Normal Norman: Meeting with Gilda

Nov 6th, 2013
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  1. Be Norman
  2. >Finally out of detention, stupid Brad and his stupid ideas, you decided to check the hour
  3. >Fuck, is THAT late? You’re gonna be late for work
  4. >Run as fast as you can, if you keep up you can barely make it
  5. >Double at the corner at the same speed
  6. WHOA!!
  7. >You just saw a figure right in front of you, Status: Imminent Crash
  8. BAM
  9. >Feeling dizzy you don’t know what hit you, it was like smashing in to a wall
  10. >”Ouch that hurt, you little piece of shit”
  11. >As you hear that roaring you are pulled from your shirt and slammed to the lockers
  12. >As your vision is now getting less blurry you saw a… female? Punk cut multiple piercings in her right ear, one in her mouth, yellow lipstick?
  13. > Feeling daggers aimed at you, she’s clearly fucking angry
  14. >Wait, is she…Gilda? The girl who was expelled from the school for vandalizing it and trashing the principal’s office?
  15. >”Wait, I recognize you…”
  16. >She knows you? That’s not good
  17. >”You are that racist dweeb who went out with Rainbow Dash for a little time”
  18. >Oh fuck oh fuck
  19. R-Rainbow Dash? I don’t know who she is.. h-ha ha…
  20. >”Don’t deny it you idiot, I know you two were dating some time ago”
  21. >What the fuck? That was EONS ago and nobody besides your group of friends knew about that… is she stalking Dash or something?
  22. >”Actually how convenient” You don’t like the new look she’s giving to you “I am looking for her, and you will tell me where she is”
  23. >You didn’t know THE Gilda was related to Dash but if she’s looking for her is not good news, you decided to man the fuck up for her sake
  24. H-hell no; One, I don’t know here she’s now; the fucking school is almost empty you know? And two I wouldn’t risk her to be exposed to an angry violent batshit banshee like you!!
  25. >Way to fuck it up Norman. You could see how her eye is twitching a thing you could classify as a smile and her fist shaking. Obviously she’s not happy
  26. >”Such big ford for a pansy like you” She grabs you again and carrying you like a sack of potatoes as she makes her way out of the school “But that wasn’t a request”
  27. >Oh crap, where is she taking you? What’s on her mind? Aw shiet!!
  28. >Panic? Panic? Yeah panic
  30. >Gilda is just carrying you at her motorcycle, as she toss you to the seat and a helmet
  31. >A Harvey Davidson? Classic
  32. Now tell me where do usually Rainbow Dash hang out
  33. >You are feeling the colors of the wind, as well as you could fall any second from the bike
  34. >”Watch out where you are grabbing dweeb!!”
  35. >Sheesh, could you stop saying dweeb for just two seconds?
  36. >And can you blame me? Your driving skills are worse than the average Mario Kart player
  37. >Curioulsy enough you watched where you helped yourself to not fall, it’s her abdomen
  38. >No fat, or chubby, not even soft spots, pure well toned and hard abdomen
  39. >You also noticed her rear is pretty close
  40. “C’mon, give it to her, you know you want it”
  41. >THE FUCK DESCARTES?! She’s not even close to Aryan Beauty
  42. “Son, I am fucking disappointed”
  43. >Go with brad, he puts his in everything that moves
  44. >Much against your desire, you guide Gilda pretty much every place Dash usually hangs out, Sugarcube corner, all the football (Yes, it’s football, not soccer, why? Because fuck you that’s why) fields in the town, the place she usually hangs out with Rarity and the rest of the girls and yet no Rainbow Dash so far.
  45. >You can pretty much tell Gilda patience is running out, not that she have much to begin with
  46. >Gilda parks at the park near the edge of the city, she’s obviously about to give up, not before beating the shit out of you, that’s for sure
  47. >”You are the best friend ever, Pinkie !!” Uh-oh…
  48. >Just the luck… the only park you never expected to find her, the same park she’s having a picnic with the rest of the girls
  49. >You watch at a very far distance, yet you can hear clearly. there they are
  50. >Everyone is gathered around Dash, there is a various delicacies, apple cider, tons and tons of confetti and balloons
  51. >Wait, fuck, today is Rainbow’s birthday, how the hell could you have forgotten that?
  52. >This is obviously a birthday party
  53. >”And now for your present…” Pinkie Pie Is now searching in her…hair? Meh, fuck it is Pinkie
  54. >…From me, to you” you look that she extend something at her
  55. >Dash’s face is just gleaming “Oh…My…gosh…” she just bear hug Pinks who is just laughing cheerfully at the reaction of her friend
  56. >You can tell Pinkie is very close to RD... Maybe too close that way to hug someone is very suspicious
  57. >Out of fear you slip an eye to Gilda… first time in your life you nearly shat yourself
  58. >Gilda is shaking, the face on her is pure rage, the veins on her head is popping out, ready to burst in any minute
  59. >Wait, are those… tears?
