The Wizard of Ponyville Chapter 6

Jun 25th, 2014
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  7. >Day The Wizard of Ponyville: Chapter 6 in Equestria.
  8. >You take only the most essential items.
  9. >A toothbrush, a change of clothes, and what’s left of your spending money.
  10. >There is no time to grab the rest from the bank.
  11. >Nothing can slow you from your escape.
  12. >Trixie takes your last apple from the kitchen.
  13. >Sweetie learned your secret before you could buy food.
  14. >In your arrogance, you though you would be able to defeat her easily.
  15. >But a well-timed double cancel ended all that.
  16. >You have to disappear before the guards arrive.
  17. >Only unicorns can practice magic, and they will kill you if you’re discovered.
  18. >Probably worse to your teacher, Trixie.
  19. ”Are you ready?”
  20. >”I’m waiting for you,” Trixie growls.
  21. “Fine.”
  22. >You lock the door behind you.
  23. >That might buy you some time.
  24. >No doubt the guards will break it down, and search the entire house.
  25. >You open the door to Trixie’s cart and throw your worldly possessions inside.
  26. >”We’re going to have to travel in disguise.”
  27. >Trixie unceremoniously removes her cloak and hat and puts them in a false board under the wagon.
  28. >A hoof motions for you to do the same, and you comply.
  29. >She catches it in mid-air with her magic and easily folds it.
  30. >When the door closes, it shimmers and disappears.
  31. “Is there a trick to that?”
  32. >”No, you just open it…” Trixie says with venom in her voice. “Even you can do it.”
  33. >You don’t respond to her obvious bait.
  34. >Later there will be time to argue.
  35. >”We’re going to be rock farmers traveling to the Crystal Kingdom.”
  36. “Rock farmers?”
  37. >Trixie ignores you and waves a hoof in the air.
  38. >In a flash she transforms into a dull grey mare with baggy eyes.
  39. >She looks tired, like she has been pulling the cart for days.
  40. “I don’t know anything about farming rocks.”
  41. 1/12
  42. >”Really? I thought you were dumb as one. Letting yourself get caught, BY A FILLY!”
  43. “I already said I was sorry!”
  44. >Trixie scrunches her grey snout.
  45. >”I’m Fraggle, and you’re Pebble, and we’re the Rock family.”
  46. >You wave a hand and transform into an equally exhausted pony.
  47. >A large draft horse for plowing.
  48. >”You forgot your cutie mark, Pebble.”
  49. >With more concentration you make a cardboard box appear on your flank.
  50. “The name’s Party, Fraggle.”
  51. >”Party… Rock?”
  52. “Let’s go.”
  53. >Trixie snaps at you.
  54. >”You’re going to make me lose my mind! You’re pulling the cart!”
  55. >She yanks you into place and straps you to the wagon.
  56. >Trixie makes the cart look as if it is holding a pile of worthless stones.
  57. >Who knows why.
  58. >Maybe it is to seed your new imaginary rock farm?
  59. >Importing a superior breed of granite.
  60. >It doesn’t matter.
  61. >You follow behind her in silence.
  62. >It was your fault that this happened, so you have to carry the burden.
  63. >You two walk about thirty minutes before pegasi guards start flying overhead.
  64. >”Don’t look at them,” Trixie whispers. “Just keep going.”
  65. >You nod to your teacher.
  66. >Just keep going.
  67. >But the guards had other plans.
  68. >Two land ahead of you and Trixie.
  69. >”Halt,” the white pegasi commands.
  70. >His spear at his side as the grey one paces around behind you.
  71. >”We’re looking for two criminals. One is a blue unicorn, goes by the name Trixie. The other is a hairless monkey, who can perform magic.”
  72. >”Anonymous can transform into a pony. He calls that one, Nohtfound,” the grey one adds.
  73. >The grey pony watches for your reaction, but you intentionally keep a stone face.
  74. >”Have you seen either go this way?” The white pony asks.
  75. >”We haven’t seen any unicorns,” Trixie answers.
  76. >”What about you?” The grey pegasus asks as he pokes you with a hoof.
