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  1. Can you upload an image into your PC ?
  2. you:
  3. i don't know how
  4. Ravit:
  5. Do you have webcam?
  6. you:
  7. no
  8. Ravit:
  9. I am sorry Jack then I won't be able to assist you without any verification.
  10. you:
  11. What am i supposed to do now with my invalid code
  12. Ravit:
  13. Okay then I'll help you on my risk.
  14. Ravit:
  15. I would definitely help you, once you verify me the account information.
  16. Ravit:
  17. May I know your date of birth?
  18. you:
  19. February 2nd, 1980
  20. Ravit:
  21. Thank you,please allow me some time.
  22. you:
  23. ok
  24. Ravit:
  25. Here is your code:CW2Y2-6PYJY-MJ69J-YDQC2-JG3QZ
  26. you:
  27. I appreciate your time, thank you very much
  28. Ravit:
  29. Your welcome.
  30. Ravit:
  31.  I would appreciate if you can take some time to fill the survey. email in next 24 hours. I would appreciate if you can take some time to fill the survey.
  32. you:
  33. I will try to
  34. Ravit:
  35. Thank you.
  36. Ravit:
  37. If you need help with anything else, please feel free to contact us anytime!
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