Feb 9th, 2016
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  1. >Be Office worker Anon.
  2. >You were typing out a report for your boss.
  3. >It was fucking bullshit.
  4. >He wanted close to a month's worth of work by the end of the week.
  5. >And it was the end of the week now.
  6. >You were typing furiously, trying to process a ridiculous accumulation of data and numbers onto the old outdated computer you were partnered with.
  7. >A knock came at your cubicle.
  8. >You looked up from your keyboard.
  9. >It was your fucking boss, keeping an eye on you.
  10. >He was always a bit of dick, keeping tabs on his employees and checking on them every five minutes or so.
  11. >"Anon, working hard or hardly working! Ha ha!"
  12. >He made that joke nearly every time he saw you.
  13. >it got old after the first week.
  14. >You'd been here two years.
  15. >You didn't expect to be here much longer though.
  16. >You'd finally lined up a new job.
  17. >It wasn't much better, but it was definitely going to be a good change of pace for you.
  18. >You had never like stagnation, living life the same way from day to day just wasn't acceptable for you.
  20. "As hard as I can boss. Nearly finished." You lied through your teeth.
  21. >You still had a quarter of a month to finish.
  22. >as it was you weren't expecting to be able to leave for an extra seventy hours.
  23. >"Great stuff! You know Anon, I always thought there was something special about you."
  24. "R-Really sir?"
  25. >"Uh, well. That's what the HR department said I should be saying to all of you employees. I don't really see the point though. Special doesn't really get the work done."
  26. >This guy was a real people person.
  27. >"Speaking of work Anon, I had a thing I was supposed to drop off for you. It's just a little bit more work, I know.
  28. "Uh, that's-"
  29. >"It shouldn't take you more than an hour or so, It's just-"
  30. "Boss, I've already got quite a bit of work on my plate. Isn't there anybody else?"
  31. >He frowned.
  32. >"Now Anon, I've never had to be firm with you before, so I don't really want to be. I know you've always been dependable, sort of."
  33. >Sort of? Bullshit, you're fucking dedicated!"
  34. >"And always competent, to a certain degree."
  35. "What? What are-"
  36. >"But I need you to focus, son! See the big picture! If you get this work done, I can maybe tug some strings, get you a better office, or maybe something a little, 'nicer'."
  37. >You'd heard this speel before. Nothing ever came of it. The boss was just trying to shrug off work because he didn't want to do it himself.
  38. "I really can't Sir. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta get back to-"
  39. >"Son! I won't take no for an answer! You've got to do this paperwork for me! OR YOU'RE FIRED!"
  41. >Something snapped inside you.
  42. >It wasn't like a mental change or anything, it just felt like something physically broke.
  43. >Your entire body suddenly felt loose, as if you didn't weigh quite as much.
  44. >But you didn't notice.
  45. >The entire room seemed to be turning red.
  46. >You barely cared at all as you swung your fist at your boss.
  47. "Go to hell sir!"
  48. >He tumbled backwards, his face full of fear instantly.
  49. >"What the christ? Anon? What are you-"
  50. >His eyes caught on something, and he stared at the ground.
  51. "I've done nothing but hard work for the past two years! And all you've ever done is force your shit on other people! I'm sick and tired of it! If i'm fired, then fine! Fire me! Set me on fire! I don't give a shit anymore! I already found something new, and I'm out of here!"
  52. >People were gathering at your door over the commotion already.
  53. >Everything was still glowing red.
  54. >And everyone was staring at the floor beneath your feet.
  55. >Your boss was backing up now, trying to get away from you.
  57. >You tried to take a step forwards, and found yourself unable to move.
  58. >"Holy shit Anon. I warned you about joining cults!" Someone called out.
  59. >Your feet were refusing to move, so you finally looked down.
  60. "What the actual fuck."
  61. >Your legs were on fire.
  62. >You didn't feel anything.
  63. >Surrounding you, in a giant red and glowing ominous style, was a large pentagram, taking up your entire cubicle floor.
  64. >You looked up in desperation, and noticed everyone standing back.
  65. >You began to sink into the floor, your feet phasing out of existence.
  66. >You still didn't feel anything.
  67. >Oh fuck.
  68. "Oh fuck."
  69. >The thing that had snapped inside you broke some more, and you suddenly saw your arms turn transparent.
  70. >You felt light as a feather.
  71. >You were still sinking through the floor, so you turned to grab something.
  72. >You managed to hit the keyboard a few times, before your arm started simply phasing through it.
  73. >Before that though, you managed to type out the number six three times.
  75. >"Somebody do something!"
  76. >"Anon! Hold on!
  77. >You were up to your waist in floor now, and your chest was on fire now.
  78. >Your arms too, the flames flickering through you.
  79. >You still didn't feel anything.
  80. >At all.
  81. >Your last sight before your head simply vanished into the floorboards was a tiny plushie you had smuggled into your office a long time ago.
  82. >It was your one and only pony waifu.
  83. >You'd never get to make sweet sweet love to her, because apparently you were going to hell or some shit.
  84. >At least your last thoughts were about something you cared about though.
  85. >Your last traces of feeling vanished in a lick of flame, and all that remained was a red glow.
  86. >Then that faded too.
  87. >'But I never got to bang a pony!' were your final thoughts.
  89. -=-=-=-
  91. >You couldn't exactly tell when you started to regain feeling, but it certainly must have been a while.
  92. >You were aware of it almost instantly though, since the contrast of 'not existing' and 'existing' was too great for you not to notice.
  93. >The first thing you became aware of was that stupid red glow again.
  94. >It was glowing through your eyelids.
  96. >You tried to open them, but instantly regretted it.
  97. >There was an eye piercing glare penetrating everything.
  98. >Well, at least you had conscious thought again.
  99. >Or was that a bad thing?
  100. >Weren't you supposed to be in hell now or something?
  101. >Maybe remaining blissfully unaware of your circumstances would've been better.
  102. >You tried to re-orient yourself, and stand up.
  103. >WHOA
  104. >What
  105. >Nothing was where it should be.
  106. >You couldn't feel your arms properly.
  107. >What the fuck happened to your body.
  108. >You tried to open your eyes again, but were met with the same eye-stabbing glare of some bright light.
  109. "Truly this is hell."
  110. >A deep and sensual voice repeated your words back at the same time.
  111. >"Actually, this is ponyville! But I can see where you're coming from and how you might have made that mistake!"
  112. >WHAT
  113. >WHO WAS THAT?
  115. >"Shh! Don't talk to it!"
  116. >"Why not Twilight?"
  117. >"Don't give it my name! Names are very powerful tools for these types of creatures!"
  118. >"Okay! I'll give it mine! Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! Who and what are you!?"
  119. >Pinkie Pie-
  120. >PINK-
  121. >What, like actual Pinkie Pie? Like pony?
  122. >No, that was ridiculous, there's no way that-
  123. >You opened your eyes once more, and forced them to adjust against the blood coloured light.
  124. >Slowly, a pink blob began to settle amongst your red swimming vision.
  125. >It moved.
  126. >"Hiya! Can you see me!? You gotta roll back your gooey inner eyelid things!"
  127. >You blinked, and suddenly you watched in slight horror/fascination as an apparent red film slid away from your vision.
  128. >behind it lay all the colours of the rainbow, and a pink pony.
  129. >Well what do you know?
  130. >Actual fucking Pinkie Pie.
  131. >You twisted your head.
  132. >Something blurry was following your gaze at the bottom of your vision.
  133. >It was a dark red, and seemed slightly rounded.
  134. >You tried to shake it off.
  136. >"Oh no! Pinkie, get back! it's shaking off the restraints!"
  137. >The pink pony scooted backwards, beside a familiar purple friend.
  138. >"Um, you stay right there! Or I'll be forced to exorcise you from this plane!"
  139. >Exorcise?
  140. >What, were you possessed?
  141. >You didn't remember encountering any ghosts recently.
  142. >Also, since when were you on a plane?
  143. >You stopped shaking your head. Ignoring the red blob thing for now and looking around.
  144. >A quick glance revealed you were sitting inside a friendly looking tree/library.
  145. >Oh hey! Treebrary! You recognized this place!
  146. >What was that, nine or ten years ago for you?
  147. >A few fond memories came flooding back.
  148. "The golden oaks Library, right?"
  149. >again, that sensual and powerful voice. It liked to roll it's 'R's.
  150. >It said what you were trying to say.
  151. >Was it yours?
  152. >Damn you sounded sexy.
  153. >It rumbled and echoed, but never menacingly.
  154. >At least not yet.
  155. >It also sounded a bit feminine.
  157. >That was worrying, but maybe traveling between dimensions might make your voice go all wonky.
  158. >You'd have to wait and see.
  159. >"How-How did you know that?" Twilight asked with great concern.
  160. >Uh-
  161. >Should you tell her?
  162. >You could always leave her in the dark.
  163. >Start to tell her about how in your world there was this television show you'd watched may years ago, and that-
  164. >"How! How does a demon like you know the name of my home?"
  165. >Demon?
  166. >Rude.
  167. >You felt your body recoil at the word, puffing up.
  168. >Humans could be monstrous sometimes, but that didn't mean-
  169. >A red blob caught in your peripheral vision, and you turned towards it.
  170. >Batwing?
  171. >red batwing?
  172. >Dragon-wing maybe?
  173. >Maybe you had been turned into a bat pony or dragon.
  174. >That had to be it.
  175. >What else could you-
  176. >A spaded tail flicked around at the edge of your vision.
  178. >Okay. What were you doing.
  179. >You clearly had just identified menacing looking wings behind you.
  180. >And your voice had changed drastically.
  181. >And you already knew your body felt all different and weird.
  182. >C'mon Anon! You've read these stories before! It's clearly a sign that you aren't human anymore.
  183. >You decided to stop ignoring your problems and get a good look at your body.
  184. >You turned your head further-
  185. >Whoa.
  186. >Dude.
  187. >You had acquired the booty.
  188. >Your tail gave another flick.
  190. >You looked positively badass.
  191. >And sexy.
  192. >The best combination possible!
  193. >Apparently catching on fire and sinking into a pentagram marked floor had changed you.
  194. >You were now a demonic horse creature.
  195. >You could tell by the red.
  196. >And the demonic wings.
  197. >And the pentagram cutie mark-
  198. >What?
  199. >Really? A pentagram?
  200. >Oh god, a sudden realization struck you... You had become-
  201. >Edgy.
  202. >Being edgy was your special talent and purpose in life now.
  203. >Your worst fear.
  205. "A demon huh?"
  206. >That voice again.
  207. >You were in love with it.
  208. >That was probably the point.
  209. >"Y-Yes! That's what you are, right? I've heard of them, I just haven't seen one before!"
  210. >"Is that why you summoned it, Twilight? Because you just wanted to know what it looked like? I thought you said this was super super dangerous! But also that the research potential was enormous, and that-"
  211. "Pinkamena Diana Pie. Shush."
  212. >Her lips clamped up, and she stared at the ground, apparently embarassed.
  213. >Wow, apparently names do have a lot of power.
  214. >You were just trying make a request, but instead something deep within you had commanded.
  215. >What was that? How did you make that happen?
  216. >"What? How did you know her full name- I mean, more importantly, STOP THAT! Let her go! You monster!"
  217. "Monster, demon. Is what you call me?"
  218. >It was honestly just so rude.
  219. >"Well, you haven't exactly given me any name or anything, and demons are generally evil, so yes!"
  220. >So she wanted a name?
  221. >Sure, why not?
  222. "Twilight Sparkle. You will refer to me as Mistress."
  223. >Um.
  224. >What.
  225. >Where did that come from.
  226. >You didn't want-
  227. "Yes Mistress, if you say so."
  228. >She spoke, her eyes losing their focus for a second.
  229. >Then she became aware again, and blushed greatly. "What? But I- I didn't want to- Mistress? But I-"
  230. >Oh.
  231. >You seriously had some power over her.
  232. >Was it just the fact that you knew her name?
  233. >You wanted to know more.
  235. >You were a demon, with some kind of demonic power over these poor ponies.
  236. >How far could you take it?
  237. >Maybe you didn't want to know.
  239. >You looked around the room a bit more, searching for something.
  240. >A mirror, or some way of getting a good look at yourself.
  241. >You tried to turn around, and shift your body a bit-
  242. >You were stopped, and a glowing purple chain became apparent.
  243. >Magical bindings maybe?
  244. >Looking closer, you found yourself trapped inside a circle of some white powdery substance.
  245. >It was drawn around you in a particular pattern, representing another style of pentagram.
  246. >You were laying in it too.
  247. >You craned your head down and tried to smell it.
  248. >Nothing identifiable.
  249. >You gave it a lick.
  250. >Eugh. A shudder passed over your body.
  251. >It was just salt, why did you shudder?
  253. >A few seconds more of struggling and it became quite apparent that you weren't going to escape your spot on the floor without some help.
  254. >You looked up at Twilight and Pinkie, who were fretting about silently.
  255. >Twilight was casting spells frantically, trying to restore Pinkie's voice.
  256. >It wasn't working. Pinkie looked a little bit sad.
  257. >"That's it! I'm removing you from this world! I am un-summoning you unless you give Pinkie the right to speak again.
  258. >Oh shit.
  259. >You didn't want to be unsummoned.
  260. >Before you were summoned you were just blackness and nothing.
  261. >You liked being edgy-red and something.
  262. "Pinkie you may speak freely."
  263. >She lightened and gazed up happily.
  264. >"Oh, neat! Twilight, you should probably avoid trying to un-summon her. I mean, after all, she knows your name and can pretty much just tell you what to do. And she just gave up her ONLY bargaining chip, which was my voice, as a show of trust! So you should totally just talk to her like you said you were going to!"
  265. >Umm.
  266. >Shit.
  267. >She was right. you totally gave up your only bargaining chip.
  268. >"Not a chance! Mistress is too dangerous to keep around! I wasn't planning on her knowing our names Pinkie! I've got to get rid of her now!"
  269. >She reared up, her horn suddenly glowing brightly.
  270. "Oh, uh, could you not?"
  271. >Brightly and briefly.
  273. >Twilight stuttered, "Hey! Stop that, Mistress! And stop making me call you Mistress, Mistress!"
  274. >You stuck your tongue out at her.
  275. >"Wh- Are you five or something?" She growled, clearly very flustered.
  276. "Of course not. I am beyond time. I am above you. I am a succubus, I am your Mistress, and you will b-"
  277. >Your train of thought de-railed.
  278. >Although you weren't entirely sure it was your train of thought to begin with.
  279. >You had said things, but certainly those weren't your things to say.
  280. >Were they?
  281. >You didn't think of yourself as a succubus.
  282. >You were Anon.
  283. >The human.
  284. >Right?
  286. >"And she'll what?" Pinkie asked, wondering what you were trying to say.
  287. "Uh- Hmph. She'll remove all these infernal bindings at once, and act like a proper host should."
  288. >You flicked your head to the side, and a length of hair fell over your face.
  289. >Oh hey, you had a mane now!
  290. >It felt strangely soft, and comfortable. Despite resting over your eyes.
  291. >"Y-Yes Mistress." Twilight complied, before scowling at you as her body walked towards the salt pile.
  292. >Her horn did a thing, and you felt the weight of the chains dissipate.
  293. >You'd hardly noticed them until they were gone, but now you felt like you could lift a mountain.
  294. >Twilight pawed at the ground, breaking the circle of salt.
  295. >You stood up shakily, and took a brief second to get used to your quadrupedal pose.
  296. >Okay, now go! You commanded your body jokingly, expecting to have to relearn walking all over again.
  297. >Much to your surprise, you went, your hooves carrying you with little effort to the far side of the room with a light and dainty trot.
  298. >It felt weird as all hell, but at the same time it felt familiar and natural, like you were built to do this.
  299. >Twilight regained control of her actions, and put her hoof to her face.
  300. >"Oh no, Celestia is going to kill me."
  301. >"Twilight, don't give her the Princess's name too! She's already got us, she doesn't need more!"
  302. >"I'm pretty sure she already knows the Princess if she knows something as specific as the name of my Library."
  304. >You trotted around a bit, trying to get over the eerie feeling of walking like this.
  305. >You felt like it should be more difficult, but you were having no issues at all!
  306. >This was great! You felt amazing! Alive! Jubilant!
  307. >You started galloping around the room.
  308. >"What are you doing?"
  309. >"I think it's a race! Hurry Twilight, we're losing!"
  310. >As you ran, you began to softly giggle.
  311. >Then laugh.
  312. >Until your world was just a blur of amusement and fantastic feelings of freedom and joy!
