The Legend of Pirates Online IRC Rules

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  1. 1) Keep this channel family-friendly, this means cursing or any form of inappropriate material is not permitted in the channel. This includes nicknames that contain material not suitable for the channel.
  3. 2) No spam!! Do not repeat messages or type in all caps or repeatedly ping staff, we are busy people and cannot always just drop everything for a question.
  5. 3) Trying to sell or buy alpha keys or accounts is not permitted. Feel free to give them away in the channel though. Giving out fake keys to troll others will result in a ban.
  7. 4) Do not give out personal information or ask for personal information. The only exceptions to personal information is the state/country you live in, first name and gender.
  9. 5) If you're banned, you're banned. If you try to evade your IRC ban then it will be extended.
  11. 6) Please do not harass anyone. If somebody is repeatedly bothering you after you have asked them to stop, just ignore them using /ignore. If they continue to do so, join GameSurge's #support and bring it up with an IRC Operator. This includes being rude to others.
  13. 7) Do *NOT* beg for alpha keys. Repeatedly asking for a key will result in a timeban.
  15. 8) No advertising in the channel.
  17. 9) No backseat moderating. We greatly appreciate it, but it causes a lot of issues. Let the mods to their jobs, if you see something that may be violating the rules please bring it up to a mod.
  19. 10) We do not discuss others bans. If you were banned please contact a channel staff member yourself by joining #tloposupport. Asking about others bans may result in a timeban.
  21. 11) Do not argue with staff members. If you have an issue with a staff member, bring it up in a PM with mfwass (/query mfwass).
  23. 12) Don't be a pain in the rear. Any form of spam, harassment, or just being a pain in the rear will most likely result in a kick/ban.
  25. 13) Streaming TLOPO? Awesome! If you want to let the others in the IRC channel know you're streaming and provide a link that's fine. Just make sure that your stream abides by the IRC rules listed here.
  27. 14) If there is a key drop and you already have a key, don't begin hoarding keys. If you want to get a key for a friend or two, that's fine. But don't start taking half of the keys from a key drop. Give others a chance to win a key! If we discover a user is hoarding keys from a key drop, the affected keys/accounts will be revoked.
  29. 15) Do not impersonate staff members or other members of the community.
  31. 16) There is to be no religious talk in the channel. Everyone has the right to their own views, and it seems that a lot of people argue about each others. The only exception to this rule are religious holidays(i.e Christmas, Hanukah, Ramadan, etc).
  33. 17) English is the only language that may be spoke in the channel. However, we do not mind common phrases such as "Feliz Navidad", or possibly some common words such as "Hola" or "Bonjour". However speaking mainly in a language other than English is prohibited. The reason for this is because the moderators do not speak these languages and it is cumbersome to have to translate everything that others are saying. If you speak in another language, we ask that you translate your messages from your native language to English using any form of translation method that works best for you.
  35. 18) Do not discuss politics in the channel.
  37. 19) Do not accuse others of "key hoarding", or of any other type of illegal activity. If you believe that somebody is violating this rule, please contact a moderator *PRIVATELY*.
  39. 20) Do not discuss illegal activity in the channel. This will *NOT* be tolerated at all.
  41. 21) Do not troll the channel. This will *NOT* be tolerated at all.
  43. 22) Do not give misleading responses to questions about the game... don't be a troll.
  45. 23) As always, have fun!
  48. Channel Operators reserve the right to kick or ban for any reason. Failure to comply to the rules above may result in a kick and or ban from the channel. Repeat offenders may be subject to longer bans, or even permanent bans. Bans on IRC are typically kept on IRC, however depending on the offense they may be brought into the game itself.
  50. The Legend of Pirates Online's in-game Terms of Service are also IRC rules. If a player breaks the TLOPO Terms of Service inside IRC they are subject to an IRC ban.
  52. The Legend of Pirates Online also reserves the right to change these rules with or without notice. Check them often to make sure that you are aware of the rules. A good rule of thumb is to keep everything PG rated.
  54. Thank you for your cooperation.
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