  60. >She just runs at the opposite direction where the group is, wait what? That was random…
  61. >It is your free chance to get away, but… damn, those tears were really fucking intriguing
  62. >You finally catched up to her, damn she’s really fast
  64. >She’s punching a tree… wait, not just punching is, it’s shattering it! What the hell?
  66. >Fuck, you never asked for these feels
  67. >As she finally stopped punching the tree, she took out something out from her jacket
  68. >Two seconds later after staring at it she decided to throw it to the ground, stomped on it for a minute or two, and finally spitting on it
  69. >You hear small sobs and hiccups, oh shit, now your feel intensifies
  70. >Her eyes are now fixed on you… Shit… She approaches you quickly and out of breath, her eyes are red, streams of makeup from her eyes are now at her cheeks, she’s still shaking
  71. >“Alcohol” she just says
  72. I..uh…what?
  73. >”Alcohol, bar, pub, cantina, beer, pulque; I don’t care, take me somewhere!! NOW”
  74. >She shoves you, and takes her way to the parked motorcycle
  75. >Your curiosity rises… what was that she had there?
  76. >You quickly search for whatever she just tossed away
  77. >BINGO!
  78. >much to your surprise it was a very cute envelope, light blue color with a label, now stained and ripped apart, what is THAT?
  79. >You ripped the rest of it, finding out, a couple of silver rings with a text engraved on both of them
  80. >”Junior speedsters, Best friends” Ouch…
  81. >You decided to take her at the pub your dad always talk about
  82. >”The daughter of the buffalos” Pub, a very crowded bar, with lots of music, smoking and big shock, alcohol
  83. >Surprised you could even enter, considering you are 17… do you look THAT old?, you wonder
  84. >There you are at the bar
  85. >This is the 5th beer she had; maybe you can make her talk or something
  86. “So… any history of you and Dash?”
  87. >”She was my best friend since the beginning of middle school” Wow, never thought it would be that easy
  88. >”And then in the last year we took different ways, the last year I went to visit her”
  89. >Then you knew about the Gilda-Pinkie conflict last year.
  90. “Oh”
  91. >”Yeah, she choosed her over me… after a year here I am, thinking I can make it up, how stupid huh?”
  92. “So you still think of her as a friend?”
  93. >Gilda slowly nods as she takes a final sip to her beer
  94. >Well this is awkward; you don’t know what to say…
  95. >”HEY YOU” both of you hear a shout behind your back. Looks like a big thug “I recognize that logo” he points out to the back of Gilda’s jacket
  96. >”So?” Gilda is now in the mood, the tone of her voice makes it clear
  97. >”The gryphon, a biker gang well known in these recent years” the brute explains “Been causing trouble for other gangs around the state, for unknown reasons. To knew that her leader would be alone and drinking her with a little queer”
  98. >Hey, fuck you, people may call me racist and shit but no one call me que- Wait wut, she’s the leader?
  99. >”So… your point is?”
  100. >”Well, my pals were crushed by your pathetic group. And we are going to get revenge”
  101. >At least 3 guys stand up from their seats and surround us, Gilda just sighs
  102. >”You choose the worst day to piss me off” Says as she takes her jacket off, she smiles “Because I really need some steam to blow off”
  103. >Holy crap. She’s not completely tan as you suspected, her skin is white, not as much as Aryan beauty but close enough, and yep, as you suspected it from earlier, that tummy is really well toned and those pants are hugging tightly her butt, and holy shit, is that… A THONG?!
  104. >You feel some pressure down there… Why this time out of all?
  105. >Gilda poses herself for battle, fist and all
  106. >It is on!
  108. >Aww yeah, Gilda is kicking ass, Uppercut here, round house kick there, they are out numbering her and yet, they are not match for her
  109. >As a grunt is trying to punch Gilda she takes his arm and twists it in a Lucha Libre move, slamming him in the floor,, not after that a donkey kick in the gut of another who tried to sneak on her
  110. >You see someone who recently stand up from being slammed, taking something from his pocket, it’s a knife, fuck, fuck, fuck, she’s gonna get stabbed, what do you do? What do you do?!
  111. >Smack! Crack!
  112. >Gilda turns her head quickly, just to see that douche just falling unconscious
  113. >She looks at you, having a pool stick broken in your hands. Ready to give some back up, she can’t help but smile
  114. >Trying to remember your kill bill movies and your videogames skills, you swing the pool stick at the rest of the gangs that come after you
  115. >You noticed, what first begun as a little fight between Gilda and the other Gang members was now a battle royale in the entire bar
  116. >Bottles of beer flying around, dudes getting smacked around, chicks robbing money, it’s a complete chaos
  117. >You feel the adrenaline rushing in your body, as you hit one after another guys charging at you, Aww yeah, you feel invincible
  118. >Like a 20 minutes later
  119. >Finally, most of those douches are now unconscious, and the ones who aren’t are looking at both of you, Gilda stares daggers at them
  120. >”The hell are you punks looking at?! This ain’t a show, GET BENT!
