Welcome to the Source Chapter 2

Apr 6th, 2013
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  1. The window shows the new moon just rising above the skies to show a new night. A box place in the room, blue walls, a white mattress in the corner; the fan swirls to give this room a cool breeze. A square desk that would hold your laptop for now on, the closet that you could walk into, even if you didn’t need the space; this room is certainly bigger than your old room. It was weird to be living here for now. You haven’t lived with a roommate or family member in over two years. Trying to fend for yourself has been harsh, but you enjoy it. You sigh, as you remember the old days of being with your family.
  2. The faint pain in your abdomen, you feel that your depression is coming back…fuck. You have forgotten why’d you call him in the first place. You shake your head, trying to ignore your feelings. You don’t want to make Alexander feel empathy towards you. You’re trying to help him, not vice-versa. You take a deep breath as you place your backpack on the bed. This will be your room…
  3. You hear knocking on the door as Alexander steps in. “So, how do you like it?”
  4. “I’ve been here before.”
  5. “Yeah, but now there’s stuff. Instead of an empty room.”
  6. “I guess so,” You force a smile. Alexander looks at you with worried eyes.
  7. “Yeah, just try not get too crazy with it being dirty.” He replies.
  8. “You know I can’t promise that.” You chuckle, opening the closet and sliding your box in. Your mind is still drifting off. You need to shake this off, maybe…
  9. “So,” Alexander interrupts your thoughts, “how are you taking care of classes?”
  10. “Oh, uh…I emailed my teachers. Told them I would be out for a few days. So I should be clear for now. Though, depending on what happens I might just call classes off.”
  11. “You shouldn’t do that.”
  12. “I said maybe. We’ll see what happens, but if this is a real bad problem. I can’t leave you hanging then. Schools can wait.” You said.
  13. Alexander sigh, “Yeah, but I don’t want you to give up your classes because of me.”
  14. “My problem, not yours.” You reply as you shut the closet door. He rolls his eyes, “We have bigger problems now, don’t we?” You said.
  15. “Yeah, Anon. I know.” He says, his voice trailing off.
  16. “Oh, sorry…” You said.
  17. “No, it’s fine…it’s not your fault I’m turning into a pony.” He sits down on the mattress.
  18. “Y-yeah…” You follow his idea and sit next to him.
  19. “So…when did it happen?”
  20. His eyes stare at the rug floor. “…four days ago.”
  21. “How was it?”
  22. He went quiet for a brief second. Then sigh, “Like I was another’s pers- pony’s body. Like I took their body and walk around it.”
  23. Though you want to correct him; Pony don’t walk, they trot. You ignore it and ask him, “Only once?”
  24. “Yeah, just once,” He looks at the floor. “Let’s not talk about it. Okay?”
  25. “Isn’t that why I’m here?”
  26. “Because, I don’t’ want to be alone if it happens again. It hasn’t happened in the past four days… maybe it won’t happen again.” He bit his lip when saying that. It was optimistic, but you doubt that something like this is once-in-a-lifetime ordeal.
  27. “Fine, Alexander.” You said as you stare into the ceiling. Now your thoughts start to ponder around again. Your depression is really getting to you. You empathy was something that you don’t have when you feel like utter shit. You mind trailing off into bad times or things you wish you didn’t do. Swirling deeper and deeper…
  28. “You still got some booze left?” You ask, maybe some alcohol will make you both forget your troubles.
  29. “Funny you say that, we actually have a Budweiser twelve pack.” Alexander said deadpan. You were surprised he didn’t have more.
  30. “Guess it’ll have to do. We might as well get shit-face…we both need it.” You chuckle.
  31. “More me, than you. Let’s go.” He walks out of the room and goes to the fridge. You were surprised that he had some alcohol left.
  32. You sat down back on that red couch. Alex grabs the can and threw it at you. Catching it, you open it up. Than taste the bitter taste in your tongue. You’ve placed the beer down and relax on the couch. Right back on this comfy couch. Staring at the off television. “It’s been months since we’ve done this, y’know.” Alexander said.
