[Dragon Anon] Anun teh Spyro: Ch 1.

Mar 18th, 2015
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  1. >Well, you could think of more boring ways to spend the rest of your life, that's for sure.
  2. >But still, you never, ever, in your entire existence would have expected this chain of events to ever occur.
  3. >At least you get to lay on some damn soft bed cushions for your troubles.
  4. >You release a low hum as you lie relaxed, resting above sleep in your new place of tranquility.
  5. >A sigh escapes your maw, with tiny static-like embers that evaporate before they could do any damage to your pillow.
  6. >The sound of a door creaking opened alerts you to the arrival of someone or something new.
  7. >Lazily, you kick at your covering, turning over to avoid the light that is now pouring in from the outside world.
  8. >You regret your decision, as if uplifted from a banshee's veil, the light of the sun pours in through a now open window, its rays no longer blocked off by the curtains pulled over the night prior.
  9. >You give a quiet scream as you writhe in agony at the onslaught of dawn, your lids doing nothing to protect you from it.
  10. >You hiss as you bring your arms up to shield them, turning back over, preferring your last position, though, now your back is exposed to both the light and the heat of day.
  11. >"Oh please, try not to be so dramatic." chimes a melodic voice.
  12. >"Rise and shine, Anonymous."
  13. >It carries both warmth and serenity in its chords, though you're not so easily swayed by the alluring vocals of this mare's breath.
  14. >Not like the first time.
  15. >That's what got you into this mess in the first place.
  16. >You grunt, pulling up the covers back over you and curling up in a ball underneath, trying to hide your face from any light by pressing yourself as inward as possible.
  17. >You feel a tugging sensation, the sheets that drape you attempting to pull themselves from your person.
  18. >You snort, grabbing a handful of cloth where you can, tightening your grip and holding firm.
  19. >The interloper sighs, and withdraws from their efforts.
  21. >You smile, victory achieved, and relax your hold upon the sheets.
  22. >And in a quick motion, they are yanked away, sending you barreling out of your makeshift cot on an already existing bed.
  23. >You hit the ground with a thud.
  24. >You give a pained groan as you attempt to adjust to the hard marble floors with no such success.
  25. >You hear them chuckling at your expense, "Come now, you can't simply waste the entire day sleeping away, when there is much to do now, can you?".
  26. >You snort again, rising up to your fours and stretching out your back, a few joins popping out in your effort.
  27. >You crane your neck a bit, flexing your back muscles.
  28. >Your new wings getting life to them, unfolding themselves from your sides and extending outwards as you give your body a shake.
  29. >Your tail sweeps low on the ground, whipping side to side as you attempt to awaken your new, alien limbs.
  30. >You then get up to your hind legs and walk to a corner of the room, dragging the sheets along with you, where you proceed to curl up once more, using part of the sheet as a makeshift under layer.
  31. >"Oho, ignoring me, are you? Well, that isn't going to work this time."
  32. >You hear the telltale chime of magic being being used and reflexively bit into the sheets.
  33. >Nevertheless, this does not stop you drone becoming weightless, your body rising from the ground of its own accord.
  34. >"You have your duties to uphold, and a contract to fulfill. It was your wish after all, and you will do well to live by your word in the agreement."
  35. >The voice sounds stern now, and you feel your body turn to face the direction of the owner.
  36. >You stare into the upside down face of the alabaster white alicorn before, cloth hanging in your clasped maw, with a look of contempt, which she returns with her own.
  37. >She squints a glare into your eyes, and in response you fold your arms, huffing a plume of smoke into her face and turning your head away, releasing the sheet.
  39. >She sputters for a moment coughing at the fumes then sighs.
  40. >"Listen, Anonymous, I know you love your mornings, but we all have our jobs to do. I have to get up and raise the sun every morning, as well as hold day court, assign roles, polish and review new castle servants, accompany dignitaries..."
  41. >Bla bla bla, you tune her out, you've heard her go on this spiel a hundred times the past week.
