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Soul Link Rules

shmabbytwo Jun 19th, 2017 50 Never
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  1. Shmabbytwo and Acidsunshine Soul Link Rules
  3. Nuzlocke Rules:
  4. 1. Can only catch the first Pokemon encountered in each area
  5. 2. You must nickname every Pokemon captured (I will probably mess this up like ten times - Shmabby)
  6. 3. Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and must be boxed in a separate box (or released if you're heartless).
  7. 4. Shiny clause: Any random shiny found can be caught
  8. 5. Duplicate clause: Duplicate Pokemon cannot be captured
  10. Soul Link Variations
  11. 6. Every pokemon captured is 'linked' to the other players Pokemon captured in the same area
  12. 7. If a Pokemon in a certain area is not captured (failed for any reason), the other players Pokemon from that area cannot be used
  13. 8. If a Pokemons linked pair dies, both Pokemon must be boxed/released
  14. 9. If a Pokemons linked pair is placed in the PC, both Pokemon must be placed in the PC
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