  121. >And no one ate dinner that night
  122. >”Oww, it Hurts!” complained Gilda
  123. “Well duh, you were hit and mauled like crazy out there”
  124. >Both of you are now at the gazer in one of the highroads, as you are slowly putting bandages on Gilda’s face.
  125. “Thanks for patching me up too”
  126. >”Well, I guess you are not that bad for a racist dweeb”
  127. >Hey... God dammit, they will never drop the subject will they?
  128. >”Also thanks for softening those s-holes for me”
  129. >At first she’s laughing her lungs out, but her grin as fast as it appeared; it changed to a sad curve on her lips
  130. >”Is this the kind of shit why I was never to win Dash over, and with all the time it passed, maybe she already forgot about me” Does she mean being overly aggressive? Maybe… She sits at the edge of the gazer, hugging her legs and sinking her head.
  131. >Oh shit, better remember one of twilight’s sappy friendship speeches now
  132. >You sit at her side, both facing the sunset
  133. “Look, maybe a lot of shit happened between you two, but that doesn’t mean it can be fixed”
  134. >She looks at you
  135. “Besides, true friends accept the others with their ups and downs, for example, Brad is a total douche, but even he has his good moments. same thing with my bro, Nolan. I’m pretty sure if you come clean and honest, she will give you another chance, and everyone deserves one at least. “
  136. >Wow that sounded so preachy and corny, even for you. Gilda however, just gives a weak smile
  137. >“Thanks kid, even if you didn’t mean it” You give her back the rings she tossed early, a surprised look is on her face, turns to you, only to watch you best grin/thumbs up combo you could ever do.
  138. >”THERE YOU ARE!!”
  139. >Both of you look behind. It’s light blue, you can’t tell if she’s really worried or really pissed
  140. >”Gilda, what the fuck happened to you?!” maybe both”I knew I saw you at the park but then you disappeared, and now you are now beat up and patched”
  141. >Gilda just hugs herself and avoids looking directly at Rainbow
  142. >”Is it because you saw me with my other friends?!” bull’s-eye Dash, “For the love of… just drop it Gilda, I am allowed to have more friends than you!”
  143. >Gilda just snapped
  144. >”Yeah?! Then why the fuck are you even here, you should be more happy with that obnoxious pink girl. Why don’t you go again with her, she’s better than Gilda, right? GO ON, Abandon me again like you did last year, you double faced mother…
  145. SLAP!!
  146. >A very well placed slap en her cheek was enough to shut Gilda up
  147. >”Stop, don’t diss my friends anymore”
  148. >”Do you even know why am so angry at her?” angry tears are now flowing again “Last year she never left us alone, even the first time I told her I wanted some time with my old pal, and even you kept encouraging her, the only thing I ever wanted was to be again with you, like the old times”
  149. >Dash’ expression softened, looks like she never heard of that part of the story
  150. >”When you chose her over me, I felt betrayed and angry” Tears start flowing in her cheeks, hard to see a strong girl like her just break like that “Yet here I am, thinking I could patch up things with you, apologize and be friends again”
  151. >Gilda open her hands, revealing the engraved rings, Rainbow noticed them immediately, while her eyes are watering.
  152. >”Gilda, you moron” Blue fast just embraces Gilda as hard as she can “I should apologize too I was too angry at you, I never let you explain anything how can I declare myself loyal to my friends if I could never give them a fair chance “
  153. >Both of them are now crying and sobbing, saying I am sorry over and over again Looks like your job here (if you can call it that) is over
  154. >You decide to leave them alone
  155. >As you walk down the road you remember… your house is in the other side of the city
  156. >Well shit…
  157. >The next day, after school
  158. >You walk over the parking lot in your way to the sugarcube corner
  159. >”HEY, DWEEB!”
  160. >Only one person still thinks dweeb is a cool word
  162. >You turn your head to see Gilda just waving her hand and smiling, in her motorcycle.
  163. “Sup Gilda, you okay?”
  164. >You received a hard punch in your arm
  165. “Oww, what the fuck was that for?!”
  166. >“You left without saying, I was never able to thank you, idiot” Well, at least she’s back to normal
  167. “Well it was nothing”
  168. “So, you decided to stay here for some time,huh”
  169. >Gilda nods, after making things up with Dash, she decided to stay some time here in the city
  170. >”Well gotta go, oh and by the way” She violently grabs your chin, forcing her to look at her eyes “That stare from yesterday”
  171. “Wh-What?!”
  172. >”Don’t play dumb, you kept looking at my ass, don’t you?” Your faces are really, REALLY close as your face turns red.
  173. “y-you too”
  174. >Fuck… Gilda just laughs “Sheesh how beta are you, dweeb”
  175. >”If you want a proper thanks, give me a call” She gives you a piece of paper, after that she just starts up her ride, and go to god knows where…
  176. >you could only look at that piece of paper, with some numbers and a yellow kiss mark in it…
  177. >Wait, did she just offered…?
  178. Fin?
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