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  1. Session Start ( Mon Jun 05 16:39:09 2017 -0400
  2. [4:39 PM] Dusk: Heywro.
  3. [5:31 PM] Hello, Dusk.
  4. [6:20 PM] Dusk: Did I do something?
  5. [6:20 PM] Yes, on Saturday.
  6. [6:21 PM] Dusk: NOW you act like I did something?
  7. [6:21 PM] Dusk: Not after it happened?
  8. [6:21 PM] Dusk: Are you fucking kidding me?
  9. [6:21 PM] Dusk: You had very obvious chances to express your displeasure.
  10. [6:22 PM] Dusk: And I, in fact, assumed you were at least holding back.
  11. [6:22 PM] Dusk: On purpose.
  12. [6:22 PM] Dusk: But apparently not.
  13. [6:23 PM] In what way do you mean?
  14. [6:24 PM] Dusk: If you didn't immediately act like there was an issue.
  15. [6:24 PM] Dusk: And in fact continued talking like there wasn't one.
  16. [6:24 PM] Dusk: What am I supposed to expect?
  17. [6:25 PM] I disconnected.
  18. [6:25 PM] Dusk: [6:22 PM] Dusk: But apparently not.
  19. [6:23 PM] In what way do you mean?
  20. [6:24 PM] Dusk: If you didn't immediately act like there was an issue.
  21. [6:24 PM] Dusk: And in fact continued talking like there wasn't one.
  22. [6:24 PM] Dusk: What am I supposed to expect?
  23. [6:25 PM] I disconnected.
  24. [6:27 PM] I dealt with the problem that came up there.
  25. [6:27 PM] Dusk: But now there's another one?
  26. [6:27 PM] No, there was always more than one.
  27. [6:28 PM] But there wouldn't have been anything to gain by going after it on the spot.
  28. [6:29 PM] Well, I suppose that's not untrue.
  29. [6:29 PM] I could have vindictively pounced.
  30. [6:29 PM] And we would not have had any kind of discussion.
  31. [6:29 PM] And the campaign would probably have ended immediately, and Reg, Soul, and PK would likely have left the resulting discussion.
  32. [6:30 PM] Because it's something they would not have understood or felt comfortable bearing witness to.
  33. [6:30 PM] Dusk: You could've at least mentioned it after, though.
  34. [6:30 PM] Dusk: Not doing so borders on disingenuous.
  35. [6:31 PM] I don't think you're wrong to say that.
  36. [6:31 PM] I honestly wasn't even thinking about it afterward.
  37. [6:32 PM] To put it another way.
  38. [6:32 PM] I don't care if I approach this from an unfavorable position.
  39. [6:33 PM] I -do- have an issue, though.
  40. [6:34 PM] Dusk: Me getting hella triggered about spells per day shit?
  41. [6:34 PM] Yes.
  42. [6:34 PM] Dusk: Because I'm so tired of that.
  43. [6:34 PM] Dusk: So tired.
  44. [6:34 PM] Dusk: Okay.
  45. [6:35 PM] Dusk: How often can Reg make money using perform?
  46. [6:35 PM] Dusk: How much money does he make over what period?
  47. [6:35 PM] Dusk: This is defined per day.
  48. [6:35 PM] Dusk.
  49. [6:35 PM] Dusk: Can he do it every 16 hours if he rests?
  50. [6:35 PM] Ask me if I care.
  51. [6:36 PM] Dusk: I'm very tempted to respond in kind.
  52. [6:36 PM] If you do, that's fine.
  53. [6:37 PM] Dusk: But not smart, I assume.
  54. [6:37 PM] Probably not, as always depends on what you're attempting to accomplish.
  55. [6:38 PM] Right now.
  56. [6:38 PM] I do not trust you as a player.
  57. [6:38 PM] Dusk: Right now.
  58. [6:38 PM] Dusk: You are literally holding up a session I was already very annoyed to be late for based on reasons mostly out of my control.
  59. [6:39 PM] Poor timing due to factors outside of control.
  60. [6:39 PM] I'll sit out.
  61. [6:39 PM] Run the session.
  62. [6:39 PM] Dusk: Well, no, I'll just not run, and everyone already knows you're the one who was holding it up anyways.
  63. [6:40 PM] That doesn't bother me.
  64. [6:40 PM] Dusk: "Okay."
  65. [6:40 PM] Dusk: So what, you don't trust me to not explode the game?
  66. [6:41 PM] Dusk: You don't trust me to just let you actually be the GM?
  67. [6:41 PM] I don't trust you to behave like a person who understands the fundamental concepts involved in playing Pathfinder.
  68. [6:41 PM] Dusk: wao
  69. [6:41 PM] Or many (though perhaps not all tabletop games).
  70. [6:41 PM] Dusk: Amazing that someone who has been through an entire campaign and run several games would not understand these concepts.
  71. [6:42 PM] Dusk: I'd consider it fundamentally amazing if I were actually that deficient.
  72. [6:43 PM] Dusk: You are actually just turning this into a pointless, passive-aggressive war.
  73. [6:43 PM] Dusk: And it's incredibly irritating.
  74. [6:43 PM] Dusk: "Then just leave."
  75. [6:43 PM] Dusk: Over.
  76. [6:43 PM] Dusk: And over.
  77. [6:44 PM] I'd rather avoid that outcome, but I don't feel like it's worth my time to continue GMing that campaign.
  78. [6:44 PM] Dusk: Wow.
  79. [6:45 PM] Dusk: That's pretty fucking hilarious.
  80. [6:45 PM] Dusk: I don't even know what to say.
  81. [6:45 PM] Dusk: Are you an idiot?
  82. [6:45 PM] Dusk: We spend like two hours discussing shit.
  83. [6:45 PM] Dusk: And that's your conclusion?
  84. [6:45 PM] Yes.
  85. [6:45 PM] Dusk: Fuck off.
  86. [6:46 PM] You know how to contact me.
  87. Session Close ( Tue Jun 06 01:11:42 2017 -0400
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