  77. ”No, sir,” you offer weakly.
  78. 2/12
  79. >”You should be on the lookout. These two are very dangerous.”
  80. >”What are your names?”
  81. >”I’m Fraggle, and this is my husband, Party.”
  82. >”Doesn’t look like he is having fun, pulling all those stones,” the grey guard quips.
  83. >You turn to him.
  84. “They’re for our rock farm.”
  85. >”For your rock farm? What they don’t have enough there?” the white one scoffs.
  86. >”Don’t listen to him. He’s… he hasn’t been the same since the accident…” Trixie pouts.
  87. >You try to look depressed at her reference.
  88. >Like you had a spark of life once, but it’s nearly forgotten.
  89. >”I’m sorry to hear that… Ms Fraggle…”
  90. >The grey guard motions for his partner to keep moving.
  91. >”Just remember to avoid any strange unicorns.”
  92. >Trixie watches as they depart.
  93. >”Don’t say anything, Party.”
  94. >Her eyes tell you all you need to know.
  95. >Someone could still be listening.
  96. >A few hours pass.
  97. >Once in a while Trixie lets you stop to catch your breath, but never for long.
  98. >She just wordlessly steps to the side of the road.
  99. >After maybe a minute she resumes her course.
  100. >Three times she’s allowed you rest.
  101. >It’s hard to maintain the illusion and pull.
  102. >Your stomach growls loudly.
  103. >You haven’t eaten anything today.
  104. >It won’t be long until you run out of strength.
  105. “Trixie?”
  106. >She keeps walking ahead of you at a brisk pace.
  107. >After a moment she turns to you, still moving forward.
  108. >”It’s Fraggle…”
  109. >You clear your throat.
  110. >It’s an amateur mistake to forget to use the code names.
  111. “Fraggle?”
  112. >She slows down a bit.
  113. >”What?”
  114. “Can we stop for a bit?”
  115. >”I don’t know, Party. Can we?”
  116. >You look behind you.
  117. >The road is empty just as before.
  118. 3/12
  119. >Once in a while a pony will pass you and make a weak greeting.
  120. >But they never stay for conversation.
  121. ”They must have given up by now.”
  122. >”Those were pegasi. They can’t detect magic. We have to keep moving so we don’t run into unicorn guards.”
  123. “They probably already have guards at the towns around Ponyville. We should hide in the forest.”
  124. >”For how long?”
  125. “A few days. Just until things blow over.”
  126. >”There is no blowing over for this. They won’t stop until they find us.”
  127. “But we have to find a place to sleep. We can’t keep these illusions up forever.”
  128. >Trixie takes a deep breath.
  129. >”Alright, Party. We can hide in the forest. Help me lift this cart so it doesn’t make tracks.”
  130. >Trixie lifts the cart and passes it to you.
  131. >When you have it she moves past you so you can move it toward her.
  132. >This continues until you can no longer see the road.
  133. >She slowly lowers it to the ground, and drops her disguise.
  134. >As she returns to her normal form you no longer see an angry pony.
  135. >Just a very sad one.
  136. >Like she has resigned herself to her new fate as a fugitive.
  137. >”You can stop pretending now, Anon,” she says just over a whisper as she hooks herself onto the cart.
  138. >You wave a hoof and you feel yourself transform back into a human.
  139. >Trixie pulls the cart for a few more minutes.
  140. >It’s much more difficult than on the road, but she doesn’t complain.
  141. >She just pulls.
  142. >You did this to her.
  143. >If you didn’t fuck up she would still be living with other ponies.
  144. >You took everything from her, but she is still here.
  145. >Still protecting you.
  146. >But why?
  147. >All she had to do was turn you in.
  148. >You would have let her.
  149. >She could have begged for forgiveness.
  150. >Maybe gotten away with some jail time.
  151. >But she stayed…
  152. >With you.
  153. >A hairless monkey.
  154. >And there is nothing you can do to help her now.
  155. >The die is cast.
  156. >You have to see this to the end.
  157. 4/12
  158. >When she finds the right amount of tree cover she stops.
