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Mar 31st, 2021
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  1. Business Name;
  2. Junk Removal Pros of Olathe
  3. URL;
  5. Keywords ;
  6. Junk removal Olathe, trash removal, junk pick up Olathe, junk hauling, rubbish removal, appliance recycling, furniture pick up, haul away refrigerator, garbage removal, haul away junk, junk removal services, junk haulers, junk removal prices, pick up junk
  7. Description;
  8. Junk removal Pros of Olathe is your local junk removal contractor. We are license, bonded and insured to work removing waste in the Kansas City area. We will remove junk, appliances, estate cleanouts, funriture removal, and construction debris removal. Property managers in Olathe call the Junk Remvoal Pros of Olathe to clean out their vacated apartments. We are quick and makes sure we clean up any rubbish.
  9. Full Address;
  10. 445 S Cherry St
  11. Olathe,KS,66061
  12. Phone;
  13. 913-210-2131
  14. Business Email;
  16. Operating Hours;
  17. Monday-Friday 8:00-7:00,Saturday 8:00-5:00
  18. Social Media Links;
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