MGE Side III Mira Mira

Jun 24th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Olde Tavern Mira Mira
  2. Ufufu, it’s almost time♥ Truth is, I’ve made a reservation at a special restaurant for this evening♪ It’s here, at Mira’s oldest tavern, “Mira Mira”.
  3. To tell the truth, this is the Diva Fulafel-chan’s parents’ place, in other words, this is her parents’ restaurant♪
  4. It may be a little removed from the main street where most of Mira’s bars are gathered, but it’s known as the most famous tavern in Mira♪
  5. Ufufu, I briefly touched on this when I was telling you about Fulafel-chan, but this the establishment Their Majesties used as an inn when they came to Court Alf for their honeymoon♥
  6. That’s why it is very famous not only as a tavern, but also as an inn, and it’s said that a couple that stays here will be united in inseparable, eternal love, intimate forevermore♪ Fufufu, and today, we are spending a hot night here, just like the Demon Lord... Ufu, Ufufufufu♥ You won’t be getting away, I absolutely won’t let you get away...♥ Your sweat and my sweat get blended together... Your, your burly cock rubs against my belly♥ You squeeze my breasts with passion to your heart’s content... I’m like an outlet for your darkest desires, ufufufu♥
  7. Haah...! W-what’s this...♥ Don’t tell me, we’re going already? We haven’t eaten anything, yet you already can’t stand it anymore...!?
  9. “...Senpai, I don’t think, that’s it... Your, boyfriend... is trying, to say, ‘you’re drooling’, probably.”
  11. F-Fulafel-chan? Ara ara, ufufu♪
  12. Oh no, I seem to have gotten a bit excited...♥ Coming here with you is like a dream...♥ How terrible, I showed something embarrassing to Fulafel-chan...♥
  14. “...Never mind, that, for now, senpai. This is... an aperitif, called “Wrapping Sake”. Umm, by drinking, this... by drinking this... what, was it... Senpai, this is, your chance, to show your, good side, in front of your boyfriend... Yes!”
  16. Ah, aha...♪ Ummm, this Wrapping Sake is produced from “Mira Rice”, which is grown healthily with the blessings of the water spirits, here, have some♪
  17. It has a mellow taste and feels as though it envelops you in a sense of security, doesn’t it? Ufufu, I think I’ll have some too♥
  19. When a woman drinks this sake, she’ll want to do more and more things for the man she loves, and when a man drinks it, he’ll want to be spoiled by such an open monster♪ Fufu, did you drink too much? Want to sit next to me?
  21. “...Oooh, as expected, of my senpai...! Ah, I... I’ll go sing, over there, okay... Oh, senpai, I’ll make sure, to prepare you, a bed, okay♥”
  23. Ara ara, thank you♪ Ufu, are you surprised? The Diva Fulafel-chan still shows up at this place from time to time, helping her parents out and singing as well♪
  24. Besides Fulafel-chan, this time of day, the apprentice song maidens from Spirit Houses also help out♪
  25. This restaurant may be old, but it has an open atmosphere, right? It’s store policy that, just as Fulafel-chan has been helping out around the restaurant since she was a child, apprentice song maidens and, in some cases, monsters wondering whether they should become song maidens, should come here to gain “experience”; that’s how it’s advertised, fufu, they even sing about it♪
  26. The Mama here, the Flowkelp “Francois”, seems as if she spends allll~ the time totally soaked in this Wrapping Sake... She’s as widely open-minded as Mira’s ocean, and wants not only Fulafel-chan, but also all of the island’s monsters to become song maidens, so that they too may have a wonderful encounter, just like how she met her own beloved husband♪
  27. That’s why she’s pushing for more monster-human couples to be born here. Ufufu, and that’s why this inn has been provided so people can get affectionate and mingle their bodies together to their heart’s content♪
  29. Of course, it’s not only the inn, Mama also loooves lewd and extremely naughty drinks, and she is constantly in pursuit of dishes that make men and women entwine, as well as “Night Drinks” that will make them hopelessly seek each other out♥
  30. The restaurant also has a collection of such specialty drinks, such as “Miran Fruit Wine”, which is made from melty fruit that has been aged for many years and has mellow mana condensed into it, or Monster Realm Cocktails procured from the Sixth Song Island Dé Ryúa, which is famous for its colorful streets. In fact, they sometimes even serve vintage liquors from Monster Realm nations throughout the world, given to them by Lady Asura Mythra, the Diva of the Seventh Song Island♪
  32. Every time a new song maiden opens up a store, Mama always visits it and gifts her a bottle of her treasured liquor♪ Ufufu, isn’t she great? She’s a first-class singer and storyteller, and her stories of how she met her husband and songs of passionate love affairs are quite popular♪
  33. It’s not only Fulafel-chan, but all song maidens, including myself, who greatly admire her♪
  34. I want to be like that too♥ I want to stay here with you forever and open a store... Eat meals together, and do lots of naughty things together... Eventually a child will come along, and while we’re living with that one, a second will come♥ We’ll live happily and time will slowly... slowly pass by♥
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