  313. >It had finally dawned on you.
  314. >You had given up hope years before, but you had finally done it.
  315. >You were in Equestria.
  316. >You weren't trapped at a shitty job!
  317. >You were free in every sense!
  318. >Free from obligation~!
  319. >Free from the salt circle~!
  320. >Free from rules~!
  321. >Free from everything~!
  323. >"Are evil demons supposed to laugh like that Twilight?"
  324. >Pinkie pie had started to chase you, but stopped after you started laughing.
  325. >"I think this dem- my Mistress- is just happy to be free. But, no, I don't think I've ever heard of them being downright 'giddy' like this."
  326. >You finally screech to a stop, slamming brutally into a bookshelf.
  327. >You didn't feel it.
  328. >You didn't feel out of breath or even tired.
  329. >You turned to Twilight and Pinkie with a beaming smile.
  330. >"My, what big teeth you have!" Pinkie smiled.
  331. >Twilight's eyes widened, evidently noticing your teeth.
  332. >What was up with your teeth! You wanted to see them too!"
  333. "Someone bring me a mirror!"
  334. >You commanded, your first time doing it without whatever demonic part of you doing it in your stead.
  335. >They obeyed.
  336. >Twilight brought you a beautiful full length mirror, and Pinkie brought you and assortment of hand mirrors.
  337. >Are they hoof-mirrors now?
  339. "Thank you my dears."
  340. >As they approached you, you realized just how small they were.
  341. >Or rather, just how large you were.
  342. >Twilight barely came up to your-
  343. >What the hell was the horse-term?
  344. >Withers? Chest? Midsection? Torso?
  345. >Whatever the fuck it was.
  346. >You were Celestia sized, assuming real life Equestria followed the same rules of scaling as the show.
  347. >It had been a while since you'd seen it though.
  349. >You gazed into the mirror-
  350. >Your reflection was-
  351. >Well, not what you expected.
  352. >After years and years of some boring guy staring back, suddenly there was a literal beast.
  353. >Her eyes were wide with surprise, and when she opened her mouth, she did indeed have a row of sharpened and not-so-pony-like teeth waiting for her.
  354. >Speaking of her eyes, they were fierce and piercing, with cat-shaped pupils, and the irises were stained with the fires of hell.
  355. >A noticeable pair of goat-like horns jutted out backwards from the top of her head, and her pointed ears jutted out sideways just below that.
  356. >Turning slightly, she studied her wings intently.
  357. >The wing-shoulder muscles were seriously thick, and a thin layer of scales covered the whole wing. Sharp claws topped off the top-tip area.
  358. >The peak? The crest? Fuck if you knew anything about wing-anatomy.
  359. >It was certainly more dragon like than anything.
  361. >The rest of her was mostly horse like, from the blood-red fur coat, to the black-soul darkened mane, which cascaded over her face and neck in an enticing way.
  362. >Something about her appearance was both frightening and alluring at the same time.
  363. >She spun around, quite pleased with her appearance.
  364. >She was you, and you were her.
  365. >And you didn't mind it one bit right now.
  367. >Maybe you could have a panic attack at the strange circumstances later.
  368. >For now, you were just going to enjoy yourself.
  369. >You turned around, checking out dem motherly hips.
  370. >"AHEM. Maybe if the demon could stop checking herself out, we could figure out some important things. Like what she plans to do, and the whole reason I summoned her."
  371. >Aww, but the booty.
  372. >It was right there.
  373. >You jiggled your rump around a bit, taking one last longing glance.
  374. >You briefly wondered about the treasures hidden underneath if you just lifted up that tail-
  375. >"Ahem! Honestly, I could be going out and talking to some guards right now. Twilight! Get this demon out of her lewd thoughts and get on with it!"
  376. >Well, whatever.
  377. >Your well-muscled and spaded tail was just wide enough to cover up the important parts.
  378. >But they would have to wait for later with little miss 'impatience' over there.
  380. >Although, you wondered why you were stuck with a demonic tail. It was impractical for covering up. If you wanted to be anywhere formal you'd have to hold it stiff all the time.
  381. >Or just wear clothes like a normal person.
  382. >It'd be neat if you could have had a regular horse tail though.
  383. >The soft feeling of your mane, duplicated as it gently caressed your backside-
  384. >Just thinking about it was- Unf-
  385. >In fact, you could already feel it as- Oh! That's neat!
  386. >Your tail changed shape as a sudden layer of fur grew in, giving you exactly the type of tail you'd been thinking of.
  387. >So you could just change your body's appearance at will? Make yourself even scarier? Or even more beautiful?
  388. >You could already think of a few ways to use that.
  389. >Maybe in lewd ways.
  390. >Infact-
  392. >No, no. Maybe later. Book horse was waiting.
  393. "Alright Sparkle, tell me your desires." You commanded, looking deep into her eyes.
  394. >"I- Do I have to?- O-Okay, I really want to hold somepony late at night- Oh please, don't make me say this Mistress- And I want to gently hold their hoof, as I-"
  395. >Oh for the love of-
  396. >You didn't want to hear about THOSE desires.
  397. >You'd have to be more careful with this whole 'nearly mind control' thing.
  398. >Knowing someone's full name shouldn't prevent you from having reasonable conversations.
  399. "Okay stop! Stop! Let's be professional for once. Why did you summon me mortal?"
  400. >"Really? Phew, that was close." She said, her cheeks a blaze with crimson.
  402. "Hurry and continue. Or maybe I should change my mind and get you to tell me all the the little things you like? I'm an awfully good listener. Or maybe you could show me?"
  403. >You leaned in close, letting your hot breath sink into Twilight's neck.
  404. >You felt her shiver, and somehow heard her heartbeat quicken.
  406. >To be honest, you had no idea what you were doing.
  407. >You didn't know why you were here, was now really the best time to be teasing Twilight?
  408. >Couldn't she still exorcise you from this plane or something?
  409. >You hoped she was only able to do that if you had remained in the salt circle.
  410. >You weren't a fan of being banished from your realm.
  411. >Once was enough apparently.
  413. >"N-N-No thank you! Mistress, I have summoned you because- Because I- Um. I did it by accident."
  414. >She looked at you sheepishly.
  415. >"What? Twilight! You said you were looking into demonology, and wanted to learn first hand!"
  416. >"Well that was after I summoned her! I found an ancient text, accidentally spoke some words aloud, and poof! Here she was!"
  417. >"You summoned a sucky bus by accident and haven't contacted the princesses or anyone? Why didn't you ask me to go get someone Twilight! I was right there! Literally! I waltzed into your house and you said you had 'just' summoned her!"
  418. >"What did you expect me to do by myself, all alone with a demon? I had to chain it down and strengthen the salt circle, but if it woke up before then I needed your help and supervision! This is a critical situation! What if she completely got me and possessed me and you weren't there to tell anyone!"
  419. "Uhh-"
  420. >Oh my god.
  421. >You had just become /that/ guy.
  422. >The guy in those old fanfics you used to read.
  423. >Years and years ago.
  424. >Where Twilight Sparkle would summon an Anon or some unlucky guy by accident.
  425. >They didn't usually end up as a succubus though.
  426. >That part was new to you.
  428. "So there isn't any purpose to me being here. You seriously just summoned me by accident."
  429. >"Twilight! Tell me it's not true!"
  430. >"Uh- It's 100% true. I kinda... Made a teensy little mistake."
  431. >You smiled.
  432. >You felt your smile stretch your face far beyond it's limits.
  433. >This was absurd.
  434. >Okay, now you should have considered it earlier, but clearly you were dreaming.
  435. >Or in a coma or something.
  436. "Okay."
  437. >"Okay?"
  438. >"Uh, maybe now we should go tell someone Twilight?"
  439. "Nope. Pinkie, you're gonna sit right inside this cozy little tree house until I say otherwise."
  440. >"Yes Ma'am! No arguing with that."
  441. >Twilight jumped back, suddenly realizing that standing so close to what was basically a season finale tier villain that controlled minds was crazy.
  442. >You were quite convinced she wasn't the only crazy one in the room.
  444. "Twilight, you're going to tell me the best case scenario of how you expect this to go down. What are you going to do?"
  445. >"I'm, uh- Going to gather the elements of harmony and defeat you! And banish you back to Tartarus!"
  446. "Really, are you now?"
  447. >"N-No?"
  448. "Good. Now tell me your best case scenario for what I do with you both."
  449. >"Best case! You leave us alone, forgive us for summoning you, and become a highly proficient and functional member of society!"
  450. >That wasn't Twilight, that was Pinkie.
  451. >That plan didn't sound bad.
  452. >If you were still a normal human.
  453. >But right now you were a demon horse.
  454. >And you couldn't say why, but you wanted some fun.
  455. "Twilight? What say you? What will I? Your Mistress, do with you?"
  457. >She hesitated, then swallowed. Her fear was now quite evident.
  458. >”I imagine something pretty… Evil?”
  459. >What did you actually have in mind?
  460. >The teasing was fun and all, but you didn't actually want to hurt anyone or steal any souls.
  461. >Which was pretty much the primary ‘evil things’ you thought demons did.
  462. >That along with lewd things and possession.
  463. >Could you get away with either of those?
  464. >Could you perform lewd activities with a unicorn?
  465. >Hell yes you could. Right now nobody was going to stop you. You were in control. You were the master here.
  466. >But did you want to?
  467. >You had just woken up as a strange demon horse.
  468. >And while indulding yourself sounded lovely…
  469. >You should honestly be getting your bearings and figuring out your next move.
  470. >But for that you'd need some privacy.
  471. >Or maybe a good planner?
  472. >Twilight could help you.
  473. >She would be perfect for coming up with a plan.
  474. >Whether she wanted to or not was irrelevant.
  475. >You were her master after all, and if you wanted her to lick your hooves, she would.
  476. >N-Not that you wanted that!
  477. >You weren't into that, were you?
  478. >Would you have different sexual preferences now that you had a new body?
  479. >Or maybe you just weren't completely in control?
  481. >No time for worrying thoughts like that now, you'd figure it all out later.
  482. >In the meantime, you felt like you had an act to keep up.
  483. >Twilight said she thought you were going to do something evil?
  484. >You didn’t actually.
  485. >Unless teasing her counted as evil.
  486. “Evil? Well that all depends on your perspective, my dear. I would much rather refer to it as ‘fun’.
  487. >”Ooh! Are we going to play some games? Do they have games in Tartarus? Have you tried pin the tail on the demon? Nobody ever wants to play it with me but I think it sounds like so much fun!”
  488. “Sorry Ms. Pie, but this ‘game’ I have in mind is just going to be for Twilight and myself.”
  489. >You looked over at her with a gleeful smile, that probably looked to be full of wicked intent.
  490. >”Wait, no! You cant-”
  491. “Twilight my dear, you will follow me to the bedroom and remain quiet. Pinkie, you may move about the library as you choose. You may not leave, you may not yell for help, you may not disturb us. Come along Twi~!”
  492. >”W-Why the bedroom? What are you going to do?”
  493. “You’ll find out soon enough.”
  494. >You tried to sound as cheery and friendly as possible.
  495. >But for some reason Twilight just looked terrified as her body stood up and started following you.
  496. >You expected her fear to bring you joy or something now that you were a demon, but instead you just felt bad for her.
  498. >Maybe you should just stop going along with the act.
  499. >You were scaring the poor book horse out of her wits.
  500. >She definitely thought you were going to do very lewd things to her.
  501. >She was staring at the walls as you climbed the stairs.
  502. >If you looked close enough, you could just barely see the hints of a blush forming on her cheeks.
  503. >You wondered what sorts of things she was thinking you would do to her.
  504. >Maybe you should ask her?
  505. >You felt a devious smile creep onto your face.
  507. -=-=-=-
  509. >Be Twilight.
  511. >You had never seen things go from bad to terrible so quickly.
  512. >One second you were picking up a book, and wondering where it had come from.
  513. >And now you were going to be some demon's playtoy!
  514. >She was going to do...
  515. >Terrible things!
  516. >Things like...
  517. >Well, you hadn't read that part.
  518. >Celestia had always told you that when you were old enough you'd know.
  519. >So you didn't really know what things she would do to you!
  520. >Hold your hooves?
  521. >Boop your nose?
  522. >Maybe even rub your belly?
  523. >That was so...
  524. >Well, if it was just that, it wouldn't be so bad.
  525. >Maybe you wouldnt mind that so much.
  526. >Maybe she would-
  527. >No, don't think about that right now!
  528. >It was probably going to be far worse than that!
  529. >You found yourself blushing slightly.
  530. >Oh geez, now she's looking at you.
  531. >And smiling? Did she catch your blush?
  532. >Now you just felt embarrased.
  533. >Everything about this was so unfair.
  535. >Why did she know your name?
  536. >And Pinkies name too?
  537. >That wasn't supposed to happen! It was just a random page in a random book!"
  538. >Why did an entirely random demon know you and your friends names!
  539. >Sure you'd defeated a couple of bad guys here and there...
  540. >But surely you hadn't become famous amongst demonkind, had you?
  541. >Nightmare Moon was Luna, she wouldn't tell any demons.
  542. >Discord was- Well, maybe he would.
  543. >King Sombra maybe?
  544. >He had blown up, hadn't he?
  546. >The demonness reached the top of your stairs, and stopped.
  547. >She flicked her tail in annoyance, finding multiple closed doors.
  548. >"Which room is it?"
  549. >You didn't want to tell her.
  550. >But you didn't have a choice.
  551. >Your mouth simply moved, and you spoke against your wishes.
  552. "The one on the left, Mistress."
  553. >Having to do things without any say in the matter was a strange feeling.
  554. >It wasn't even like you were disassociated with your actions either.
  555. >You just suddenly felt obligated to do the things you were told.
  556. >Some part of you wanted to do it.
  558. >Your demon captor waltzed into your bedroom, and you were compelled to follow.
  559. >She gently pushed the door closed behind you.
  560. >She then trotted aimlessly around the room, apparently admiring the decor or something.
  561. >"You have a lovely bedroom Twilight. I'm quite jealous. My bedroom is- Was- No, still is? Whatever. It's smaller and far messier. I prefer yours."
  562. "Great, I'm so glad."
  563. >You replied with a noticeable drip of venom and disdain.
  564. >She ignored your distaste.
  565. >And then she proceeded to hop gracefully up onto your bed, and arrange herself lazily on top of your pillows.
  566. >"Hmm, yes. Quite comfortable. I could certainly get used to this kind of life."
  567. >Oh pony feathers.
  568. >She wasn't planning on staying here was she?
  569. >She looked over at you with a strange grin.
  570. >"What are we going to do on the bed, Twilight?"
  571. >You put your head against the wall, trying to ignore her presence.
  572. >This was a disaster!
  573. >Everything was awful!
  574. >”Are you ignoring me Sparkle?”
  575. "What? No. I just-
  576. >“Do you ignore all your problems?"
  577. "Just the ones that steal my bed."
  578. >You said it under your breath, fearing some kind of punishment immediately.
  579. “I’d like to discuss things with you, if you aren’t too busy holding the wall up with your face.”
  580. "What even is there to discuss? You have me captive, you can do what you like, and you won your freedom by taking mine."
  581. >"Hmm. True. I guess I'll celebrate by continuing to steal your bed."
  582. >So she heard you.
  583. >And she was probably going to stick around and bother you as long as she could.
  584. >You didn't really see a way out of this.
  585. >The longer she stayed here, the longer-
  586. >Wait, sooner or later, Celestia would come visit.
  587. >Especially if this demonness prevented you from sending your usual letters and friendship reports.
  588. >If you kept her here, eventually Celestia would come!
  589. >Or Luna!
  590. >Or one of your other friends.
  591. >Or someone!
  592. >You could just wait this out, surely.
  593. >As long as she didn't leave, what's the worst that could happen?
  594. >Aside from tormenting you as long as she was here.
  596. "Speaking of freedom, how long are you planning on staying?"
  597. >"Oh, uh- Not sure about that yet."
  598. "Well- Wait, really? I thought for sure you'd rather get far far away from a tiny and boring town like Ponyville."
  599. >"No, I think I'd prefer to stay here for now. I can't just- Well- Never you mind. I'm sure it wouldn't matter to you."
  600. >Good, she fell for it.
  601. >Now all you had to do was survive whatever she could put you through until rescue came.
  602. >You wish you could go tell Pinkie your plan, but she was all the way downstairs.
  603. >Since she closed the door, you doubted that this demon would allow you to just go back down there.
  604. >She was probably a sly and cunning beast.
  605. >Even if you teleported it might not be quick enough.
