Henric and Alex Dramatis Personae

Jul 3rd, 2014
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  1. Dramatis personae = List of characters
  2. Because fuck, things got long. Have a point of reference. Ages are how old people are at the beginning of the story. No important spoilers. Has some trivia stuff that we came up with but that doesn't always get to be focal in the story.
  5. Sir Henric Malyns (Written by Monster)
  6. 24 year old male
  7. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Henric’s parents were extremely poor and he never liked either of them for various reasons. Given the opportunity to squire for a knight because of his exceptional aptitude for swordplay, Henric took it and escaped his childhood home happily.
  8. Henric only enjoys being a knight for the social standing and power it gives him. In private or any other time he can get away with it he regularly abuses his authority. He loathes the noble caste, but this is more a case of sour grapes than an actual, heartfelt belief that there are problems with the system.
  9. When he became a knight, he elected to use a gold lion as his symbol because he believed it was most kingly.
  11. Alexander Smyth (Written by mask)
  12. 16 year old female
  13. A girl who has pretended to be a boy since she was a toddler. Alex was raised a boy after her male twin died when they were three years old. She is her father’s only child and must be male to inherit family property. She is the second cousin once-removed of the current king. Her father expects a lot from her and his dreams weigh heavily on his daughter.
  14. Alex tries not to worry about her gender. She knows in her heart and mind that she is a girl but does seem to think of herself as a boy occasionally (this is a result of “faking it until you make it”). She usually wants to be seen as tough and masculine and rejects most cultural ideals of femininity because of how she was socialized growing up. She’s happy with her female body and internally uses the pronoun she for herself, but is annoyed by the inconveniences of being female because she is trying to fit in with males. If someone tried to explain modern, real-world ideas about gender identity to Alex, she would likely be confused as fuck.
  15. She wants to be a knight in order to make her father proud and because she believes that it is the best way for her to be a positive force in the world and because she cannot bear to let him down. It's hard to tell where her own desires end and her father's begin. She has never imagined a life where she would not be a knight, and focuses on this dream over her own happiness. Alex is clever, but prone to losing her temper, especially over issues of injustice.
  16. She enjoys and has an affinity for animals (especially horses, she is enormously experienced) and is an avid reader of fiction when she can get her hands on books she hasn't read.
  18. Ssazra (Written by mask)
  19. 40 year old male
  20. A lizardfolk alchemist with many similarities to a crocodile. Ssazra is a “friend” of Henric in that he regularly follows the knight on his work and provides him with anything he wants. Ssazra does not enjoy seeing anyone in pain, but he has the capacity to be very cold when it is pragmatic. His ultimate motive is to chronicle Henric’s life story and be the only storyteller to have done so because he had a premonition that he would be important.
  22. Aziz (Written by both)
  23. 20 year old male
  24. A sorcerer from another continent. A “friend” of Henric’s and the one he chatters with most. Aziz is very skilled in an area of magic called blood magic that he practices mostly in private, but is a superstitious man who doesn’t trust necromancy. He accompanies Henric mostly for the pay, but also because it is the most interesting work out there for a non-knight non-citizen.
  26. Yorick (Written by Monster)
  27. A masked man who follows Henric with Ssazra and Aziz. Yorick is usually a few steps ahead of everyone and very helpful, if quiet. He is especially perceptive.
  29. Ellis (Written by both)
  30. 16 years old
  31. A very plain boy born to peasants who became a page. He's built like an ox and like all good knights he cares about people. He tends not to prioritize academic learning and leads with his gut, which works well enough for him.
  32. He and Alex become best friends because of shared hobbies (such as a fondness for horses, love of travel, and stories of great adventures) and their ability to complement one anothers’ skills.
  34. Micah (written by both)
  35. 16 years old
  36. The loudest of the squires and the smallest of the three males. Micah’s the most likely of the squires to get in trouble, but the least likely to start a fight or hurt anyone. He is fantastic with bows.
  37. Micah’s family were merchants. He has several siblings to carry on the family business and so doesn't feel guilt about leaving to be a squire.
  39. Glenn (written by both)
  40. 16 years old
  41. An anxious boy who worries too much about the rules and what might become of him if he isn’t perfect. He and Micah become very close when Micah tries to get him to break rules and “live a little.”
