Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 26, Out of my mind

Dec 23rd, 2018
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  1. >The noises from the angry mob of ponies and the struggle of the guards trying to calm the angry crowd was a hilarious sight to you.
  2. >Not only did you get money from your little performance and save various songs for later, but you also confused the crowd with the help of Epona into thinking everyone was stealing from each other! What a day.
  3. >"Anon? Shouldn't we leave?" Epona asks, poking your back with her hoof nervously as everypony starts to raise their voices against each other.
  4. >Eh, it's not loud enough.
  5. >But you can fix that.
  6. "Yeeeeah, just let me add the final topping to this cake..." Epona's ears perk up as you say the word cake, but there is no cake. "No Epona, there won't be cake." She frowns. "...Yet" And she smiles again, adding a tiny squeak somehow.
  7. >You slowly sneak behind a mare with a white gown dress that was big enough to hide you and, with strength in your front hooves, you push her into the other mare she was arguing with.
  8. >"Oof!" Goes the mare in the gown dress, nearly stabbing her forehead with the other's mane horn. You totally knew the other mare was a unicorn, sure...
  9. >"Oh! So that's how it's gonna be, uh?" The other mare quickly pushes the mare with the gown dress; You retreat before they notice you.
  10. >They soon enough start pushing each other, one mare pushes into another mare, and that mare hits a stallion in rancor.
  11. >"You wanna go too?"
  12. >"To Tartarus with this! If the guards can't solve this, I will!"
  13. >"Bring it on, sister!"
  14. >"Thieves! All of you!"
  15. >And so, it begins.
  16. >The crowd just starts fighting to whatever pony was in front of them. It became better than before!
  17. "Ahahaha! Now that's what I call a better performance!" You laugh for a bit and then stop.
  18. >Hmm... should you think about changing your laugh into something more... evil? Your laugh is like a kid of course, but you probably can do something about it.
  19. "Let's see... Ahaha Ahahaha!" You think it through, but it didn't do the trick. "Maybe... Vehehe, vehehe!" You start thinking about it, again, it doesn't do the trick to you. What about... "Kekekek- pfft- Ugh!" You... bite your damn tongue while laughing.
  20. >Good thing Epona won't ask about your random laughing since she got distracted by rupees, again.
  21. "Abababa... I'm so not doing that laugh... who laughs like that anyway? It's dumb and probably only dumb ponies laugh like that."
  22. >Moving on...
  23. >You call the attention of Epona, who was busy filling her bottomless bag of rupees. Since the crowd was too loud and noisy, you just point at the exit of the garden so you two would move on onto somewhere else.
  24. >Where? Who knows, you'll figure it out later.
  26. >You were sitting on top of Epona while she was walking around the streets of Canterlot. It’s not like you were too lazy to walk, you were just thinking if you could use your chaotic magic again normally after your tiny mischief; who knows? Maybe you have already a new power up your sleeve which you don't know.
  27. >Also, Discord's words got you thinking too.
  28. >You are too used to his shenanigans, anything he says could be another thing. Who says this dimension isn't just a creation of his doing? Probably a memory, too.
  29. >Well, it's a 50/50, he did show you the other world that was paused in time, so maybe this is real.
  30. >Even if it was a fake dimension, you would play along as you did from the beginning.
  31. >Hmm. You are way too used to anything random happening by now. If there was a T-rex in front of you, you would just shrug at it.
  32. >As you finish on thinking, you take notice on how Epona is walking around in circles, LITERALLY. SHE IS JUST WALKING IN CIRCLES.
  33. >No wonder you were getting dizzy from something.
  34. >Was she following her tail? Because if it's true, that's cheating! Yours is tiny and therefore harder to catch! She got a long tail and that's easy mode!
  35. >Okay Anon, don't think before asking her first.
  36. "Sister?"
  37. >"Yes, brother?"
  38. "I love being random too, but, why are you walking in circles? Are you chasing your tail?" You say with an adorable tone, even when you were deadpan about your sister copying your own thing.
  39. >If she says yes, you're bringing scissors.
  40. >Epona stops on her tracks. "Oh! Well, I asked a pony where the nearest store of vases was and he told me it was around the corner of this street! So... I, well, keep going around this corner but the store doesn't... seem to appear."
  41. >...Okay, she is being silly now.
  42. "That's not how it works, Epona. Ponies are seeing us and are thinking we are weirdos... which... is actually okay by me." You take a second to get off from Epona's back. "Also, why vases? Why do you need them?"
  43. >"To fill them with rupees, of course!"
  44. >You stay silent as you stare at your sister who holds a sly smile.
