These Old Bones (Lich Green Text)

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  1. >It was a busy day in monster girl city, the sun was shining, the sirens were singing, and an orgy had broken out in midtown.
  2. >Not that you cared, even on a Saturday it was busy for members of the Mage Guild's enchanting division.
  3. >After an incident of "rampant wizardry" involving the head judge of MGC, you'd been forced to perform community service as an enchanter for the Guild until you "learned to control yourself."
  4. >Which is crap because you were in full control the whole time.
  5. >If the anubis didn't want to get turned into a shortstack then she shouldn't have double dipped in your salsa.
  6. >No one double dips in your salsa and gets away with it.
  7. >Regardless, you were stuck with providing MGC's numerous Dating Dungeons, a specialized dating service/LARP session where patrons get to pretend to be an adventuring party in a dungeon, with all their enchanted goods.
  8. >You'd made +2 Battle axes, Rings of invisibility, and more to help-fulfill the various orders from the dungeons.
  9. >You'd also been forced to make more "Rod's of Ceaseless Vibrations" than you could ever have though possible.
  10. >Apparently the "Witch's Lair", a Sabbath Based dungeon, didn't keep many adventurers after a run through.
  11. >Today, though, they were being extra kind to you, letting you out of the smoky enchanter's room run a delivery towards the city's undead quarter and the ominously named "Bone Crypt"
  12. >You'd run through there in days past with a few of your friends, bashing skeletons and pushing over zombies, although you'd never gotten past the Wight Knight by the name of Sella.
  13. >A wight who was currently giving you a cool stare as her undead underlings clumsily unloaded the boxes from the Magic U-haul.
  14. >The magic being that it somehow still worked despite being forty years old
  15. >"I don't zee why ve vould 'ave to pay for Zis," she said in an outrageous accent that waxed from french to german "Ve did not order it zo ve should not 'ave to pay for zis."
  16. >The "Zis" in question was a box of cursed +1 Vampiric Daggers, something that WAS on the the order sheet, no matter how much she denied it.
  17. >"Look lady, I don't know what to tell you." You said, pointing at the box in question "It's on the order sheet and its been made, you have it and you need to pay for it."
  18. >"Zis is prepostorous," She shouted, a little Transylvania slipping in. Ve do not vant zem zo ve shouldn't 'ave to pay for zem! Take zem back you silly boy!"
  19. >You felt a brow twitch in irritation and the urge to cast silence on her rise. Both as a form of vengeance and a way to just stop her from talking in that obviously, fake accent.
  20. >"Look, I've been ordered to make these things and deliver them," you responded tersely, gently pulling your arm free from an overly friendly zombie "they've been made and they've been delivered. You're job is to pay us."
  21. >"Zis is ludicris," the wight complained, her elegant features coloring in anger "Zis is outragous, zis is....zis is...THIS IS BULLSHIT!"
  22. >Her fake accent had finally fallen away but it was too late, you already had a head ache going.
  23. >"Look," you sighed, your face falling into your palm in exasperation "Is there a manager I can talk too?"
  24. >"I am the man-, I mean, I am ze manager," Sella said, her red eyes narrowing "Now, if you vill, please leave and take you box of "
  25. >"Sella," a bored sounding voice called, it's speaker stepping into the parking lot "What is taking so long? We have our first group of adventurers in two hours."
  26. >The newcomer was as, most assuredly, as dead as her employees, her skin gray and long, ivory hair bound back in braid that fell to her rear. She wore a midnight black suit and matching pair of dress pants, both of which hid a figure ripe with curves. What was most caught your attention though was her face, a picture of matured beauty from which two purple, emotionless eyes stood.
  27. >"Zis boy iz trying to zell us-"
  28. >"Without the accent please." the pale lich interrupted. "It give's me a headache."
  29. >"Fiiiine," the armored wight sighed, pouting slightly, "He's trying to sell us a box of crap we didn't order."
  30. >"Is this true?" the pale woman responded, giving you a look which, you presume, would have been cross if she showed any emotion.
  31. >You let out another sigh of exasperation, a wandering zombie giving you a clumsy pat on the shoulder as she walked past.
  32. >You're a wizard dammit! Not a sales man.
  33. >"It's on the sheet." you replied through gritted teeth, handing her the clip board "Right here miss...."
  34. >"Mortana," she answered simply, pale, lilac eyes scanning the sheet "yours?"
  35. >"Anon," you said, dearly wishing you were back in the lab making that Cursed Breastplate of the Headless Champion
  36. >"Ah, a common name," The undead mistress replied, still scanning the sheet while her second in command gave you a cross look "I should have guessed."
  37. >It's surprising how much you get that, you've never met anyone else with that name but everyone always seems to know another anon. It's quite mind boggling honestly.
