WarpedRealm release 1.18

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.18 Changes:
  2. - Added a new fetch quest for the nether and the wilderness
  3. - Added 2 votekeys as a reward for some of the daily quests that take a bit longer
  4. - Fixed barbarian boots being usable in anvils
  5. - Added /mentiontoggle to toggle the pinging when a name gets mentioned in chat
  6. - Added /mentiontoggle to TCF
  7. - Slightly lowered the damage unstable wraiths deal with the explosion
  8. - Fixed mushroom blocks not being silktouchable
  9. - Fixed some of the legacy disguises not working
  10. - Fixed the fishing rod being usable in anvils
  11. - Fixed /discordlink not working
  12. - Fixed players being able to use /discordunlink or /discord unlink
  13. - Fixed some of the gems not showing their gem type in the itemlore
  14. - Buffed some of the digger job income
  15. - Removed the auto announcement mentioning /msgtoggle
  16. - Added auto announcement mentioning the discord linking
  17. - Added auto announcement mentioning the disenchanting
  18. - Fixed randomtickspeed being too high
  19. - Added a few more security checks to the RTP location check to make it a bit more safe
  20. - Added the option to disenchant items to the /enchant GUI
  21. - Added 3 Votekeys as reward for linking the MC account with discord (/discordlink)
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