  45. "...You are going to throw and break the vases after filling them with rupees, aren't you?"
  46. >"Nooooo?" Her smile becomes a scrunchy one.
  47. >Bad liar.
  48. >Your left ear perks up as you hear a male pony in the distant calling you two. "Y-You two! W-Wait!"
  49. "We aren't moving anyway." You say while shrugging, as Epona... trots in circles again.
  50. >The pony runs towards you two, he was an earth pony with a light brown coat, his black mane was a total mess as if he had a fight with an alligator. Why the rush?
  51. >He stops in front of you two, gasping and breathing heavenly, he speaks slowly as if he ran a marathon.
  52. >"I... I've... been looking for... you two... but the crowd got crazy and... I got involved... even when I... didn't have anything to do... with them..."
  53. >God, this pony looks like he took a beating, what's with his two black eyes?
  54. >You were about to ask if he was okay or if he needed help, but you aren't too interested and probably acting kind can get you in trouble with chaos.
  55. "What do you want?" You firmly ask.
  56. >"Directly... to the point, aren't we? Heh... I like that attitude!"
  57. >No! You were acting rude! Damnit!
  58. >"My name is Calm Sonet and I represent the Music School of Canterlot!" He was holding his hoof in anticipation of you returning the gesture, but you ignore it, raising an eyebrow while staring at him silently. "...Right, I'm a stranger and you shouldn't talk to one, my bad!" He says while scratching his back of his head and nervously giggling, giving an awkward smile.
  59. >Ugh... you are trying to be bad and this pony is just too kind to get the idea.
  60. >Okay, attempt numero tres.
  61. "Papa actually told me to talk to strangers and if I had the opportunity, go with them." You say while shrugging. "So, whaddaya want?" You leave a smug smile after saying that, it should do the trick at least the slightest.
  62. >Your sister, Epona, stops going in circles just to nod to him, then proceeds to go back going in circles. Woo, support points from Epona!
  63. >"Your dad must be a very open pony with those intentions, then! I get it, don't worry! My father was like that with me too!"
  64. >Your left eye twitches.
  65. >It didn't help that his words were highlighted in blue by your witchery magic or whatever magic Maria possess.
  66. >You sigh in defeat. "Just... tell me what you want."
  67. >"Sure thing! Ehem! As I was saying, my name is Calm Sonet, representing the number #1 Music School in Canterlot! ...And the only one, of course. I saw you two back in the garden and what I listened was just... marvelous. The talent you two showed would be enough to enter our prestige school! I could grant you a scholarship no problem within a day!"
  68. >Music School? Epona would probably want that, but you? Do you even play an instrument?
  69. >Well, there was the guitar you played at your floating island and Epona was good with that guitar, even if it was a controller, but...
  70. "Eh... I dunno."
  71. >"Maybe think about it? You can not only learn and practice about music but you can also learn about anything in Equestria! Our teachers are the prestige of Canterlot, as nearly as good as Canterlot Magic School!" Calm Sonet looked away while whispering to himself. "Maybe not that good..."
  72. >This guy won't leave you alone until you accept, will he?
  73. >...
  74. >Well... school can't hurt you. You can find somepony to bully and gain magic from it, as long as you don't forget to pay a visit to the Crystal Empire later.
  75. >Oi, right! Maybe you can learn about the crystal heart or anything from the Crystal Empire while you are at it!
  76. "Okay, we accept." You say for Epona too, even if she is dizzying herself.
  77. >"I knew you wouldn't accept from- wait, you accept? I mean! You accept! Woohoo!"
  78. >You have a feeling this "Music School" isn't too famous or probably this pony was expecting you to say no.
  79. >Yeah, probably the later.
  80. >"Alright! I'll just need a few signatures from your parents or tutors and we're ready to go!"
  81. >Your ears just unperked while hearing that.
  82. "...Parents?"
  83. >Calm Sonet nods. "Yup!"
  84. >Carajo, not again.
  85. "W-Well, what if our parents didn't want to sign this?"
  86. >"Oh, then that's okay. They can sign later if they feel to, paperwork can come later! I don't want to waste any of your seconds where it could be used in your talent! But if I could have a personal talk with them for just about a few minutes, that would suffice."
  87. >You are not coming out of this one, are you?
  88. "Well..."
  89. >You need a father, mother, anypony that can pretend to be your parent so you get away with this and with that guard Crystal Empire trip.
  90. >Uh, but you can't just point at a random pony and say she or he is your parent, can you?
  91. >...
  92. >Heck yeah, you can.
  93. >There are too many choices around you! You just need to ask the perfect pony that doesn't seem like a total douchebag and accepts!
