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  1. he's a nice guy and knows math pretty well i think but sucks at teaching
  2. well the main problem is, he covers way too many topics
  3. and you're not gonna know what he's gonna put on the test either because he basically blindsights you
  4. he doesn't accurately say what he does
  5. for example one time i was like "oh are we gonna have a dijkstra's algo problem on the test" and he was like "yes definitely we will" so i reviewed it but there was no dijkstra's algo problem
  6. and i spent a lot of my time studying probability because he said it'd be there but there were zero probability problems
  7. yeah well it's a big fucking book and i have other classes, do you expect me to spend all my time doing this class
  8. especially with a blanket math topic like discrete math, you can't be covering too much shit and expect the students to learn a lot since it's more like a grab bag intro class rather than a focused topic
  9. i guess he's aware that his stuff is too difficult so he puts a hella big ass curve on everything, but that's not how it should be
  10. if he didn't put those kinds of curves, i would most definitely have gotten a D
  11. his lectures are haphazard and unprepared
  12. he basically walks into class, plops the textbook onto the projector and reads it word for word
  13. by reading i mean mumbles it
  14. he does sometimes demonstrate some of the problems but he just does it as if he's doing it by himself
  15. think yest but at least yest tries to explain the shit
  16. and yest doesn't just read out the whole textbook
  17. that should be plenty specific
  18. yeah he's a nice dude, probably not a mean bone in his body, but he'd be better off doing research or something (which honestly seems like what he wanted to do instead of teaching as far as i can tell)
  19. on one hand i could have studied harder because i don't think discrete math itself is actually that hard, but then what's the point of paying for a class if the lectures are useless? like even the few times i did study ahead they were useless (unlike yest's which are actually useful if you study a bit ahead because he sort of outlines the kinds of problems he'd give)
  20. if i did study to my maximum potential i would have gotten an A but uncurved would have probably been like a C or a B lol (and the reasons are stated above)
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