  606. >She might catch you, and prevent you from using magic at all.
  607. >Or worse follow you outside, and raise havoc amongst the townsfolk.
  608. >It was kind of a miracle she hadn't already done that.
  610. "So... What now? Are you just going to keep Pinkie and I trapped in my home forever while you sit there on my bed?"
  611. >"I thought about doing that."
  612. "And?"
  613. >"I don't have to tell you my plans."
  614. >Grrrrr.
  615. >She snuggled herself into your blankets, and closed her eyes in relaxation.
  616. >"I've got lots of plans to think about. Did you wanna help me think about them?"
  617. "No."
  618. >"Okay then."
  619. >And she stayed there, eyes closed with a slight smile on her face.
  620. >You stood angrily and awkwardly beside the door.
  621. >Were you just supposed to stand there?
  622. >What kind of psychological attack was this?
  623. >She wasn't even ordering you do anything.
  624. >Fine, maybe you should just leave!
  625. >You waited.
  626. >And waited.
  627. >A light snore came from the demonness snoozing on your bed.
  629. >She said she was going to play a 'game' with you.
  630. >Did she forget?
  631. >Was she just really tired?
  632. >Maybe being summoned was exhausting.
  633. >Whatever, you didn't care.
  634. >You opened the door, and went back downstairs.
  635. >She didn't stop you, let alone wake up.
  636. >Were you worried over nothing?
  637. >Was she just confident in her abilities?
  638. >Surely she suspected you would tell someone.
  639. >She had only told Pinkie she couldn't leave or get help.
  640. >You had just been told to follow her upstairs, with no instructions after that.
  641. >"Oh hey Twilight! What did she do to you? You look confused."
  642. >Pinkie was in the kitchen, you could smell something cooking.
  643. >You walked over to meet your friend, and found her baking something in the oven.
  644. "She didn't do anything! She just stole my bed and fell asleep!"
  645. >"What? Weeeeeirdddd! I thought for sure she was going to- Well, nevermind."
  646. "Going to do what?"
  647. >"Well, get you in bed with her. For, you know. Adult 'Activities'."
  648. >She emphasized activities weirdly.
  649. >You didn't understand.
  650. >"Maybe she invited you in, and you didn't hear her offer? She might be lonely up there."
  651. "What? No, I'm sure she was just trying to rile me up- Wait, did you want me to go up there and-"
  652. >"What! Pshhh, no way Twilight! You don't need to have your first time be with a demon. Although I would win a bet with Dashie. She said it would be an alien."
  653. "Wait what? What are you two betting over?!"
  654. >"Never mind! So she just fell asleep?"
  655. "Yeah. She didn't even tell me not to tell anyone or anything."
  656. >Her expression changed.
  657. >"What! Twilight, this whole time I was stuck down here you could have come down and gone outside at anytime? I was just trying to be jokey because I thought we were doomed! But are you saying you can just go outside and save us right now?"
  658. "Well, y-"
  659. >"GO GO GO! Before it's too late! Hurry Twilight! I don't want to be trapped inside your tree forever! No offense."
  660. "O-Okay!"
  661. >You raced out of the kitchen.
  662. "Wait, Pinkie, are you coming?"
  663. >"I can't leave silly! Also, I'm baking, do you really want me to leave the oven on and burn your tree down?"
  664. "Fair enough! I'm going!"
  665. >You raced back into the main room, and looked up the stairs.
  666. >Maybe you should go check on her, to make sure she hadn't woken up?
  667. >The front door was waiting right over there, but where would you go?
  668. >To get your friends together to use the elements of harmony-
  669. >Wait! Oh no!
  670. >Fluttershy was out of town!
  671. >You couldn't use the elements without her!
  672. >Okay, new plan, you were going to meet Spike over at Rarity's, and send a letter to Celestia.
  673. >And she would solve everything!
  674. >She would also probably send you back to magic kindergarten- No, magic Preschool!
  675. >She would never forgive you for summoning a demon!
  676. >Maybe you could send a letter to Luna instead?
  677. >She'd be more forgiving, right?
  678. >Okay, you would go upstairs, check on the demon, then race over to Spike at Rarity's house and send a letter to- To someone!
  680. -=-=-=-
  682. >Be Anoncubus.
  683. >Be deep in sleep.
  684. >Be deep within dreams.
  685. >Really really bad dreams.
  686. >Hellfire cascaded all around you.
  687. >It didn't burn, but you felt afraid of it anyway.
  688. >Surrounding you were lava pools and suffering.
  689. >It was one of those dream elements where the concept of suffering was literally present, but you couldn't describe it.
  690. >You were staring into a mirror-
  691. >Wait no, it was you.
  692. >Your human self.
  693. >But he was smiling, laughing even.
  694. >He held up an actual mirror, and there you were.
  695. >Your demonic horse form.
  696. >But with a noticeable expression of fear plastered on your face.
  697. >What did it mean?
  698. >You weren't sure.
  699. >You wanted to wake up though.
  700. >Human Anon lowered the mirror-
  702. >You woke up in horror, screaming.
  703. >His eyes sockets had become black and empty.
  704. >Well you would say that was nightmare fuel, but it had already been in a nightmare.
  705. >Looking around, you found yourself still sitting on Twilight's bed.
  706. >You can't believe you just fell asleep.
  707. >You had gone through all that trouble to tease her.
  708. >You had even said you were going to play a game with her.
  709. >When suddenly you just lost all of your energy.
  710. >It had just vanished, similar to Twilight.
  711. >She had probably gone and summoned Celestia, or gathered the elements of harmony.
  712. >Well, you'd deal with that when it came.
  713. >For now you had to deal with-
  714. >"Who's this baby Jesus? Why is he sweet?"
  715. >Twilight was standing at the doorway, looking surprised.
  716. >You must have startled her when you woke up screaming.
  717. "Uh, just some guy. You wouldn't know him."
  719. >Your voice echoed again with it's usual power.
  720. >You weren't sure you'd ever get used to that.
  721. >Apparently you'd have to though.
  722. >Because, although it was just occurring to you, this was 100% real.
  723. >But you really didn't want to think about how absurd it all was.
  724. >You were a demon horse in Equestria.
  725. >Laying on Twilight Sparkle's bed.
  726. >How had life come to this?
  727. >It wasn't necessarily bad.
  728. >Just really really unexpected.
  729. >How did you end up in this world?
  730. >Why a demon horse?
  731. >Did anyone back home miss you?
  732. >Probably not. Oh well.
  734. >"Right, well I'm just going to... Go."
  735. "Huh- Oh yeah. Sure."
  736. >wait what?
  737. >"Wait what?"
  738. >You clearly weren't awake yet.
  739. >You couldn't let Twilight leave just yet.
  740. "Although I wouldn't recommend it. No telling what I might do with Pinkie while you're gone."
  741. >"Are you going to fall asleep on her? Because nothing you've done so far has been threatening."
  742. >Uh oh. Twilight was starting to doubt your power.
  743. >She was starting to realize you were a fake demon.
  744. >Wait, were you a fake demon?
  745. >Were you an Anon in Demon Horse’s clothing?
  746. >You had the freaky mind control.
  747. >And the shapeshifting.
  748. >But you weren’t sure if you really felt different from normal right now.
  749. >Earlier you had felt powerful and free.
  750. >But then you passed out too, so it's not like you were that much more energetic or anything.
  751. >Maybe you needed to eat something?
  752. >You did feel a little hungry to be honest.
  753. >Well, not hungry.
  754. >But empty.
  755. >You were clearly craving something though.
  756. >But what did Demons crave?
  758. >You'd have to figure it out later, Twilight was turning around to leave.
  759. "Sparkle. Return."
  760. >Twilight backed herself into the room, then turned around to face you.
  761. >"Why, if you were going to do something you would have done it already. I don't have any reason to fear you!"
  762. "So far I haven't had reason to punish you. You've been a good little pony."
  763. >”Well-”
  764. “I think that might have just changed. Am I going to have to put you on my naughty list, Twilight?”
  765. >Did you really just say ‘naughty list’?
  766. >You were trying to get into character as a sassy demon, but maybe you were taking it too far.
  767. >Who said ‘naughty’ anymore? You weren’t Santa.
  768. >Though that didn’t change the fact that Twilight was misbehaving now.
  769. >Or at least, not behaving in a way that was beneficial to you.
  770. >The situation was slipping out of your control.
  771. >You didn’t really like that.
  772. >You had to take back the reins.
  774. “I- Wait- You don’t have to-”
  775. “Shush.”
  776. >She shushed.
  777. “Be a dear and fetch the book you used to summon me from downstairs. And then come right back.”
  778. >You commanded.
  779. >She turned around and obeyed.
  780. >This was good.
  781. >You were still in control. Mostly.
  783. >You were still feeling something strange, however.
  784. >There was a nagging hunger, but there was something else now.
  785. >Something new.
  786. >You felt… Tired? Sore? Like you were running a marathon just by existing.
  787. >You felt your eyelids start to droop a little bit, and you shook yourself awake again.
  788. >This wasn’t good. Somehow you were actively being sapped of your energy.
  789. >And if you fell asleep again, Twilight wouldn’t bother sticking around for when you’d wake up.
  790. >You almost definitely be waking up in a new salt ring or holding cell or something.
  792. >”Twilight! Why didn’t you leave!?” Pinkie’s voice screamed from downstairs.
  793. >”I had to check on her! And she woke up!”
  794. >”Where are you going?!”
  795. >”Back upstairs! She gave me instructions!”
  796. >”Well as soon as you finish with them, get out of here! I don’t want to be stuck in this old library anymore! I’ve already used all your cooking supplies, there’s nothing left to do! I can’t just sit here forever… It’s so boring!”
  797. >”What? Pinkie! I thought you were just baking a little bit! Not everything I- Oh sweet Celestia what did you do to my Kitchen! I swear if I wasn’t compelled to walk, I would go over there and- GRRRR. You better clean that Pinkie!”
  798. >”Oh hey! Cleaning! That’s something to do! I’m gonna organize EVERYTHING!”
  799. >”What! PINKIE NO!”
  800. >”Then come back and stop me!”
  801. >”You know I can’t!”
  802. >”That’s the point~!”
  803. >Ha. Go Pink Prankster.
  804. >Although really you should go downstairs and just tell her to go home and pretend she’d never heard of you. Keeping her here was a little mean if she was actually that bored.
  805. >Wasn’t there an episode where she was forced to watch paint dry and nearly died or something?
  806. >It had been too many years, you didn’t recall.
  808. >Twilight returned upstairs, her book suspended in a field of magic.
  809. >She dropped it gently at your feet.
  810. >”Okay. I’m done. Anything else you’d like, Mistress? Or am I still on the naughty list?”
  811. “You are still the sole inhabitant of my list, sweetie. Don’t walk away from that spot.”
  812. >”Wait, is it really a list if there’s only one name? Isn’t it like, more of a memo? Or note?
  814. >You ignored her witticisms, however correct they may be, and opened the book Twilight had brought you.
  815. >It was leather bound, which was probably murder in this world, with strange markings stained in red all over the cover.
  816. >It looked like latin or greek, or maybe Tolkien’s elvish writing.
  817. >You noticed a few bookmarks within the pages, and flipped it open to the nearest one.
  818. “Oh Myyy~!”
  819. >Your inner George Takei responded as you opened it up to lewd sketches and descriptions.
  820. >”Oh! No, you want the green bookmark! That’s- That’s for research purposes only! It has nothing to do with you!”
  821. “Oh, done much research on the subject? I can provide a quiz for you if you feel well studied-”
  822. >Twilight’s cheeks were flaring up again, as her horn lit up and she flipped the pages for you.
  823. >”I would much rather drop your class. You’re probably a terrible teacher!”
  824. “I’m sure there’s lots I could teach you that you would never know!”
  825. >”I’m sure that I don’t WANT to know it.”
  826. “Now, Twilight. Sex education is important in a young mare’s life.”
  827. >”Okay, please shut up now. This conversation isn’t happening.”
  828. “Abstinence from knowledge is just as bad as abstinence from the real thing. Once you know about it, you’ll always have that temptation. To just go and- Find out. And trust me, knowing these things isn’t a bad thing. In fact... I think you’d find them quite pleasurable to know.”
  829. >You let your powerful and sultry voice drop into it’s lowest and most sensual tone, as you let the last few words practically drag off of your tongue.
  830. >Twilight was trying her hardest to stare at anything else in the room except you.
  831. >You chuckled audibly as she somehow blushed harder than before, which was probably already breaking the laws of blush physics at this point.
  832. >”I-I don’t need to know or learn about those things-” She insisted, though you doubted her resolve to refrain from learning quite heavily.
  833. >You had already planted that seed, it was only a matter of time before she investigated further and deeper.
  834. “If you say so, Tomato Sparkle.”
  836. >You put off paying attention to the blushy pony and looked at the book again.
  837. >Twilight had flipped it for you to the correct page.
  838. >It went about in a script that was strangely readable to you, despite looking entirely alien.
  839. >On the page was a description of several types of demons.
  840. >You easily found the passage that talked about summoning, because it was surrounded with vague and intimidating warnings.
  841. >You also noticed there were no more color coded bookmarks here-after, presumably because this is where Twilight got to before she read your passage and summoned you.
  842. >It talked of the words needed to bring about your desired demon to your plane, which were basic words like [this section of story, redacted].
  843. >Anyway, as you had just mentioned, apparently whilst summoning a demon, the name of the demon you were to summon would simply come to you.
  844. >In this case, Twilight must have said something similar to your name. Obviously of course, how else would she have summoned you?
  845. >Of course, names were power, so all memory of the specifics of the name she used to summon you would have been erased.
  846. >Or at least that’s what the book said.
  847. >So, regrettably, you had no idea what the name of this demonic body you possessed was.
  849. >You skimmed over the pages, looking for more information about what you were supposed to be like.
  850. >Demons such as you, Succubi, were apparently masters of seduction and- Well, other things that were described in great detail.
  851. >You wondered where the hell Twilight got this book, because if she knew what was in it and had to purchase it she probably would have melted into a pool of embarrassment.
  852. >You were almost blushing and you WERE the temptress demon.
  853. >There wasn’t exactly a great amount of detail on the personality of Succubi, so you couldn’t tell if your act to be like one was successful or not.
  854. >Just like real people, demons each had their own distinct personality, along with wants and needs.
  855. >They were just significantly lewder most times.
  856. >You were wondering if the book would tell you if you were supposed to be flat out evil or not, since you were wondering about it.
  857. >If you were inhabiting this demonic body, would you have to turn to a life of evil?
  858. >The book gave no answer you could find.
  859. >Although it was super weird, whilst you were reading you couldn’t help but feel you already knew everything the book had to offer.
  860. >Maybe that was your inner demon, who was already privy to all this knowledge? You wished she’d share.
  862. >You kept reading the book, but couldn’t find many more things of interest.
  863. >It did tell you one thing though.
  864. >You finally found out why you were feeling so tired.
  865. “Twilight, my dear, you messed up my ritual.”
  867. >Apparently you had just found out that you weren’t entirely attached to this plane of existence, and your body was using it’s own natural energies to keep you here.
  868. >Suffice to say, this was sort of alarming.
  870. >”Wait what? What did I do wrong? The summoning went without a single issue! Aside from the fact that it wasn’t supposed to happen at all! And I didn’t use any summoners garb or candles or runes or- Or anything except my words really!”
  871. “Well, there are two primary ways of summoning a demon that are vital if you want to keep them there.”
  872. >A realization tickled over you, but you ignored it for now.
  873. “There is the most famous way, with a blood sacrifice, or the offering of a soul. This would become a vessel in which the demon ties itself to the plane, becoming part of it.”
  874. >”Okay, well obviously I wasn’t going to do that, even if I was going to summon you on purpose.”
  875. “I figured. It is called the messy way, so I imagine it isn’t used very often in Equestria.”
  876. >”Okay, well for completions sake, what’s the other way?”
  877. “Something that comes after the summoning. You would call it a deal, or a pact, or a bargain, or a contract, or a-”
  878. >”Okay okay okay. I get it. So what does that mean? I didn’t make one yet, are you less powerful than you would be or something?”
  879. >The tickle of realization comes back overwhelmingly.
  880. >You were going to have to convince Twilight to make a deal with you.
  881. >Which was going to be a bit of a problem.
  882. >If what you were reading was correct, if you didn’t make a pact quickly…
  883. >You would pass out again, and never wake up.
  884. >Until some other fool re-summoned you.
  885. >Because your body was going to run out of it’s natural magic that kept you here.
  886. >And you would dematerialize.