  42. >Sure, it worked on you the first few times, but now its just nagging to you.
  43. >You'd rather go pack to bed, you can do house dragon things when in the afternoon.
  44. >Or night time, if you could.
  45. >Oh, yes, by the way, you're a dragon now.
  46. >Now, because you weren't always a dragon.
  47. >Your name wasn't always Anonymous either, but that's the name you chose to go by since you've gotten here.
  48. >You don't want your own name to go around once you inevitably receive your draconian title, "The Small".
  49. >Yeah, that's right, small as in short, tiny, half pint, more synonymous meanings and related terms, by dragon standards at least.
  50. >When you accepted this "contract" Celestia approached to you when you made your "wish", you were thinking 'fuck yeah, I get to be a great fiery beast, soaring through the skies and built for crushing buildings with no fucks to give.'
  51. >Well, you definitely don't have any fucks to give.
  52. >Except for, well, your size of course.
  53. >Apparently, dragons don't age the same way as humans do.
  54. >Or at least, they do, but their growth rate leaves a lot to be desired, being spurred into a speedy increase only if a certain event or set of happenings were to be set on course.
  55. >But you're not so much greedy as you are lazy, so you don't think you're gonna be life hacking your way into the massive dragon lifestyle.
  56. >From perspective, you only come to about half the height of this mare attempting to scold you into submission, as if.
  57. >You barely come up to the height of a regular sized pony mare.
  58. >And that does not leave Anon a happy dragon.
  60. >You think you might understand how Spyro must have felt, being about the only dragon his size in the entire... tribe?
  61. >And speaking of Spyro, let's talk about your flames.
  62. >"Anonymous are you listening to me?"
  63. >Or not.
  64. "No."
  65. >She groans.
  66. >She opens her mouth to say something more and you prepare for another speech, but she is interrupted by a soft rapping at the door.
  67. >You both turn to face the source of the noise and behold an exhausted, frazzle maned, sleep looking Princess Luna.
  68. >She rubs her eyes with a hoof before she speaks, starting with a yawn.
  69. >"Dear sister, I can hear you prattling on through the door to my room opposite. Pray tell, what be the problem here that withholds me from my much need slumber."
  70. >She steps groggily into the room, observing the sight of a less than calm Celestia with horn aglow, and an inverted little dragon floating in the air surround by an aura of the same color.
  71. >"No, Luna. My apologies for keeping you awake, I am just having a bit of trouble getting Anonymous to cooperate."
  72. >"This much you do every morning? Has it so soon become ritual?" Luna asks, coming closer to the two of you.
  73. >Before Celestia can reply, Luna grabs you from within her sister's telekinetic hold, and pulls you close to her.
  74. >"You should take care to be more gentle with him, Sister, he did arrive in a form quite fragile did he not?" she says, petting you under her embrace.
  75. >You might protest, but you melt under the massaging press of her hooves against you, your tongue poking out of your mouth.
  76. >She begins to cuddle herself to you, easily avoiding your horns, the soft navy blue of her face fur brushing against your smooth-ish dark emerald green scales, earning from you content moan.
  77. >"Oh, I cannot understand why you cannot get along, dear sister. He is just so adorable." Luna coos.
  78. >Celestia looks at the display with an unamused expression.
  79. >You look to her and blow a raspberry.
  80. >Sunbutt b jelly.
  82. >A bit of her mane, which seems to mimic her lack of energy in laying normal against her hair rather than ever flowing on a non-existent wind as usual, finds its way it front of your nose.
  83. >The constant wiggling of the follicles as her head moves causes you to sneeze.
  84. >"Bless you" Luna says.
  85. "Thanks."
  86. >You lay back against her as she continues to snuggle you deeply.
  87. >"I'm not denying that he is cute," Celestia sighs, a smile slowly making its way onto her features, "but I believe you may coddle him too much. It is as if you're trying to win his favor over me."
