Chapter 26 of Shieldbro and Tanuki, now with more Daughteru

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  1. Are you guys ready for More Healing?
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  5. Firo
  7. The next morning. Raphtalia overslept due to staying up late last night. I groaned with the magic book in one hand.
  8. Eh? I was brewing medical herbs into medicine.
  9. While I prepare to leave and regain some time from oversleeping.
  11. "Ah, it's hatching."(Naofumi)
  13. I left the egg by a window in the room. Raphtalia noticed that the egg which I bought yesterday started to crack.
  15. A fluffy wing with feathers could be seen peeking out from the gaps.
  16. It's trying really hard to be born.
  18. "Okay."(Naofumi)
  20. I'm interested in what's going to hatch from the egg.
  21. I watched the egg as more cracks appear.
  22. The cracks noisily spread with a PikiPiki sound, the face of a baby demon emerged from the egg.
  24. "Pii!"(Fledgling)
  26. With soft, fluffy feathers and eyes of a demon the pink fledgling looked at me with a piece of shell on it's head.
  28. "Pii!"(Fledgling)
  30. It jumped cheerfully and collided with my face.
  31. It wasn't painful at all, and the demon seems to be very energetic despite just being born.
  32. Although I don't know the race, it seems the physical condition is good and it will grow up well if it's properly taken care of.
  34. "What kind of demon is this? Is this thing from the Pikyu bird race?(Naofumi)
  36. Pikyu is a demon that's similar to a condor that cannot fly high due to being deformed.
  37. I observed the newborn chick's body.
  38. The body seems more agile than the balloons and I can expect it to attack when it grows up due to it's beak.
  40. "Hmm... Well I am not familiar with demons."(Raphtalia)
  42. Raphtalia answers with an embarrassed face.
  44. "It can't be helped. Should we go ask some villagers?"(Naofumi)
  46. Because this is a purchased demon, it shouldn't be dangerous to bring around. If there is any trouble, it will obey my commands.
  47. When I extend my hand to the demon chick, it runs up my hand onto my shoulder and jumps on top of my head to settle down.
  49. "Piiii"(Fledgling)
  51. *SuriSuri* slipping from my head to my cheeks
  52. This is... really cute.
  54. "Fufu, Naofumi-Sama It must think of you as it's father."(Raphtalia)
  55. "Oh, it's probably due to imprinting."(Naofumi)
  57. It might be registered beforehand because the one who moved it first was me, so it must have assumed I am it's parent.
  58. When I picked up the egg shards, my shield reacted.
  59. It might informed me what demon this is if I absorb a fragment of the egg.
  60. Therefore, I let the shield absorb a fragment.
  62. Requirement for Demon Trainer Shield have been revealed.
  63. Requirement for Demon Egg Shield have been revealed.
  65. Demon Trainer Shield
  66. Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Demon Growth Correction (Small)
  68. Demon Egg Shield
  69. Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Cooking Skill +2
  71. ...A shield I wasn't expecting came out. I'll change it into Demon Trainer Shield from Slave Trainer 2 Shield because it seems more convenient.
  73. "Did you discover something?"(Raphtalia)
  74. "No,but a shield I wasn't expecting came out though."(Naofumi)
  76. What kind of demon is this young chick? Hopefully the guys from the village will know.
  77. I thought about where to Level Up today while walking through the village that's in the middle of reconstruction.
  78. Maybe we could go to the bog area near the western part of the village? I also want to search for a suitable enemy near the North-west mountains.
  79. I saw a villager that I recognized.
  81. "Ah, Hero of the Shield-sama."(Villager)
  82. "Good morning."(Naofumi?)
  83. "Good morning."(Raphtalia?)
  85. This was where I was defending last week during the wave, it seems there's a lot of familiar faces here reconstructing the villager.
  87. "Good morning."(Villager?)
  89. He bowed his head very deeply. I'm feeling a little embarrassed
  91. "Pi!"(Fledgling)
  93. The chick on my head chirps rather cheerfully.
  95. "Oya?"(Villager)
  97. The villager looked at the chick on my head.
  99. "What's wrong?"(Naofumi)
  101. I pointed at the chick on my head.
  103. "I bought an egg from a demon dealer."(Naofumi)
  104. "Aah, I see."(Villager)
  105. "However, I don't know which demon I bought. Do you guys know what kind of demon this is?"(Naofumi)
  107. The villagers stared intently at the chick.
  109. "Let's see...... Do you think that is a Philorial?"(Villager)
  110. "Eh? The birds who pull carriages?"(Naofumi)
  112. It would seem I made a little more than the money I paid...... Well, only if what the villagers say is true.
  114. "Yeah, you can go see check with the ranch near the outskirts of the village."(Villager)
  115. "Then I'm going to go see."(Naofumi)
  117. We arrived at the house of the fellow who is managing the ranch.
  118. The ranch seems have been damaged during the wave, half the bred demons were killed.
  120. "In short, Is this demon a Philorial?"(Naofumi)
  122. The ranch man nods when I ask.
  124. "Let's see. This is a female Philorial."(Ranch man)
  126. The young chick sits still while the ranch man appraises her.
  128. "This breed of the Philo Aria Philorial species is good, however unless she pulls a cart she'll be restless."(Ranch man)
  129. "......What kind of creature is that."(Naofumi)
  130. "Is there something strange?"(Ranch man)
