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  1. 1) Larger scale - Increase player count, large maps
  2. (raindance size), with strategic points of interest
  3. instead of repetitive empty hills.
  4. Points such as big hills where its of strategic value
  5. to get a hold off, if it to put a spawn beacon on
  6. for closer offense spawning or for chasers.
  7. Points where you  can cut off back routes,
  8. place radars on, w/e. With larger scale the the game
  9.  can be played out differently every time, open up
  10. more strategy (instead of the current, strategy
  11. which differs mostly by class selection).
  12. And with larger scale individual skill matters
  13.  less than the teams  as a whole.
  15. 2) Teamwork - viop for easier communication
  16. minimap/radar so they know where their friend are
  17. , more vgs for those who don't speak the regions
  18. language or don't have a Mic and command
  19. markers/map for leadership and organization.
  20. Encourage teamwork, don't frustrate
  21. them with not giving them proper tools to
  22. coordinate simple things. Or make them find
  23. a 3rd party software and servers which not everyone's on. Give more accolades for team centric actions,
  24. clearing the stand, killing sniper just in time,
  25. escorting, etc... give them badges for it to.
  27. 3) Tutorial - a mandatory one which teach basic
  28.      stuff (sking, air control, energy management      shooting ground targets with discs, mortar, sniper
  29.   , taking out base assets, clearing the stand, roles,
  30. classes, how to decloack an inf, inheritance, capping).
  31. And more Advanced ones such as blueplates,
  32. leading, chasing bots, advanced energy managements (jumping fast through high loops), flag play (passing,
  33. defending a dropped flag, timed return), escorting.
  34. Reward them with xp, unlocks, perks...
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