  88. >"What are you talking about, I have done nothing of the sort.", Luna retorts, looking up to her sister while absentmindedly draping a wing around you.
  89. >Not that you mind, you could stay like this all day, blanketed in her warmth.
  90. >You feel sleep creeping up on you again, and you sigh, relaxing upon her and closing your eyes to let it take you.
  91. >Celestia raises a brow looking at you, and Luna laughs nervously in response.
  92. >"Y-yes, well. Ahem."
  93. >Luna raises up from the ground, and unwrapping you.
  94. >You whine as she stands back to her full height, leaving you lying on the cold marble floor.
  95. >"I'm sorry little one, but my sister is quite right, I may have treated you too well since your being here. Your ties are not with just one, but both of us."
  96. >You huff, stupid Sunbutt.
  97. >"I suppose I shall now retire, then, I do have much sleep to catch if I am to raise the moon later. And you, Anon, I want you to behave yourself in the presence of my elder sibling, she deserves just as much if not more respect than you give to me."
  98. >You fold your arms.
  99. >Luna seems reluctant to leave you two alone together as you turn to scowl at the solar deity.
  100. >"Anon?" Celestia looks to her sister, who gives her a sheepish smile as she makes herself scarce.
  101. >She shakes her head.
  102. >You roll your eyes and drop your arms.
  103. >You're already up now, so you suppose you can stop being an ass for a few hours, if only to get this over with.
  105. >Maybe if you make nice with Sunhorse here, you could get more warm n cozy cuddles from Moonbutt.
  106. "Okay sun h- I mean Princess Celestia." You put emphasis on Princess, "What task do you have for me this morning."
  107. >You sit up and scratch your back with a free claw, then begin to pick at your ear with the same.
  108. >In the reverse order.
  109. >Celestia tries to hide her disgust, and does well so.
  110. >You suppose you should treat her a bit better. She does let you sleep on her bed after all.
  111. >But that's not gonna stop you from messing with her from time to time.
  112. >She is the reason you are this small, or at least, she neglected to tell you the full details of your transition.
  113. >She sighs again, "I was simply going to ask you to deliver a few letters and things to a former student of mine who would be quite delighted as well as excited to meet you, surprised as well as she is yet aware of your presence." she says as she levitates a small bag into view..
  114. >You walk back into the corner and grab the sheets, folding them up as you bring them back to the bed.
  115. >"You remember me having mentioned to you about her before, correct?"
  116. "Um, yeah."
  117. >You remember her telling you about them over dinner one time.
  118. >You were both joined by Luna where the three if you sat alone in the dining hall, Luna's meal consisting of a form of breakfast, they both regaled you of Marmite Sprinkle or something and her friends and fellow representatives of the filaments of armory, and her own little house drake that she hatched herself.
  119. >Didn’t know ponies laid eggs, though, let alone dragon eggs, but you wouldn’t be surprised, considering you’re now a fukkin dragon yourself.
  120. “Sure.”
  121. >Your memory of that was quite vague, you were too busy stuffing your face full of gems and meet in random combinations.
  122. >Your new body brings to you an interesting pallet in reference to precious stones, which you learned are not as precious to Equestria as anywhere on earth outside of being a fashion statement.
  124. >Even here, where jewels are a common, and in some cases like yours a delicacy, they are still marketable in the world of fashion.
  125. >You thought about commenting on the strangeness, but again, your mouth was full.
  126. >You plop the folded fabric onto the bed and begin to tidy it up.
  127. >"Yes, well, you've been asleep for so long, I had to go ahead and send the letters anyway."
  128. "Well if you could send em yourself, then why do you need me to carry em?"
  129. >"Well, you see, only the letters and smaller often paper-make items could be transported through our method safely."
  130. >She brings the bag back into view, "There are still these here that need to be taken."
  131. >As you finish setting the bed, she plops the bag near you.
  132. >It make a jingling sound as hits the ground, making you think of those "bits" she showed to you as currency.