  94. >Or, well, maybe the next pony that comes around the corner because right now, the street was empty with only you three here.
  95. >Ugh if you are lucky some guard will appear and you can point at them, this pony looks like you could trick him to oblivion.
  96. "He... she... they... are not here! Not yet." You say as you didn't see a single soul in the street, yet.
  97. >Calm Sonet didn't question it, he decides to talk with your sister in the meantime you are trying to see a pony that could fit the spot of being your parent.
  98. >Epona was just walking in circles and Calm Sonet probably was waiting for her to stop and talk... good luck, you fool foal.
  99. >Heh, horse puns.
  101. >As you look around the avenue of the central Canterlot, you see out of the corner of your eye a shadowy figure by a street corner that quickly hides before you could see it clearly.
  102. >Since you have time and this... young... stallion isn't going anywhere, you decide to walk directly at where the shadowy figure was since you are a kid and you are curious as hell.
  103. "Hmm..."
  104. >There was nopony around, just a big wall with nothing but a cat that was minding his own business.
  105. >Huh, you feel as if you're being stalked. But who would want to stalk you anyway? You just got here just yesterday...
  106. >Eh, maybe it’s just your imagination, you remember reading somewhere that the brain is the best ally and worst enemy, for it tricks the body into thinking depending on the situation; you're probably just a bit stressed by the fact that there is nopony around yet and you need whatever adult comes by to lure them in with your problem.
  107. >Wow, you sounded like a nerd! Wherever did that come from? Just for that, you're gonna chase your tail later at least nine times in a row.
  108. >You were still convinced that someone was stalking you, but you ignore it, besides feeling these… weird chills on your back, you are just gonna keep on waiting for a pony to call your fake parent!
  109. >As you get back to Epona, who was still walking in circles and the young stallion Calm Sonet was still waiting without trying to interrupt your sister. You’ll give points to this guy, you wouldn’t have his same patience.
  110. >Then you saw it as if you had turned into the next page of a chapter or a Deus ex just happened to help the main character in their journey, the perfect fake parent for this moment appears around the corner! ...The other corner that isn't used by Epona who is spinning around like a Beyblade!
  111. >It was a female white unicorn with... a very neat blue mane style, you gotta say. But what's more important! She had the cutie mark of a musical note! She's the perfect candidate for this! Also, she was headbanging while listening to music in her headset as she walked down the street.
  112. >Dude! This was so perfect! She won't notice what you are using her for and later you can just say excuses. Nopony gets hurt! Uh, this time.
  113. "There she is!" You point at the unicorn with excitement in your tone.
  114. >Calm Sonet sees the pony and gasps for a moment as if she saw her before somewhere else.
  115. >"Vinyl Scratch? She’s your parent? Well, color me impressed, never thought the young DJ would be a parent! But I must confess your singing along with your sister must be thanks to her."
  116. >Oh shit, did you choose a popular one by accident? This could either end well or badly. Damnit!
  117. >Well if you never try you won’t know.
  118. >You wave your hoof at the white unicorn, calling her attention and smiling as if you knew her from time ago.
  119. “Oi! Over here! We’re here!” You say in your cutest, colt voice.
  120. >Please don’t ignore, please don’t ignore, please don’t ignore!
  121. >Somehow, the unicorn doesn’t decide to ignore you and goes directly where you were standing and stopping while still headbanging at the rhythm of the music she was listening to.
  122. >God, it was so loud… you could hear it from where you were.
  123. >Calm Sonet called the attention of the white unicorn, whose name he said was… Vinyl something? Anyway, she looked at Calm Sonet as soon as he called her name.
  124. >”Vinyl Scratch! Or should I say, Miss. Scratch? Allow me to congratulate you first for having such wonderful kids! My name is Calm Sonet and I just asked your son-“ Calm Sonet stopped for a moment. “Oh… my modals today are below expected! Pardon me young colt, I didn't ask you or your sister's name!” Calm Sonet turned to look at you and with an awkward smile and scratching his back in awkwardness, says. “It isn’t too late for introductions, right?”
  125. >Well that’s better than he asking her our names.
  126. "The name of my sister is Epona, but I don't have one." You take a chuckle. "You could say I go by anonymous, so call me Anon."
  127. >"You... you don't have a name?"
  128. >You shrug. "Eh, used to. A name is not the big deal."
  129. >You still don't know how names or nicknames work in this world, seems like everypony are okay with Epona's name, but yours just, well, it doesn't fit at all.
  130. >You really don't care that much.
