May 23rd, 2019
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  1. Power banks are {commonplace|prevalent} and with our increasing {use|usage} of battery powered {equipment|devices}: {everything|whatever} from {mobile phones|smart phones|cellphones} to battery powered {headphones|earphones}, portable speakers, MP3 {players|gamers} can be charged {via|through|by means of} a power bank. They are {effectively|efficiently|successfully} a portable {charger|battery charger}. All they {need|require} is a USB charging {interface|user interface}.
  3. Power banks {come in|are available in|can be found in} {a variety|a range} of {shapes and sizes|sizes and shapes} and to {suit|fit|match} {many different|various|several} {people|individuals} and their {needs|requirements}.
  5. Power bank {definition|meaning}
  6. Power banks can be {defined|specified} as portable batteries that {use|utilize} circuitry to {control|manage} any power in and power out. They can charged up {using|utilizing} a USB {charger|battery charger} when power is {available|offered|readily available}, {and then|and after that} {used|utilized} to charge battery powered {items|products} like {mobile phones|smart phones|cellphones} and a host of other {devices|gadgets} that would {normally|typically|usually|generally} {use|utilize} a USB {charger|battery charger}.
  9. The name power bank can be {likened|compared} to {a financial|a monetary} bank where funds can be {deposited|transferred}, {stored|kept|saved}, and withdrawn when {needed|required}. These {items|products} are {also|likewise} {often|frequently|typically} {referred to|described} as portable {chargers|battery chargers}, as they can charge {items|products} like {mobile phones|smart phones|cellphones} without the {need|requirement} to be {connected|linked} to the mains {during|throughout} charging, although they will {need|require} to be charged, and this {normally|typically|usually|generally} {requires|needs} a mains {charger|battery charger}.
  11. Power bank types
  12. There are {a few|a couple of} {different|various} {types of|kinds of} power bank portable {charger|battery charger} that can be {bought|purchased}. {Obviously|Certainly|Undoubtedly|Clearly} the size {is one of|is among} the {main|primary} {criteria|requirements}, {but|however} there are some other {categories|classifications} that can be {considered|thought about}.
  14. Universal or {standard|basic} power bank: These are the {normal|typical|regular} power bank portable {chargers|battery chargers} which are {available|offered|readily available} in the {stores|shops} and online. They are charged from the {normal|typical|regular} USB sources like USB {chargers|battery chargers}.
  15. {Solar power|Solar energy} bank: As the name {indicates|suggests|shows}, these {solar power|solar energy} banks can {use|utilize} {sunlight|sunshine} to charge up. To do this they have photovoltaic panels. These are {really|truly|actually} {only|just} able to trickle-charge the internal battery when {placed|put|positioned} in {sunlight|sunshine} {because|since|due to the fact that} the {solar cells|solar batteries} are {relatively|fairly|reasonably} {small|little}, {but|however} {nevertheless|nonetheless|however} this can be {a very|an extremely|a really} {useful|helpful|beneficial} function.
  18. As the solar charging is {slow|sluggish}, they can {also|likewise} be charged from a USB {charger|battery charger} {as well|also|too}. The solar charging is {an useful|a helpful|a beneficial} back-up, {especially|particularly|specifically} if you are {travelling|taking a trip} {away from|far from} mains power.
  19. Power bank {lifetime|life time}
  20. There are {two|2} {main|primary} {forms|types|kinds} of {lifetime|life time} that are {associated with|connected with|related to} power banks.
  22. Charge discharge cycles: Any rechargeable battery will {gradually|slowly} {wear out|wear|break}. {Normally|Typically|Usually|Generally} the {lifetime|life time} of a battery is {quoted|estimated|priced quote|priced estimate} in {terms of|regards to} the {number of|variety of} charge discharge cycles it can {undergo|go through} {before|prior to} its {performance|efficiency} falls by {a given|a provided|an offered} degree. Some {cheaper|less expensive|more affordable} power banks {may|might} {only|just} have a life of 500 {or so|or two|approximately} charge discharge cycles, {but|however} {better|much better} ones will have {lifetimes|life times} of {many more|a lot more|much more} charge discharge cycles.
  23. Self discharge time: All battery cells, whether rechargeable or {primary|main} have {a certain|a specific|a particular} level of self discharge. For rechargeable batteries {these days|nowadays} with their own control circuitry, {a small amount|a percentage} of power is {required|needed} to keep these circuits alive. As {a result|an outcome} there is {only|just} {a finite|a limited} time that a battery will {remain|stay} charged.
  25. {A good|A great|An excellent} power bank can hold charge for {up to|as much as|approximately} 6 months with {only|just} {a small|a little} loss of charge, {but|however} lower quality ones {may|might} {only|just} {retain|keep|maintain} {an useful|a helpful|a beneficial} charge for about a month. These figures are for {room|space} {temperature|temperature level}, {but|however} {storing|keeping|saving} them outside these {temperatures|temperature levels} {considerably|significantly|substantially} {reduces|decreases|minimizes|lowers} their {performance|efficiency}.
  26. Power bank battery {technology|innovation}
  27. All power banks {use|utilize} rechargeable batteries based around lithium {technology|innovation}. Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries are most {commonly|typically|frequently} {used|utilized} for power banks {but|however} {don't|do not} be {surprised|amazed|shocked} if other types {start|begin} to {hit|strike} {the market|the marketplace} {before long|eventually|soon}. Battery {technology|innovation} is {key|essential|crucial} to {many|numerous|lots of} {new|brand-new} {developments|advancements}: {everything|whatever} from {mobile phones|smart phones|cellphones} to {electric|electrical} {vehicles|cars|automobiles|lorries}, and as {a result|an outcome} it is {quite|rather} {likely|most likely} there will be some spin-offs into power banks.
  29. The {two|2} {technologies|innovations} that are {currently|presently} {used|utilized} have {slightly|somewhat|a little} {different|various} {properties|residential or commercial properties|homes}:
  31. Lithium-ion: Lithium-Ion batteries have {a higher|a greater} energy density, i.e. they can {store|keep|save} more electrical charge in {a given|a provided|an offered} size or volume, and are {cheaper|less expensive|more affordable} to {manufacture|produce|make}, {but|however} they can have {issues|problems|concerns} with {ageing|aging}.
  32. Lithium-polymer: Lithium-polymer power banks do not {suffer from|struggle with|experience} {ageing|aging} to the {same|exact same|very same} {extent|degree|level} so are {a better|a much better} {choice|option}. {However|Nevertheless} they are more {costly|expensive|pricey} to {manufacture|produce|make} and as {a result|an outcome} they {may|might} not {suit|fit|match} all {budgets|budget plans|spending plans}. {Sometimes|In some cases|Often} it {may|might} be that it is best to {spend|invest} less, {especially|particularly|specifically} if they are {likely|most likely} to be {accidentally|unintentionally|inadvertently|mistakenly} lost or left in {places|locations}.
  33. Both {forms|types|kinds} of power bank work well, {but|however} it is a balance {between|in between} {cost|expense} and {performance|efficiency}.
  38. Power bank portable {chargers|battery chargers} are {particularly|especially} {useful|helpful|beneficial} as they {enable|allow|make it possible for} battery powered {items|products} to be charged on the go. As it is not {always|constantly} possible to reach a mains power point {every time|each time|whenever} {a mobile phone|a smart phone|a cellphone} or other battery powered {item|product} {needs|requirements} charging, these power banks are have now {become|end up being} {an established|a recognized} {product|item} and they are {very|extremely|really} {useful|helpful|beneficial}, {especially|particularly|specifically} when {travelling|taking a trip}.
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