Explanation of Divine Mother's Mercy

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  1. “My attribute is Gabriel, who has the distinction of informing the child’s birth. I can use the spells related to the Virgin Mary to a certain extent—in other words, I can use the secret ritual of Virgin Mary Worship.” Acqua continued, “Virgin Mary Worship’s special attribute is to weaken punishment.” Only the voice of God’s Right Seat, Acqua of the Back continued on. Occupying this entire world. “The believers get saved, and also, punishing those who don’t obey suitably, that’s another attribute of Gabriel. With this special attribute of weakening this through the worship of the Virgin Mary, it’s like helping a woman escape from a monastery, helping her take attendance, and continuing to cheat the watching eyes until the woman comes back.” Silently, the figure moved. Ripping through this window that was formed by dust and steam, the human figure moved forward. “Unlike the Son of God who was born as the son of man, God, and the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary was an ordinary child, but at the same time, she and God have a bond that can’t be separated, it’s this rare existence. Using this logic, the Virgin Mary has the attribute of ‘being a middle person that’s able to surpass anyone’s mercy and transfer the suffering of those severely punished to God’.” The voice echoed throughout the air. High and mighty, not even trying to hide. “—Then now, I’ll tell you the conclusion. My attribute is Virgin Mary’s Mercy, which negates any punishment. Even if they’re strict and just final judgement, they can be overturned. It even directs whether a person is going to Heaven or to Hell. No matter what kind of guilt one has, the punishment will be nullified. Your attacks are meaningless to me because of this this attribute. I don’t even need to move a finger to ignore the sin of killing. And for me, able to even to negate God’s sin, do you think you can use an ordinary spell to beat me?”
  2. (Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 16, pg 101-102)
  4. Acqua admitted he was distorting the strict rules which accompanied Christian spells and rituals, but Virgin Mary Worship was never meant to be used in the way it was being used by the man before her. It was intended to give the fallen a chance for salvation. Committing a crime, or even merely straying from the path of salvation, was a tragedy God abandoned hope on. In his place, however, the Virgin Mary shed tears for them, smiled upon their dreams, and placed the key to salvation in their own hands. They could then stand up and express the desires in their hearts through the act of prayer, thus activating the spell. It could be said the intricacies of Virgin Mary Worship differed depending upon the person who activated it, and it was in some ways unrelated to the worship of the Son of God. No matter how she looked at it, however, Acqua’s use was a perversion of its blessing: The nature of Virgin Mary Worship was to prevent and even correct the tragedies created by the gaps within the network formed by the various Churches and their clergymen. The Virgin Mary did not exist for Christian society to be disrupted; she existed for a person to kneel down and pray for the safety of their families, friends, and companions... and sometimes even their enemies. That was Virgin Mary Worship. The greatest saint in the history of Christianity for her act of giving birth to the Son of God, the most important task in Christianity. In order to allow people to lay down their burdens and achieve salvation, the Virgin Mary received the blessings of the angels and birthed the Son of God into this world, walking down the path of trials and tribulations with her husband. That was the cornerstone of the people’s faith. And right now... (What a thought...!) Even when used as it was supposed to be, Virgin Mary Worship was remarkably complex and difficult to understand. This misunderstanding was hampered by countless false reports of objects like idols and tools that could trigger miracles in place of the spell. It was possible to use this basis to determine the fake miracles from the genuine, but Acqua was markedly different from those who would fabricate such a miracle. He was really using the genuine miracle to commit violence and destruction and escape punishment. “Truly impressive.”
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  7. “The symbols of the crucifixion of the Son of God!”Since he had inherited a part of a Saint’s power, he should have inherited the weaknesses as well. Even so, if this was enough to beat a Saint, nobody would need to work so hard. Honestly, to an ordinary Saint like Kanzaki, it wouldn’t have much effect on her. However. Acqua of the Back was a special Saint. Compared to the less than twenty Saints in the entire world, he had an even rarer attribute. He had both the power of a Saint and the Virgin Mary at the same time. At the same time when he had this tremendous power, he had to balance these two powers. This was why Kanzaki Kaori would choose the symbol of execution. The execution spell may seem unrelated to the Virgin Mary, but in this situation, that was not so. Yes. For the Virgin Mary was treated as the greatest saint in Christian history. “—!!” At this moment, Kanzaki sensed something that exceeded physical concepts floating up around Acqua. This was a change that even a normal Saint could sense. In other words, Acqua was... “He’s wavering.” Kanzaki spoke with complete belief. With Acqua at center, what existed were the powers of a Saint and the Virgin Mary. Both of them were affected by the outside environment, and there was an intense fight inside his body, even letting out an ugly cry. If it was now, they could do it. Thus, Kanzaki Kaori shouted from deep within her heart. “Everything is in place! Those wielding the Lance of Longinus, now’s the time for the execution!!”
  8. (Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 16, pg 172-173)
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