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  1. Name: Cross
  3. Age: Mid 40's
  5. Race: Dragon
  7. Alignment: Lawful good
  9. Gender: Male
  11. Height: 6' 8"
  13. Weight: 249 lbs
  15. Family: Grandmother: Dark
  16.         Mother: Kendra
  17.         Father: none
  18.         Children: Chizu, Naekoh, Ayanna
  19.         Wife: None
  21. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  22. Abilities: Gravity manipulation, Planet Harness, Lightning stasis
  24. Armor: None
  26. Abilities cont.': Cross's gravity manipulation allows him to control the weight Of most objects. This makes it nearly impossible for physical projectiles such as bullets, kunai, Arrows, Etc. to get anywhere near Cross. Manipulation does not limit Cross to only weight change. Cross can well up gravity within any part of his own body to power up jumps, punches kicks and dashes. an initial pulse is not enough to kill instantly but are usually powerful enough to break bones and lacerate organs. Includes Expanding pulse, pulse bullets etc.
  29. Planet Harness: This gives cross the temporary ability to harness a small amount of power used from other planets. Though he cannot do this often (2 planets per match) He can't use two at the same time. Though it takes a lot of energy to use Cross only uses this in emergencies
  31. Physical body: Has a very thick bone and muscle structure, This allows him to Weigh himself down when needed and take little to no self bodily harm
  33. Weapons: Raitoningu ha (lightning blade) This sword Carries massive charges of electricity, This uses An amplification of Cross’s Lightning ability to create large charges and waves of lightning
  35. Simple Katana: Cross likes to carry abound a simple katana just in case. Even though it has no special abilities it can still be something highly dangerous in his hands
  37. Pulsum ensis (Vibrations blade): This blade has the ability to amplify Cross's Pulses when held. The blade amplifies to such an extent that when concentrated hard enough it can vibrate through molecuels and pass through Objects. Though while in this state it can't cause any harm, when released from this state it can release large pulses blowing up objects and people from the inside. It can also fire pulse waves when slashed. Similar to the pulses from Cross's punches and kicks these are given the form of a wave allowing them to cut through objects with ease. Multiple strikes on enemy armor can cause the armor and enemy weapons to break more easilly
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