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  1. Direct Family:
  2.     Parents:
  3.     (72)    Sankar Abdul-Hakim: Father. A kind and loving father. He always looked out for the family before himself.
  4.     (57)    Hafsah Abdul-Hakim: Mother. Your father's first and favorite wife. Absolutely coddled you.
  6.     Siblings:
  7.     (34)    Safiyyah Abdul-Hakim: Eldest Sister. Played a large part in raising you and your siblings. Married to a noble in Marqash.
  8.     (30)    Halima Abdul-Hakim: Older Sister. A bit of a tomboy, always tagged along with you and your brother. Captain of the Guard.
  9.     (28)    Zaahir Abdul-Hakim: Older Brother. Your closest childhood friend, you did everything together. Your father's heir.
  10.     (23)    Azra Abdul-Hakim: Younger Sister. Almost worshiped you and your brother as heroes, until you were banished.
  12. Family:
  13.     Step-Mothers:
  14.     (41)    Semiha Abdul-Hakim: Father's second wife. A beautiful, if dimwitted woman. Very doting. Has always treated you well.
  15.     (33)    Nadiyya Abdul-Hakim: A distant and cold woman, but unbelievably shrewd. Taught you everything you know about haggling.
  16.     (26)    Ayda Abdul-Hakim: Father's fourth wife. The last scion of a once wealthy and noble family. Married for her wealth.
  18.     Half-Siblings:
  19.     (23)    Salil Abdul-Hakim: Younger Brother. Glad to see you banished. Married to your former fiancee. Successful merchant.
  20.     (20)    Pratima Abdul-Hakim: Younger Sister. Not particularly well known.
  21.     (16)    Duha Abdul-Hakim: Youngest Sister. Not particularly well known.
  22.     (11)    Chetan Abdul-Hakim: Younger Brother. Not particularly well known. Priest dedicated to Pani in El-Amin.
  23.     (0) Bahadur & Samad Abdul-Hakim: Youngest brothers. Nadiyya's newborn twins.
  25. Friends:
  26.     Karim Ahmad: Former Master. More a father to you than anyone. Taught you all you know of magic and various other topics.
  28.     Rajani Demir: Fellow Apprentice. Though you knew her as an awkward and shy girl, she seems to have blossomed. Grandmaster Vatis.
  29.     Ismail Uzun: Fellow Apprentice. A cocksure, lustful, obnoxious son of a bitch. Recently started living with his mistress.
  30.     Hadia Aslan: Fellow Apprentice. You knew her as a motherly, worrying sort of girl. Unsure of her current status.
  31.     Mohan Solak: Fellow Apprentice. A quiet young man who was secretly the biggest pervert you knew. Unsure of his current status.
  32.     Delshad Ajam: Fellow Apprentice. A faithful companion. Often helped you study and sparred with you. Unsure of his current status.
  33.     Derya Katirci: Fellow Apprentice. You knew him as a somewhat meek, effeminate boy. Unsure of his current status.
  35.     Vasuda El-Amin: Close Friend. The Shah's niece. Once, the two of you were betrothed to be married. When you became a Vatis she was instead forced to marry your brother.
  37. Acquaintances:
  38.     Barakat Attar: Friend's Master.
  39.     Tarik Samara: Friend's Master.
  40.     Padma Terzi: Friends' Master.
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