  131. >"Well, I'm not going to discuss that now, but names are important. Everypony has the right to have a name when they're born, no exception." Calm Sonet moved to talk to 'Vinyl Scratch' that was still headbanging as if she didn't know what was going on. "So, Miss Scratch, you’re the mother of these two talented young foals?”
  132. >She didn’t reply, all she did was headbang as if she was nodding to what questions Calm Sonet had to her.
  133. >After… quite the nonsense interview with Vinyl Scratch, who didn’t reply at all, Calm Sonet looked like he was just… okay with it?
  134. >"Ah, a mare of little words I see! That’s okay, we can talk another day and if you would like to proceed with the signature of the contract of young Anon and Epona, we'll be set to go and they can start school as soon as they can!"
  135. >And just like that, Calm Sonet bids you two farewell. Epona, who finally stopped walking in circles, waves at him as you do.
  136. >Welp! Now all is left is asking this unicorn if she is okay with having two foals! Not that hard, right?
  137. >Vinyl Scratch finally removes one earphone from her headset, and you could listen to the loud music she was listening to even more. That was loud.... how are her ears not bleeding from that? Or having a headache? "So... care to explain what was that about, little guy?"
  138. >!
  139. "Y-You were hearing the whole time?" You say, your tone worried and your eyes wide enough for the surprise.
  140. >She nods.
  141. "How so? I can hear your music over here!"
  142. >She slowly points to her ears.
  143. >Is she implying she was listening despite having her headset and music at maximum? Yeah no way, she must be very good at reading lips.
  144. "Oh... and why didn't you say a thing?"
  145. >She shrugs. "Dunno, wanted to see where you were heading with this. Telling ya right now, I'm not gonna pretend to be your mother if that's what you want."
  146. >Awwwww, but it's just for a little bit!
  147. "Not even for a day? I just want to enter that school... and probably a trip to the Crystal Empire. You see, we come from far, far away and we would really appreciate if you could just... follow our game?"
  148. >She taps her muzzle while thinking for a few moments. "Mmmm... nope, still doesn't do it to me. I'm already irresponsible with my roommate and she would hate me to death if I bring two foals to the department."
  149. >Carajo.
  150. >What else can you do?
  151. >”So… if you two excuse me.” She places her headset back in and starts walking, totally rejecting your distress call.
  152. “Dang it! It was the perfect opportunity! Now, what do we do?” You sit in the middle of the street, defeated for once against a pony that wasn’t grumpy like others here but didn’t have a reason to be helping you two. “It was a dang good opportunity to sleep under a roof that wasn’t paid for by my sister’s money! I just can’t keep it like this… her rupees… are not for wasting!”
  153. >Now you’re speaking nonsense. She was already leaving and there was no way she would turn around to give you a second chance.
  154. >Well… maybe that guard that promised the trip to the Crystal Empire could help you get a place to stay while figuring out what to do.
  155. >As you were trying to think for new ideas, your ears perked up as you heard Epona yelling, this time not at her reflection or any distraction, but rather at Vinyl Scratch.
  156. >”You! Stop right now!”
  157. >She stopped and removed her headset, placing it on her neck while silently staring at your sister.
  158. >”Here!” Epona threw her bag of rupees to the ground, where Vinyl Scratch was standing. “You can have the whole bag if you listen to my brother!” The expression of your sister was… angry, determined and serious… but after a few seconds, she whimpers and a few tears start to leave her eyes. “P-Please?”
  159. >Vinyl didn’t look too amazed by the bunch of rupees, but her expression changing to concern and her suddenly turning her music off… gave it away that she was giving you two a second chance.
  160. >She takes a sigh and starts to pat your sister slowly. “There, there. I don’t need your money, It’s fine.”
  161. >Your sister just nodded while trying to wipe the tears away from her face.
  162. >”Tavi’s gonna kill me…” Vinyl whispered to herself, then coughed, calling your attention. ”Alright little guy… Anon, was it?”
  163. “Uh? I mean… uhuh!”
  164. >”You two can follow me to my place, but your true test is convincing my roommate to allow you two into our apartment. I will tell her about this and whatever happens next, is up to you two.” Vinyl places her headset back and starts beginning listening to her loud music again, but before walking, she removes her headset to talk to you again. “My name’s Vinyl by the way, no need to call me Miss as that dude did… I’m not that old.”
  165. “Well, my name is Anon.”
  166. >”And I’m Epona!” You two present yourselves.
  167. >And so you two follow Vinyl to her apartment, where hopefully you win the confidence of whomever Vinyl’s roommate is.
