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Anon gets bullied s*xually by moths

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Jan 5th, 2021
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  1. anon gets bullied s*xually by moths
  2. Friday 22nd of March 2019 02:36:34 PM CDT
  4. >Be Anon, Anon Ymity
  5. >Head to the local gym owned by a big spider in an attempt to at least lose some pounds.
  6. >In the middle of working yourself to the bone and sweating a lot you notice 5 moths working out.
  7. >Ugh. It's them.
  8. >Well, they aren't necessarily typical *sshole chads, but they're sorta jerks.
  9. >They have a tendency to target you in particular, though they're not as rough when bullying you, strangely enough.
  10. >Eh, whatever, they don't seem to care.
  11. >I should probably talk about them.
  12. >The leader of the group is a Regal Moth named Ahab. He's quite buff and incredibly fluffy, but his voice is oddly soft.
  13. >Next in line is a Luna Moth named Starbuck, who tends to not talk much. He's kind of a twunk. He always falls back to make sure the people his crew bullys are OK.
  14. >Next is Queequeg, a big, fluffy, gentle Atlas Moth. He and Starbuck are definitely the nicest folks in their group and *ssists Starbuck in making sure the victims of Ahab and co.'s bullying are alright.
  15. >Next is a Rosy Maple Moth named Stubb, who's certainly the most jovial of the crew. He's mischievous, effeminate, and is a master of jokes, especially those directed at others.
  16. >Last is a Death's Head Hawk Moth named Flask. He's chubby yet muscular and is the most bitter of the group. He's secretly sweet but it takes effort to break his bitter shell.
  17. >Anyway, after your workout you manage to sneak past them and enter the locker rooms.
  18. >In the middle of changing (I mean, 'yo d*ck's out), you hear the sounds of multiple footsteps heading near you
  19. >Shit
  20. >You hear a familiar voice
  21. >Ahab: "Heeeey, Anon!"
  22. >What a time to not be wearing pants, huh?
  23. >The moths all surround you, you look around.
  24. >Ahab: "No one around but us, we were asked to lock things up after we're done. Though... We decided we'd lock things up earlier!"
  25. >Ahab stuffs the keys in his pocket, you can't help but notice an outline in his shorts and a wet spot
  26. >Ahab: "Turn around, Anon"
  27. >You look down only to realize you're getting hard.
  28. >Aw f*ck.
  29. >Abel gives you *ss a hard smack, the sound of which seems to echo throughout the locker room. Starbuck seems kinda concerned yet aroused.
  30. >Ahab: "I said turn around."
  31. >That *ss smack only made you harder, either you risk not being able to sit down for a day or you turn around in front of those bullies.
  32. >You decide to turn around, you're at full must and your d*ck kinda wobbled from side to side as you turned, dripping a couple drops of pre.
  33. >Ahab stares at your member, you swear you just saw the outline on his pants throb and that wet spot get bigger.
  34. >Ahab snaps his fingers, and just like that everyone starts to undress, with everyone seeming to be at different levels of arousal. A musky smell fills the room.
  35. >They're all uncut and have some pretty long foreskins to boot.
  36. >Ahab's d*ck is BIG and so are his balls, and they're both quite musky and sweaty. He's already at full mast and even then there's at least a few inches of overhang.
  37. >Starbuck definitely has the smallest member of the group in terms of c*ck and balls. He doesn't seem to bothered with his size, though. You find his lil', sweaty, uncut weenie pretty cute.
  38. >Queequeg's d*ck is really big, but his balls are average-sized. He's not even hard yet but holy f*ck that thing looks like a monster.
  39. >Stubb's d*ck is pretty small, but his balls are HUGE, saggy, sweaty, and musky. They kinda bounce around a lot and look perfect in general, they're also his weak point.
  40. >Finally, Flask's specialty is his surprisingly long foreskin and his tendency to leak lots of pre, his sweaty c*ckskin even longer than Ahab's! Though Flask sees his leakiness as an issue even if it is hot.
  41. >Ahab advances towards you slowly and with one hand he softly feels your d*ck and with the other he... rubs your head?
  42. >He lets out a small squeaking noise too... You find it oddly cute.
  43. >Ahab continues this odd behavior for a bit, before suddenly and literally ripping your shirt off, you glance at the remains of your shirt and back at Ahab.
  44. >Now you're completely exposed to these moths as they are to you.