  159. >Thankfully the ground is dry.
  160. >She unhooks herself and moves toward you.
  161. >”Are you hungry?”
  162. >You just nod.
  163. >”I have some oats. We can cook them if we keep a small fire.”
  164. >She walks past you to her cart.
  165. “Trixie?”
  166. >She looks at you.
  167. “Thanks…”
  168. >Trixie offers you a small smile, before entering her cart.
  169. >You use your magic to make a small ring of rocks.
  170. >Trixie returns with a saucepan, and some chopped wood.
  171. >You arrange it, and light a fire.
  172. >As you wait for the wood to burn down to coals you sit on the ground.
  173. >Trixie takes her place next to you.
  174. >You both sit in silence, mesmerized by the fire.
  175. >She rests her head on your shoulder.
  176. >An arm moves on it’s own to hold her close.
  177. >”I still have that apple.”
  178. >She shows you the red fruit.
  179. >”We can share it while we wait.”
  180. >Without waiting for an answer she slices it in half with her magic.
  181. >She takes half of it for herself, and moves the other to your hand.
  182. >Something sweet would be good.
  183. >But you ruined her life.
  184. >The least you can do is let her eat a whole apple.
  185. “You can have it,” you say as you try to hand it to her. “I’m not that hungry.”
  186. >”I heard your stomach earlier. Take it.”
  187. >Reluctantly you take a bite.
  188. >It was a nice gesture at least.
  189. >Not that it would make up for all this.
  190. >Trixie pokes the fire, and ashes fall apart.
  191. >She places the blackened pot over the coals.
  192. ”I’m sorry, Trixie.”
  193. >She looks up at you.
  194. “If I didn’t get caught we’d still be in Ponyville.”
  195. >She shakes her head.
  196. >”This was my fault. I shouldn’t have sent you out. I should have been happy with what you had.”
  197. >Her sudden mood swing bothered you earlier.
  198. >No one wakes up on the wrong side of the bed like that.
  199. “Why were you angry with me? We were fine last night…”
  200. >She sits there for a while.
  201. >Trying to decide how much to say.
  202. 5/12
  203. >Finally she speaks.
  204. >”I was mad at myself, not at you.”
  205. >You weren’t expecting that.
  206. “Angry at yourself?”
  207. >”I swore I wouldn’t let somepony get close to me.”
  208. “Why?”
  209. >”I had a bad upbringing. My dad was a drunk, and my mom just didn’t care anymore.”
  210. >Trixie shifts slightly.
  211. >”Sometimes he would come home drunk. I’d hear my parent’s arguing. Throwing things. He’d hit her. I could hear her crying in the next room.”
  212. >Trixie starts shaking.
  213. >You squeeze her lightly to reassure her.
  214. >”One night after a bad argument he came into my room. I tried to pretend I was asleep but… he knew. He pulled the blanket up and laid beside me. He said I was old enough now…”
  215. >She trails off.
  216. “It’s alright. You don’t have to tell me the rest.”
  217. >She makes a little nod.
  218. >”After that I tried to act tough. Pretended I was worth something…”
  219. >So, this is why Twilight and Trixie are enemies.
  220. >Because she lashed out at the others to hide her pain.
  221. >You hold Trixie for a while.
  222. >The food boils over and you place it aside to cool.
  223. “That’s all in the past now, Trixie.”
  224. >She shakes her head.
  225. >”My whole life is a lie. I don’t have countless houses. No friends. It’s all a lie. I’m just a second rate magician.”
  226. “That’s not true. Everyone has something…”
  227. >”Everything I own is in that cart,” she points at the old wagon.
  228. >She didn’t have much to lose by following you.
  229. >Nothing to look forward to.
  230. >That’s why she wouldn’t turn you in.
  231. “Is that why you came with me?”
  232. >”The thought of losing you, my only friend… was too much.”
  233. >She magics the cooled mush into a bowl for you.
  234. >A second later she does the same for herself.
  235. “We can go to the Griffon Kingdom. We can start fresh there,” you offer.
  236. >”We’d stick out too much.”
