[RGRE] Wholesome-ish Anon is Striped (b/w Twilight)

Nov 29th, 2019
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  1. >>34677201
  2. >Anon's reputation is already tanked thanks to being striped
  3. >Anon loves his fillies more than anything, though, and he doesn't care that their mothers are pieces of trash
  4. >Anon suspected something was up with their diets when their teething went differently than his few stallion friends described their own foal's teething was like
  5. >[spoiler]They mostly hang out with Anon because they think it's empowering to be a single father, and they believe Anon is the ultimate strong independent stallion who don't need NO mare[/spoiler]
  6. >Before any of the other teeth come in, four little sharp points try to break through the flesh, which causes his fillies great distress
  7. >It's not until a doctor's visit happens for mild malnourishment that Anon realizes that their diets are much closer to his own than they are to a pony's or a zebra's
  8. >Anon knows why his reputation is dead, and he knows that his foals are on thin ice already as it is
  9. >He openly buys meat because it's not like he gives a shit about what ponies think of him by now, but he keeps it a secret that his fillies eat meat as well
  10. >This goes well until none other than Princess Twilight Sparkle notices that Anon is buying much more meat than usual.
  11. >She's been studying him (with his permission, of course) ever since he arrived in Equestria, but her interest had waned when she thought Anon was just some trashy stallion who got foals dumped on him from a missing mother
  12. >But her interest is piqued again, and she discovers that his fillies eat meat now as well
  13. >"Th-They're not pure zebras, or a typical half-pony half-zebra! They're a new, unique hybrid!"
  14. >Twilight offers some well-needed money to study Anon's foals, which he agrees to as long as it's as noninvasive as possible
  15. >So, that translates to Anon and his fillies having a meeting with Twilight once a week where she talks to them, asks about their diet, how certain things make them feel, and does basic things like measuring their heartbeat or listening to their breathing
  16. >These meetings start out as very formal and very professional
  17. >Soon enough, Anon starts to prepare for the meetings by making coffee or tea, which Twilight appreciates
  18. >After a while, Twilight brings over a few young foal's books to keep Anon's fillies entertained while she talks to them or has to single one of them out
  19. >After that, Anon provides snacks, and the two of them spend 15 minutes before she begins just talking about whatever's going on in their lives
  20. >She's concerned that Anon can make ends meet, and she's always happy to help out any way that she can
  21. >Twilight starts looking forward to these meetings and starts brings toys with her, having become fond of Anon and his fillies
  22. >The fillies, meanwhile, are always happy to see Twilight
  23. >She's the only consistent female figure in their lives, and they're young enough that they slip up once in a while and call her "mommy"
  24. >Twilight, being somewhat of a sperg, didn't realize that she was developing feelings for Anon until a meeting was cut short for some reason, the fillies left the house, and she found herself making out with Anon on his living room couch
  25. >She and Anon officially become an item, and she treats the zebra fillies as though they were her own
  26. >Rarity, despite her Canterlonian disposition about zebras, thinks that it's all very romantic
  27. >Applejack just tries not to bring it up in conversation
  28. >Anon's happy to have someone he can rely on, and the fillies are just thrilled to have a mom
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