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Dec 28th, 2018
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  1. us=843956 PUSH: Received control message: 'PUSH_REPLY,topology subnet,redirect-gateway def1,sndbuf 131072,rcvbuf 131072,comp-lzo adaptive,route-gateway,redirect-gateway ipv6,route-ipv6 2000::/3,ping 10,ping-restart 60,dhcp-option DNS,dhcp-option DNS,ifconfig-ipv6 fdbf:1d37:bbe0:0:4:7:0:f4/112 fdbf:1d37:bbe0:0:4:7:0:1,ifconfig,peer-id 4'
  2. us=844036 OPTIONS IMPORT: timers and/or timeouts modified
  3. us=844043 OPTIONS IMPORT: compression parms modified
  4. us=844055 LZO compression initializing
  5. us=844065 OPTIONS IMPORT: --sndbuf/--rcvbuf options modified
  6. us=844073 Socket Buffers: R=[212992->262144] S=[212992->262144]
  7. us=844076 OPTIONS IMPORT: --ifconfig/up options modified
  8. us=844078 OPTIONS IMPORT: route options modified
  9. us=844082 OPTIONS IMPORT: route-related options modified
  10. us=844086 OPTIONS IMPORT: --ip-win32 and/or --dhcp-option options modified
  11. us=844090 OPTIONS IMPORT: peer-id set
  12. us=844093 OPTIONS IMPORT: adjusting link_mtu to 1629
  13. us=844102 Data Channel MTU parms [ L:1609 D:1300 EF:109 EB:407 ET:0 EL:3 ]
  14. us=844145 Outgoing Data Channel: Cipher 'AES-256-CBC' initialized with 256 bit key
  15. us=844151 Outgoing Data Channel: Using 512 bit message hash 'SHA512' for HMAC authentication
  16. us=844156 Incoming Data Channel: Cipher 'AES-256-CBC' initialized with 256 bit key
  17. us=844161 Incoming Data Channel: Using 512 bit message hash 'SHA512' for HMAC authentication
  18. us=844239 ROUTE_GATEWAY IFACE=wlp2s0 HWADDR=e0:9d:31:e6:d4:e9
  19. us=844248 GDG6: remote_host_ipv6=n/a
  20. us=844261 GDG6: NLMSG_ERROR: error Operation not supported
  22. us=844268 ROUTE6: default_gateway=UNDEF
  23. us=844452 TUN/TAP device tun0 opened
  24. us=844491 TUN/TAP TX queue length set to 100
  25. us=844507 do_ifconfig, tt->did_ifconfig_ipv6_setup=1
  26. us=844521 /sbin/ip link set dev tun0 up mtu 1500
  27. us=845316 /sbin/ip addr add dev tun0 broadcast
  28. us=846300 /sbin/ip -6 addr add fdbf:1d37:bbe0:0:4:7:0:f4/112 dev tun0
  29. RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported
  30. us=847239 Linux ip -6 addr add failed: external program exited with error status: 2
  31. us=847265 Exiting due to fatal error
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