  237. 6/11
  238. “They’d have to take us. It’s not like we committed a crime. They can’t punish us for being ourselves. This would be amnesty.”
  239. >”We can try. We’ll have to sneak in.”
  240. “We can figure out the details later. We can get through this.”
  241. >Trixie starts eating her simple meal.
  242. >Thinking over your plan.
  243. >You take a bite as well.
  244. >It’s plain.
  245. >Little more than gruel, but it is good to have something warm filling your belly.
  246. >When you finish your meal you cover the fire with dirt.
  247. >You follow behind Trixie into the small cart.
  248. >You have to crawl in to lie down.
  249. >Trixe curls into your arms.
  250. “Everything will be better tomorrow.”
  251. >
  252. >
  253. >The next day.
  254. >You want to put more distance between you and Ponyville.
  255. >Again you transform into the Rock family, and slowly continue your journey.
  256. >Above you, pegasi pass but they don’t bother you.
  257. >In the distance you see a checkpoint.
  258. >Shit.
  259. >You bring the cart to a stop.
  260. >”You’re going to make them suspicious.”
  261. “They have a unicorn…”
  262. >Trixie looks ahead.
  263. >”Well… just… they’ve seen us.”
  264. >A grey guard points at you for the other two.
  265. “Should we run?”
  266. >”No. Don’t cause a scene.”
  267. >Trixie continues walking forward.
  268. >It takes a bit, but you get the cart rolling again.
  269. >As you approach you notice two of the guards are the same as yesterday.
  270. >The third is a green female unicorn.
  271. >Her cutie mark is musical, and she looks annoyed.
  272. >She's clearly just a normal citizen pressed into service.
  273. >Twilight probably has all of Ponyville looking for you.
  274. >You stop in front of them.
  275. >”We don’t need to check these two,” the grey guard announces.
  276. >”Yeah. We saw them yesterday. They’re rock farmers,” the white guard agrees.
  277. >You breathe in relief.
  278. >”The princess said we have to check all travelers.”
  279. >You spoke too soon.
  280. 7/12
  281. >The grey guard scoffs.
  282. >”We should be searching in the forest. An animal like Anon wouldn’t travel in the open.”
  283. >The other just nods.
  284. >”Alright…” The green unicorn says. “You can go.”
  285. >The ponies move aside so you can pass.
  286. >You start walking past them when you hear a voice above.
  287. >”Why aren’t you checking those two?”
  288. >You’d recognize that voice anywhere.
  289. >Twilight.
  290. >”Princess… we saw these two yesterday.”
  291. >The Princess lands beside them.
  292. >”They could be in disguise. The least you can do is try a cancel.”
  293. >You unhook yourself from the cart.
  294. >”Princess,” the unicorn pleads, “I only know how to levitate things. I can’t do real magic.”
  295. >Trixie moves behind you, presumably to the hidden door on the cart.
  296. >”All of you are useless. I have to do everything myself!”
  297. >The princess turns toward you.
  298. >Oh fuck.
  299. >She raises her hoof.
  300. >”Hold still.”
  301. >“Wait!” Trixie yells.
  302. >Twilight’s eyes twitch, but she doesn’t cancel.
  303. >You ready a barrier.
  304. >”You found us.”
  305. >Trixie waves a hoof and her disguise drops.
  306. >Her cloak billows in the wind, and she puts on her hat.
  307. >”You!”
  308. >You cancel your disguise and stand to face your princess.
  309. >”Oh shit,” the green unicorn says.
  310. >She tries to move away but the white pegasus holds her in place.
  311. >Trixie places your defensive cape in your hand, and it only takes a moment to button.
  312. ”Trixie had nothing to do with this. I forced her to teach me.”
  313. >”No. The Great and Powerful Trixie chose to teach Anon.”
  314. “What are you doing?”
  315. >”We’re in this together.”
  316. >Twilight laughs.
  317. >”I knew it. You fell in love with him didn’t you, you whore?!”
  318. >”As if Trixie would ever lay with a monkey…”
  319. >The guards circle around you, but Twilight waves a hoof at them.
