirl Demonia: lolwut?
  2. [2010/11/13 17:03]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
  3. [2010/11/13 21:45]  Synphony Vayandar: (Saved Sat Nov 13 21:42:45 2010) inactive members will be put as M.I.A so they don't get spammed with notices, and they don't get the presents and stuff we hand out
  4. [2010/11/13 22:53]  GothGirl Demonia: Ah well im always on just not active in any RP groups really at the moment. NOR is way too laggy, and looks worse than ever now. I dont get why SL has so many stupid people who cant even build a proper sim not talking about our clan but in general the owners of NOR. Also the SL hacking is really bad so not much to do anymore because NOR always crashes me with their spammy crap and SL been going to hell its just really too bad we dont have our own region to ourselves );
  5. [2010/11/13 22:53]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
  6. [2010/11/13 22:54]  GothGirl Demonia: But yeah also I notice that everyone with the MIA tag can still recieve notices because the privilage under Everyone who is invited by default can get notices ^-^
  7. [2010/11/13 22:54]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
  8. [2010/11/13 22:54]  GothGirl Demonia: Not that I mind though because it doesnt really bother me :D.
  9. [2010/11/13 22:54]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
  10. [2010/11/14 11:43]  Synphony Vayandar: (Saved Sun Nov 14 06:43:25 2010) I can, and will revoke it. And I've rebuilt the Evil Sim, and JD and Biz are working on rebuilding REm, the builds in Evil are forcing people to step up their game. But, as you're so down on NoR in general, I'll free up one of your groups so you can get involved with something else.
  11. [2010/11/14 11:43]  Synphony Vayandar: (Saved Sun Nov 14 06:46:48 2010) You have been ejected from 'Lacedaemeon Core' by Synphony Vayandar.
  12. [2010/11/14 11:47]  GothGirl Demonia: Well that was kinda rude ^-^
  13. [2010/11/14 11:47]  Synphony Vayandar: I'm sorry you think so.
  14. [2010/11/14 11:48]  Synphony Vayandar: Personally I think that after I've but in over three hundred hours of my time, to have someone turn around have nothing positive to say , is rather rude, but then, it's contextual, isn't it.
  15. [2010/11/14 11:49]  GothGirl Demonia: Your talking about our group? or NOR?
  16. [2010/11/14 11:49]  Synphony Vayandar: Both.
  17. [2010/11/14 11:50]  GothGirl Demonia: Well its not really your fault on anything, and im sure you have done a lot to help people Im just not aware of even who you are, and I dont even see nor GM in your groups.
  18. [2010/11/14 11:52]  Synphony Vayandar: To be honest, I have neither the desire or the patience to talk this out with you. You have a negative outlook, you do not enjoy NoR, you do not spend time here, you didn't have the time, energy or compunction to IM me or anyone else to let them know that you were about, but busy. So... why not move on? Leave my IM and go and get on someone else's nerves?
  19. [2010/11/14 11:58]  GothGirl Demonia: Well I only Im you because I was asked to, and yes I did enjoy NOR, its simply the fact that NOR has became so spammy with users crap and I cant even Load in without crashing a large percent of the time, but yeah. I just find that sharing some things and getting kicked is really disturbing you no.
  20. [2010/11/14 12:00]  Synphony Vayandar: I can see subtly isn't going to work. Go away.
  21. [2010/11/14 12:50]  Synphony Vayandar: You didn't just -find- yourself kicked, and you were not kicked because you are inactive. Dasein was informed, at length about you, and consulted before you were removed. I will happily talk about things, but I won't sit there and allow you to go on about how laggy, and thins are, due to 'user's crap'. You have no idea what it's like at the moment as you are not, and have not been here in some time. Your drama, is not appreciated.
  22. [2010/11/14 12:51]  GothGirl Demonia: Well Im sorry but maybe you misunderstand me a bit.
  23. [2010/11/14 12:53]  GothGirl Demonia: I have always liked our clan sim bcause it has always been built really good, my problem is the neighboring regions, and assets those guys are using, the sims themselves arent laggy but its the number of polygons the SL client tries to render at 128 Draw distance, or 256 and such it causes a massive ammount of problems for me.
  24. [2010/11/14 12:53]  GothGirl Demonia: I wasnt meaning to disrespect you, or anyone else here because I have been here for like a year if not more I think Just really not active because I have a lot of shit going on, and of course what I told you.
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