  169. >After quite the walk, the two of you arrive at some luxurious apartments near the very top of Canterlot, located near the castle that probably housed the princesses, since Discord doesn’t govern this place. Not this world at least.
  170. >The apartment was… well, you didn’t have any words to describe it! It was too cool! So fancy! So Luxurious and neat! Nothing close to your Lighthouse island, though. Nothing can beat your lighthouse!
  171. >”You two wait here… I’ll see if she’s home.” Vinyl levitates a pair of keys to open the door to the apartment and enters, leaving the door locked behind her.
  172. >And now you two play the waiting game, as you sit like pets waiting for their master in the front of the apartment.
  173. >Good thing you didn't say that out loud, Epona would probably be excited and try to beat you at something if you imply it's a game. Besides, you are really bad at waiting, perhaps the last place in waiting.
  174. >...
  175. >Ugh! That feeling of being stalked! Your back is feeling this... underwhelming presence! Maybe it's a new power to be aware of your surroundings? That would be cool, though.
  176. “Epona, do you feel… as if someone is staring at us right now?”
  177. >”Oh! Oh!" Epona waves her hoof as if she was in a classroom and you were the teacher. "All the time! Dadda Disco actually told me about it and said it’s okay! There are like… hundreds of eyes watching us right now! I can’t explain it but… he can! And he didn’t explain because he said I wouldn't like the answer! But somehow I know what he said! …Kind of! ...Just a little bit!” Epona stops talking while pondering her thinking. "Actually, I have no idea!"
  178. >You have no idea what the hay she meant by that and neither does she...
  179. >Whatever she said wasn't what you were thinking though.
  180. >At least she didn't bite her tongue this time by talking that much.
  181. >"Ah bit ma tonghe!"
  182. >God damnit Epona.
  183. >You shake your head while looking at your sister. “No, Epona, no. I was asking like... as if a pony was following us and watching us right now! Maybe a pony that wants to sell us something! Look, even Maria is startled!“
  184. >Wait, Maria is startled?
  185. >Epona tilts her head while asking "Who is Maria? Oh, oh! Is she selling something?"
  186. >You decide to ignore answering her while seeing where Maria was heading to.
  187. >Maria started hovering above a few bushes that were near the apartment and landed on the them while she slowly started disappearing in place.
  188. >Whoa, why would that happen? Is somepony in the bushes maybe? Is that what she is trying to tell you? God, you wish there was a way to speak to her while she was in butterfly mode instead of just assuming yourself.
  189. >You didn't imagine her as a butterfly with her pony head sticking out, no-oh you didn't.
  190. “Okay, whoever the heck is hiding in the bushes, come out! I know you are there! I have a sister and I wouldn't hesitate using her!”
  191. >"You do?" Says Epona, asking jokingly.
  192. >Please don't come out of the bushes so you can toss Epona at the bushes.
  193. >The bushes start to move --Dang it, there goes the tossing-- after a bit, a voice comes from under the bushes. “Impressive, they were right when they sent me to eliminate you from this plane of existence!”
  194. >The heck?
  195. >A pony jumps from the bush, it was a... colt.
  196. >"Only a true master in arcane magic could bypass my stealth camouflage... I should have known from the beginning!" The colt who emerged from the bushes states. He was your size in height, had light gray fur and a blue short mane. For some strange reason, he had a... white eyepatch and was wearing some white clothing that resembled a cape.
  197. >He is either playing around or just plain creeping on you two, or both.
  198. “So… were you the pony that’s been following us around since our performance?"
  199. >”You are no one to get answers from me! Prepare to face your destiny, villain of havoc! Your fate is written in ink and I am the quill!”
  200. >Villain of havoc? Destiny and fate? Is this colt high on sugar? You should ask him where he got it because you want some of that.
  201. >Epona was just... admiring how the colt looked, it was probably a homemade hood anyway. And what's up with the patch? He looks ridiculous.
  202. >...You totally don’t want an evil suit or anything.
  203. >...You really want a black cape, though.
  204. >...Black and red would be alright, right?
  205. >Anyway, better hush this kid and tell him to bug off; you got no time to foal around.
  206. >Heh, foal.
  207. “Bahaha! So you finally found me; so clever to assume I am the villain you were searching for! You must know by now that I am not hiding my aura. But if you couldn't notice how big my powers are, then you are just another fool in my way of destruction and chaos! Especially chaos! Everything, every, chaos, chaos, chaos! Bahaha!”
  208. >Wh-What? You didn't mean to say that, what the heck?
  209. >”So you finally show your identity, villain! Tell me your name so we can begin our showdown!”