  42. Glenn’s family are minor nobility, and there are many knights in his lineage.
  44. Sir Isaac Derry (written by both)
  45. 28 years old
  46. A studious man. Occasionally a pedant. Believes in the importance of books and history for all knights, and has difficulty convincing his squire Ellis of their importance. Like his squire, he enjoys fishing and taking care of animals and hobbies that move at slow paces. Despite his bookishness he is enormous with muscles, and appropriately strong to match his size.
  47. He is compassionate and understanding even when he mistakenly comes to believe his squire to be gay.
  49. Sir Cuthbert Robbins (written by both)
  50. 24 years old
  51. A knight trained in mostly forested areas. Easily the most ranger-like of the knights in The Barracks and is as skilled with a bow as his sword. Despite his youth, he also speaks four languages fluently, including Elvish.
  52. Micah’s knight, almost exactly like Micah in every way, especially in his tendency to joke when uncomfortable. Even willing to supply his squire with alcohol from time to time. They are very much like siblings.
  53. Cuthbert and Henric knew each other briefly as squires and are the same age. Cuthbert is the knight that Henric finds most tolerable, and the two tend to brag to each other mutually about women in their lives.
  55. Sir Cyrus Candell (written by both)
  56. 45 years old
  57. An older man who was a war hero in his youth. Now that he's not as fast as he used to be, he's stationed in barracks in the middle of nowhere where he can serve as an adviser or leave to work somewhere else in a pinch. His name is well recognized through the kingdom.
  58. It is unclear why he never married and had children of his own, but he has trained many squires who are all like sons to him. One past squire was female like Alex, but Cyrus never knew.
  60. Kerran Myar (written mostly by Monster)
  61. Unknown age.
  62. A necromancer notable for his ability to control zombies and make them appear and behave no differently from living people. He is fascinated by souls, especially rare ones, and prioritizes the study and acquisition of souls as more important than anything else. Knowledge is an absolute priority for Kerran, and he sees money only as a means to acquire knowledge more easily than by force.
  63. He was a major influence in Henric’s life when he was a young man, and even took responsibility for the death of Henric’s knight when the boy killed him.
  64. He desires an enormous army for reasons he has not made perfectly clear.
  66. Yuya (Written by Monster)
  67. 24 years old
  68. A girl Henric met when he was a squire. The first person he ever raped and the only person he fears. Yuya wasn’t sure how to handle Henric’s behavior at the time, but she is a swordsman on par with him now.
  69. Yuya is from the country of Fierskeep. Yuya has yellow eyes, mysteriously. Her mentor, a barbarian, was killed in the process of killing Kerran Myar. After the deaths, she vanished.
  70. An older character of Monster's, appears in several of his stories at different phases of her life.
  72. Queen Tohru (Written by Monster)
  73. 27 years old
  74. The queen of Fierskeep. Doesn’t care for the job because it bores her.
  75. An older character of Monster's, appears in several of his stories at different phases of her life.
  77. Edgar Smyth (Written by Mask)
  78. 43 years old
  79. Alex’ father. His wife died delivering twins, and one twin later died. Alex is all he has and he needs her to inherit his wealth to continue their legacy. Doesn't realize the crippling burden that his expectations have placed on Alex, or the lengths to which she would go to please him. He would never forgive himself if he knew the lengths that Alex went through to protect the secret he had imposed on her.
  80. He was a knight in his youth and now works for The King managing the movements of troops cycling through barracks and bases in the country and their reports.
  81. A possible example of the idea of "The 1%" though with no intentional cruelty. Doesn't see the harm in nepotism or really see wealth and class disparity because he is on top.
  83. King Kenneth (Written by Mask)
  84. 41 years old
  85. The king. A compassionate man, though not always the best at paying attention to the world around him like his second cousin, Edgar Smyth.
  86. Doesn't really appear in what we've shared so far, but is important.
  88. Princess Roanna (Written by Mask)
  89. 15 years old
  90. The princess, the king’s daughter. She will inherit the throne, which is the only political role in the kingdom that can be inherited by a female. Roanna is insightful in ways her father is not. Has gradually influenced public policy to be more lenient on the unfortunate.
  91. Alex’ third cousin and good friend when they were small.
  92. Is betrothed, but actually sweet on Sir Oliver, her bodyguard.
  93. Doesn't really appear in what we've shared so far, but is important.
  95. Sir Oliver (Written by Monster)
  96. 18 years old
  97. Princess’ Roanna’s bodyguard for life. He is a prodigy in nearly every way.
  98. Doesn't really appear in what we've shared so far, but is important.
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