#ConLeaks — Foxigon

Aug 30th, 2016
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  1. [02/01/2015, 4:18:04 AM] Ian Cheong: roguestar is probably going to jail in the near future for filing a bunch of false reports about child pornography
  2. [02/01/2015, 4:18:11 AM] Athena Hollow: god i fuckin hope
  3. [02/01/2015, 4:18:16 AM] Remy: That would make my day
  4. [02/01/2015, 4:18:23 AM] Rob: Hey stephen
  5. [02/01/2015, 4:18:34 AM] Remy: I've said it before and I'll say it again, I want a picture of Slade Villena in handcuffs as my wallpaper
  6. [02/01/2015, 4:18:36 AM] Rob: Isn’t there a DoD regulation against appearing in uniform and making political statements?
  7. [02/01/2015, 4:18:52 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Yes. Foxigon could be nailed for that, too
  8. [02/01/2015, 4:18:55 AM] Rob: I ask b/c IIRC there’s an active duty person who’s done that.
  9. [02/01/2015, 4:18:57 AM] Randi Harper: i would be shocked.
  10. [02/01/2015, 4:19:02 AM] Remy: He's no longer Active duty so unless he's actively registered in the Ready Reserves he really doesn't fall under a lot of the usual DoD stuff
  11. [02/01/2015, 4:19:09 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Ah
  12. [02/01/2015, 4:19:09 AM] Randi Harper: given how much politicians use their former military careers.
  13. [02/01/2015, 4:19:17 AM] Rob: Randi, I mean if you’re active duty.
  14. [02/01/2015, 4:19:27 AM] Remy: And as for Foxigon's tweets with him holding up picture of his purple heart while in uniform
  15. [02/01/2015, 4:19:30 AM] Remy: <_<
  16. [02/01/2015, 4:19:36 AM] Rob: I remember my friend in the Navy being really careful making YT videos, even out of uniforms.
  17. [02/01/2015, 4:19:41 AM] Rob: Yeah, is Foxigon still active duty?
  18. [02/01/2015, 4:19:45 AM] Remy: I may have already e-mailed the Army's public relations desk with copies of that months ago when he originally did it
  19. [02/01/2015, 4:19:48 AM] Rob: That’s who I was thinking of.
  20. [02/01/2015, 4:19:51 AM] Remy: So far no results and by now he's deleted his entire timeline
  21. [02/01/2015, 4:19:59 AM] Remy: And I wrote those e-mails before I was archiving shit
  22. [02/01/2015, 4:20:09 AM] Rob: It could be they reprimanded him and told him to take it down, possibly.
  23. [02/01/2015, 4:20:29 AM] Remy: Foxigon had a temporary change of heart and deleted every single one of his pro-GG tweets, but I think he jumped back on the bandwagon
  24. [02/01/2015, 4:20:32 AM] Rob: And I know military personnel have much more restricted 1st Amendment rights
  25. [02/01/2015, 4:20:33 AM] Ian Cheong: That would explain the abruptness of leaving GG and deleting all his gamergate posts.
  26. [02/01/2015, 4:20:45 AM] Remy: I had considered it, yes
  27. [02/01/2015, 4:20:54 AM] Remy: But I'm not even sure if Foxigon is AD or discharged
  28. [02/01/2015, 4:21:00 AM] Rob: There was a SCOTUS case about an off duty officer who showed up at a rally to impeach Nixon and was punished for it.
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