On Paid Skyrim Mods - Steam Workshop

Apr 27th, 2015
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  1. >New market can be built
  2. >make a living doing what they love
  3. >25%
  4. >community not important when this entire fucking thing has been community driven for 20+ years
  6. Have you been paying any fucking attention whatsoever? I'm going to lay this out for you since your deficient brain can't seem to handle why this is a terrible deal for everyone involved (with the exception of valve and bethesda).
  10. This sets the barrier to entry for young, non-financially independent modders impossibly high. In case you've never used a mod in your entire life, mods are generally an amalgamation of multiple different mods. You learn from others and borrow parts of their work. Erecting a paywall throws a wrench into this entire process. Cooperation between modders largely will become a thing of the past as a result, as everyone is going to want a piece of that paltry 25% pie. Less and less people will bother becoming proficient at modding as a result, and the scene will shrink.
  12. >b-but you can still choose to have a free mod! you don't even need to use the workshop!
  14. That's bullshit as well. Valve has already come out and explicitly stated that someone making a paid workshop mod ==IS ALLOWED TO USE SOMEONE ELSE'S CONTENT, PROVIDED IT IS FREELY AVAILABLE== . This will inevitably drive ALL modded content to be posted EXCLUSIVELY on the workshop, for money. Why? Because why the fuck would you make a free mod when some nigger can just come and steal your shit, and then sell it for money himself? You wouldn't.
  16. The other major implication in all of this is the death of the large scale, multi-person team mods. Imagine a mod like 'Interesting NPCS' getting made under this system. That mod took dozens of people to finish. Imagine having to dole out the 25% amongst all those different people. No, this is going to encourage nickel and dime bullshit DLC content that isn't worth shit. Why would you make any quality content when you're already getting such a shit cut in the first place? People are going to be chasing the almighty dollar and nothing else.
  20. This move is incredibly anti-consumer. Part of the deal with mods was they were an unofficial third party product- they could be expected to not work, to cause any number of complications. I've had to troubleshoot dozens of mods myself to get them working. It was just expected, part of the deal, because they were free. This system provides no recourse for broken mods, no quality control. The 24 hour refund is a joke because it refunds you in steam cash. 100% profit for valve.
  22. It also gives incentive to developers to slack on implementing features that modders can easily fix. What incentive do developers have to develop, say, a functioning PC user interface for their game if modders will just do it for pennies on the dollar? They'll still make their profit on the sale of the game and they'll make a nice tidy sum on mods required to fix the piece of shit they just churned out. SkyUI is already proof that this is happening. The newest version is going paid on steam. What's SkyUI you ask? Basically an unofficial patch that makes the UI fucking usable on PC, because the vanilla one is utter shit. Essentially, if you buy SkyUI, you're buying a fucking patch.
  24. Paid mods are only bad news, and you'd have to be a fucking retard to not think so. The correct system (if they actually care about supporting the mod scene) would be to create a very VISIBLE and OPTIONAL donate button where ALL of the proceeds went to the modders, or at least a VAST majority (90%+). Erecting a paywall is a fucking shitty idea for everyone involved except for those greedy fucking kikes.
  26. http://8archive.moe/v/thread/3406917/#3435527
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