Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Aug 25th, 2014
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  1. >You are Anon and you are currently spying on your roommate mothpony Pepper Dust
  2. >The house has had its pepper supplies run out alarmingly fast and you’ve found Pepper sneaking off with the pepper shaker from time to time
  3. >and it is time to get to the bottom of this
  4. >and for that reason you are currently cooped up in his closet while spying on him
  5. >You made up a lie about going out this evening and then sneaked off into hiding
  6. >and it was not before long that Pepper Dust entered his room with the pepper shaker
  7. >You look carefully as Pepper Dust locks the door and climbs on his bed
  8. >You spot that he’s got a... mast starting to go on between his legs...
  9. >You swear if he uses the pepper for some sort of masochistic play on his mothcock you are going to bust out of this closet and give him a disapproving stink eye
  10. >But he does not, instead he shakes some of the pepper onto his nose, and lets out a hearty sneeze
  11. >As he sneezes his mothcock jerks strongly
  12. “Ahhhh... A-atsiuh!”
  13. >Another twitch as you watch with mild horror and fascination as his wings start to gently vibrate and his erection starts to reach full length
  15. “Mmmmm~”
  16. >Pepper Dust folds his wings and flips onto lying on his back on the bed
  17. >He stretches his hind hooves and moves his middle ones to gently caress his raging erection while he brings the pepper shaker up to his face with his third pair of hooves and once again shakes some pepper onto his snout
  18. >His body tenses as he pulls some air sharply into his lungs and closes his eyes
  19. “HATSUUUH!”
  20. >That was a loud sneeze, but it seems to do... what ever it is doing, as you notice some precum coming out from the tip of his mothcock as his whole body shivers yet again
  21. “T-that was *sniisk* a strong one...”
  22. >Pepper Dust now quickens the pace of his hooves working on his meat and arches his back while pressing his head against the bed
  23. “Mmmmhh~”
  24. >He splashes another puff of ground pepper onto his nose and now starts to sneeze repeatedly
  25. >And you just stare, unsure what to think of this...thing you are witnessing
  26. >As Pepper Dust keeps sneezing repeatedly you notice his cock starts to twitch in his fast paced hooves
  27. >Pepper Dusts whole body tenses once again and he inhales sharply, and then lets out the loudest sneeze you have ever heard
  28. >And it seems to trigger his orgasm as well as his cock shoots out his cum all over his tummy, chest fluff, face and bed
  29. >And then his body relaxes as he lets go of the pepper shaker and his still twitching mothcock
  31. “Ahhhhhhhh~”
  32. >And then he just lies there, panting in the afterglow
  33. >You just sit and stare in disbelief, not sure to feel more shocked at how Pepper likes to get jiggy with himself or at the fact that you are now very hard down south
  34. >Pepper Dust shifts a bit and sits up while his antennae droop from exhaustion
  35. “I got a little carried away, I need to go clean myself up before Anon gets home...”
  36. >Groggily he gets off his bed and leaves his room
  37. >as you hear the shower turn on you get out from the cupboard and glare at the tent you have in your pants before starting to sneak out of the house
  38. >You’ll just keep quiet about it and keep ignoring the pepper going missing from time to time
  39. >you suddenly feel something wet on your sock and you look down on it
  40. >”...crap...”
  41. >You remove your sock and ignore the icky feeling telling you to wash your foot as you sneak out of the house while Pepper Dust happily showers while singing a bit
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