  320. >”Don’t bother. These two are more than your match.”
  321. >The three of them step to the side.
  322. >”You lied to me, Anon.”
  323. “Yeah.”
  324. 8/12
  325. >”I gave you a chance to end this.”
  326. “I know.”
  327. >Twilight smirks.
  328. >”He can’t give you what you want, Twilight.”
  329. >”And why’s that?”
  330. >”He gets his magic from virginity.”
  331. >Twilight laughs again, even louder.
  332. >”That’s impossible.”
  333. “It’s true. I can’t be with anyone. I tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen.”
  334. >”That doesn’t change anything. You broke the law, Anon. And it’s time to pay for your crimes.”
  335. >Her wings unfurl and she raises a hoof.
  336. ”Let’s do this.”
  337. >Twilight casts light and you throw up your barrier to catch it.
  338. >It shimmers as it absorbs her attack, but the force pushes you back.
  339. >Trixie cancels Twilight’s beam and shoots lightning from her hoof.
  340. >Twilight easily deflects it to the side, barely missing her guards.
  341. >She throws your teacher in the air before making the ground below you erupt.
  342. >You jump away in time to escape the heated earth.
  343. >Rocks fall all around you.
  344. >A flick of your wrist and flames fly forward.
  345. >Twilight dodges the attack and jumps in the air.
  346. >Her left hoof holds up a barrier.
  347. >The other glows with purple magic.
  348. >You jump to meet her and double cancel her spells, but it is ineffective.
  349. >A blast from her purple energy throws you down.
  350. >Trixie attacks with lightning again but the barrier absorbs the punishment.
  351. >Twilight laughs and knocks Trixie aside with her aura.
  352. >She sails into the air and Twilight makes unfamiliar movements with her hoof.
  353. >A crystal appears and holds Trixie in place.
  354. >She struggles to escape, but it is useless.
  355. >Twilight turns her attention back to you as you rise up.
  356. >”I thought you’d be stronger, Anon.”
  357. “You haven’t won yet.”
  358. >You remember your last battle with Sweetie Belle.
  359. >She used both hooves to cast magic.
  360. >You have to do the same.
  361. >Sparks form over your right hand.
  362. >You clap both together to pass energy to the other.
  363. >With both hands engulfed in flames you resume.
  364. 9/12
  365. >You emit an enormous flame.
  366. >Twilght’s eyes flash in recognition and she drops her energy to concentrate on her barrier.
  367. >You throw the flames for as long as you dare.
  368. >Maybe ten seconds.
  369. >Twilight’s barrier weakens.
  370. >You see it shimmering as it falters.
  371. >”Keep going, Anon!” Trixie shouts.
  372. >Your arms shake.
  373. >You’ve never used this much energy before.
  374. >Twilight’s eyes open wide, and her barrier shatters.
  375. >The flames fly high in the air like fireworks.
  376. >But she isn’t there.
  377. >Fuck!
  378. >”Looking for somepony?”
  379. >You spin around, but it’s too late.
  380. >Twilight throws you back and you slam into Trixie’s cart.
  381. >The heavy wood, and packed ground do nothing to soften your landing.
  382. >Twilight looks on.
  383. >Her eyes have changed.
  384. >Like she’s gone crazy.
  385. >You look up and you can see the air swirling around her.
  386. >You can feel the heat of her energy radiating out.
  387. >Her horn glows, and shoots blinding light.
  388. >You cover yourself with your cloak and you can hear the fabric burning.
  389. >An arm glides sideways and cancels her magic.
  390. >You jump to grapple her, and wrap your arms around her.
  391. >Barriers can’t stop physical attacks.
  392. >You try to throw her, but are met with hooves on either side of you.
  393. >Lightning shoots into your body.
  394. >The cloak does nothing to stop it.
  395. >Using all you concentration you punch her in the throat.
  396. >Twilight flies back, and you barely catch yourself as you fall.
  397. >Both hooves cover her delicate flesh.
  398. >She coughs loudly.
  399. >Not wanting to waste the initiative you return your own electric storm.
  400. >The princess waves your magic aside.