  33. “Yeah, well. I’ve been…busy.” You lie again. Taking another sip of beer.
  34. “I’m guessing you’re going to keep yourself anonymous about it, aren’t you, Anon?”
  35. “Yes I am. Let’s not worry about this stuff? We’re drinking to forget this stuff? Remember?” You said.
  36. All Alexander did was just open his can and takes a sip.
  38. An hour goes by; conversations of the old days come up. You talk about the good old days. I guess that's what old people do. Or in this case, Twenty-something year olds; talking about the days behind you. The future hasn’t been what it cracks up to be. Reality really does bite.
  39. As the clock starts turning into the next day, you were on your fifth drink at this time. Feeling euphoric; the alcohol kicking in. The aroma of beer breath from our talks. The fantastic feeling of this couch made everything better.
  40. You were tipsy, but you felt that you could still have cognitive thought; though you were certainly feeling way better than before. The conversation starts to go into My Little Pony. You were unsure how it even got there. You weren’t even sure that Alexander knew any of this stuff, but…here we are.
  41. “What are you talking about? Twilight is the best pony. She’s smart, funny, naïve, and willing to learn. Not to mention she’s a good leader of the Mane 6 and…she’s a fucking alicorn. Alicorns has fucking amazing powers and shit.”
  42. “Are you seriously saying that? That makes her worst pony. Worst pony. Why the fuck does she need to be a princess? If anything, Dash is best pony.” He waves around his beer.
  43. “Ah, that’s so prototypical brony talk. Everyone wants to cum in Rainbow Dash. I bet you do the same as well.”
  44. “Oh fuck you!” Alexander laughs hysterically, he takes a few seconds to regain his composure as he crushes his beer and throws it into the trash can.
  45. “I’m just fucking with you, Alexander. I didn’t even know you like this shit…seriously, why didn’t you tell me?”
  46. “You know why. I’m trying to give out this manly persona. Watching cartoon ponies isn’t exactly bode a manly man. He looks like…well, y’know.”
  47. “Yeah, yeah. Still, I’ll be your best buddy. It’s not like I’m going to tell the world that you love to watch a girl’s show.”
  48. Alexander looks at you and just nods.
  49. Thoughts of him being a pony come to you. You really want to know what the hell is going on with that and then it hit you, “Than…what’s so wrong with you being a pony?”
  50. “Dude, have you ever been a pony?”
  51. “No.”
  52. “Do you want to be a pony?” For a regular person, it would be a simple no; however…it’s a loaded question for you. You have thought about ponies before in an obscure way. If you were to tell a person what you’ve thought of. They either make fun of you or just walk away. Unsure of how to continue the conversation…you knew the correct answer to this.”
  53. “Y-NO!”
  54. “Exactly, I’m just a regular joe…who likes watching pony, but not enough for me to change into one.” You were fortunate that the alcohol made him unable to hear that hesitation.
  55. Stupid brain, why are you being an asshole?
  56. You want to be a pony?
  57. I’m pretty sure I don’t.
  58. Are you sure about that. You certainly like ponies in THAT way. There’s nothing wrong with Twilight’s sweet-
  59. Okay…I think I’ll just stop thinking now.
  60. “Yeah, of course.” Your voice fades away. You were trying to be inconspicuous, though you’re starting to cave in. You don’t want to lie about it. He does like mlp, but it certainly took him a good effort to tell you…we were best friends…right? Maybe it’s a secret like…you being a pony lover.
  61. He should know about Cloppers. You weren’t a clopper…but you have thought about it. However, you know that type of information would make him think another side of you. Once it told… it will never be found again. You need to keep it to yourself, just…keep yourself from saying it.