  888. >So now came the tricky part.
  889. >If you could convince Twilight to make a pact with you, you couldn’t use your mind control magic.
  890. >It was 100% against the rules, the pact had to be made of her own free will.
  891. >You also had to go over all the details and bits.
  892. >Like the fact that by making this pact she was giving you a small piece of her soul with which you apparently had to tie yourself to the plane with.
  893. >How the fuck were you going to do that? You didn’t know how to take souls, let alone pieces of them!
  894. >And Twilight wasn’t just smart, she was brilliant.
  895. >Very soon she was going to realize that you were running out of power, and going to disappear.
  896. >And she could just refuse to make the pact.
  897. >And you, AKA her biggest problem, would simply vanish.
  899. >And to top it off, you were quite simply fucked.
  900. >Because Twilight didn’t just have no reason not to make a deal.
  901. >She actively wanted you gone.
  902. >You felt fear bubbling up inside you, as you tried to suppress your trembling.
  903. >This wasn’t fair, you didn’t know you had to get Twilight to like you!
  904. >How did other demons get pacts-
  905. >Oh right. Either they just boned the summoner until they loved them, or the summoner was crazy. Usually both.
  906. >This was the rare situation in which a demon had been summoned and the summoner was completely sane with no desire to bone.
  907. >Well there had to be something else in the book, surely this type of thing happened every now and then?”
  908. >Although maybe they wouldn’t talk about it, this was a book for mortals to summon demons, not ‘Help I’m a demon and have no idea how to anything, the illustrated guide!’”
  909. >Wait! Aha! What’s this? You found something in the book that was relevant!
  910. >In the event that the summoner was unwilling to make a pact, demons have been known to forcibly take their souls and possess their bodies as their own.
  911. >This kills the Twilight.
  912. >No really, the summoner is forced to live trapped within their own bodies, witnessing whatever terrible acts the demon chooses to enact, until their consciousness merges with that of the demon.
  913. >Attempts to exorcise the demon before it was too late often result in the summoner being safe, but corrupted. Left with many comparable thoughts, opinions, and worldviews to that of the demon from the partial merging that inevitably occurs.
  915. >Okay, well you weren’t going to do that.
  916. >You couldn’t kill Twilight!
  917. >Or merge her forcibly with you.
  918. >And you certainly didn’t want to corrupt her and leave her with your cynical and strange outlooks on life.
  919. >Although you were pretty sure that the book meant the corrupted ones became sex-crazed lunatics, or had other demonic attributes.
  921. >Although, your other option was dematerialization, which was probably the equivalent of death for you.
  922. >So it was kill or be killed then?
  923. >No, there had to be some other way out of this!
  925. >Twilight was now regarding you strangely, as you hadn’t said anything for a while.
  926. >The last thing she had asked you was what it meant for her that she hadn’t made a pact.
  927. >And then you had just stuffed your snout into the book, and apparently she thought you were looking for an answer.
  928. >”Do… Do you not know?”
  929. >You remained silent.
  930. >”I mean, I guess most ponies would summon a demon with a purpose, so they would already be committed to making a pact. I’d be willing to bet that the average succubus wouldn’t have to deal with this situation. Still though, you’re a demon! Surely you or another of your kind has come across this situation before, right?”
  931. “Oh, it happens, sometimes. Probably.”
  932. >”So what if I just say no? What happens to you if I never make a pact?”
  933. >You really really don’t want to tell her.
  934. “Can… Can I tell you after you make one?”
  935. >”What? No! It can’t be something that serious, you’re a demon, it’s not like you’ll just fade away or…”
  936. >S
  937. >H
  938. >I
  939. >T
  940. >”Seriously. You’ll just disappear or die or whatever without one?”
  941. >The gig was up. You felt yourself nodding.
  942. >No point trying to hide it.
  943. >”Without a pact, I- I can’t stay in this world.”
  944. >“So if I say no than this entire situation sorts itself out? I don’t even have to do anything? This is great!”
  945. “I’m not entirely sure I like it as much.”
  946. >”Huh- Doesn’t that suck! You really got what was coming to you, Mistress!”
  947. >The way she said Mistress with such spite, like she had already won.
  948. >Well, she had, hadn’t she?
  949. >She didn’t have to do a single thing, and she won.
  950. >But at what cost!?
  951. >Well, she probably didn’t care about your life at all.
  952. >You were just another monster to her.
  954. >”So there’s nothing you can do then? I guess I’ll just leave you to it then. I’m not making any pacts today, and that's final.”
  955. >She turned to leave the room.
  956. >It was over.
  957. >You had lost control over the situation.
  958. >You gazed sadly at the floor.
  960. >Abruptly, you looked back up again.
  961. >A strange feeling came over you.
  962. >You felt defiant, and unwilling to accept your fate.
  963. “Who said you could leave?”
  964. >”Ha, who are you trying to fool? Aren’t you about to run out of time?”
  965. “I never said anything about how much time I have. I still have plenty of time before it’s too late.”
  966. >You stood up from your sad slouch, and breathed heavily on Twilight’s neck.
  967. “Plenty of time for plenty of things~!”
  968. >You could practically feel the goosebumps she felt as her fur prickled.
  969. >You weren’t sure where that came from, but taunting Twilight was clearly better than waiting out till you were erased.
  971. >”N-No! No no no! I just have to wait it out! And you’ll be out of my mane forever! Let me go downstairs!”
  972. “I never said you couldn’t go downstairs. I wouldn’t suggest trying though. If you aren’t going to make a pact, then I am going to have some fun with you.”
  973. >”I don’t want any fun.”
  974. >She tried to pull away, but suddenly found herself trapped when your two wings unfolded suddenly, encircling her and blocking her escape.
  975. “Well, that opinion can be changed with a little effort.”
  976. >You grinned sadistically.
  977. >Internally though you weren’t sure.
  978. >Could you really take it that far?
  979. >This may not be your home dimension-
  980. >But this was Twilight Sparkle!
  981. >A living, breathing, sapient creature.
  982. >Surely you couldn’t just, violate her, could you?
  983. >You found yourself leaning closer, watching as her eyes grew wider and wider.
  984. >She appeared trapped inside a fearful trance, as the physical contact with you drew closer and closer.
  986. >Before suddenly your nose met pressure, as you booped her nose with yours.
  987. >Judging from her reaction, she probably thought it was a very intimate reaction.
  988. >”No! I won’t! Stop! I don’t even know you!”
  989. >Well if that was her issue, why didn’t you just talk it out?
  990. >Get to know each other, get all buddy-buddy.
  991. >Who knows, maybe the power of friendship would keep you alive?
  993. “Well let’s get to know each other then. pretend I know nothing about you, what’s your name strange pony?”
  994. >”You know who I am!”
  995. “Not a clue in the world strange pony! Please, enlighten me!”
  996. >She frowned, and stuck her nose off to the side.
  997. >”Hmmph!”
  999. >Okay. Well you tried playing nice.
  1000. >But she didn’t want to play at all.
  1001. >That was unfortunate.
  1002. >You already knew that you didn’t want to take drastic measures.
  1003. >But you were going to die. And the time for games was apparently over.
  1004. >So it was time to be serious.
  1006. “Okay Twilight. I guess that you leave me no choice.”
  1007. >”Wh-What are you going to do?”
  1008. “I really did want to try just now. To try and be your friend. Give you the easy way out. But now I see that I’m going to have to stop playing around, and take what I want by force.”
  1009. >”You? You want to be friends? I don’t believe that for a minute. Prove it.”
  1010. “Oh no, we’re past that now. I really did try. But now, you have earned everything that’s coming to you.”
  1011. >It was time…
  1012. >You suddenly crouched down, and leapt, pinning Twilight to the floor.
  1013. >You placed your muzzle on her belly-
  1014. >And began blowing raspberries on it.
  1015. >Truly the worst torture for an unsuspecting pony.
  1016. >”Wai-Hehe! No! EEE! Stop -He- that! He Haahaha! Quit it! Cut it out! hehe!”
  1017. >You continued your assault for several more seconds, before releasing the out-of-breath-from-laughing-too-hard pony.
  1018. “See, I really am making an effort to be friendly over here.”
  1019. >She stood up, escaping your clutches and backing away several feet.
  1020. >You noticed that you had gotten her to smile.
  1022. >”Uh- Whew- I- I’m still unconvinced! You’re a demon! Demons aren’t friendly! They lie and cheat to get their way! Usually they just don’t use raspberries, but it’s still a form of cheating!”
  1023. “Oh come on! I’m trying my hardest to prove my friendship. I really need you to pick up the slack here. Don’t put everything on your poor Mistress!”
  1024. >”I- I’m still really uncomfortable with that name.”
  1025. “I’m sure it will grow on you.”
  1026. >”I don’t think it will. You won’t be around much longer.”
  1027. >Oh right. That.
  1028. “Oh, but we were having so much fun! Don’t you want to open a pact with me so you can keep me around and get to know me better? I know I’d like to get to know you. Every inch of you~!”
  1029. >”And I suddenly remember why I am eager to be rid of you.”
  1030. “Seriously? What do you want from me?”
  1031. >”I don’t want you at all!”
  1032. “Twilight, as one living creature to another, I’m sort of begging you here.”
  1033. >”Not a chance! As long as I am living and sound of mind, I’m not making any pacts.”
  1035. >This honestly wasn’t working?!
  1036. >But you tried everything!
  1037. >Everything you found to be within reason at least.
  1038. >Talking it out.
  1039. >Being friendly.
  1041. >Maybe it really was time to start being unreasonable.
  1042. >You honestly didn’t want to do it.
  1043. >Or did you?
  1044. >It was necessary after all.
  1045. >You were going to lose your ability to stay awake in Equestria pretty soon.
  1046. >And you would wake up somewhere else.
  1047. >Probably somewhere less pleasant.
  1048. >You didn’t want to lose that.
  1049. >You wanted it for yourself.
  1050. >Infact, thinking about it like this, you found that you needed it.
  1051. >You deserved it!
  1052. >It was your right!
  1053. >And who was Twilight Sparkle to stop you?
  1054. >She was just some pony.
  1055. >You were a sexy demon!
  1057. >And she was standing in your way, despite all your efforts to be nice.
  1059. >So be mean instead.
  1061. >You felt your expression darken.
  1062. >You thought for sure you didn’t want to do this.
  1063. >But now you did.
  1064. >You should probably just not think about it.
  1065. >Just act.
  1066. >You had tried kind words and offers of friendship.
  1067. >Now you were going to try threats.
  1069. “Well I must admit, my little sweetie, that you are far more stubborn than you have any right to be.”
  1070. >”Yes, well I-”
  1071. “Shut up.”
  1072. >You commanded.
  1073. >She obeyed.
  1074. >She also noticed your shift in attitude, and expressed her surprise quite well without words.
  1075. >She was back to the immediate fright you required of her.
  1076. >That you deserved.
  1077. “Allow me to direct your attention to a passage in this book. One I think you’ll find quite intriguing.”
  1078. >You pointed it out with your hoof, and she timidly approached to read the small text.
  1079. >It was the passage describing what demons typically did to ponies who refused to make a pact.
  1080. >You know, the corruption and soul stealing and body snatching.
  1081. >All the most friendly stuff.
  1082. >You noticed her fur bristling with fear again, as she carefully read it over once, then twice.
  1083. “You have something to say, so speak.”
  1084. >”You- You wouldn’t do that to me, would you? You haven’t done anything yet?”
  1085. “It is a threat, Sparkle. How do you respond?”
  1086. >”But- You haven’t even been properly mean at all, just playful- Are you even a proper demon? I- I don’t think it is a threat. It’s a bluff! You aren’t actually powerful, you just want the pact! I’m calling your bluff.”
  1087. “You respond to my threat by calling it a bluff?”
  1088. >”Yes. I do!”
  1089. >Hmm.
  1090. >Disappointing.
  1091. >Wrong time to be brave Twilight.
  1092. “Then I suppose I must ask one more time, before I follow through. Will you make a pact with me, Twilight Sparkle?”
  1093. >She looked deep into your eyes, trying to read you.
  1094. >Earlier she might have seen sparkles of playfulness.
  1095. >Right now, you could feel it-
  1096. >Your eyes burned with intensity, and reflected nothing but seriousness and harmful intent.
  1097. >Wait, what were you doing? You couldn’t just hurt Twilight, you couldn’t-
  1098. >NO.
  1099. >You could.
  1100. >No you couldn’t!
  1101. >You would.
  1102. >You musn’t!
  1103. >You should.
  1104. >You can’t!
  1105. >You will.
  1106. >You-
  1108. >Your body stepped forward, ignoring any internal conflict that might have been going on.
  1109. >Wait, no, move that hoof back, right now!
  1110. >You tried as you could.
  1111. >But you no longer wanted to, just like that.
  1112. >You had lost control-
  1113. >No, you were in control.
  1114. >You were the definition of control.
  1115. >You wanted to save yourself.
  1116. >And now you were going to.
  1118. >You heard a tiny voice in your mind cry out against you.
  1119. >Your own voice, a desperate one, struggling for one last pull at the reins.
  1120. >But it went unheard.
  1121. >It wasn’t like there was a new voice or anything.
  1122. >You were still you.
  1123. >There was just no dissent now.
  1124. >You were a Succubus.
  1125. >A Demon.
  1126. >You had wondered earlier if you were a fake demon.
  1127. >That was moronic, of course you were a real demon.
  1128. >You didn't even understand how you could consider the opposite anymore.
  1129. >You were a full-blown powerful and sexy succubus horse.
  1130. >And you were about to hurt Twilight Sparkle.
  1131. >You would steal her body and soul, and strip her down to nothing, doing as you please with her.
  1132. >And you it made you smile.
  1133. >It was a sickening smile, one that could drive a lesser being mad.
  1135. >And Twilight wisely chose this moment to try and teleport away.
  1136. >In a single flash she was gone.
  1137. >This was fine though.
  1138. >It just meant you got to hunt down your prey.
  1140. >You’d have to get this over with quickly though.
  1141. >You were still only surviving off of the tiniest amount of energy.
  1142. >If only you were smaller, maybe then you could last a bit longer.
  1143. >You scoffed, shrinking down was going to be necessary anyway.
  1144. >You’d have to go into town after all, and raising a ruckus, while fun, would be too costly to your energy.
  1145. >Undoubtedly Twilight was now sneaking into town and trying to find the nearest royal guard or dragonfire letter service.
  1146. >So she would be looking for Spike.
  1147. >Where would Spike be? Your best guess would be that he was seeing a certain white coated pony, but you couldn’t be sure.
  1149. >You focused on shrinking your form into something more inconspicuous, and felt a shudder of glee as your skin flexed and morphed.
  1150. >Your massive horns retreated into tiny nubs, hiding under your mane.
  1151. >The red blob in your vision that you had long ago identified as a snout shrunk down even smaller, to match the ponies you had to blend in with.
  1152. >You thought about changing your fur colour too, but you were working with limited power supplies.
  1153. >You didn’t want to, but you’d have to risk keeping your wings and slitted eyes though.
  1154. >Just pretend to be a really unique looking batpony, and everything would be fine!
  1155. >Twilight was the only one that would recognize you.
  1156. >Hopefully Ponyville wasn’t too xenophobic.
  1158. >You started moving downstairs, but as you did you felt something-
  1159. >Tasted something, really.
  1160. >It was the residual magic field from Twilight’s teleport.
  1161. >You could taste her fear.
  1162. >More importantly, though you weren’t yet sure how, you could feel a pull in the direction she had gone.
  1163. >You walked downstairs, and-
  1164. >”Where’s Twilight?”
  1165. >Oh, hello Pinkie.
  1166. >Forgot about you.
  1167. “Running through the streets I imagine. Either trying to keep calm or raising a panic.”
  1168. >”Why is she running? What did you do to her?”
  1169. >She still had that cutesy and innocent manner to her speech that held no accusations or concern. She was just a curious pony.
  1170. >Don’t hurt her.
  1171. >The dissenting voice was back.
  1172. >You weren’t going to.
  1173. >Good.
  1174. >She wasn’t the one you wanted.
  1175. >Although stealing her mind, soul, and body, right here and now would ensure your survival-
  1176. >No.
  1177. >Twilight had summoned you, you would take HER.
  1178. >You would ravage her very being.
  1180. “It’s not what I did to her. It’s what I will do.”
  1181. >”What? What are you going to do then?”
  1182. “Not anything you need to worry about, Pinkie dear. By the way, I’m freeing you. You may run along and go home. But you mustn't talk about me to anyone.”