  45. >It's kinda cold in here, shame you have no fluff.
  46. >The moths all mull over what they're gonna do, until they come to an agreement.
  47. >They sit down on some benches and they spread their legs out, are they airing things out or...
  48. >Ahab: "Stubb here gave me a brilliant idea! We want you to clean us up a bit, we've been sweating like crazy after all. Oh, and make sure we all c*m, we've been real riled up today."
  49. >You look around at the varying penii all these cute moths.
  50. >Starbuck speaks up,
  51. >Starbuck: "You can do me first... I don't have much to clean anyways..."
  52. >You decide to go with Starbuck first, you kneel down and now you're face-to-face with his junk, it's sweaty and musky, but you could honestly put it all in your mouth at once.
  53. >You give his 'lil sack a quick lick.
  54. >Tasty
  55. >You lick his junk some more, much to his delight. You give his foreskin a little nibble too.
  56. >Finally, you go for the kill and as expected his d*ck and balls both fit in your mouth. Your warm tounge caresses his c*ck, balls, and foreskin as Starbuck squeaks with ecstasy.
  57. >Starbuck: "O-Oh my... Guys, h-he's great!"
  58. >Stubb: "Ooh! Me next!"
  59. >Flask: "Huh, that's one of the few things I've seen get you off, certainly better than two fingers, eh?"
  60. >Starbuck: "Sh-Shut up... Your d*ck ...fff... looks like... an elephant."
  61. >Quequeeg: "Alright, calm down, you two. You'll all get your turn eventually."
  62. >As they're arguing you're still making sure Starbuck's d*ck is squeaky clean. You can tell he's getting close.
  63. >He lets out a moan and c*ms, you get a couple ropes, but it seems some is in his foreskin.
  64. >As he's panting after that orgasm, you stick your tounge in his foreskin and lick up his c*m.
  65. >Queequeg: "Alright, I'm next. Show me what you got, Anon."
  66. >You're in front of Queequeg now.
  67. >You're not as confident as you were with Starbuck. His c*ck looks THICK. You begin by sucking his relative smaller but still sweaty nuts, giving them a good grooming
  68. >After teasing him with a good cleaning, you're met with his c*ck. You give it a couple licks before stuffing it into your mouth
  69. >Queequeg: "Hff..."
  70. >Ahab: "Y'know you can actually emote, right?"
  71. >Queequeg: "...C'mon, I'm not exactly vocal like you."
  72. >Ahab: "Eh?"
  73. >Stubb: "Yeah! You moan like a bitch whe-"
  74. >Ahab: "SHUT UP"
  75. >You really gotta learn to tune out their arguing.
  76. >You start getting a rhythm, and before you know it you feel a spurt or two of pre hitting the back of your throat.
  77. >Queequeg's foreskin glides up and down as you suck him off, you occasionally tongue the tip for good measure. It seems Queequeg's getting quite close.
  78. >With a huff and involuntarily pushing your head to his c*ck, deepthroating you as he shoots his load. His load's certainly bigger than Starbuck's, it takes quite a few shots before his orgasm starts to die down.
  79. >He whispers to you,
  80. >Queequeg: "Th... Thanks. I needed a good nut like that...
  81. >You grin after hearing that compliment, you almost want to cuddle with him or something, but you still have work to do.
  82. >Stubb: "Mind if you clean these bad boys up~?"
  83. >Stubb fondles his balls a bit, grabbing your attention with 'em. He proceeds to wipe his hand on your face because ew sweat.
  84. >Stubb gives you a cute wink as you just admire his balls.
  85. >You kinda feel the weight of his balls, they're so big and heavy! They're really saggy too, you can just lift 'em up and they fall back down with a small slapping noise. And let's not forget the delectable smell!
  86. >Before you even bother cleaning up his balls you nuzzle his sweaty balls and take a big whiff of his musk.
  87. >Before you lift your head up to take a breath, he shoves your face into his sack, you're pretty sure you're getting a mouthful of his sack too.
  88. >Stubb: "Hah! He loves 'em!"
  89. >Stubb finally lets go of you and you take a breath of fresh-ish air.
  90. >You take a moment to breath while Stubb expressis some slight concern
  91. >Stubb: "You OK?"
  92. >Right after he asked that you immediately go to town on his balls and cleaning them with your tongue.
