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  1. def w_in(vel_in=accel_to_vel(), Y=Y_flr_section, Yi=Y_Zmounts()[1], Ys=Y_Zengine()[1], Yb=Y_Zbeam()[1], dB=False):
  2.     """input power from the engine to the vehicle, velocity calculated from the
  3.    accleration spectrum, and going through vib isolation"""
  4.     top = [np.real(Y+Yb1)*((vel_in1)**2) for vel_in1,Yb1 in zip(vel_in, Yb)]
  5.     bottom = [pow(np.abs(Y+Yb1+Yi1+Ys1+Yb1), 2) for Yb1,Yi1,Ys1,Yb1 in zip(Yb,Yi,Ys,Yb)]
  6.     w = [t/b for t,b in zip(top,bottom)]
  7.     if dB == False:
  8.         return w
  9.     if dB == True:
  10.         Lp = [10*np.log10(w1/PWL_ref) for w1 in w]
  11.         return Lp
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