  1183. >”Oh, neat! FREEEEDDOOOOMMMM-”
  1184. >She raced out of the doorway, quickly disappearing from sight.
  1185. >You were glad she hadn’t questioned you further on what you were going to do to Twilight.
  1186. >Then she might have been disobedient, and you would have had to punish her as well.
  1188. >You looked into the mirror you had been looking at earlier.
  1189. >You were appallingly cute now, rather than sexy.
  1190. >You were also very very recognizably a demon, this disguise was absolutely useless.
  1191. >But there was no time or energy to change it further, you’d have to risk it.
  1193. >You peeked out of the door of the library.
  1194. >The sun was low in the sky, it was almost time for twilight.
  1195. >You saw a few ponies going about their business, but far less than you would have expected.
  1196. >Either ponies didn’t like staying out after dark, or this area was far less populated than you thought.
  1197. >You trotted confidently out of the door.
  1198. >No one noticed you yet, so you stuck with it and trotted down the street like you owned the place.
  1199. >Hey, who knows? In a while, you might have Twilight’s body instead.
  1200. >You couldn’t be sure of where you were in the storyline, but she probably wasn’t more than a year out from being a princess.
  1201. >So technically, within a year, you might actually own this place.
  1202. >Although-
  1203. >If you stole Twilight’s body, Princess Celestia was going to find out.
  1204. >And her punishment was going to be swift and merciless.
  1205. >Maybe you shouldn’t-
  1206. >Silence! Dissenting voice! When that time comes we will simply have to take steps to avoid that fate.
  1207. >But for now you needed to live.
  1208. >You were desperate.
  1209. >You had to find Twilight.
  1210. >And consume her.
  1211. >The desire was a rampant hunger.
  1212. >One of the few things you didn’t want to control.
  1213. >You wanted to let it take you over, as you sought out your prey.
  1215. >The streets of ponyville were quiet.
  1216. >Too quiet.
  1217. >It was almost surreal.
  1218. >Well, actually, it was entirely surreal.
  1219. >THIS was an alien world, with a slight tinge of cartoonishness still visible despite the way you knew it should have looked in real life.
  1220. >Everything had strange semi-visible outlines to it.
  1221. >It was actually quite beautiful.
  1222. >But there was no time for beauty.
  1223. >You’d have all the time in the world to enjoy the splendors of life here later.
  1224. >You inhaled deeply, tasting the air like a predator.
  1225. >You could feel a trail of fear, leading away from the library.
  1226. >Definitely Twilight, her slight hint of purply lavender hanging in the air.
  1228. >You set off in that direction, sticking close to walls and shadows.
  1229. >It wasn’t a minute or more before you saw her.
  1230. >She was standing in front of a building you recognized as Rarity’s boutique/dress store thing.
  1231. >”What! Locked? How can she not be home? Where did she go?! Where’s Spike!”
  1232. >In her panic she was yelling aloud, causing the few ponies milling about to look at her curiously.
  1233. >She looked at them angrily, panic in her eyes.
  1234. >You thought she was about to cry out something like ‘What are you looking at!”
  1235. >But instead, she caught your eye.
  1236. >She froze entirely, meeting your hungry gaze.
  1237. >It took her a second to recognize you in your new form, so you gave her a hint.
  1238. >You smiled widely, and hungrily.
  1239. >You were pretty sure saliva dripped from your mouth.
  1240. >You needed to have her.
  1242. >”Oh no! Demonic pony on the loose!”
  1243. >Uh oh. Someone just noticed you. They had probably just followed Twilight’s gaze. They had already been staring at her after all.
  1244. >”Wait! Nopony panic!”
  1245. >Twilight called out, but her words fell on deaf ears.
  1246. >Guess your half-assed attempt at a disguise wasn’t helpful when you were baring your teeth greedily and drooling whilst looking at a pony like you wanted to gobble them up.
  1247. >Things to know for next time.
  1248. >You had already expected your disguise to fail though, having not put much thought into it considering how desperate you were.
  1250. >”Run for it!”
  1251. >”SAVE US TWILIGHT!”
  1252. >A flurry of colorful activity ignited within the square, as ponies ran every which way.
  1253. >You thought for a second that maybe some ponies must have come out of their homes just to run around in a panic, because there certainly seemed to be a lot more than there were a second ago.
  1254. >You took this opportunity to dash out into the square, joining the chaos and getting closer to your little purple victim.
  1255. >”What do you mean, SAVE YOU?!?!”
  1256. >She was busy yelling at the crowd, trying to understand what was happening.
  1257. >She looked around, realizing she had lost track of you.
  1258. >She turned around, banging on the door before her a couple times, before teleporting again.
  1259. >You saw a flash of purple within the boutique’s upper windows.
  1260. >Perfect, she had cornered herself.
  1262. >You approached the door, and-
  1263. >Eughhh-
  1264. >You staggered, all the exertion nearly knocking you out right there.
  1265. >You weren’t going to last much longer like this.
  1266. >A normal demon might just dissipate if they realized they weren’t getting a pact.
  1267. >But you had already exerted tons and tons of effort.
  1268. >You weren’t just going to fade anymore, you would actively decay.
  1269. >Your body would die for real.
  1270. >You had to hurry.
  1271. >You had to feed.
  1272. >A quick quick to the door knocked it open, it’s lock totally destroyed, and you raced into the carousel boutique..
  1273. >You smelled a large source of fear upstairs.
  1274. >You NEEDED IT.
  1275. >Up the stairs you went, and you found-
  1276. >Found yourself stopped, as Twilight grinned at you smugly.
  1277. >You leapt towards her and-
  1278. >And slammed against an invisible barrier.
  1279. >You had run straight into a brand new ring of salt.
  1280. >NO
  1282. >IMPOSSIBLE.
  1283. >”Great work, Twilight! You caught her so quickly!”
  1284. >Looking down beside Twilight, your eyes stinging red with rage, was a small purple dragon.
  1285. >Standing defensively in front of a flashy white Unicorn.
  1286. >Almost all the fear you smelled was coming from him, as he stood shaking, yet brave.
  1287. >Oh how you’d love to reinforce that same level of fear in the smug purple pony standing in front of you.
  1288. >She absolutely dominated you, completely leading you into a trap.
  1289. >Why would someone yell about locked doors in the middle of a town square anyway, if not to set bait for a trap?
  1291. >You remained collapsed on the ground, quite defeated.
  1292. >Your face remained squashed against the invisible barrier erected by the salt ring, as you breathed heavily.
  1293. >You felt your body start shutting down, as you began to fall asleep.
  1294. >This was bullshit.
  1295. >You were a powerful demon.
  1296. >Freedom was within your grasp.
  1297. >How had it come to this?
  1299. >Twilight was giving hugs and congratulations to her partners in crime, smiling and cheering at her defeat of the ‘big bad demon.’
  1300. >You weren’t that big.
  1301. >You felt quite small actually.
  1302. >If only you hadn’t been defeated by a simple one inch thick ring of salt.
  1303. >You tried blowing on it, but instead of the grains being blown away it appeared to be physically untouchable to you.
  1304. “You will- Remove this barrier!”
  1305. >You commanded, but you already knew you didn’t have enough energy to make anyone obey.
  1306. >It was hopeless.
  1308. >Think.
  1309. >Don’t rely on instinct.
  1310. >Bring back the dissenting voice.
  1311. >It knew what was going on.
  1312. >It could help you now.
  1313. >You waited.
  1314. >You shouldn’t have pushed it away.
  1315. “I-I’m-”
  1316. >It didn’t want to help you anymore.
  1317. >It was still mad at you.
  1318. >A part of you was mad at you, that was strange wasn’t it?
  1319. >You had gone against its wishes after all.
  1320. “I’m sorry.”
  1321. >”What was that?” Twilight asked.
  1322. “I’m sorry!”
  1323. >We’re you actually?
  1324. >You were, truly.
  1325. >You were just trying to do what you thought you had to do.
  1326. >To survive.
  1327. >Was there another option?
  1328. >Yes. There was probably a way you could’ve talked your way out of all this.
  1329. >Or just been more aware, and not got yourself trapped in a salt circle.
  1330. >You could also have just taken Pinkie’s life energy-
  1331. >No, there was a sure way you could have gotten out of all of this. With no harming of any ponies involved.
  1332. >It was what you were going to do now.
  1333. >It’s what you were doing right now.
  1334. “I… Really am sorry.”
  1336. >What, seriously? Apologies?!
  1337. >With ponies, they would surely be sufficient.
  1338. >The dissenting voice knew little about demons…
  1339. >But it seemed to know much about ponies.
  1340. >You would trust it.
  1341. >You would trust yourself.
  1343. >”You threatened to devour my soul! I don’t think some weak apology is going to fix that.”
  1344. >Twilight doesn’t trust you!
  1345. >She will never trust you!
  1346. >There is no hope!
  1347. >But dissenting voice didn’t see it that way.
  1348. “If you thought your only chance to live another day was to hurt someone, would you do it?”
  1349. >”Well, I- N- NO! Hurting ponies is wrong!”
  1350. ”Then why are you hurting me?”
  1351. >This wasn’t working!
  1352. >Patience.
  1353. >You were dying!
  1354. >You could feel your lungs practically collapsing.
  1355. >”You’re a demon! You don’t-”
  1356. “I don’t what? Matter? I Don’t have fe-”
  1357. >A sharp pain gathered through your body, and you shifted, collapsing even more than before.
  1358. >Your nose was pressed right up against the salt pile.
  1359. >You looked very much to be in pain, and you desperately wished it was an act.
  1360. >You inhaled, and tried to finish your sentence.
  1361. “You think I don’t feel pain as you do? Or matter at all?”
  1362. >Twilight found herself at a bit of a loss for words.
  1363. >”Uh, is she going to be okay Twilight? I know you said she was dangerous, but she doesn’t look very healthy.”
  1364. >Aww, thanks for caring Spike.
  1365. >A shame your purple companion didn’t do the same.
  1366. >Rarity seemed to realize what might be about to happen.
  1367. >”Uhm, Twilight dear. If she’s about to- Um, croak. I think I’ll just be taking Spike somewhere else. He doesn’t really need to see this. You’ll be fine on your own right?”
  1368. >”Uh, wait. No- This is just a trick, right?”
  1369. >”I think her fur is turning grey- Wait, what did you mean by croak-”
  1370. >Rarity practically picked up Spike and ran out of the door. Dodging around your little salt circle as she went.
  1371. >Twilight looked back at you.
  1372. >”You- You aren’t going to die, this is just another trick or something! You’ll just go back to Tartarus, and- And-”
  1373. “I’m not from Tartarus. Where I’m going requires death to get to.”
  1374. >Twilight’s face turned just a little bit more grim.
  1375. >”Does this happen to every demon who doesn’t make a pact? They just curl up and die?”
  1376. >Did they?
  1377. >You couldn’t remember anything in the book about dying?
  1378. “Most demons would just leave right away of their own free will if they knew the situation was hopeless. I guess this is what happens when they don’t want to go.”
  1379. >You paused, fighting through the pain in your chest.
  1380. “Though of course, it’s not too late. I don’t have to die.”
  1381. >”I’m not making a deal with you!”
  1382. “Then you’re going to sit there and watch me die.”
  1383. >You closed your eyes.
  1386. >What are you doing?!
  1387. >Dissenting voice! We never agreed to this! You were going to save us! Now we are dead!
  1388. >Dissenting voice didn’t answer you.
  1389. >You kept your eyes closed, feeling absolutely train-wrecked as the clutches of sleep began to grasp at you.
  1390. >”W-Wait!”
  1391. >One of your eyes poked open.
  1392. >“This pact you keep talking about, what is it? What do I have to do?”
  1393. >Dissenting voice, you have won my appraisal.
  1394. >The mere mention of the word pact restored a small flow of life into you, and you breathed heavily as your lungs uncollapsed and your heart started beating again.
  1395. >That was nineteen times closer to death than you found acceptable.
  1397. >You took back control from the dissenting voice.
  1398. >You were more experienced at this after all.
  1399. “It is just that. A pact. A deal. A negotiation of terms between us. You give me terms, I give you a few, and-”
  1400. >Oh yes.
  1401. >Twilight was surely going to like this part.
  1402. “And I get a very very teeny tiny piece of your soul.”
  1403. >”What?!”
  1404. “Just a small one. Otherwise this body will fail, and my being is lost to this plane forever. And you’ll have to explain to everyone where there is a dead pony in Rarity’s house.”
  1405. >”But- What will that do to me? What does a soul do for you?”
  1406. “You won’t even notice. I promise. I however, will be tied to this plane, and my power will be restored.”
  1407. >”And what will you do then?”
  1408. “I could leave that up to you. You get to choose my terms after all. Assuming you make this pact that is.”
  1409. >”I- I can just tell you what to do?”
  1410. “If I find it fair enough, then yes. And right now, in this state, you will likely find me quite agreeable.”
  1411. >“Very well, then I-”
  1412. >She gulped, trying to prepare herself for what she was about to say.
  1413. >”I agree to make a pact with you, demon.”
  1414. >”What! Twilight, are you out of your mind?”
  1415. >Spike was at the door, just behind you.
  1417. >And his foot had breached the salt circle.
  1418. >The dissenting voice screamed something, as you struggled slowly to your feet.
  1419. >If it wasn’t for the hint of power that came with Twilight’s agreement to the pact, you would have collapsed long ago.
  1420. “You’re in my circle, young one.”
  1421. >You merely warned, taking no action.
  1422. >”Spike!” Twilight immediately called out her concern for the young dragon.
  1423. >You stepped out of the now harmless salt circle, calmly but shakily, without touching a single scale on Spike’s head.
  1424. >See! I can be reasonable.
  1425. >The dissenting voice was unsure, but trusted you for now.
  1426. >You hobbled over to Twilight, trying to get your circulatory system working again.
  1427. >Putting a wing around her, you tuck her in close.
  1428. >”Ah! Cold!”
  1429. >She forcibly removed her wing from you, clearly lacking any trust.
  1430. >To be fair you were just trying to devour her soul a few minutes ago.
  1431. “Sorry, I’ll warm up in a bit. Just as you’ll warm up to me. Now we were crafting a pact, weren’t we?”
  1432. >”Not a chance! Twilight’s not agreeing to anything.”
  1433. >”Spike- I am actually.”
  1434. >”What!? But we went through all that effort to stop her!”
  1435. >Well- Can I have a minute?” She turned to you.
  1436. >You weren’t dying anymore, so you weren’t in a rush.
  1437. >All that need to feed and devour.
  1438. >It was just your body craving life energy.
  1439. >As long as you were crafting a pact, the mere power of it would keep you alive.
  1441. >She started whispering quietly to her small friend, trying to explain herself as best she could.
  1443. >You took the time and mulled over your current situation.
  1444. >You were getting a pact, which meant you wouldn’t exactly be free-
  1445. >But it was far better than dying.
  1446. >You also had something weird going on with two voices in your mind.
  1447. >That of yours, and the dissenting voice.
  1448. >When you first got to Equestria, dissenting voice had called itself Anon.
  1449. >Anon? It was very familiar.
  1450. >You had memories of being Anon.
  1451. >But you weren’t dissenting voice, he was.
  1452. >So who were you?
  1453. >You were a beautiful sexy demon horse.
  1454. >Did you have a name?
  1455. >You were just… You?
  1456. >Could you be a voice of your own while Dissent- Anon that is- While Anon was in control? >Were you like… Oppressive voice?
  1457. >Or commanding voice?
  1458. >Why weren’t you just one voice?
  1459. >Why was there Anon and also you?
  1461. >Mysteries for later.
  1462. >Twilight was ready, with Spike standing far away, looking downcast.
  1463. >”Very well Dem- Mistress- Oh, for the love of- Why is that back?”
  1464. “You may call me whatever, I release my commands for the time being.”
  1465. >”Thank Celestia. Very well Demon! I -Uh, what am I supposed to say? That I agree to write the pact? Or whatever? Are we just telling it to each other, do I need a paper?”
  1466. >You waved a hoof at the idea.
  1467. “I suppose I will handle it, but just this once.”
  1468. >A quick stomp of your hoof, and there was suddenly a red flash as a piece of parchment scroll appeared from nowhere. It floated up to eye level.
  1469. >”Where did you get this power from? Weren’t you just about gone not even a minute ago?”
  1470. “Words have power, Sparkle. Pact is a word.”
  1471. >Dissenting voi- Anon that is- Started audibly wondering how you knew how to use the magics you did.
  1472. >You would teach him later.
  1473. >You felt a positive emotional response in return.