  210. >You shake your head while wielding a smug smile. “Give you my name? Where are your manners, hero? Shouldn’t you start with yours? What a ridiculous little hero you are!”
  212. >Drinking from the fountain was not a good idea.
  213. >”You’re right! I mean! I don’t admit you are, but I do have my manners… as the hero I am! Behold!” The colt in front of you started spinning very quickly, so fast that a tiny swirl replaced his figure and, with a sudden stop, he was wearing a white cape now, he still had his weird white clothes though. “I make my own history! I will become the fable told in the future! My name is…” He jumps over a ledge while light shines towards him as if a reflector appeared out of thin air from the sky and everything was darker. “Aether Tale!”
  214. >You are really not sure what’s going on- You mean… you really like chaos but there is no explanation on who the heck is making this happening.
  215. >But, as the silly colt you are, you will follow his game! Because you really like where this is going.
  216. >”Now, tell me yours!”
  217. >At least you figured out this colt couldn’t have stalked you, since you already gave your name to various ponies… or, well, he could; maybe he is pretending with this overreacting circus show.
  218. >Who cares! Time to join this nonsense scenario!
  219. “Bahahaha! I’m sorry to disappoint you kid! But I don’t have a name nor do I need one! You've been tricked! Foolish foal!”
  220. >Aether Tale, as the colt mentioned his name, was shocked and steps back as he hears your reply.
  221. >”How evil! You really are! How come I give my name but thou doesn’t?! Not even a nickname?”
  222. "Nickname, uh? I guess I can give you pity this once and tell you." You start cracking in laughter while you point your hoof in a 'villainous' way to Aether Tale. "Don't ever forget this moment! The moment you met with your doom...!"
  223. >Welp, you can't help it but feel hyped as you start laughing while spinning in circles, somehow thinking you would get a cape or something as Aether Tale did.
  224. >And so you did! More than he, too! You were wearing now a full jester outfit that had black outlines with red, blue, yellow and green colors as in rectangles... it did come with a mask too!
  225. >And with these colors you can guess the nickname you were about to say.
  226. "Wildcard!"
  227. >You were too concentrated in the name and how you changed clothes that you didn't notice that you two were alone, facing each other nowhere near the apartments or Canterlot. Around you was nothing... everything was white and it looked like everything was gone.
  228. >...Even Epona was gone, how could you not have noticed that? She is so noisy that you should have noticed, but you didn't.
  229. >You want to ask him where you two are, but you can't use your words... who is this colt? Is this his doing or yours? Where did the clothes come from? What will you eat later?
  230. >Seriously, you're hungry and need a bathroom break.
  231. >Maybe if you defeat him, answers will come later.
  232. >A deadly silence was around you two as both of you were waiting to see who made the first move.
  233. >You hold a smile of confidence behind your mask as Aether just stays there, with a serious face as if his life depends on this showdown.
  234. []
  235. >He makes the first move.
  236. >"Hear my voice, silver chains of fate! Aid me in these dire moments against this foe!" Suddenly, various chains started to appear from underneath Aether, they were quickly approaching towards you.
  237. >You wanted to move, but your body didn't move an inch and so, the chains were cornering you in a tight grip.
  238. >...You didn't feel as if you were having chains around you, though. It felt as if... you were just being suppressed by something more light, like vines... even Epona's hug was tighter than this attack.
  239. "Is this all you got?" You say, then your body breaks through the chains as if they weren't there. "It's my turn, then!"
  240. >"Impossible! You shouldn't be able to escape from my silver chains of fate! Nopony should be able to escape so easily!" Aether Tale says as surprise hits him, despite that, he quickly recovers and shows himself some confidence. "This is barely just the beginning!"
  241. >As he was complaining and doing his monologue, you were already focusing your first attack that, instead of shouting it, you were just preparing it silently and patiently. Seriously, why do ponies do that? To show off?
  242. "Watch and learn, hero." You pull a blue card from your jester outfit's hat and throw it directly at Aether Tale, landing it in front of his hooves.
  243. >Aether stepped back until he realized it was a plain normal card, but for you, it was a blue four Uno card.
  244. >"Hah! You failed too!"
  245. >You smiled and pointed your hoof at the blue card, focusing your newfound magic.
  246. "What is it, hero? You don't have either a blue or a four? Then you should go fishing!"
  247. >From inside the blue card, water started to come out at an incredible speed as if a waterfall was cast instantly, it quickly spread Aether Tale and left him wet, not damaged but humiliated.
  248. "Get it? Fishing! Bahaha!" You laugh, only because from Aether's mouth a single fish was coming out, as he caught it with his teeth.
