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  1. Planets:
  3. Miceria: A desertic hiveworld. The sun is too strong and intense for baseline humans so 99% of the life on the planet concentrates on the hives. With the exception of the aforementioned hives the planet is nothing but an extension of sun bleached sand covered desert.
  5. Micerian artisans are famous for the stained wall they create with the sand, the hives are gigantic pyramids covered with countless stained glasses from different artists from all generations and locations. Even the most drugged and violent underhiver respects those glasses because if one of them got shattered a portion of their hive would become devastated by the solar rays that would penetrate inside.
  7. The population makes heavy use of bionics since accidents with the sharp crystals that they make are a everyday thing.
  9. Micerian regiments of guardsmen barely use psykers or abhumans preferring the use of tanks and other mechanized units.
  11. Telematha: Forgeworld. It stands out because of the many subterranean lakes and rivers it has. The Adeptus Mechanicus built its forgues above those lakes and used the water to dump their unwanted chemicals or cool down some sacred machinery. It can create the basic weaponry that any forgeworld can create like lasguns or even rhinos but it is unknown if they create any special pattern or equipment so far. They build bionics for the Micerian population.
  13. Plinia Vesus: A low gravity lava world. It has many volcanoes and lava rivers along with ash deserts that cover most part of the planet. Human life is possible but rebreathers are needed on non conditioned locations. It works as a prison planet for Imperial criminals, most of them don’t make the first year as the place is brutal for both its nature and its inhabitants. According to Elyadien there is a greater daemon of Khorne sealed in the planet explaining their behaviour. The already violent prisoners and guards become even more violent by the influence of the daemon, that leads to massive riots on a daily basis. It is not unknown to send Guardsment to this planet to help with the riots and turn the pow’s they make into penal guard.
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