  1475. >”Okay, so… What do I say? I put forth as a term that you will…Uh- Without my express consent or good logical reason- You will not harm anypony! Or wander Equestria and/or wreak havoc! And you will have to- um- Do what I say?”
  1476. “Very well, those are all seemingly fair. I acknowledge those terms.”
  1477. >The terms appeared to write themselves, materializing upon the paper.
  1478. >Twilight watched in fascination as her exact wording, including the ‘um’ appeared in dark red ink.
  1479. >”Wow, that really just appears all on it’s own. Can I get a scroll like that? It’s really convenient!”
  1480. >On the scroll, the implied term of ‘Teach Twilight about the secrets of self-writing scrolls’ appeared.
  1481. >”Twilight, you should really give her some more terms! It’s too loose! Make a term that she has to go turn herself into the guards or something!”
  1482. >”Uh, I submit the term that you have to turn yourself in directly to Celestia herself.”
  1483. “I disagree with, and veto the term. That would be the equivalent of just dying here on the floor. Please attempt to consider both sides of the signing parties, my dear.”
  1484. >”What? Well, okay,I can just order you to do it based off my other terms, right?”
  1485. “You could try, but you included the clause that I don’t have to do it without ‘Your express consent or good logical reason.’ And not being trapped inside a dungeon wasting away sounds like good logical reason to me.”
  1486. >”Oh, fair enough. That I put forth a request to change that-”
  1487. “Doesn’t work that way. Once writ it the rules cannot be re-written.”
  1488. >”You didn’t tell me that!”
  1489. “You never asked. In dealing with pacts a demon must be 100% truthful, or risk violating the rules of pact making. But the rules allow a demon to be 100% vague, and they have no need to clarify unless asked specifically.”
  1490. >”Okay, well then let’s ask some questions, shall we?”
  1491. “Be my guest!”
  1493. =-=-=-=-=-=
  1495. >Twilight asked eighty six questions.
  1496. >You gave her fifty one complete answers, and thirty five vague ones that she found acceptable.
  1497. >She came up with several more terms that she thought might limit you, but you agreed to them anyway.
  1498. >Somewhere along, Rarity came into the room, and fainted.
  1499. >Then woke up, was reminded that Twilight was making a deal with a demon, and fainted again.
  1500. >Spike left and came back with lemonade, remarking that this was “taking forever.”
  1501. >Legal documents are like that.
  1503. >Twilight legitimately put forth that she was going to teach you about friendship, and not being an evil demon.
  1504. >High expectations on that one.
  1505. >Once Twilight finished her list of terms, you moved on to your own.
  1506. >You managed to sneak a few terms in without anyone noticing.
  1507. >Twilight didn’t know it, but you owned her butt now.
  1508. >You were to live with Twilight, much to her disenjoyment, and help her study demonology.
  1509. >You also put forth that you would help her learn how to romantically pursue a partner, since she was clearly lacking in the subject, and to learn more on the subject.
  1510. >Rarity blushed horribly when you said it, and did a spit take with her lemonade when Twilight agreed.
  1511. >”Sweetie, you do know you basically just agreed to let her teach you about s-e-x right?”
  1512. >She abbreviated the word so as not to let Spike hear.
  1514. “It is more learning! It’s a type of learning you will absolutely LOVE!”
  1515. >”NOOOOOO! I don’t agree! VETO! VEEEETOOOOO!”
  1517. >After calming everything down, you went over a few of the end conditions.
  1518. >After all, a contract can only last so long.
  1519. >If Twilight failed on her end, you were free to do as you wished.
  1520. >If you failed, you were to turn yourself in to Celestia and her royal guards.
  1521. >Or Luna, depending on what time you broke the contract.
  1522. >You were also to be subjected to a blast from the elements of harmony.
  1523. >So that was going to be an experience.
  1524. >Not that you planned to break your end of the contract.
  1525. >The contract was fulfilled when Twilight was satisfied with your teachings of demonology, and thought she had taught you sufficient amounts of friendship.
  1526. >And also when she thought you acted more like a normal pony than a demon.
  1527. >After that, you were free to go, provided you yourself honestly believed you were going to be able to live responsibly and without mischief.
  1529. >The scroll had bloated out to three or four feet long, covered in neat but cluttered scribbles.
  1530. >All that remained was the signing of names, and the taking of a small fragment of Twilight’s soul and life energy, so that you wouldn’t collapse and die as soon as the contract was finished being made.
  1532. >”Okay! I think that’s everything. Is it done? Does it just come into effect?”
  1533. “Not yet, there is one last thing.”
  1534. >”Oh- right. You said that you get a portion of my soul, right?”
  1535. >Rarity fainted again, conveniently falling onto a nearby couch.
  1536. >”What! Twilight, you need your soul! Call it off! You never said that was part of it!”
  1537. >”Spike, shush. I’m confident that these terms are all fair, and she said I wouldn’t even notice.”
  1538. >”Yeah, you wouldn’t notice- Because you’ll be a soulless zombie or something!”
  1539. “Child, my patience wears thin. Vacate the premises.”
  1540. >Spike left in a huff. “Fine! Nobody listens to me anyway, and I didn’t even want to be here!”
  1541. >Rarity got up and followed behind him.
  1542. >”Spike! Wait! You never told me if you were going to help me move my entire closet of dresses or not!”
  1543. >She left the room too, leaving just you and Twilight alone again.
  1544. >”This, won’t make me a soulless zombie or anything, right?”
  1545. “Not a chance, my dear. You’ll be quite the same. Souls even grow back given enough time. Now then, all that’s left is the signature. Just speak your name aloud, please. And say that you’re of sound body and mind.”
  1546. >”Okay, if you’re sure. I, the unicorn Twilight Sparkle, being of sound body and mind, sign the contract.”
  1547. >Her name appeared, in a shining purple semi-swirly font, rather than the blood red the rest of the paper presented.
  1548. >Your turn.
  1549. “I-”
  1550. >Um.
  1551. >You didn’t know your name.
  1552. >That’s awkward.
  1554. >Seriously.
  1555. >Could you use the name of Anon?
  1556. >Why didn’t you have your own name?
  1557. >We’re you supposed to make one?
  1558. >”You… Getting second thoughts there?”
  1559. “I don’t know if I have a name?!”
  1560. >You bursted out, a little louder than intended.
  1561. >”What? You have to have one! I summoned you by speaking your name!”
  1562. “I know you did! But I don’t know it!”
  1563. >”Have you not been summoned for millennia or something? Are you an amnesiac demon?”
  1564. >You honestly didn’t know!
  1565. >You had to have a name, just think of it!
  1566. >Nanashi, japanese word for nameless!
  1567. >No, it didn’t feel right.
  1568. >Heisenburg!
  1569. >That’s goddamn wrong!
  1570. >Billy bob!
  1571. >Shut the fuck up Anon!
  1572. >Dissenting voice was the worst.
  1573. >That it, screw it. What’s the worst the could happen if you said the wrong name?
  1575. “I, the demon A̸͡n̛҉ý̨̡nv͞a҉͘m̶̧͟os̵, being of sound mind and body, sign the contract.”
  1576. >It sounded like you choked a little bit there.
  1577. >Did you say Anynvemos? You definitely meant to say Anonymous.
  1578. >”Uh, interesting name there. Anya nvaa something.”
  1579. >Was it your true name? Did it come to you at last?
  1580. >It felt right, but you had no recollection of ever saying it before.
  1581. >Didn’t you have a better, sexier name before?
  1582. >Before what? What were you remembering?
  1584. >Your name appeared in a fairly standard red text, with strange green coloured sparkles and lines and runic looking symbols surrounding it.
  1585. >Bizarre, to say the least.
  1587. >But that was it, the pact was one and made!
  1588. >You looked over at Twilight with an honest grin.
  1589. >And booped her nose.
  1590. >As you retracted your hoof, a tiny, glowing, purple mass could be seen absorbing into your body.
  1591. >Twilight blinked. “That’s it? That was nothing!”
  1592. “Told you.”
  1593. >The contract rolled itself up, before disappearing in a flare of flames.
  1594. >Immediately, all the sustaining power that came with the contract left you.
  1595. >Your head hit the ground, and you were out like a light.
  1597. -=-=-==-=-
  1599. >Be Twilight Sparkle.
  1600. >Be grumbling, because you are levitating a heavy pony sized body across town, hidden under some of Rarity’s fabrics.
  1601. >She just passed right out!
  1602. >How rude!
  1603. >You honestly should have left her on the floor there.
  1604. >But that was Rarity’s bedroom, and you couldn’t just dump your problems on Rarity.
  1605. >”I see the house! We’re almost there Twilight!” Spike chimed in cheerfully.
  1606. >Indeed, the comforting glow of your treehouse awaited, only a little ways down the road now.
  1608. >He had been avoiding talking to you almost the entire way, presumably because you had gone and summoned a demon.
  1609. >Which, now that all the drama was done and settled, wasn’t possibly so bad.
  1610. >Sure she had put in a bunch of terms designed to make you uncomfortable.
  1611. >You noticed her sneak in a term about literally owning your butt.
  1612. >But you had also slipped in a few terms of your own she hadn’t noticed.
  1613. >Before the contract had disappeared, you had gone over the entire list, memorizing it.
  1614. >You had her almost completely on a leash, and under your control.
  1615. >But what the tartarus were you supposed to do with your own personal demon!?
  1616. >There were the end goals of the contract, which of course you were going to work towards.
  1617. >But were you capable of teaching a demon friendship and how to act like a normal pony?
  1619. >Aside from threatening to steal your soul, she hadn’t really done anything evil.
  1620. >But you definitely believed she was capable of evil.
  1621. >This was the reformation of Discord all over again. Except this time it was you doing it and not Fluttershy.
  1623. >You paused in the middle of the road, setting the pile of fabrics and blankets that covered the demoness down.
  1624. >You lifted the sheets, checking on her.
  1625. >She was breathing peacefully.
  1626. >She had changed form before chasing you to Rarity’s house, taking on the guise of a normal sized pony.
  1627. >Although definitely not normal looking.
  1628. >Though had gone from exotically dangerous and beautiful, to simply kind of- Nice looking.
  1629. >Her little horn nubs poking out from underneath her mane cutely.
  1630. >Apparently, you were going to be looking after and living with her for a while.
  1631. >Were you going to be okay?
  1632. >She seemed insistent on teaching you about things.
  1633. >Adult things.
  1634. >I mean, you were an adult -but.
  1635. >You weren’t sure you wanted to learn!
  1636. >Or at least, not from something like her!
  1638. >You sighed, picking her up again.
  1639. >The pile glowed your familiar purple as you trotted down the street.
  1640. >You weren’t looking forward to the upcoming week.
  1641. >You finally reached your comfortably familiar home.
  1642. >You glanced into the kitchen.
  1643. >Pinkie!
  1644. >She never cleaned up her mess!
  1645. >All this time she’d been here-
  1646. >Wait, she wasn’t here!
  1647. >Oh no! Pinkie!
  1648. >The demoness didn’t harm her, did she?
  1649. >No, she wouldn’t have, wasn’t she after the soul of her summoner exclusively?
  1650. >You’d have to ask her or check the book.
  1651. >Or go find Pinkie.
  1652. >Yeah! That’s what you’d do! Right after you dropped off this oddly heavy beast.
  1653. >Should you just leave her on the floor?
  1654. >You wanted to get to Pinkie as quick as possible, but this Succubus, Anyavemos or whatever her name was, probably wouldn’t appreciate just being abandoned in a lump on the floor.
  1655. >You shortly found yourself upstairs.
  1656. >There was a demon sleeping on your bed again, although this time you put her there.
  1658. >Okay! Gotta get to Pinkies!
  1659. >You locked the door, and hurried away.
  1660. “C’mon Spike! We’re going to see Pinkie!”
  1661. >”What? We’re just leaving her here? And why do I have to come? I was just out ALL day!”
  1662. “So you want to look after a demon all by yourself then?”
  1663. >”N-No?”
  1664. “Well, earlier I left Pinkie all by herself, and now I have no idea if she’s okay or not!”
  1665. >”Well what are we waiting for! Let’s go!”
  1666. >The two of your race out the door.
  1668. -=-=-=-=-
  1670. >Be Anon again.
  1671. >Be waking up from your awful dreams.
  1672. >What a crazy dream it was!
  1673. >You were a demon, and in ponyland, and everything was going wrong-
  1674. [Wake up Anon.]
  1675. >And then there was an inner part of you that was a demon, and she took over, and started calling you a dissenting voice.
  1676. [Anonnnn...]
  1677. >There was some soothing voice calling you out of your slumbers now.
  1678. >Strange, it sounded like the demon’s voice in your dreams.
  1679. >Maybe this mystery voice had just invaded your subconscious while you were dreaming.
  1680. >And now it was calling you back to the world of the living.
  1681. >Which sucked, because as weird as the dream had been, you hadn’t minded it.
  1682. >You didn’t want to wake up and go to work or any of that.
  1683. >Wait, didn’t you punch your boss?
  1684. >And then catch on fire and die?
  1685. [Anon, wakey wakey.]
  1687. >Your mind finally registered that it shouldn’t be hearing any female voices if you were just asleep in your apartment.
  1688. >No self-respecting female would ever visit you after all.
  1689. >So-
  1692. >You staggered upwards, trying to sit up in your bed.
  1693. [Seriously? Calm down. I’m not a home invader.]
  1694. >Oh my god-
  1695. >The home invader could read minds!
  1696. >You glanced around wildly at your bedroom.
  1698. >Uh.
  1699. >This isn’t your bedroom.
  1700. >This is-
  1701. >Twilight’s bedroom.
  1702. >So all of that was real.
  1704. >Fuck.
  1706. >Your mind shut down for a while, as you tried to process everything.
  1707. >You still had four hooves.
  1708. >You still had red fur and draconic looking wings.
  1709. >You were still a demon apparently.
  1710. >And still in Equestria.
  1711. >You shouldn't be surprised, but you were.
  1712. [I’m really relying on you to act as a form of restraint and common sense for me. You know, so I don’t get in trouble and try to steal any more souls. So, Anon, if you could actually USE your brain for a second, that would be great.]
  1713. >You looked around, trying to calm down.
  1714. >You still had no idea where the voice was coming from.
  1715. >It wasn’t how your inner demon and you had been communicating earlier, with weird overlapping thoughts.
  1716. >So surely she had separated from you or something.
  1717. [No Dissent- Er, Anon. I’ve just gained a little more power since- Well, everything.]
  1718. >What, so you could communicate directly now? Because you had a piece of soul or whatever?
  1719. [Actually, most of my power may have come from the realization of my true name in this form. Anyavemos.]
  1720. >Okay, so… You could talk to the strange demon lady who owned this body now.
  1721. >There was something you had to say to her.
  1722. >Oh yeah!
  1724. [I didn’t take it! I don’t how you got here or why- Well, why anything! I don’t remember!]
  1725. >What, so like, she didn’t remember being a demon and stealing you away from Earth or anything?
  1726. [I don’t even know how we came about as an entity at all! I know I’m a demon, but I have no recollection of my past. All I’m stuck with are glimpses of knowledge and a complete lack of memories! It’s incredibly distressing!]
  1727. >What?
  1728. >So you still had no answers for why you were here?
  1729. [No more than you!]
  1731. >Well what now then?
  1732. >You could talk to each other, you were still at square one though.
  1733. >Which is that you are trapped in the body of a very confused demon in Equestria.
  1734. >So what now?
  1735. [Well, let’s just play along with Twilight’s contract, and see what we can find out! I don’t like you inhabiting my mind any more than you do! YOU are limiting to me! Consider yourself fortunate that I both have no idea how to get rid of you, and that you know more about ponies than me.]
  1736. >Oh yeah, real fortunate.
  1738. >You slowly drag yourself off of the bed.
  1739. >You look through the window, and find that it’s the middle of the night.
  1740. >Almost dying really takes it out of a guy.
  1741. [Girl]
  1742. >Uh, let’s not start that.
  1743. >You trot over to the bedroom door, still not quite understanding how you even knew how to move.
  1744. [That’s my doing. I know how this body works, and we are technically of one mind. So my knowledge is yours, on a subconscious level.]
  1745. >So you knew everything she knew?
  1746. [Just the things I want to share, dearie.]
  1747. >Okay then.
  1749. >You make your way out of the bedroom, and down the stairs.
  1750. >Waiting for you is…
  1751. >No one?
  1752. >Nothing at all?
  1753. >You knew that Twilight couldn’t tell anyone about you.
  1754. >It was in the contract after all.
  1755. >So where was she?
