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  1. ,1,Craftsman's Coverall Top,costs,2200,Skybuilders' Scrip,防具,
  2. ,1,Craftsman's Coverall Bottoms,costs,2000,Skybuilders' Scrip,防具,
  3. ,1,Craftsman's Singlet,costs,2200,Skybuilders' Scrip,防具,
  4. ,1,Ufiti Horn,costs,8400,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  5. ,1,Pegasus Whistle,costs,4200,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  6. ,1,Ballroom Etiquette - The Winsome Wallflower,costs,1800,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  7. ,1,Modern Aesthetics - Modern Legend,costs,1800,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  8. ,1,Miniature White Knight,costs,1200,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  9. ,1,Dress-up Estinien,costs,1200,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  10. ,1,Hunting Hawk,costs,800,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  11. ,1,Baby Brachiosaur,costs,800,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  12. ,1,Paissa Brat,costs,800,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  13. ,1,Pegasus Colt,costs,800,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  14. ,1,Imposing Ishgardian Shelf,costs,900,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  15. ,1,Stuffed Hraesvelgr,costs,600,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  16. ,1,Safety in Numbers Orchestrion Roll,costs,1200,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  17. ,1,Jewel Orchestrion Roll,costs,600,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  18.  ,1,Skysteel Ingot,costs,200,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  19. ,1,Skysteel Leather,costs,200,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  20. ,1,Skysteel Cloth,costs,200,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  21. ,1,Firmament Aetheryte Ticket,costs,500,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  22. ,1,Gatherer's Guerdon Materia VII,costs,240,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  23. ,1,Gatherer's Guile Materia VII,costs,240,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  24. ,1,Gatherer's Grasp Materia VII,costs,240,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  25. ,1,Craftsman's Competence Materia VII,costs,240,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  26. ,1,Craftsman's Cunning Materia VII,costs,240,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  27. ,1,Craftsman's Command Materia VII,costs,240,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  28. ,1,Gatherer's Guerdon Materia VIII,costs,300,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  29. ,1,Gatherer's Guile Materia VIII,costs,300,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  30. ,1,Gatherer's Grasp Materia VIII,costs,300,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  31. ,1,Craftsman's Competence Materia VIII,costs,300,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  32. ,1,Craftsman's Cunning Materia VIII,costs,300,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  33. ,1,Craftsman's Command Materia VIII,costs,300,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  34. ,1,Brass Sky Pirate Spoil,costs,40,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
  35. ,1,Steel Sky Pirate Spoil,costs,40,Skybuilders' Scrip,その他,
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