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  1. So in my opinion, we just threw ourselves into this way too fast. I think that we need to get re-established and start over, this time taking one step at a time, nice and slow. First off, we would all need to move into #TeaCup and chat there. I'll drop the registration of the Affinity channels, and explain to people that Affinity is being re-established and to wait in #TeaCup for the mean time. We can setup a website with forums, probably using vBulletin. We can keep the forums a secret. We can setup an SVN, add the base code to it, and make some commits adding some content. Once we think that there is enough content to keep the players occupied, we make the necessary irc channels, setup mantis bug reporting, make posts on the forums welcoming and informing everyone. We can then let all of our friends know about the opening of the community, invite them into irc and on the forums. We can then open the server and go from there. Players will be able to have fun, while at the same time able to report bugs they discover. They will be able to invite friends and experience the fun environment all at the same time while devs commit fixes and additions along with fixing bugs reported by players. After we have a sufficient community, we can post a few staff positions that players can apply for. Not too many because 1/2 the community doesn't need to be staff. This is just my idea of what we could do. Let me know what you think
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