  1756. >You’d have thought she wanted to be around for when the demonic pony woke up.
  1758. >You pass by the mirror as you walk around the treebrary.
  1759. [Ooh, looking good~!]
  1760. “I’m a small red pony with horns and bat wings.”
  1761. [They’re more draconic actually.]
  1762. “Whatever. It’s cute looking, but I don’t think it’s the kind of look I’m comfortable with.”
  1763. [What’s wrong with being the little mare?]
  1764. “I- I’m just- Used to being human. It’s jarring.”
  1765. >Maybe you’d get used to it.
  1766. >Not that you really wanted to.
  1767. >Well, sort of.
  1768. >This form did feel pretty great to walk around in.
  1769. >The way it strode so smoothly on four legs-
  1770. >And the way it bounced-
  1771. >Human walking was just moving forward, there was no grace! There was no subtlety!
  1772. >But, subtlety and grace, that was all included in just being in this form.
  1773. >Looking in the mirror, like you were now, you were just used to seeing a different face.
  1774. [Did you like your old face better?]
  1775. “It was okay. I was kind of average before.”
  1776. [Well, you don’t look average anymore.]
  1777. >Looking into the mirror, you did certainly look pretty damn decent.
  1778. >Even in the land of CuteQuestira, where almost everypony looks pretty damn decent.
  1779. >You practice a few faces in the mirror.
  1780. [Ooh, let me try! How about this one!]
  1781. >You feel control slip from your grasp once more.
  1782. >But you accept it this time.
  1783. >Anyavenmos makes a couple silly faces, sticking her tongue out and seeing how far it can stretch-
  1784. >Holy shit, it just keeps going.
  1785. >She droops your tongue almost down to the floor.
  1786. >The retracts it with a slurp, before giggling.
  1788. [Okay, now how about this?]
  1789. >She bats her eyes, and gives you a delightfully inviting smile.
  1790. >O-Oh.
  1791. >You’d never been able to pull off bedroom eyes before.
  1792. >But now, it looked like everyone else stole the look from you.
  1793. >Your face wore the definitive bedroom eyes look, it was too perfect.
  1794. >Your tail swished gently, and your ear twitched nervously.
  1795. >You felt your wings spread away from your sides, ever so slightly.
  1796. >A slight heat can be felt deep within your hindquarters.
  1797. >Are-Are you getting turned on by your own attractiveness?
  1798. [It’s not an unreasonable reaction. Our face and body are designed for that. Although there are a few touch-ups I should make next chance we get.]
  1799. >Control is given back to you, and your face drops into a simple goofy smile.
  1800. “Aw what? I liked that look!”
  1801. [Looking that desirable takes practice sweetie.]
  1802. >You try your best to mimic it, but you can’t pull off the eyelid batting successfully.
  1803. “Whatever. It would have been easier with the other form.”
  1804. [What, no it wouldn’t have. The form you share with me is clearly superior in everyway to that awful and constraining, and obviously not sexy at all bipedal mess you called-]
  1805. “N-no! Not that one. I meant the large horse form. We’re still in small pony mode.”
  1806. [Oh! We are. Would you like to change back? I guess I might as well do those touch-ups now then.]
  1807. >You nod, and stumble as every one of your bones and muscles suddenly shift and expand.
  1808. >The transformation was a lot quicker this time, and you were suddenly twice your previous size in a flash.
  1809. >You catch your footing again, and look back in the mirror.
  1810. [Yes. We have successfully brought sexy back!]
  1811. >She had made a few changes. Your jawline was now much more rounded, along with a few of your other features.
  1812. >The long and backwards horns were back, though it looked like they had been smoothed down near the points.
  1813. >She had taken away from the cute roundness of a regular pony, touching up and fixing those sharp and angular cheekbones and other things, adding cute but somehow still keeping all the exotic attractiveness of the old ‘long horse’ form.
  1815. >Your ears flopped down, hanging beneath your chin.
  1816. >Why were they so long?
  1817. [In some cultures, long ears are a sign of royalty or divinity. Think of Buddha. We demons like to piggyback on this to confuse religious folks. It aggravates them to no end. Also, having ears this long means more ear nibbles to be had. I enjoy it.]
  1818. “You like ear nibbles?”
  1819. [Well, yes! Who doesn’t!]
  1820. “You’re the most vanilla and innocently adorable succubus in history.”
  1821. >You felt your cheeks begin to flush from her embarrassment. Calling a demon’s sexual tastes vanilla was probably a terrible idea, but she was part of you, so you were fairly certain you could get away with it.
  1822. >Although it was weird to feel her frustration at you turn into blushing on your own cheeks.
  1823. >The way this body was shared was completely bizarre.
  1824. >You could control it all, but without warning she could flick your tail or flap your wings for you.
  1825. >She could probably actually take away control entirely if she wished. Just like she had before. Although you had struggled extra hard to hold on.
  1827. “We should clearly set up some rules about who is doing what with this body.”
  1828. >”I don’t want to do anything with that body if I don’t have to.”
  1829. >Twilight walked back in, surprising you.
  1830. “Welcome back, did you miss me?”
  1831. >”Nope. Can’t say that I did- You went back to being huge I see.”
  1832. “More room for little spoons.”
  1833. >”What? What are you doing with my silverware?”
  1834. >Oh twilight. Making jokes at a time like this.
  1835. [I don’t think she knows what spooning is.]
  1836. >That’s bogus, you learned it at like half her age. Surely she knew!
  1837. >You turn to face her with a welcoming smile.
  1838. >”Oh! You got rid of most of the terrifyingly sharp teeth! You look much less frightening now! Good improvement. Now if only you could get rid of the rest of yourself too.”
  1839. >You ran a tongue over your teeth, noticing the changes there. The sharpened shark teeth had been swapped out for mostly herbivorous flat teeth. With of course the exception of the fangs, which were in the place of the canines of a human mouth.
  1840. >”You, also changed your cutie mark?”
  1841. >You looked down, noticing the lone gold pentagram had been given a pink heart surrounding it.
  1842. >Oh sweet, now you had gone from straight edgy to- Well, actually a pentagram inside a heart was probably more edgy than before.
  1844. “Do you like it?”
  1845. >You spin around, watching Twilight’s face for reactions.
  1846. >Well, she didn’t show any disgust or fear, so you were clearly doing better. That or she was just holding it back.
  1847. >”Actually, I do like it. The way you got rid of the sharpness and rounded out everything is objectively pretty cute. I would have kept the standard tail though. The skinny spaded one is just too weird.”
  1848. >Whoa, honest opinions! Was she trying to be nice or something?
  1849. >You looked back, noticing that your tail was infact the prehensile hairless length with a rounded tip again.
  1850. [Curses! I knew I missed something!]
  1851. >Your tail shortened and sprouted a thick coat of hair again, before giving itself a shake once the transformation was complete.
  1852. >Twilight gave a familiar look of horrified curiosity.
  1854. >”So, you can do that with pretty much any part of your body, right?”
  1855. “Any part and every part! Got any requests?”
  1856. >”Oh! Can you- Actually, nevermind, it’s kind of late. I just want to go to bed.”
  1857. >She turned to the door she had entered from.
  1858. >”Spike, come on. She’s not going to eat you.”
  1859. >A scaredy cat of a dragon entered the house cautiously, and slowly sneaked past you with a scared glare.
  1860. >His fear smelled fantastically pleasing for some reason.
  1861. [That’s just a general demon thing. We like fear, and have a special gland that detects emotions, and it gives us an emotional response in return. It’s usually pleasure, arousal, or fear that we can detect.]
  1862. >Your gaze followed Spike up the stairs, but you never dropped your amused smile.
  1863. >”So, you’ve already slept away most of the day-” She stopped talking briefly to yawn out loud- “So you’ve plenty of energy, and don’t want to sleep at all, right?”
  1864. >You try to fight it, but her yawn causes you to yawn as well.
  1865. “I’m still recovering from nearly dying. I wouldn’t mind another nap. Your bed or mine?”
  1866. >”What? But you don’t have a bed- You’re not sleeping with me!”
  1868. >Anyavenmos took over speaking for you, seeing as she knew the contract far better than you.
  1869. “Oh, you didn’t read that on the contract? ‘As long as we are on friendly terms and staying within the same house, we must share a bed to further strengthen our ‘friendship’. Or relationship in general.’”
  1870. >Twilight gave a disgusted grimace.
  1871. >”Well, we aren’t on friendly terms then. I don’t want to.”
  1872. “Oh, so you’re releasing me from the contract, being that you are breaking your end of the deal and want to see me be free?”
  1873. >”WHAT! No! No no no! I’m definitely not doing that!”
  1874. “Well then if we aren’t on friendly terms, then we’re at war then? Which is permissible within the contract ‘provided we find an agreement and settle our differences within 24 hours’? I’ll just be over in the everfree plotting how to blow up Ponyville then.”
  1875. >”No! Okay! I’ll share my bed!”
  1876. >You beamed.
  1877. [You were right, teasing her is far funner than stealing her soul. I’m glad that didn’t happen.]
  1878. >Damn right she should be glad. Ain’t nobody stealing souls on Anonymous’s watch.
  1879. >Even if Twilight wasn’t your waifu, you wouldn’t have allowed it.
  1881. >”But, I’m going to have to ask you to make a few changes first! In both attitude and body! Let’s set some ground rules for shared sleeping.”
  1882. “Okay. I already want to do that. You make it sound like I don’t want to pander to you and provide the most pleasurable sleeping environment.”
  1883. >”I-” Her cheeks glowed red.
  1884. >Oooh! Got the blush! Without Anya’s help too! You were on a roll!
  1885. [Are you calling me Anya now?]
  1886. >People called you Anon, it was a convenient nickname!
  1888. >”O-Okay, well first off I need a minimum of three pillows, so no stealing them.”
  1889. “Done.”
  1890. >”Second off, If I want space, you must give it to me. I don’t want to be fighting for my last quarter of the bed.”
  1891. “Easy peasy.”
  1892. >”Next up. I need you to lose the sharp claws and the leathery bat wings.”
  1893. [They’re more draconic actually.]
  1894. >Why was she still going on about that?
  1895. “Fair enough. Are feathery wings okay? I need something to wrap around you and protect you from the cold with.”
  1896. >The blush was never ending.
  1897. >“I thin-Think they call those blankets! Moving on-”
  1898. >She broke into another yawn.
  1900. “Okay, how about we go up to that bed, and just figure it out from there. Nopony wants to be being carried up to bed.”
  1901. >”I carried you up to bed, all the way from Rarity’s.”
  1902. >Did she?
  1903. [She must have, how else would we have got there?]
  1904. “Well, then I might as well return the favour.”
  1905. >Anya, help me out. How do I levitate things?
  1906. >She stomped your hoof, and a golden and red glow encompassed twilight.
  1907. >”W-Whoa”
  1908. >She lifted off the ground.
  1909. >There was a strange feeling pressure in your head, just around the base of your horns.
  1910. >You walked forwards, expecting Twilight to move forwards as well.
  1911. [Oh, uh. Doesn’t work quite like that. Here, I’ll just get it for you.]
  1912. >The pressure underneath your horns shifts slightly, and Twilight begins to move with you.
  1914. >She waggles her hooves adorably as she floats up the stairs, and then into her bed.
  1915. >The glow releases, and the horn pressure ceases.
  1916. >You still had no idea how magic worked.
  1917. >Whatever, that was for later.
  1918. >You pull back the covers, then climb in beside her.
  1920. >”Uh, Twilight? Why is she up here?”
  1921. >”Because I am bad at contracts, Spike.”
  1922. >”Can’t you order her to follow your requests? I thought you put in a clause that that term overrode the other terms!”
  1924. >Your wings shift and shake, as a row of feathers replaces the leather.
  1925. >Twilight stares in wonder as you flourish your enormous wings, before curling them around her and embracing her.
  1926. >You snuggle up close, and sigh contentedly.
  1927. >Twilight is still stiff and rigid, but you can tell she isn’t completely against this.
  1928. >”Uh, I guess I could- But I’m probably going to end up sharing a bed sooner or later. i might as well get it over with. How bad could it be?”
  1929. >”Whatever. I’m gonna go sleep somewhere else. Anyavenmos is a loud snorer.”
  1930. >Hey.
  1931. [It’s true. You are.]
  1932. >What! Why is the blame going to you?!
  1933. >Spike picked up his basket bed thing, and closed the door behind him as he left.
  1935. “Soooo- One pony and one demon. All alone. In bed together-”
  1936. >You waggled your eyebrows at her.
  1937. >”Stop that! We’re not doing anything like that! I don’t even know or want to know what it is.”
  1938. >You’re pretty sure she had to have some idea.
  1939. >She wasn’t that innocent.
  1940. >And surely as a young mare, she’d read a book or something on the subject.
  1941. “Do you really not know what spooning is?”
  1942. >”I- Yes- No? Should I? Is it gross?”
  1943. >You rolled your eyes.
  1944. >You released her prison of fluffy red wings, and instructed her to lie down.
  1945. “Okay, now turn around- No, roll over! Good pony.”
  1946. >”I’m not a dog! Is spooning roleplay or something like that?”
  1947. “No! Twilight, focus. This is a very delicate technique that you will use will all of your potential lovers and loved ones forever.”
  1948. >You press yourself close against her, and tuck your head just on top of hers.
  1949. >A hoof and wing drape over her, and you pull her rump closer in to meet your thighs.
  1950. >You settle down, closing your eyes and just enjoying the moment.
  1952. >”Is this it?”
  1953. “Yep. It’s just a fancy way of cuddling. I’m what’s called the big spoon, and you’re the little spoon.”
  1954. >”Bu-But Princess Celestia has done this with me! does this mean she wanted me to do the kind of things you want me to do? Was she- Sexually attracted to me?!”
  1955. >She began breathing frantically.
  1956. “What? No! It’s just cuddling! It’s an expression of love, tt can be completely platonic. Parents sometimes do this with their children. Don’t be gross Twilight.”
  1957. >”Oh- That’s all. Just- Just platonic. Quiet you- You’re the gross one!”
  1958. [Oh my, did I just hear what I think I did? She she just sound disappointed it was merely platonic?]
  1959. >Oh my.
  1960. >Out of all the various ways you’ve seen Equestria represented, you had to land in the one where Twilight was hot for teacher.
  1961. >And you were her teacher now.
  1962. >Jesus, you were one lucky demon.
  1964. >You could definitely work with this.
  1965. >You just had to change your colouring a little bit, and-
  1966. >Your wings adopted a beautiful and glossy white colour.
  1967. >That was all you needed to change, since Twilight was still facing away from you.
  1968. [I see what you’re planning Anon. Don’t worry, I’ve got this.]
  1969. >Your throat tingled as presumably your vocal chords changed shape.
  1970. “Of course, if you wanted it to be more than platonic, that could be arranged- My faithful student.”
  1971. >Your voice was a carbon copy for Celestia’s.
  1972. >Twilight’s eyes shot open, and she noticed the white wings caressing her almost immediately.
  1973. >Twilight’s coat immediately became 100% goosebumps and frightened spiky fur..
  1974. >”I- Ah! Princess- You- No! Anyavenmos! That-That’s just wrong. I wouldn’t-”
  1975. >Your hoof also adopted a white coat of fur, and you carefully stretched it out and wrapped it around Twilight’s.
  1976. >You had heard Twilight mention something about holding hooves earlier.
  1977. >You could almost see the censor blur form around your hooves as they wrapped around each other.
  1978. >Twilight gripped your hoof forcefully, and you could feel something.
  1979. >It was like a layer of desperation and need were being peeled away.
  1980. >You could smell arousal and desire, just as you had smelled Spike’s fear earlier.
  1981. >You liked it.
  1982. >you wanted it.
  1984. >It wasn’t the same as when Anyavenmos had taken over. You could tell this was you.
  1985. >Wait, was it?
  1986. >It was like your desires had blended together, just like before. You couldn't tell whose thoughts belonged to whom.
  1987. >This time however, there was no dissenting voice, it was agreement across the board.
  1988. >You desired to please the purple pony.
  1989. >Your desire would have to wait however. Twilight was still very uncomfortable even just laying next to you.
  1990. >You had peeled one layer off, but the delectable fruit you wanted still had many layers to go.
  1991. >Or maybe not- She was leaning back, trying her hardest to relax.
  1992. >”So I guess this is going to be normal or something.”
  1993. >She then lifted her head, turning to look at you.
  1994. >”Isn’t this- Wrong or something? I- I mean, this is nice. But- But you aren’t really her.”
  1995. >She let go of your hoof.