  249. >After spitting the fish, Aether was throwing a little tantrum. "T-That was uncalled for! You won't escape my next attack-" Aether stops talking as you throw a yellow number four card this time directly on top of his horn; the horn pierced your card. "What now?!"
  250. "I threw you a blue card first that had water inside, now a yellow one. Can you guess what conducts through water?" You hold a cheeky smile while you wait for his answer.
  251. >"Y-Y-You wouldn't dare." Aether Tale started shaking, slowly trying to reach for the card you just threw at his horn.
  252. >Oh boy, you couldn't handle your laughter now!
  253. "Watt? Did you find the shocking truth? Bahahaha!" You active your yellow card without hesitating, a tiny thunder came from the card, hitting the now wet colt.
  254. >You watch as Aether Tale rolls over on the white floor from the pain of your blue and yellow cards. You couldn't stop laughing, as if this madness was not the big deal!
  255. >"Yiiiiiieeeeeeekssssss!" Aether could only yelp in pain.
  256. >And you? You were just mocking him.
  257. "Bahaha! Does anypony smell popcorn? I think I should bring butter with my yellow card now that I think of it!"
  258. >These spell cards are interesting! You can't help but wonder what wonderful tricks you can do with the green and red cards. Perhaps... you could use the wild card and other related cards too?
  259. >Well, you can't think right now, this colt's yelps can't let you think straight at the moment. Oh well! You'll think while you battle on!
  260. >Finally your yellow card spell wears off, the kid looked angry at you as he stands from the white floor, while his mane was a total mess that was still conducting a few sparks. And then it poofed into an afro with the fish from the previous blue card somehow stuck in there.
  261. >"To think this enemy had such great strength... even when he is inside my range and in my present ability... I need to finish this fight quick!" Aether was saying to himself, not taking any attention to his new afro look and... was he talking to himself out loud? Hah! And you thought you were crazy!
  262. "Well! I see you don't like chaos! Then let's get chaotic!" You say, holding a red card. "Come at me! Give me your best!"
  263. >Aether starts running towards you, jumping into a headbutt attack but not before yelling his attack. "Tornado attack!”
  264. >Well, time to shout your attacks then.
  265. >Or perhaps, defenses?
  266. >You hold up your red card that turns into a red skip card. “Anti-tornado attack shield! Your tornado bump has been...” A plastic red hammer comes from the red skip card, which you pick up and hit the colt with it on his head as if you were batting a home-run. "DENIED!"
  267. >Aether Tale flies back in recoil meters from your hit, as if you didn't hit him with a plastic hammer but rather something powerful. That, or he really is a drama queen.
  268. >”Hey! That's not fair!”
  269. >You hold another red card, this time a reverse red card. "Anti-fairness aura activated!" ...Actually, it did nothing, but you just hold it for giggles.
  270. >Where are your darn green cards anyway?
  271. >"That's no- G-Gah...!" Aether says, affected by your skip card that, well, didn't actually had any meaning to this duel.
  272. >...Duel?
  273. >Showdown?
  274. >Now that you think about it, this looks more like a... kids game.
  275. >In fact... somehow you feel as if you fought this colt before.
  276. >You feel as if you were forgetting something.
  277. >...
  278. >Where did this handcuffs came from? ...or should you say hoofcuffs? Is that a proper word?
  279. >Oh, it seems these cuffs are heavier than they look like! You can't move!
  280. >"Don't get too cocky! The battle hasn't even started! I'm going serious now!" Aether Tale was charging an attack with his horn, you could only roll your eyes and accept the present while waiting for his turn. "Take this! Super beam-"
  282. >And so he did, this time Aether attacked without yelling his attack. Either he is learning or you interrupted his speech-spelling.
  283. >It's getting annoying, dude.
  284. >...Did you manage to talk yourself this time instead of, uh, the unknown source of this place?
  285. >Also, you were actually getting damage to yourself this time, as in his attack was like a powerful beam of some sort. It tasted like vanilla somehow, too.
  286. >You may be thinking as if it was nothing, but your insides are actually screaming and the feeling of going to the bathroom has seized.
  287. >And that's bad.
  288. >The pee part, you meant.
  289. "Finally... getting seriously, are we...?" You say, exhaustion could be heard from your voice as you took heavy breaths. "These cuffs... lowered my stamina... good use of your... powers..."
  290. >Not even you did know the cuffs did that to you! Maybe the voice talking for you is clever than you are thinking. If... that makes sense.
  291. >Meh, it doesn't.
  292. >You break your cuffs with the aid of a Red Skip card and throw them to the white floor before you make a really bad reference to the cuffs.
