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Feb 12th, 2016
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  1. 12th February 2016 ¨C Patch notes
  2. 2ÔÂ12ÈÕ - KIMUNDI
  3. A patch will be deployed today, February 12th at 4.00pm CET. You will need to restart your game to apply these changes.
  5. Please find below the list of modifications:
  7. Audio: the issue with the mono sound on the left side has been fixed
  8. Audio: the game will not lose the sound after reconnecting an audio device
  9. Audio: the background music will now correctly work in the Rumble Shop in the Village Hidden in the Cloud in Adventure Mode
  10. Keyboard compatibility: the game will not lose keyboard input after a match
  11. Gamepad compatibility: the gamepad response has been improved
  13. Other issues reported are still being investigated. We will keep you posted on STEAM and our Social Networks about the future changes on the game.
  15. Thank you for your abundant feedbacks, don¡¯t hesitate to share it with us on the STEAM forums, our Facebook Page and our Twitter Account!
  17. If you have a technical issue, please contact our Customer Support:
  19. Europe, Africa, & Asia: Support Page[]
  20. North & South America: Support Page[]
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