  93. >Stubb: "EEP! I-I think that's a yes."
  94. >Starbuck whispers to Queequeg amidst Stubb's moans.
  95. >Starbuck: "Y'know, I kinda like this Anon guy. He's pretty cute."
  96. >Queequeg: "...Yeah, me too."
  97. >As Starbuck and Queequeg have a conversation about you, you're busy licking every nook and cranny of Stubb's hefty, sweaty balls.
  98. >Every now and then you take lil' nibbles on the skin of his sack, causing him to squeak out of pleasure.
  99. >You can tell he's getting rather close, his moans are happening more often and you taste a bit of his pre while licking his balls.
  100. >With a loud squeak, he uses his legs and thighs to push and lock your head in place as you take a big, musky mouthful of his ballsack and a nice, big whiff of his musk.
  101. >While that's happening down there, Stubb's c*ck is spurting it's load on him, a decent portion is stuck in his foreskin, but a lot of ropes are on his fluffy tummy.
  102. >He's just sitting there, waiting for his afterglow to surpass. You snap him out of his trance by tapping on his thigh and he realizes you're trapped between his thighs and balls.
  103. >He lets you go and you, again, take a breath of fresh-ish air.
  104. >Stubb "S-Sorry... You alright?"
  105. >You nod and you start licking the c*m off of him.
  106. >Stubb: "T-Thanks! Man, you've been putting your mouth to good use tonight, huh? Anyway, you've saved the best for last, Flask! You ready?
  107. >Flask: "Can you stop yelling"
  108. >Stubb leans on Flask and starts rubbing his belly, Flask blushes considerably.
  109. >Stubb: "Aww, c'mon! Be a bit more positive!"
  110. >Flask: "Hmph... Fiiiine..."
  111. >Stubb: "That's the spirit!"
  112. >You further piss Flask off by calling him cute and giving his junk a quick poke. His face is beet-red and his arms are folded.
  113. >Flask: "Just get on with it already..."
  114. >You begin cleaning his balls up, after all, his copiously foreskinned c*ck should be saved for last. He squeaks a bit in response.
  115. >After a bit of ball cleaning you finally decide to play with his d*ck. You start by giving his sweaty c*ckskin some nibbles and licks, much to his delight.
  116. >You stick your tongue in there and start licking a bit, much to your surprise you taste a LOT of pre. You lap it all up hungrily only for more pre to spurt out.
  117. >Your efforts to clean his foreskin only result in him making things more dirty.
  118. >Flask: "Mmh..."
  119. >You lick the sensitive tip of his c*ck, only causing him to spurt more pre! Though he's spurting so much, you reckon he's getting close.
  120. >Flask: "Gh... I'm gonna c*m!"
  121. >Thanks for the warning.
  122. >What you didn't expect was his load to immediately start shooting, and not stopping.
  123. >You swallow every rope of his c*m, you know for sure you won't be eating anything tonight. Eventually, his orgasm stops and he seems to be in a cuddly mood.
  124. >Flask: "Hff... H-Hey Anon... Mind if you...?"
  125. >Seems you're in a cuddly mood too, you two's sweaty bodies are cuddled up together for a bit before Stubb breaks the moment.
  126. >Stubb: "Awww! See what happens when you loosen up a bit?"
  127. >Flask realizes what he's doing and immediately snaps out of his daze and pushes you off of him. He regains his usual grumpy demeanor.
  128. >Flask: "Get off of me."
  129. >He gives you a little wink though.
  130. >Finally, it's time for Ahab.
  131. >You kneel down in front of his c*ck and immediately he takes a page out of Stubb's book and shoves your face in his junk and keeping it there.
  132. >Ahab: "Say, Anon, I think I got a better idea..."
  133. >He rests one foot on your butt and his unbreakable leg lock leaves you huffing tons of musk.
  134. >Ahab: "Let's give him a new paint job, eh?"
  135. >Oh dear.
  137. >Everyone seems to agree with Ahab's idea. He seems to have loosened his grip a bit, maybe now he can let you breathe.
  138. >You lift your head up a bit only for him to notice and shove your face right back into his saggy, sweaty balls.
  139. >Ahab: "I'm not letting you go yet. I want you to savor 'em, the smell, the taste, all of it.
  140. >You give up resisting and start licking the sweat off Ahab's balls and huffing the musk, savoring it all.