  132. Oh, It's not strange if you're born in this world.
  134. Hmm......I wonder if to these birds the carts are treated as their nest that protects their eggs.
  136. "Well, at least I didn't lose any money."(Naofumi)
  138. This isn't bad, when she matures, she'll go for at least 200 silver coins. Quite a good deal for 100 Silvers.
  139. Though, I don't know how much time and money she will need before maturity.
  141. "Pi!"(Fledgling)
  143. The young Philorial chirps on my head.
  145. "What does this fellow eat?"(Naofumi)
  146. "In the beginning something soft, like boiled beans. After she matures anything is fine."(Ranch man)
  147. "I see, Thanks."(Naofumi)
  149. I'm surprised I can bow and say thanks this easily.
  150. For now I should looked for boiled beans inside the village.
  152. "Well, What should we name her?"(Raphtalia)
  154. Raphtalia asked me while stroking the chick.
  156. "You're going to name a pet which may be sold?"(Naofumi)
  158. Well, you will be attached the moment a name is given, and when it is time to sell, you won't be able to.
  160. "Do I call this Philorial chick all the time?"(Raphtalia)
  161. "Mu......"(Naofumi)
  163. This is surely troublesome.
  165. "Then..... let's call you Firo."(Naofumi)
  166. "...... So cheap."(Raphtalia)
  167. "Shut up."(Naofumi)
  168. "Pi!"(Firo)
  170. The young chick chirped cheerfully when she understood she was named.
  171. After we had breakfast we head out to hunt with Firo.
  173. "Where should we go today?"(Raphtalia?)
  174. "Pii?"(Firo)
  175. "Let's see...... A place we can walk to safely."(Naofumi)
  176. "Okay"(Raphtalia)
  178. Raphtalia is very reliable. Fights were very easy compared to before.
  179. Firo is happily chirping on my head.
  180. It is noisy, but very comfortable.
  182. When evening approached I noticed some strange sounds.
  183. There were a lot of unexpected encounters with demons, but they were defeated easily.
  184. It was probably due to the brand-new weapons and armor. I could defeat enemies coming from the front.
  185. Today's results are.
  187. Me Lvl 23
  188. Raphtalia Lvl 27
  189. Firo Lvl 12
  191. Though I hardly fought, I got enough experience for a level, while Firo's Level soared.
  192. This is good. For young Demi-humans I heard the body grows rapidly when levelling up, it seems demons are the same.
  193. But......I wondered.....
  194. Firo's appearance changed considerably.
  195. Before, Firo was a small chick that could be held with both hands, but now she's big and grown up.
  196. Well...... Her figure seems to resemble a steamed bun.
  197. And her feathers grew lighter, the color changed from pink to light pink.
  198. I stroke the wings slowly for feathers.
  200. Requirement for Demon Trainer Shield 2 have been released.
  202. Demon Trainer Shield 2
  203. Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Demon Status Correction (Small)
  205. Still, I noticed Firo's growth when I didn't even notice Raphtalia's.
  207. "Piyo"(Firo)
  209. She changed her chirp and is beginning to walk on her own with a pitter-patter, because she's heavy.
  210. Guuuu......
  211. There's an unpleasant premonition from Firo who is constantly chirping.
  212. Though I bought a little too much feed, it seems grass on the roadside is already a suitable substitution.
  213. Her appetite is unending......This was the proof of her rapid growth.
  215. "Umm...Naofumi-sama..."(Raphtalia)
  216. "I understand. Demons are amazing."(Naofumi)
  218. To grow so much in one day...It's only a matter of time before she can be rode.
  219. Though her body is strong, it's a little scary that her mind will be immature.
  220. Therefore I performed a considerably severe limitation.
  221. I returned to the hotel and showed the storekeeper Firo and asked where I can put her.
  222. Afterwards, we were guided to the stable of the hotel and substituted straw for a nest.
  224. "Hm? The meat and bone of the Chimera are put here."(Naofumi)
  226. It seems this place hasn't been corrupted yet so the materials will rot slower.
  228. "For the time being, I am waiting for it to soften so it will be easier to process."(Villager)
  229. "Eh....."(Naofumi)
  231. It isn't for food, does that make it easier to process and handle?
  233. "After that, I'll make dried meat and look for buyers.I am still looking forward to selling them. It seems a few mages are coming."(Villager)
  234. "That's good."(Naofumi)
  236. Because it was quite a big chimera, there seems to be a lot of stock. It's probably around 2 cows.
  237. It is inedible, but there are many who still want to research it.
  238. This will be a place to acquire it.
  240. "Piyo"(Firo)
  242. Guu......
  243. Are you still hungry?
  244. Though I got additional feed in the village and fed her, it still doesn't seem to be enough.
  245. Where does it all go?
  246. Biki ...... BikiBiki ......
  247. Is that the sound of meat and bones creaking? You're still growing up?
  249. "To grow up so much in one day...... That's pretty unreasonable"
  251. The shopkeeper watches my face anxiously.
  253. "She is still Lvl 12."(Naofumi)
  254. "Eh? 12?"(Villager)
  256. The storekeeper is surprised at my answer.
  258. "I think It is necessary to be around 20 and needs a few days to grow up but as expected of the power of a Hero-sama"(Villager)
  260. Hmm... There is the possibility of Demon Growth Correction (Small) having an influence.
  261. It changes every time I check her status. What growth.
  262. I still can't send her to battle yet.
  264. "Piyo"(Firo)
  266. Firo who is growing up quickly and healthily chirps.
  267. After I petted Firo to confirm if she's asleep, I head back to Raphtalia and my room. I study this world's letters afterwards.
  268. The problem is that there are too many letters in this language.
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