  62. “Well, then you know why I don’t want to be a pony. No hands, your whole body is changed. Not to mention that I can’t get out when I’m a pony. I wouldn’t doubt that when I come out, some cop will find me and arrest me or something. I’m fucking screw all over and all I can do is wait until I turn back.” He stares at the ceiling. Is that all he did? Just do nothing? He must have been in some type of shock.
  63. “Geez, I didn’t want to talk about it and here the fuck we are…talking about. Fucking alcohol.” He groans. Either he has more tolerance than you remember or he’s drank more than he should of. Fuck, of course that would happen. You need to make him forget.
  64. “Well…you need the break anyway. When the last time you actually taken a vacation day? I mean, you work a manager at CVS Pharmacy. Not exactly the greatest job to be in.”
  65. He stares at you with a “are you serious?” look than laughs, “Fuck…that’s a ridiculous way to make me take four days of break, but I guess so.”
  66. You chuckle at his laughter. It worked, somewhat at least for a temporary time as he stares back onto the floor. “I-I think I’m going to go to sleep.”
  67. A bit surprise by his words, you raise an eyebrow. “Seriously?” How was talking about him being a pony really fucked him up THIS bad? It only happens once. I mean…if it’s only for like four days, it doesn’t sound like the worst thing ever.
  68. “Yeah, seriously.” He got up and took the cans of beers and threw them into the trash. He walks into his hallway and mutters “Good Night, Anon.”
  69. “Night, Alexander.” He shuts the door. You sigh; your attempt to pick him up was a failure. Everything seems alright until ponies were in the conversation. Was it really that traumatic for him?
  70. ‘If I were a pony…maybe I’d like it.’ You…were unsure. You certainly like ponies, but…being a pony?. To become into something that was a different species. How could you feel? There were benefits to being a pony. Like if you were a peagsus or a unicorn. Hell, even Earth pony have an allure of strength. To sacrifice your body for it is a heavy price to pay. Being a pony isn’t bad. At least…you think so.
  71. Being able to look all adorable, to be able to have big eyes and just be able to calm the heart of even the coldest of men and not to mention the pl-…wait, that’s a mare. You want to be a stallion…a manly pony. Manly is better than adorable?
  72. ‘I’m too drunk for this.’
  73. You got up, deciding that it was time to waste some time on the internet. You were still feeling pretty good, even if you almost spill that you’re a horse lover and him being all mopy. You took your one-man party in your room. Maybe they’ll be some more information on Mannulios or maybe you could just find some type of release.
  74. Waiting for your laptop, putting in your password and quickly going into CNN. You found some information there first; maybe they’ll be something more.
  75. Looking at the front page, you didn’t find much. Talks of politics, economy were there as usual, but the only information was that there were two more confirmed for Mannulios. A link telling you the same information you found out earlier today.
  76. Well, the disease certainly wasn’t going to make an epidemic. I guess if it isn’t anything lethal, I guess they won’t post it everywhere to scare people…eerie. You would think that they would say something like: “CNN! You might be a pony and you got from having sex! More at Eleven.” But it’s too small for it to really make any type of impact. Who knows?
  77. Given that CNN hasn’t really given much information, you decide to go off into the depths of 4chan yet again. Might as well start back to the original source; “/mlp/ here we come.” Clicking on that pony board once again, the threads were the usual. A few generals here and there, the same arguments; a prototypical day for /mlp/.
  78. “Where are the Mannulios threads?” You thought aloud. Scrolling down the threads you see it:
  79. “Is it real? Mannulios?”
  80. I’ve been a bit skeptical about this. Mannulios has only affected 50 people, turning them into ponies. Why the fuck is going on? Do you guys believe it’s real?
  81. You see the same type of posts. Some still pretty skeptical on how real it is.
  82. One poster ranting, “If it was real, then why the fuck isn’t there any type of videos? We’ve only seen one damn video and it’s that fucking red OC pony. There wasn’t any type of transformation either! I call bullshit.”
  83. You couldn’t blame them. You were skeptical yourself. CNN and other type of news source have screwed up before; even scientists don’t have everything correct. Maybe this was some type of elaborate ruse. Then again, Alexander isn’t much of a liar. You scroll down again than see this post:
  84. “I am a pony.”
