song snowy

Oct 3rd, 2023
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  1. next time i feel I've a little ditty going through my head...
  2. I'll find a means of attack to my very worse nightmares
  3. seems like... they fall on deaf doors... and feed the souls... it will keep....
  4. because life's got no turns but creepy
  5. creepy vibes hits the doors of closed ears,
  6. whack a mole on a stereo
  7. its nice to dream...
  8. been golden for my relatives .... they say nothing about what i can or did....
  9. sometimes... i pray they don't fade away...
  10. some time i pray they'd ring me just to see if I'm OK..
  11. every time i see them they think i want something from them ..
  12. its not always the case...
  13. I'm probably their disgrace...
  14. I'm torn outta place..
  15. because life's no turns but creepy.
  16. creepy vibes hits the doors of closed ears
  17. whack a mole on a stereo
  18. its nice to dream...
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