  133. >With that thought comparison, you come to the conclusion this might be a sort of gift or stipend.
  134. >Maybe whatever she uses might be too small or inflexible to send or receive it? Or maybe bits are to solid.
  135. >Fuck if you know, you can’t into magic.
  136. >Or can you?
  137. >You grab the bag, lift it, then drop it back down.
  138. >It’s not light, but not heavy either.
  139. >You guess it is bits then.
  140. >You scratch your head.
  141. "Mmm... I'm still a bit tired. Let me just catch myself here for a bit."
  142. >You sit next to the bag of bits and lean against the bed frame.
  143. >Celestial sighs again, "You know, all this time you've been asleep, you did miss breakfast. Perhaps you-"
  144. >You're already at the door.
  145. "Food? Why didn't you say so, I'm starvin'!"
  146. >She chuckles, "Probably should have started out with that."
  147. >Some time later, you're lying back in a heap in a chair, your stomach extended from stuffing yourself.
  148. >You burp up charred bits of turquoise and opal, falling out like dust onto your chest.
  149. >Living under royalty has its perks, you get to pig out, even if you miss breakfast.
  152. >Celestia watches you pick at your teeth with a patient smile.
  153. >"Are you quite done, Anonymous?" she asks.
  154. >You click your teeth before answering.
  155. "Yep. I am *bluh* full."
  156. >She shakes her head, "You know, it is a bad idea to be stuffing yourself, mere moments before taking a flight. Especially when carrying extra weight. Even more so when, to my understanding, you are very much new to the whole thing."
  157. >You continue picking at your teeth with a claw, your wings twitching at your side at the mention of flying.
  158. "Eh, I'll live."
  159. >She raises a brow, "Are you sure you can handle that much?"
  160. >You wave a claw at her.
  161. "Yeah sure I can. I've been testing out these babies from day one, whenever I got the chance." you say, flexing them about.
  162. "It may have only been about 10 days, but I think I got it down right. Plus I'm pretty fast with this... frame you so generously blessed me with."
  163. >She rolls her eyes now, "Now I've already told you many times, I could turn you into a dragon, but to affect the natural order of the body's generation could have a detrimental effect on your mind. You might lose control or your sense of self."
  164. "And I told you that sounds like a bullshit excuse for keeping me as your little house pet."
  165. >"You are not a... Pet, you are to be-"
  166. "Pet, slave, carrier pigeon, whatever."
  167. >You wave a claw at her again.
  168. >Successfully rustled.
  169. >She, starts to laugh albeit halfheartedly.
  170. >"You're lucky I have a sense of humor. Still though, I haven't actually watched you take flight past your first. Being able to take chance from a mountain height may be well and good for practice, which I advised against, but I'm still a bit curious of your ability to work as you are now."
  171. "Are you saying if I'm too full to fly I can go back to sleep?"
  172. >"Not exac-"
  173. "Well don't worry about it I got this. You want me to carry your shit for you right?"
  174. >She doesn't even blink at your swearing.
  177. >Lot of the ponies you've met around here are real stiff about it, but the princesses and their guards don't mind at all.
  178. >Then again, most of the guards here are stiff in a literal sense.
  179. >You wonder if they even breathe.
  180. >She sighs once again, "Fine, you may take a short nap, but after you awake, you know what to do."
  181. >You get up from the chair and nod, groggily making your way to the hallway and then back to the room.
  182. >That was too easy.
  183. >A quick nap later, and you're standing at the edge of Celestia's balcony, stretching out your wings again as you prepare to take flight.
  184. "So it's just down there with those patches if houses and that huge glass tree thing right?"
  185. >You point to the giant wtf crystal structure you’ve seen off in the distance.
  186. >The bag of bits is secured to your side with a rope tied around your midsection, hanging half-loosely.
  187. >Celestial stands behind you with a look of concern on her face.
  188. >"Perhaps I should fetch you a saddlebag before sending you off. Wait here a moment."