  141. >You hear what sounds like everyone jerking off, it seems they're enjoying the show as much as you are.
  142. >Speaking of, your c*ck is f*cking hard, and every whiff of Ahab's musk makes it throb more.
  143. >After what seems like an eternity of smelling and licking Ahab's sack, he shoves you to the floor and tells you to kneel and open your mouth.
  144. >You do as he says, and suddenly you realize every other moth is surrounding you, pumping their c*cks. Starbuck's only using a couple fingers, Queequeg's using both hands for his shaft, you're mesmerized by the bouncing of Stubb's balls as he jerks off, and Flask's foreskin glides nicely over his c*ck.
  145. >Ahab calls Stubb out and whispers to him. He's obliging to do something. Suddenly, with their free hands, they lift their balls up and place them on your face, both on your mouth and nose.
  146. >Their balls sag over your face and on each other, you instinctively begin licking and sucking on their sacks as your nose begins huffing up musk.
  147. >The combined smell and taste sends you into overdrive and you start pumping your throbbing shaft as well.
  148. >It isn't long before Ahab puts a foot on your c*ck and says,
  149. >Ahab: "I didn't say you could do that, now did I? Besides, I imagine at this rate you could c*m hands-free."
  150. >You would file a complaint but your mouth is stuffed with Ahab and Stubb's sacks.
  151. >Ahab uses his foot to sloooowwly edge your c*ck, you feel waves of pleasure as his fluffy foot glides over your c*ck, but it's just not enough to c*m.
  152. >While you're taking a mouthful of mothballs, everyone's still pumping their c*cks.
  153. >And Ahab is still slowly edging your c*ck with his foot, occasionally softly fondling your balls with it and rubbing the tip too. Very faintly can your moans be heard, but his and Stubb's sacks are blocking a lot of the sound.
  154. >You're stuck on the edge of c*mming, and you REALLY want some release. You suck their balls and huff their musk at a quicker pace in hopes of the stimulation of either pushing you over the edge. It's helping a bit.
  155. >The sight of you desperately worshipping Stubb and Ahab's balls in an attempt to c*m is certainly pushing the observers over the edge, their squeaks and moans can be heard.
  156. >You can't take it anymore, you hold both Stubb and Ahab's sacks and you shove your face in them both. You proceed to take a huge whiff of their musky ballsacks which Ahab's foot brushes over the tip, which seems to be just the ticket to release.
  157. >You moan as you shoot rope after rope onto the floor and Ahab's foot, which seems to be rubbing your c*ck as you're c*mming.
  158. >You jump as Ahab yells,
  159. >Ahab: "Hh... I SAID... I SAID OPEN YOUR MOUTH!"
  160. >You can tell he and his posse are close to c*mming, you open your mouth and close your eyes as the moths soon blow their loads.
  161. >All at once, the group's c*cks shoot fat ropes of moth c*m in your mouth and on your face, practically covering it in c*m. Even when your face is painted in jizz, you swear they're still shooting their loads.
  162. >Finally, all their orgasms stop and you wipe your face off and lap up their c*m. You also make sure to clean up any leftover c*m on their c*cks, making sure to cleans their c*ckskins too.
  163. >Everyone is still feeling like jelly, and some are even cuddling, like Ahab and Stubb whose junk are sorta flopped on each other's, Starbuck and Queequeg really have some contrasting c*ck sizes, and you decide to cuddle up with Flask, giving his belly a good rub.
  164. >After a bit of cuddling you all get out of your daze, Flask doesn't even bother pushing you away this time.
  165. >You all hit the showers, of course you all shower together. You make sure to use the soap first, with all these fluffy moths in here you know it'd be used up before it gets to you.
  166. >While you're all in there, you ask Ahab why he even decided to do something like this. Ahab shrugs and says,
  167. >Ahab: "Eh, we thought we'd do something a little different than our usual brand of bullying."
  168. >Fair enough.
  169. >After you all shower, you all clean things up. You don't want the owner finding out, these moths already have a pretty bad record with him.
  170. >You secretly snag the underwear a few of the moths were wearing before they stripped down for,.. reasons.
  171. >You tell them you honestly wouldn't mind doing that again sometime.
  172. >They agree, and they make sure to invite you when they do stuff.
  173. >While Ahab locks up the Gym you can't help but think,
  174. >"For a buncha bullies, they're pretty alright."
  175. FIN
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