  1996. “Is it wrong to be happy? To enjoy something you desire?”
  1997. >”How did you know that I- that I wanted something like this?”
  1998. >To be honest, it was a wild shot in the dark.
  1999. >But that wasn’t the type of answer she’d want.
  2000. “I know many things, Twilight.”
  2001. >She nodded, accepting your answer.
  2002. >”I always wanted her- N-Not in that way! I mean, I always enjoyed the times when she would just cuddle close and- Just being near her was so comfortable.”
  2003. >You could imagine being near to the goddess of sunshine and warmth might be pretty comfy.
  2004. >”You know, you’re pretty comfortable- For a demon. I think the Princess still has you beat though.”
  2005. “Oh? What does she have that I don’t?”
  2006. >”My trust, for one.”
  2007. >She snickered.
  2008. [Cheeky one isn’t she.]
  2009. “Well, I’m sure I’ll get that someday.”
  2010. >”The next thing is the- Well, maybe I’m just not used to it. The dark red fur. I- Can I make a request? For you to transform into?”
  2011. [Oho! It begins. The curiosity is always the first stage.]
  2012. >You nod your consent.
  2013. >”Can you- you know- Look like her?”
  2015. >Under your own will, and the binding of the pact, you comply with Twilight’s request.
  2016. >Your fur shifts in shade until it’s a heavenly white.
  2017. >Your vision flashes as your pupils change shape, and your irises turn to a smooth purple.
  2018. >Your horns move through your skin, changing shape as they went, combining into one single upwards point.
  2019. >Your mane changes from the glossy black and straight it had been, to brimming with life and glowing green, blue, and pink.
  2020. >It seems to have a life of it’s own, as it flows around Twilight, pulling her even closer to you than she had been.
  2021. >She looks on in awe, as her mentor suddenly appears in front of her.
  2022. “Okay, You have your teacher, right before you. In your bed, totally willing to do anything with you. What do you do with her?”
  2023. >She sits up, and directs you to do the same.
  2025. >Twilight swallows nervously, before reaching her hoof up slowly, and gently booping you.
  2026. >You smile sweetly at her, before booping her right back.
  2027. >She giggles a little bit.
  2028. >”Can- Can I just cuddle a little more?”
  2029. “Of course! Anything you like, my dear.”
  2030. >She lay her head down again, pressing her nose against your hooves, before wrapping her hoof around it again.
  2031. >This time, you were laying while facing each other.
  2032. >Staring into each other’s eyes.
  2033. >”So, I guess this is your attempt at relationship training. what now? Do we just- Enjoy the warmth of each other and sleep? What’s the next step?”
  2034. “You want to know what comes next?”
  2035. >”I- I think so. For two ponies who- Who like each other- What comes after cuddling?”
  2036. >You lean forward, pressing your muzzle against hers.
  2037. >And delicately kiss her right on the nose.
  2039. >Her eyes are so beautiful when they dilate in surprise like that.
  2040. >”Oh-Right. I should’ve known that one.”
  2041. >She sits there blushing, and you feel her pull away slightly.
  2042. >You let her go, but notice she doesn’t push away too far.
  2043. >Her horn flashes purple quickly, and you feel the pulse of a spell being cast.
  2044. >You don’t know which one though.
  2045. >Then she looks back at you, right into your eyes.
  2046. >”C-Can I try?”
  2047. “Twilight, you can literally do anything with me. I am a soul bound demon tied to your will. If you want to kiss me, you don’t have to ask.”
  2048. >She looks confused for a second.
  2049. >”I- I don’t know if I should- I already made you look like Celestia, it- It’ll be weird.”
  2050. >You close your eyes and lean into the pillows behind your head.
  2051. “It’s all up to you. Good night then.”
  2052. >”O-Okay. Good night Princess- Erm- Anya.”
  2053. >All you hear are her quiet breaths for several minutes.
  2055. >Just before you drift off to sleep, you feel Twilight’s muzzle press against yours.
  2056. >And a gentle press of her lips to your nose.
  2057. >Atta girl. You taught her well.
  2058. >You can feel her heart beating wildly.
  2059. >She must have been building up courage for the past few minutes.
  2060. >You open your eyes, and see her looking deeply into your eyes.
  2061. “6 out of 10. Try again.”
  2062. >”W-What? But it was almost exactly how you did it!”
  2063. “You lost points for hesitating.”
  2064. >”We-Well how about this!”
  2065. >She leans forwards and pecks you on the muzzle again.
  2066. “Hmm, 4 out of 10. Your method lost passion, and execution got sloppy.”
  2067. >”Wh-”
  2068. “Let me show you again.”
  2069. >You wrap a hoof around the back of her head, and pull her gently towards you.
  2070. >She probably expected you to go for her nose again, and so when your lips met hers she opened her mouth in surprise.
  2071. >You tease the edges of her tongue with her own, whilst gently suckling on her lip.
  2072. >You closed your eyes, and felt delighted as the sensation of arousal and desire echoed from Twilight.
  2073. >Whatever magical gland you had was very good at detecting it.
  2074. >You kissed her deeply and passionately, but didn’t probe her mouth or battle her for dominance.
  2075. >You cut it off after fifteen seconds, didn’t want to linger too long either.
  2076. >These were the essentials for a first kiss.
  2078. >A single trail of saliva tailed from your mouth as you leaned away, releasing her.
  2079. >The strand of spittle broke, and you brought it into your mouth as you licked your lips.
  2080. >She tasted vaguely of wildberries, it was delicious.
  2082. “Now that you are familiar with it, how would you rate the experience out of ten?”
  2083. >Twilight still had a glazed over expression on her eyes, and her mouth was still held slightly parted.
  2084. >”Um. I- fifty.”
  2085. >She shook her head.
  2086. >”Sorry, I got distracted- Lost focus. Can you do it again?”
  2087. >Very cheeky.
  2088. >But not bad.
  2089. “As many times as you like.”
  2091. >She gently leaned forward and pressed her mouth against yours again.
  2093. -=-=-=-=
  2095. >Be Twilight.
  2096. >Be waking up after a strange night.
  2097. >You felt really happy, but you didn’t know why.
  2098. >You were very warm, as if you had several layers of blankets over you.
  2099. >You opened your eyes, and saw that there was infact a blanket or two draped over you.
  2100. >Were you expecting something else?
  2102. >Your eyes widened as you remembered the events of last night.
  2103. >Had you really asked Anyavenmos to turn into Celestia and kiss you?
  2104. >And then kissed her repeatedly until you fell asleep?!
  2105. >How shameless were you!
  2106. >You bad pony!
  2107. >You shifted to get up, and found a wet spot near your thighs.
  2108. >What> How did that happen?
  2109. >You didn’t have bladder troubles-
  2110. >Oh.
  2111. >Nope, the smell just hit you.
  2112. >It was proof of your own arousal.
  2113. >You’d read about THAT at least.
  2114. >Great Starswirl’s beard. You’d spent the night kissing a demon and leaving a mare juice stain on the bed.
  2116. >You suddenly felt like getting up and taking a cold shower.
  2117. >“Is it wrong to be happy? To enjoy something you desire?”
  2118. >Her words came back to you.
  2119. >It didn’t feel wrong at the time.
  2120. >You had obviously enjoyed it heavily.
  2121. >And when it had been getting good-
  2122. >Oh sweet Celestia, stop thinking about it.
  2123. >You got out of bed carefully, and were a bit disappointed that Anya wasn’t still there.
  2124. >The cuddles were something you could enjoy without shame.
  2125. >Those wings and hooves were legendary.
  2126. >And the gentle feel of her breath on your neck.
  2127. >You could get used to it.
  2129. >You head downstairs, hoping to find out where your demon had gone.
  2130. >You wondered how Spike had slept-
  2131. >You really hoped Spike hadn’t heard anything.
  2132. >You were going to die of embarrassment before you even made it into the kitchen.
  2133. >Sure enough, Spike was waiting there.
  2134. >He was talking to Anyavenmos, who was back in her standard giant demon form.
  2135. >”G-Good morning Twilight. How did you sleep?”
  2136. “Uh- Just fine Spike. Why?”
  2137. >”Because Anyavenmos won’t tell me anything. And one of you must have put a silence spell on your room or something, because I was listening and I didn’t hear anything.”
  2138. >Oh yeah. That was you. You forgot about that.
  2139. >Crisis averted.
  2141. >Crisis that you still felt guilty about.
  2142. “So- What are you two doing up so early?”
  2143. >Anya was hunched over your stove, watching something sizzle in a pan.
  2144. >”We’re cooking breakfast dear! It’s a big day today!”
  2145. “Is it?”
  2146. >”Everyday is a big day when you’re a big demon!”
  2147. >”She’s been making jokes like that all day. I think you broke her.”
  2148. “Okayyy then. What’s for breakfast?”
  2149. >”They were going to be pancakes, but then I remembered I have magical powers, and could make waffles without a press! Check it!”
  2150. >A red and gold glow encompassed the pan, and she tilted a frying waffle towards you to see.
  2151. >”Isn’t it clever Twilight! How come you don’t experiment like that?”
  2152. >”Yeah Twilight, how come you don’t break out of your comfort zone and- Experiment?”
  2153. >She waggled her eyebrows at you on the last word, and you looked away before Spike could see your blush.
  2154. “Right! Not following that line of conversation anywhere. Come on Spike! Let’s set the table!”
  2155. >You opened every cupboard and placed every plate meticulously before Spike could even react.
  2156. >”Uh, Twilight. You set the table for eight. Are we expecting anyone?”
  2157. >Oh geez. You were seriously not focused.
  2158. >You had to snap out of it.
  2159. >”Sorry, Spike could you leave the room for a second? I think Twilight and I need to discuss something.”
  2160. >”Only as long as you call me when it’s ready.”
  2161. >Spike shrugged and left.
  2162. >You cast a spell of silence on the room again.
  2163. “I-”
  2164. >”You don’t need to say anything. I understand if you might feel a little confused.”
  2165. “ISpentTheNightKissingYou!”
  2166. >You barely managed to breathe it out.
  2167. >You really didn’t know how to feel! You enjoyed it-
  2168. >But you knew it was wrong!
  2169. >But why did it feel nice if it was wrong?
  2171. >Anya set her waffles down, and came over to hug you.
  2172. >”Listen, sweetie. A lot happened yesterday. It was almost definitely too much at once. You summoned a demon, she tried to eat you, and you spent the night passionately making out with her. Today, let’s just take it slow, forget about it all, and figure it out as we go. Would you like some breakfast?”
  2174. >You took a deep breath in.
  2175. >And lowered the silence wall you had conjured.
  2176. “Spike, come eat!”
  2177. >You smiled at Anya.
  2178. “Sure! Let’s start out all over today, as friends, and see where it takes us!”
  2179. >You didn't say it with complete honesty though.
  2180. >Your mind was still thinking back to last night.
  2181. >Even now, you just wanted her to wrap her hooves around you.
  2183. =-=-=-=-=-=-=
  2185. >Be Anon/Anyavenmos
  2186. >Breakfast was delicious.
  2187. >The pancakes had been pressed into waffle shapes using magic, whilst they were cooking.
  2188. >And you had found some blueberries to add to the batter too.
  2189. >You couldn’t believe they had turned out so well.
  2190. >Twilight set the table, humming happily.
  2191. >It was nice seeing her happy.
  2192. >Way better than watching her either run in fear or trying to capture you.
  2193. >Although, just happy wasn’t quite as satisfying as seeing her in pure bliss, like you had last night.
  2194. >The human part of you was still sort of freaking out over that.
  2195. >You couldn’t just walk up to your waifu and make out with her! It was improper!
  2196. >And yet you did.
  2197. >And today you were probably going to be taking her out on a date.
  2198. >Things were moving along so quickly and nicely!
  2200. >You weren’t exactly sure where you would take her though.
  2201. >Or what you would do.
  2202. >Maybe you should just let her lead the way?
  2203. >If you were going out into public, you would of course have to change your form.
  2204. “So, any requests for what we’ll be doing today?”
  2205. >”Oh! Yes! I have at least fifteen possible ventures planned out! We might go for a hike, or see a motion picture, or visit the pool, or-”
  2206. >”Twilight, I know you’re going on like, a date or something, I did see the contract. But can you really trust her to go out with you and just have a good time? What if she, Oh I don’t know, steals the souls of all the townsfolk while you aren’t looking!”
  2207. “Oh please. I don’t even know what I’m gonna do with all those souls.”
  2208. >”She didn’t even deny it!”
  2210. >”Spike, come on. I’ve got a watchful eye on her. And I’m sure she isn’t going to do anything I wouldn’t approve of. RIGHT?!”
  2211. >She turned to shoot you a stink eye.
  2212. >You stuck your tongue out at her.
  2213. “For reals though. I promise not to do anything worse than make Twilight uncomfortable in public.”
  2214. >”Please no.”
  2215. >”Alright, as long as it’s only that.”
  2216. >”Spike, why are you agreeing?”
  2217. “We both know you’re much cuter when you’re being teased. Right Spike?”
  2218. >You nudge him with your elbow/knee arm/leg hoof thing.
  2219. >You really needed to consult an anatomy book.
  2220. >”R-Right- Oh no! Look at the time! Uh, thanks for the pancakes, gotta go!”
  2221. >He leapt away from the table, and left the room.
  2222. “They weren’t pancakes, they were waffles!”
  2223. >”Yep! Whatever they were, they were delicious!”
  2224. >You turn to face Twilight.
  2225. “Where’s he off to?”
  2226. >”Rarity agreed to let him hang out with her for a week straight. This is day three, and because of YOUR little intrusion, he never got to spend the last one properly. Poor little guy, he planned out a big schedule and everything.”
  2228. >You finish up another of your waffles, leaving only two more on the plate.
  2229. >Your stomach rumbled it’s appreciation-
  2230. >Um.
  2231. >No, that wasn’t appreciation.
  2232. >That was still hunger.
  2233. >Why were you still hungry?
  2234. >You had eaten as many as you could, but your appetite had not been sated.
  2235. >You had been feeling this strange hunger growing, ever since you came here.
  2236. >Anya, why is our body still hungry?
  2237. [That is not the type of hunger that mere waffles can sate, Anon.]
  2238. >What? Well then how else did you sate hunger?
  2239. >Were the waffles not good enough? Did they have to be soaked in blood or something for them to satisfy you?
  2240. [Oh no, nothing that drastic. We just need to feed on something non-physical.]
  2241. >Like what?
  2242. >What sorts of things did demons feed off of?
  2243. >You weren’t partaking of any sexual fluids, thank you very much.
  2244. [Anon, please- We don’t need any sexual fluids.]
  2245. >Oh thank god.
  2246. [Although I wouldn’t mind pinning down some unfortunate stallion, pleasuring him deeply, and slipping our mouth around his-]
  2247. >Nope! Gonna stop you right there! Anon don’t swing that way yo!
  2248. [Aw.]
  2249. >So i’m still hungry, what do I eat instead of real food?
  2251. [I would imagine this body could feed off of pleasure, or other emotions. Mayhaps the classic seven deadly sins might feed us as well.]
  2252. >So I just have to convince Twilight not to do anything all day, and I could feed off the concept of sloth?
  2253. [Uh, maybe? Sloth isn’t the one most people go for.]
  2254. >It was the easiest however.
  2255. >You just literally do nothing.
  2256. >Could you feed off of your own sins? Just sit there and do nothing and feed off of your laziness?
  2257. [No, other creatures are required for sustenance. We can not self-provide in that way. Also, why are you so stuck on sloth? Go for lust! It’s much funner and enjoyable!]
  2258. >Hmm, maybe not right now.
  2259. [I will never understand your lack of enthusiasm for pleasure.]
  2260. >It’s just not proper to be doing things like that all the time! Just night time is enough!
  2261. >You feel Anya do the mental equivalent of shaking her head in disappointment.
  2262. >Your real head shakes too.
  2264. >”Something wrong? Anyavenmos? Did you not want your waffles?”
  2265. “No, go ahead. Have some more.”
  2266. >”Neat! Don’t mind if I do! These are really really good!”
  2267. >The plate in front of you glows purple, and slides across the table towards Twilight.
  2268. >You feel something coming from her. Another of your emotion senses.
  2269. >Is that- Greed? It felt like a desire to have more.
  2270. >Something switched inside of you, and the feeling turned into energy.
  2271. >It filled you up, not too much, but certainly enough.
  2272. >You licked your lips.
  2273. >It tasted purple.
  2274. >Delicious, delicious purple.
  2275. >A taste you had already spent all of last night tasting, enjoying every moment of it.
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