  38. >"He's right," Mortana said, her words disrupting your thoughts."It's on the sheet but I don't remember placing an order an order for them. If you could follow me to my office Anon, we can get check the records and give you your payment."
  39. >She didn't bother to wait for a reply, spinning on her heel and walking towards the door.
  40. >"Finally someone who can read." you replied, giving the angry looking wight the biggest, most satisfied smirk you could manage.
  41. >The angry huff she gave you made the trip almost worth it.
  42. >Almost.
  43. >"Stay close anon," Mortana "called", her voice rising only a tiny bit in volume, "We don't want a young caster like you getting snatched by a ghoul do we?"
  44. >And stay close you did, staying a few steps behind the smartly dressed undead and giving her pant straining, bubble butt a few appraising glances as you walked.
  45. >It was a fine behind, large enough to grope but tight enough to show that it wasn't purely fat.
  46. >You were so distracted by it that you almost ran into the ivory haired lich when she stopped by her office door located deep within the tomb, skeletons and zombies giving you a few curious looks, along with a few gropes.
  47. >"It seems that men's tastes do not change with the centuries," Mortana replied, one white eyebrow arched in, what you thought was, amusement. "Follow me inside and I can double check our documentation."
  48. >You felt the warm heat of an embarrassed blush tint your cheeks, following the lich into her office.
  49. >It was a small room with surprisingly fewer books than you anticipated, their numbers only filling four bookshelves instead of the ten you anticipated. These book-laden shelves were accompanied by a few file cabinates while a massive, mahogany desk sat in the center of the room, a computer straight from the 90s and an ancient looking vase the only two things atop of it.
  50. >"Take a seat in front of the desk young man," the undead spell caster said, hips swaying as she wandered towards the old iron file cabinates "I should have the record soon enough."
  51. >And with that she was off, flipping through folders and files as she dug through the cabinet drawers without a word.
  52. >The silence soon grew uncomfortable, the room quiet except for your own breathing and the rasping of paper.
  53. >"Soooooo, how's everthing going?" you said, doing anything to break the quiet as the pale undead shuffled through the papers
  54. >"Fine," the lich said in a emotionless voice, looking at a paper briefly before setting it back in its folder "although none of the adventurers have made it all the way through the dungeon in a while."
  55. >A tiny flicker of fatigue staining her voice, although her expression remained unchanged.
  56. >"It's left me a little...tense," the purple eyed undead murmured "I haven't been able to fight a group of you young adventures in a good, long while."
  57. >"You're the boss?" you responded, leaning back in your chair as she pulled a paper from the sea of white "That...actually makes a lot of sense. Personally, I've never gotten past your wight."
  58. >"She's not that difficult." Mortana replied, setting a paper on the desk "Just make fun of her accent, she hates it."
  59. >"I'll keep that in mind," you responded, mentally filing that away "although I don't plan on going near her for a while."
  60. >Something odd flashed through the smartly dressed undead's eyes for a brief moment, her mature features tensing slightly.
  61. >"A shame," Mortana said, one, perfectly manicured nail pointing at the paper while her other hand fiddled with something at her neck "I'd certainly like to face you...alone..."
  62. >Her hand fell away and her suit unbuttoned slightly, revealing a generous canyon of pale flesh.
  63. >"I'm sure that'd be nice mam," you said in your most diplomatic tone, mentally planing your escape route "but I'm afraid that the Guild has strict rules about employee/customer relations."
  64. >She frowned ever so slightly at your words, fingers drumming on the paper.
  65. >"They still have that "Spell per bedding" rule going on don't they?" Mortana replied, leaning forward to better display her bountiful mountains. "I'm sure I have a trick or two that I could teach them....or you."
  66. >"It's fine," you quickly responded, grabbing her hand "I meant what I said."
  67. >And it was true, she had a body that had aged like wine, before her death at least.
  68. >Her hips were wide and her backside grand with breasts that could easily fill your hands. All stuck into a perfectly pressed and cleaned suit.
  69. >"Thank you Anon," she smiled, small laugh slipping from her, "it makes me feel good to hear that."
  70. >In a flash she grabbed a pen from a skull shaped holder and scratched her signature on the paper I had given her.
  71. >"In return I'll sign this for you," she said, setting the pen back down and sliding the paper to me "I believe that's all you needed was it not?"
  72. >It may have been when you first walked it but, as of now, you needed something else.
  73. >"It was," you replied, sliding the paper to the side before drawing in close. "but I think you need something as well."
  74. >And with that last, cheesy line, you planted your lips on hers and locked her in a deep kiss.
