MGE Side III Saida

Feb 21st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. The Fourth Song Island of Courage
  2. Saida
  3. The thunderous roaring voices shout, a sleepless city illuminated by neon
  4. Diva: Levin Dil (Thunderbird) Inherited Song: Courage
  5. Main Residents: Thunderbird, Harpy, Black Harpy, Gremlin, Automaton
  7. An island of soul shaking thunder and music! Set apart from other song islands, this one brings intensely stimulating music to you! The fourth song island “Saida” is an island of eternal night, its characteristic neon lights dazingly illuminate the whole city, and the song maidens with stimulating singing voices and good looks won’t let you sleep!
  9. In the city of Saida where people eat, drink, and sing freely, no one will get in the way of your desires! The never-ending hustle and bustle and the free atmosphere are open to everyone! If you drink at a bar, no matter what time it is, a bad onee-san will drink with you♥
  10. At the live house you visited by chance, new encounters and music that pierce like lightning wait for you!
  11. This makes Saida also perfect for naughty nightlife♥
  12. Women are the hunters, and you are the prey. The song maidens lick their lips at you! Becoming a slightly bad boy and aiming for a song maiden might be nice too!
  13. It’s also perfect for girls that want to cross the line! After attacking a man or being attacked by a man and becoming lovers, enjoy a lovely night view on an airship flight, and have a meal at a hip club.
  14. Saida promises exciting encounters and nights for all customers!
  16. Saida X Matori Live Concert Announcement!!
  17. Saida’s charm, to say the least, is its live concerts with no lack of great excitement!
  18. Not only can you simply enjoy the songs and musical performances, but enjoying the passion that fills the venue and the sense of unity is the true pleasure of live concerts!
  19. With sounds like thunder, everyone, regardless of species, sex, or age shakes their souls and gets excited together!
  21. The hugely popular band well-known for paralyzing Court Alf with its thundering sound, “R3 (Rights Rights Rights)”, will be on a special live stage for this year’s Court Alf National Memorial Festival, wow!
  22. Matori’s Diva “Lilynanna” appears on stage as a special guest!
  23. Don’t miss a hot encounter with the Diva of the paralyzing voice, “Levin Dil”!!
  24. Tickets on sale now! Reserve yours fast!
  25. *You can expect everyone gathered at the venue to be jumping about and making a racket with great excitement!
  26. However, be careful not to get too hot!
  27. In the event you hit another nearby guest while swinging your arms wildly about, and that nearby guest happens to be a monster, and she says “What the hell! You want to go?!” and begins violating you on the spot, the Live Management Office will not accept any complaints♥
  30. For Men! Recommendations for Singles♥
  31. A live house featuring a wealth of song maidens that perform on the streets all over the city. An instrument store full of everything from beginner to high-end models! The city of Saida never bores one who loves music!
  32. In addition to that, aggressive women are also charming♥
  33. If you walk alone, you’ll be taken into a back alley, and if you drink alone, an onee-san will call out to you♥
  34. Saida never lets a person seeking an encounter be alone!
  36. For those just getting into music!
  37. Beginners and inexperienced people, welcome! The song maidens will teach you how to handle an instrument, as well as how to handle women♥
  38. Is the appearance and atmosphere of the song maidens scary? Don’t worry!
  39. It’s only scary at first! Once you’ve finished up, they’re very affectionate girls♪
  40. I’m sure you can build a close relationship♥
  43. Advice for those that want such a bride!
  44. Saida monsters seek stimulation and wild pleasure♥
  45. These girls that want to do you whenever there’s a chance can also be like a close girlfriend.
  46. How about a relationship with such “Bad Girls”?
  48. TL Notes: Regarding "R3 (Rights x3)", I couldn't help but wonder if it was engrish "Lights x3". I left it as is though because I felt the author would have at least known to write it as "L3", but you never know.
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