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Jan 17th, 2019
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  1. Turning the Corner
  2. By Vily
  4. Alright ladies and Gents, yesterday was rough and while we have had plenty of successes in the North, it’s overall been a rough week. We have hit a strong wall of supers and caps, the entire panfam super fleet to be exact, and it's very evident that mistakes have been made.
  5. So, lets stop, reassess and work both inward and outward. The first thing to identify is what are OUR goals. This isn’t a fight for our life, it isn’t even a fight for money or relevance, we have already won those battles, this is a fight over grudges, insults, banter and just in general for fun. Its about returning the favors we were paid in for so much of 2017 and 2018.
  6. So, our goal is to hurt our enemies, and we have certainly already done that. Over the course of three months we have taken our enemies main income source, we’ve effectively ended any offensive content they’ve had, we’ve ended their relationships with pseudo allies they’ve had, and we’ve forced them to turtle up in one of the few regions they have control over. All of these accomplishments are good, though we of course had intended to do more this month.
  9. Unfortunately, our original plan is out the window, so we’re not going to try and salvage parts of it just to say things haven’t changed. They have and we need to work through that reality and our own strengths to work back towards victory.
  10. In my mind that means we continue with the changes we were implementing, a change in tempo, a change in targets, and likely a reliance on others.
  12. To change our tempo means we will continue to run the raid fleets more as hunting roams and less as constant around the clock fleets. These are draining on horde but also draining on our own membership and FC’s. There will be a continued push to enjoy the area, but we not longer need to exert pressure to the point where we are stressing our own membership as much. Simply put, with our enemies as turtled up as they are, it’s more important that we play the long game.
  14. A change in targets is also likely in the cards. As we started a few days ago, we’ll focus on drawing our enemies into low-sec or out into Kalevala where the battleground shifts more in our favor. Drawing enemies away from their staging and fax caches or into lowsec is the logical step.
  16. Thirdly a reliance on others. Alone Legacy could probably do this. If we truly committed, if we moved the shieldfleet, if we called in Legacy, if we played all our cards and put in the time and effort, we would surely win. But we have no incentive or need to do this. So for now we will find opportunities to split our enemies and work with allies (the ones you know and suspect and a couple you may not) to surprise our foes or at minimum even the field.
  18. We somehow still have a lot of capitals left up here. A lot. Our cap builders are…. Impressive to say the least. If we can’t find holes to properly utilize them, we will take them home but that’s a lot of work compared to just collecting insurance.
  20. And finally, with the pace slowing down and us settling in for more of a trench warfare situation, it’s not longer as important oh have deathclones set into Oijanen as it was. Oijanen is still the place for content, but if you need to shift your deathclones back home and instead jumpclone up to Oijanen, that is alright considering the current situation.
  22. So that’s the plan as of today.
  23. Tl:dr
  24. 1) Don’t worry about raidfleet coverage as much, go get frags for fun, not for the fuhrer
  25. 2) Expect a change in pace, shift deathclones back to Eso/Catch if you want for the moment, Geminate will still be our main content source for a while so if you want fun this is where to ideally get it but there are other things in eve.
  26. 3) Focus more on defensive timers, where we control some of the ground.
  27. 4) Phoenix’s will be returning
  28. 5) ALL SHIELD SUPER to be at DY- Keepstar Feb 1st @ 1900. Operation Walking Wall will begin shortly afterward
  29. 6) If you’re in an ARMOR super please ensure your in the proper channel. Instructions for you will follow in a few days (likely Saturday)
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