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  1. inara_skip_quest:
  2.     texts:
  3.          description: Ahoy there! The captain wants to speak to you above deck. (If you want to skip the main quest and get build rights straight away, complete this quest. Otherwise speak to Rosek in the captains cabin above deck)
  4.          completion: (You have been granted resident status. You can now build in any area that is not protected. Remember to read the /rules and /motd. Welcome to the server!)
  5.          acceptance: (You have chosen to skip the main quest. It can be picked up from Rosek in the captains cabin at any time. Speak to this NPC again to confirm your choice or type /quest abandon to cancel this quest)
  6.     repeats: -1
  7.     objectives:
  8.         '0':
  9.             '0':
  10.                 type: location
  11.                 amount: 100
  12.                 location:
  13.                     x: -97
  14.                     y: 62
  15.                     z: 229
  16.                     world: 'world'
  17.                 message: Talk to Inara again
  18.     rewards:
  19.         '0':
  20.             type: rank
  21.             rank: 'resident'
  23. rosek_talk_old_pete:
  24.     texts:
  25.         description: Those Scurvy dogs have us trapped in this cave! There'll be no escapin' this one fer the Serenity! Hmm... YOU! We have to negotiate with their captain, i'll be damned if I die in this hellhole of a town!
  26.         completion: Y'arr! Good! That old fool made you a boat. Take this money, buy yourself a weapon from the Tools_Merchant. You'll need it for whats comming up. Talk to me again.
  27.         acceptance: Go speak to Old_Pete on the last house to the left of the cave entrance. You can see him up on his balcony. He owes me a favor and was quite a craftsman back in his day. Go tell him I sent you and he'll make you something you can use to get to their ship!
  28.     repeats: -1
  29.     objectives:
  30.         '0':
  31.             '0':
  32.                 type: location
  33.                 amount: 1
  34.                 location:
  35.                     x: -80
  36.                     y: 72
  37.                     z: 250
  38.                     world: 'world'
  39.                 message: Old_Pete says - Captain Rosek sends YOU to negotiate? That yellow bellied coward! Regardless, the sooner that swine is gone from our town the better! Here, take this boat and return to your captain. Tell him we are even now - and dont bother me again!
  40.     rewards:
  41.         '0':
  42.             type: item
  43.             id: 333
  44.             amount: 1
  45.             take: false
  46.         '0':
  47.             type: quest
  48.             quest: rosek_talk_figen
  49.         0':
  50.             type: money
  51.             money: 70
  53. rosek_talk_figen:
  54.     texts:
  55.          description: Arrg! We need to find out what Captain Figen wants from us, apart from to tear our hull in two. Use that boat to sail to his ship. It's outside the cave to the left. Speak to Captain Figen and come armed! That scurvy-infested bilge rat would sooner gut you than talk to you.
  56.          completion: Captain Figen says - You dare board my vessel? I'll reduce yer ship to rubble! Well...I would but...sigh. Talk to me.
  57.          acceptance: Remember! You are easilly replaceable ye lilly-livered swine! Dont return till it's safe to leave!
  58.     repeats: -1
  59.     objectives:
  60.         '0':
  61.             '0':
  62.                 type: location
  63.                 amount: 5
  64.                 x: 15
  65.                 y: 69
  66.                 x: 350
  67.                 world: 'world'
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