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  1. Hosted by Kurva Gaming Community
  2. Discord.gg/JpxVcYc
  4. 1:   Do not breach the Steam or SL TOS
  5. 2:   Do not delay the rounds by sitting in a room and/or purposely avoiding confrontation (delaying the round for more than 2 minutes will result in a despawn)  
  6. 3:   NTF/Facility Guards cannot team with Chaos, or SCP
  7. 4:   Listen to staff when warned or in a staff sit (Failure to comply with this rule will result in an increase of punishment proportional to the first offence, IE, one TK will grow from a warning to a 1-day ban, etc.)
  8. 5:   Do not glitch the game to gain an advantage (Failure to comply with this rule will result in)
  9. Def: Something that gives you an unfair advantage over other players.
  10. Glitch spots are only against the rules when no SCPs are able to get to those spots
  11. 6:   When staff are conducting events, listen to them and give feedback. (If the staff member sees you as not following the instructions you will be despawned)
  12. 7:   Do not stream-snipe unless the streamer gives permission
  13. 8:   There is not to be any intentional team killing, or attempted team killing, unless all parties agree (Self-defense is allowed and crossfire doesn’t count, continued instances of crossfire can result in further questioning)
  14. 9:   Leaving a server with intention to avoid bans or punishment of any kind is strictly forbidden. (The punishment for whatever rule you broke will be increased proportionally for breaking this rule. Ex. a 1-day ban will be increased to a 3 day ban, 3 day ban increased to a week ban, etc. If one returns to break a rule, and then is able to evade successfully again, the punishment will be increased proportionally further.)
  15. 10:   There is to be no team griefing.
  16. Def: Any action taken to intentionally compromise the effectiveness of the team: An example of team griefing is closing doors on teammates without reason.
  17. 11:   Teammates should be informed that a grenade has been thrown as soon as or before a grenade is thrown when teammates are/could be in the blast radius.
  19. For more accurate and clear rules, go to discord.gg/JpxVcYc and look under the #rules channel
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