  293. >This was getting fun.
  295. >You two continue fighting non-stop, Aether Tale showing different tricks with his chain magic and you trying your best to counter it with your cards, except for the green ones that for some reason you can't find.
  296. >All you had to do was to evade the cuffs he put on you and it would be an easy game, but his dexterity was quite the hard thing to evade.
  297. >As the battle continued, you noticed how quick the little hero was getting while your attacks were slowing down second by second.
  298. >You were feeling what villains feel when they are about to lose to the hero, and you didn't like it a bit.
  299. "This is the part where you give up, hero!" You say, while throwing a series of yellow and red cards, each one quickly evaded by Aether Tale.
  300. >Aether Tale in exchange was doing significant damage to you now, it was as if his resolve got better, like the hero he implied to be.
  301. >"I will not give up! Never! Havoc will not prevail! Not as long as I am here to stop you!"
  302. >You could feel your strength leaving your body, this colt was a formidable opponent.
  303. >Still! You won't give up either! For all the chaos and the marbles in your Dorado!
  304. "Give me your best hit! Aether!" You pull out from your jester outfit a +4 Wild card on him. "Prepare to face my ultimatum! DRILL MAGIC LIGHT ATTACK OF PURE CHAOS!"
  305. >You actually yelled a random name for your attack, but... the drill was there! And... it was actually a light attack! Incredible!
  306. >"For my ancestors and the generation that I will protect from you and all the evil! I summon the energy of all the arcane ancient magic of my family's tree!" Aether was holding with both his hooves a long sword that was surrounded by a blue magic aura. "GO FORTH! JUDGMENT FINAL CRYSTAL SWORD!" Aether called on his attack, it was an immensely powerful attack as yours.
  307. >Both attacks collided and neither of you was holding up, this was for the decisive victory! Who will win? Time to find out!
  308. "Hiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" You start pushing with your hooves your attack forward.
  309. >"Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Aether pushes too, not giving up any
  310. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" You start yelling louder.
  311. >"HAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Aether does too.
  312. >And then-
  313. >"Are you two done playing?" A voice interrupts the battle.
  314. "Wha?" You shake your head and... out of nowhere, you were back in the city of Canterlot, right in front of the apartments where you were waiting.
  315. >Epona was happily talking to Vinyl Scratch, while another pony, a light gray earth pony that had... such a modest stare was tapping her hoof as if she was waiting for something or someone.
  316. >"I know you two have been waiting outside for a while, and I recognize the mistake of my roommate for making you two wait outside instead of coming inside, which I apologize for her. But that's no reason to play *and* ignore me at the same time, young colt." The mare says in such an attitude that made you look like you did something wrong.
  317. >You stare down at your hooves... you were holding a branch. In front of you, the colt that you were fighting with, Aether Tale, was holding one too...
  318. >Were you... playing all this time? Was this just your imagination? Uh? UGH?!
  319. "I..."
  320. >"Hey! Not fair! I thought you wouldn't agree to this! That's why I made them wait outside, y'know..." Vinyl started scratching the back of her mane with her hoof. "In case you didn't accept, that's why I was asking theoretically."
  321. >The roommate of Vinyl takes a sigh. "I haven't agreed yet, and yes, I did know you were serious about the question of adopting two foals out of the blue. You are easy to read, even when you don't talk, Vinyl." The mare turned to see you. "Since I believe you were not paying attention as you were playing knights with that kid, let me repeat myself from the start. My name is Octavia Melody, busy musician and roommate of the noisy unicorn that you already talked to."
  322. >Vinyl nodded while putting her headset. "You know it, you like it."
  323. >Octavia Melody rolled her eyes.
  324. >"Your sister told me a bit of why you want to be... with us. I don't like when children just run away from their families like they can live in the woods at such a young age, so, let's talk about the rest inside." Octavia Melody invited you two into the apartment. "It's getting late already, Luna's moon should come up anytime."
  325. >Whoa, it was this late already?
  326. >Epona was the first to make her way inside the apartment, not before thanking both them.
  327. >You left the branch on the floor of the street and wanted to have a last word with the colt that you just... fought? Kind of?
  328. >But he already left, and that just left you with questions in your mind.
  329. >Questions that you will ask in your sleep because right now you gotta-
  330. >...
  331. >Wait a moment.
  332. >You stare at your hooves, then at what you could of the rest of your pony body.
  333. >...Did you get into mud or did you get brown all of the sudden? Why is your coat this light brown colored?
  334. >"Are you coming or not? Second call." Octavia said.
  335. "I'm coming."
  336. >The questions arise and this day just got even more mysterious.
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