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  1. [url=https://discord.gg/pwhNrUk]DISCORD[/url]
  2. In Game Rules!
  4. Team killing:
  5. This is the main problem, the reason friendly-fire is on is to avoid people shooting through others and completely beating the scps, in order to stop this friendly-fire means you have to watch out for where you are shooting.
  7. Racism:
  8. I want to clear some stuff up for people that don't understand "Racism" as a rule, I don't mean we are gonna ban the "N" word or anything like that, as long as you don't potentially use it as an offensive term.
  11. Homopobic:
  12. This is the same as "Racism" you are allowed to say the "F" word, as long as you are not potentially using it as an offensive term.
  15. Offensive Language:
  16. You can use offensive language for fun as long as it doesn't upset anyone, or being rude towards staff.
  19. Mic Spamming:
  20. Now Mic Spamming can be a lot of fun, so to keep people having fun as well as everyone else, I have came up to this deal;Mic Spamming is allowed as long as it at a certian level that doesn't classified as "Ear rape" and if you keep it undercontrol when on intercon or dead.
  21. The next set of rules for ingame, is all under the same category.
  24. Round Delaying: Look no one likes waiting all day for the next round to begin, so to solve this issue I made this list!
  26. Camping:
  27. This is another big problem and can delay rounds, to prevent this you will have up to 2 mins to stay in one spot, so this will stop people from hiding forever in rooms scp can't enter, this also stops scp camping the nukeroom. Players also have 5 mins to leave the survice if Scps and players are inside, unless the nuke goes off.
  30. Teaming:
  31. This is another round delaying problem, oh though this isn't fully strict rule; Teaming is allowed if Chaos and Scp considering they win together, it's fine with Class D teaming with SCP as they turn to Chaos, but MTF, Scientist, Facility Guard are not allowed to team with SCPs or Chaos, how ever Class D can get detained and be turned into the other team as well as Scientist.
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