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  1. Olaaaaa, my name is Ismail Basly and I just want a few minutes of your time to explain why hiring me as your software developer intern will ultimately benefit your organization.
  4. Currently, I’m completing my junior year at Esprit University in  where I’m studying for my software engineer degree . I already have a great educational base in software engineering, having completed courses in web developpment, data Mining, database administration and many many more.
  6. I also worked on many projects in my university that help me develope my teamwork and communication skills that will surely be helpful in my next experiences, and hopefuly with your company.
  8. While my education and experience would add value to your organization, when you combine these with my passion, dedication and commitment to innovative in the IT field, I believe I provide the total package. I guarantee that you won’t regret making the decision to make me part of your team.
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