  85. It continues to repeat several times. People confused in the thread, as it continues to repost and overwhelm the thread. There wasn’t any type of context in this. No picture. No video. Just the same four words, “I am a pony.” What was going on? Was this the suppose mystery red pony? Why would he just post in this thread? You sigh, thoughts driven by alcohol; you decide to post against this mysterious poster.
  86. “Are you the red pony in the video?” Surprise that no one had picked this up; The people follow your post, quoting you, asking the same question. Tapping your fingers as you wait for this poster, nothing is being posted. Just staring at a screen as you wait for that update with nothing, but irrelevant posts; you sigh, as you have probably run away the poster, whoever or whatever he was.
  87. This is a wild goose chase. As to expect some type of mysterious red pony to actually post on 4chan thread would be stupid. Still, it does lead to questions. Why was there only one video up? YouTube probably doesn’t give two shits about censorship like that. Were they all scared? Maybe the one who went to the doctors were talking to by the government and were asked to stay in secret? Then again, there are people like Alexander who didn’t go to the doctor. What about them? They would be anonymous. Unless…they are deleting the videos? Then why would one video be up? Why this one particular video that only gives vagueness and confusion? Was it all a hoax? Was it someone who had created some glorious type of RL pony in a way that no person has done it before?
  88. Questions, but with just speculation, all you could do is just sigh. Maybe if more people get Mannulios than it would be different. It’s only been a week. Maybe more information will come out. Maybe more people (or ponies) will come out with videos. Transformation or something.
  89. What a fucking day. Days like these were one in a million. The alcohol was still in your system and you knew that you might feel that hangover coming around. Maybe you’ll be lucky as you only drank a few beers. You close your laptop and lay on your bed. You stare at the ceiling as the ceiling stares right back.
  90. “I am a pony.” You said once more as you shut your eye…
  91. The next day starts with some promise. Your mind doesn’t feel the effects of your binge drinking. You get up, seeing the late morning sun pop by your window. A brand new day, as you feel the fan breeze you. The smell of a new blanket, you better thank Alexander for that smell of spring breeze. You pull yourself off the bed and into the kitchen.
  92. You move towards the pantry and take out the cereal. You look towards the clock in the living room and see the time. 11:00 am. Not too bad, still…where the hell is Alexander? It’s not like him to sleep this late. You shrug as you took out the milk from the fridge and pour your cereal.
  93. Finishing your cereal, you check the time. 11:10 am. You decide to just wake him up. You weren’t sure if he was going to have a hangover, but he can’t be asleep all morning. You walk into the hall and knock on the door. “Alexander-“
  94. “Du- “ That wasn’t Alexander. It sounds more feminine, as if they were trying to disguise their voice.
  95. “Alex? Is that you in there?”
  96. “Y-yeah.”
  97. “Well, get out here then.”
  98. “N-no.” Still sounds feminine. What the hell is going on? Does he have some girl or something?
  99. “Why not?”
  100. “I can’t…”
  101. “You can’t? What the hell are you talking about?”
  102. “I just can’t!”
  103. “Don’t you have hands?”
  104. “… No?”
  105. What? No hands? Don’t humans-
  106. Oh shit…
  107. “Dammit, Alexander. I’m coming in.” You open the door, and you see Alexander. It was him. His face full of shock, blue eyes trembling as he looks like he saw the devil just take his soul and leave him in as a ghost forever. His blonde hair still short and tidy, as usual, his skin pale as ever; everything seems in order…except…He was on the ground. His hands curled up into a ball. Hands bond, the fingers starts to become into one. “I’m…turning.”
  108. Days that are one in a million have odds that having the same outcome the next day is improbable. The numbers have several zeros on the end of it. Today, you just break down statistics with two days straight. Holy shit…what did you get yourself into?
  109. End of Chapter 2.
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