  189. >She begins to turn when you suddenly jump off.
  190. >"Anonymous!” peers over the edge at you.
  191. >”Careful with those, they are..." her voice trails off, barely making it through the barrier of wind that engulfs you as you free fall along the side of the mountain.
  192. >You spin around quick and give her a wink that she obviously can't see, but it’s the thought that counts.
  193. >You smiled wildly as the adrenaline begins to flow in your body as the velocity of your nosedive increases.
  194. >You love this part.
  195. >Tilting slightly upward, concentrating your weight, your descent takes a diagonal.
  196. >As the ground comes over closer, you flare your quickly and with a jerking motion, as you tilt all the way, the force goes into reverse, propelling you upward into the sky.
  197. >You quickly soar back up, shooting through a cloud.
  198. "Woohooooh!"
  199. >You begin to peak, and as you begin to fall again, you give your wings a flap.
  200. >Extend them fully, soaring on in a cruise.
  201. >Damn, this feels good.
  204. >This is the only reason you ever really got up in the morning willingly, and one of the only things you like about having this small frame.
  205. >Usually she’d have you just glide across towers and the town proper when carrying things around, or what you’d been doing so far anyway.
  206. >After that, you just climbed the tallest spire of the castle and hop off the roof.
  207. >The first time you attempted that, you had a lingering doubt, but that feeling faded quickly as the natural instincts of this new form started to kick in, and that fear quickly grew into an obsession.
  208. >This must be what be the thing thrill seekers get high off of.
  209. >Your wing tips are cutting streams into the air as you weave about, actually ripping through clouds, separating them like dough, and doing motherfuckin barrel rolls left n right.
  210. >Peppy would be proud.
  211. >You're speeding towards the giant tree thing, and you can already make out the Giant house/building/castle thing amidst the "branches".
  212. >You head right for it.
  213. >You look down to make sure the satchel of bets is still secured to your person.
  214. >The mouth is open a bit, but you don’t think anything's spilled out of it.
  215. >Yeah, you’re pretty sure it’s fine.
  216. >If it comes down to it, you can always just zip back into the castle and then zip down here again, with the mobility allowed to you.
  217. >When you think about it, if you were as ginormous as you'd have liked to be, you probably wouldn't hit this kind of speed if you with that much wind resistance, or the agility to avoid mid air bogies, but then again, you'd be so huge you wouldn't need to give a fuck.
  218. >Your wings would have to carry you such distance in same time, and you'd be to hardy for anything the sky could throw at you.
  219. >Anything that may come barreling your way, just like that blue dot straight ahead, speeding right toward- oh shit mother what the fuck is that!
  220. >You flail about and lean back, flapping your wings in reverse in a vain attempt to slow yourself down.
  223. >You never did get the "braking" part of the high speed flying thing down, you always just came to a skidding stop somewhere in the castle gardens.
  224. >Celestia always scolded you for being careless and nearly hurting yourself, as well as repeatedly tearing trenches through the well maintained area.
  225. >You're about to regret that now as you hair the terrified wails of whatever it is he adding in your direction.
  226. >You can see that the object appears to be a pegasus, who also seems to be having trouble pulling the brakes.
  227. >They suddenly veer a sharp 90 degree to your right, sparing you the trouble of having to pay any airborne vehicular accident insurance fee.
  228. "Phew, that was close. For a sec there I thought it was-"
  229. >Collision.
  230. >You begin to peal off of whatever you just crashed into, opening your eyes to see that you did indeed make it to the castle.
  231. >Up this close, it looks so magnificent.
  232. >A true statement of how much the world cares about the physics and proper standings of world architecture, and nature as a whole.
  233. >Your wings flap flimsily at your side as you try to stop yourself from falling.
  234. >Disoriented, you get them to move with a bit more control, slowing your fall a little.
  235. >Sweet, maybe you can-
  236. >Thud.
  237. >Blackout.
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