  401. >Her eyes meet yours.
  402. >”We could have been happy together, Anon.”
  403. >She throws up another barrier.
  404. >This one is twice as strong as the last.
  405. >You watch as the hexagonal grids align.
  406. >She holds a hoof to the side, menacingly.
  407. >”Run, Anon!” Trixie shouts from her cage.
  408. >You can’t leave without your teacher.
  409. “LET TRIXIE GO!”
  410. 10/12
  411. >”She taught a criminal magic. She will be made an example.”
  412. >”No!”
  413. >Twilight waves a hoof and the crystal blinks away, taking Trixie with it.
  414. >She’s too powerful.
  415. >You can’t stop her.
  416. >Purple magic engulfs you.
  417. >You never had a chance…
  418. >
  419. >
  420. >You wake up in a familiar place.
  421. >Books align the walls.
  422. >Scrolls are carelessly discarded.
  423. >Like someone was looking for just the right spell.
  424. >You’re chained to the ground.
  425. >The air is cold.
  426. >Your clothes and your cloak are gone.
  427. >The metal rattles as you try to escape.
  428. >You can break these.
  429. >”So you get your magic from being a virgin?”
  430. >You look up at the voice.
  431. >Candles line the room, and Twilight’s form casts a ghastly shadow.
  432. >Her hooves click against the wooden floor.
  433. “What are you going to do?”
  434. >”I wanted you, Anon...”
  435. >You try to attack her, but the shackles hold you in place.
  436. >Even your magic is failing against the enchanted metal.
  437. >”Now I know that was a mistake.”
  438. >She takes a step forward.
  439. >”But I can always make a new Anon. One that will listen to me.”
  440. >Make a new Anon?
  441. >That isn't possible.
  442. >She reveals a bottle.
  443. >"I searched and searched for the right spell."
  444. >She places the bottle next to your naked form.
  445. >"Turns out there isn't one, so I'll have to improvise."
  446. >A hoof rubs your chest.
  447. "What are you going to do to me?" You ask again, your voice pleading.
  448. >”I thought I would take you to heaven, before I send you to Tartarus.”
  449. >She lays beside you.
  450. >”You’d be powerless there without your magic.”
  451. >Twilight inhales your scent.
  452. >”It would be the perfect punishment.”
  453. >She places her weight on you.
  454. >”A thousand years of pain… and I still get what I want…”
  455. "Just kill me."
  456. >Twilight licks you.
  457. >"What fun would that be?"
  458. >You close your eyes.
  459. 11/12
  460. >
  461. >
  462. >You inhale sharply.
  463. >In front of you is a desolate wasteland.
  464. >The ground is cracked and dry.
  465. >She did it.
  466. >Twilight killed you.
  467. >You throw a hand forward but your magic is gone.
  468. >You try again with both hands.
  469. >Nothing.
  470. >A disfigured crow caws in the distance.
  471. >You slump down.
  472. >Thirty years of virginity, stolen in a single night.
  473. >Everything you ever worked for.
  474. >Gone.
  475. >You don’t even have your only real friend…
  476. >Trixie.
  477. >You hear shuffling ahead of you.
  478. >Your jump up and try to look menacing.
  479. >The gargoyle looks on with curiosity.
  480. “Stay back! I know magic!”
  481. >He smiles at that.
  482. >”I don’t want to hurt you. I’m just waiting for my brother.”
  483. >He shows you his gnarled hands.
  484. >”I come here every year to try to help him, but he never accepts.”
  485. "Your brother?"
  486. >He nods slowly.
  487. >"Maybe you've heard of him? Tirek."
  488. "No, I'm still new to Tartarus."
  489. >He smiles at this.
  490. >"That's alright. It was a long time ago. I doubt anyone remembers but me."
  491. >He sighs heavily.
  492. >"But I don't think he wants to see me this year."
  493. >The creature flexes his bat wings before moving closer.
  494. “Who are you?”
  495. >He raises an eyebrow and you can see his eyes.
  496. >His green eyes.
  497. >”Scorpan.”
  498. 12/12
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