Cream Pie

Jul 6th, 2018
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  1. ⇥ Name: Narin Bae
  3. ⇥ Age: 20
  5. ⇥ Birthdate: 5 December 1997
  7. ⇥ Personality: Narin was very polite and girly when she was younger. But, she became very cold and rude when she gets older. She doesn't really care if people say bad things about her. She often curses without herself even knowing. She's a very loud and annoying girl. She doesn't get scared easily, so she loves taking risks. She's not really a positive person, but she can be sometimes. She can be cute at times when she wants to. She's also secretly a very caring person towards people that she's close to. She's also clean-freak and hates messy rooms. She can often be savage and straight-forward. She's a very sporty girl since she and her sister often play sports when they were younger. She's secretly a very hard-working person that often over-work herself. She's also a meme inside and makes random funny faces that everyone laughs at, she doesn't really care a lot about looking pretty.
  9. ⇥ Background: Narin was born in a pretty wealthy family. She has one younger sister who is 3 years younger than her, they're very close with each other and rarely fights. Her parents are both a baker, well almost everyone in her family is a baker. She and her sister didn't want to be a baker, but their parents wanted them to be a baker as well. She begs her parents every day, but they always ignored her. Until finally, her parents accepted her. She and her sister left their home and moved in with their grandparents in Korea because their dream was to become a singer. Originally, she left first and her sister joined her 3 years later. She auditioned for 2 different companies and none of them accepted her. She auditioned once again and got accepted into CUBE and her sister got accepted into MAROO, they went on a survival show, but only her sister succeeded. She almost joined (G)Idle, but left for Yuqi, aka her best friend. She auditioned for 3 different companies, but again, none of them accepted her. She almost gave up, but she auditioned for the last time at YG, she finally got accepted. She wasn't close with anyone in the company when she was a trainee since she was very focused on training, she was very pressured since she already auditioned for 7 times and only got accepted twice, she thought that she had to work hard.
  11. ⇥ Likes:
  12. - Cheese.
  13. - Chocolate.
  14. - Winking.
  15. - Swimming.
  16. - Cleaning.
  17. - Cooking.
  18. - Baking.
  20. ⇥ Dislikes:
  21. - Pork.
  22. - Meats.
  23. - Beer.
  24. - Dolls.
  25. - Amusement parks.
  26. - Dogs.
  27. - Skinship.
  29. ⇥ Slot: Black
  30. ⇥ Backup: Blue
  32. ⇥ Face claim: Yuju - GFRIEND
  33. ⇥ Backup: -
  35. ⇥ Love interest: Daniel - WANNA ONE [1997]
  36. ⇥ Backup: Seongwoo - WANNA ONE [1995]
  38. ⇥ Album name ideas: Chocochip, Love Bar
  39. ⇥ Fandom name ideas: Marshmallows
  40. ⇥ Fandom color ideas: Cherry Blossom Pink, Crystal Blue
  41. ⇥ Personal fandom name: Clovers
  42. ⇥ Personal fandom color: Baby Blue, Bright Lavender, Amethyst
  44. ⇥ Personal greeting: "Hello, my name is Naeri, and I'm the Sporty Owl of the group"
  48. ⇥ Stage name: Naeri
  50. ⇥ Name: Narin Bae
  52. ⇥ Position: Main Vocalist
  54. ⇥ Birthdate: 5 December 1997
  56. ⇥ Zodiac sign: AB
  58. ⇥ Nationality: Indonesian
  60. ⇥ Hometown: Surabaya, Indonesia
  62. ⇥ Height: 169cm
  64. ⇥ Facts:
  65. - She looks like an owl.
  66. - She's very close with (G)Idle members, especially Yuqi.
  67. - She and her sister have the same personality, but her sister is more savage.
  68. - She's good with high notes.
  69. - She can't do splits.
  70. - She can't drink beer.
  71. - She's poker-faced.
  72. - She makes jokes randomly without herself even knowing.
  73. - She's a very good cook.
  74. - She often goes jogging with her sister in the morning since both of their dorms are very close.
  75. - She loves winking.
  76. - She has double eyelids.
  77. - She's secretly an aegyo-master.
  78. - She's very secretive about her life.
  80. ⇥ Ideal type: Her ideal type is probably someone that's actually very caring and cute, but also strong and manly at the same time. She likes someone that smiles often and laughs easily.
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