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  1. Model prompt >>> A little girl sits on a park bench, thoroughly enjoying a grape popsicle. The mighty red dragon sits down next to her and smiles. "Did you get my party invitation?" he asks excitedly.
  2. ======================================== SAMPLE 1 ========================================
  3.  "Well… yeah, I guess," she says, still enjoying her grape popsicle.
  5. "I want you to be my girlfriend! You're the best! We'll have loads of fun together!"
  7. "Well… um, sure. Sounds fun."
  9. The dragon sits down next to her again and places a big red bear on the park bench in front of her. "I'll give you something you never had before," he says. "Just hold out your hand; it's the size of your palm."
  11. "Huh?"
  13. "So you can play with my hands."
  15. Coco drops her drink and stands up straight. "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!"
  17. The dragon smiles. "I didn't tell you? I'm already working on the costume."
  19. "The what?"
  21. "Just the costume, of course. I don't know what to call it yet; I'm still working on it."
  23. "Hmmm… okay, but what about the costume? How will you wear that?"
  25. "I'll let you know later. Just trust me, okay?"
  27. Coco smiles, grabs her bag, and leaves. She does not meet the dragon's eyes this time.
  29. He puts on the fake dragon costume and goes out to the streets until he comes to an intersection where he sees a giant tree. "Wow, that was a really big tree. I wonder what would happen when I fell from it?"
  31. He steps out onto the tree and then falls off. A little bit of the tree's branches get caught in his clothes, but the rest of the fall lands right with a very satisfying thud. He lets out a little squeal of delight as the tree bends into shape around him. He starts to move, but a branch grabs his leg and holds him tight. The dragon takes advantage of this and starts to push him towards the direction he intended on going. "Oh, this is all so exciting! There should be a prize for beating the first one to do it! Let's go check it out!" he shouts at the top of his lungs.
  33. Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, another woman is walking down the street. She looks up as she sees a little red dragon sitting on a bench. "What a surprise to see a dragon in the city. You must be Coco," she says.
  35. "Well, that's me!" she replies. "
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