  75. >Your tongue waltzed with hers as the two of you kissed, her mouth strangely warm, most likely from whatever magic animated her.
  76. >You were the one who had to break it first, the need for oxygen pulling the two of you apart and leaving you, and only you, gasping.
  77. >"I hope you don't plan on just leaving it there young man." Mortana cooed in a sensual tone, a smile on her gray lips. "I'd be awfully disappointed if you did."
  78. >Suffice to say, you did not disappoint, nearly ripping those masterly woven dress pants off the lich and pulling down her black, lacey panties.
  79. >Her womanhood was soaked, leaking honey onto the floor as it begged for you to put it in as her ample hips and rear swayed enticingly.
  80. >"Well anon?" she said again, voice collected despite the fact that she was almost grinding upon you and your erect shaft. "Are you going to keep me waiting?"
  81. >"Just admiring the view," you replied, one hand stroking the silken skin of her buttocks, "a body like this needs to be savored."
  82. >It was with deliberate slowness that you unzipped yourself, hardened member finally freed while the lich squirmed before you.
  83. >"My, aren't you a cruel one?" she seducitvly responded, still laying forward on her desk "Just what are they teaching you all?"
  84. >"How to do things right," you said, causing her to shiver with pleasure as you trailed one hand along her needy lower lips "aren't you going to put your soul in your phylactery?"
  85. >"N-no," she stammered, biting her lip a little "I don't want to study this, I want to experience it."
  86. >That was all the go ahead you needed, slowly sliding your rod into her inch by inch.
  87. >It was a slow, deliberate process that let you savory her silken insides as they gripped at you, trying to milk you as your member drover ever forward into her.
  88. >She moaned as you advanced, an honest sound of pleasure that echoed into your very core.
  89. >As soon as you reached your apex, you withdrew it as slowly as you drove forward with it, her insides just as fine going out as it was going in.
  90. >"M-more," she moaned as you advanced again, a little faster than the first "m-more!"
  91. >And more you gave, steadily increasing your speed as you went, the slowly, sensual pace increasing until you were hammering into her deepest parts, piercing her with pleasure.
  92. >The slickened sounds of your juices increased from quiet slurps to a chorus of squelching pleasure, all while your hands teased and groped her plump rump, your fingers sinking into the malleable flesh.
  93. >"Harder!" she nearly screamed, her bountiful bosom freed from the confines of its shirt and spilling onto the smooth surface of the desk "Faster! Slam into me like a beast in heat!"
  94. >You listened to her instructions without question, crashing into her so hard that the desk moved under your thrusts and her nipples rubbed against the smoothed wood, all while she cried and screamed in ecstasy.
  95. >Your face was drenched with sweat and your heart thundered in your chest as you continued to plung into the undead from behind, a lewd, wet smack echoing as the two of you met.
  96. >"I'm cumming!" you shouted, feeling the pressure within you build towards its bursting point "I'm cumming!"
  97. >"Let it out inside!" Mortana shouted, her own insides beginning to spasm as the orgasm drew close "Fill this body with new life!"
  98. >You couldn't have stopped yourself if you tried, a wave of pleasure overtaking you as your twitching member fired off strand after ropey strand of seed Mortana's greedy womb.
  99. >The lich achieved release at the same time you did, her walls clamping down on you as she screamed a scream of pure, orgasmic bliss.
  100. >As the last shots fired, you collapsed forward on her, gasping for breath with your softening member plugging her up.
  101. >"My, my.." she said, a wry smile on her lips as you lay atop here, "these old bones haven't felt something like that in...ever really.....but aren't you going to get in trouble over this?"
  102. >"Probably not," you responded, one hand given an ample breast a squeeze "It's more of a guideline really.."
  103. >"Is that so?" Mortana replied, giving your meat a squeeze and conjuring a small, pulsing purple orb of magic, lust burning off of it. "Then perhaps they wouldn't mind you going a second round."
  104. >"I'm building a relationship with a valued customer," you replied, lightly nibbling her ear. "I think they would by that."
  105. >And by that they did, despite the fact that your clothes were sticky, your face drenched with sweat, and Mortana applied for a job not a day later, making your punishment, and later on your marriage, much better.
  106. >While this lines would normally have been sensual, the fact that her voice was still monotone made it feel more like she was randomly pausing.
  107. >"Or perhaps you find me too old," she murmured, playing with her shirt slightly as her frown intensified "I know my physical form isn't the freshest body out of the crypt."
  108. >"It's not that," you hastily interjected, one hand moving towards hers "your not old just...ripe?"
  109. >Her hand was strangely warm to the touch, not cold and clammy like you expected.
  110. >"Your just saying that," the pale undead replied, her frown slowly turning into a smile "I know my body is probably well past its prime."
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