OpJusticeForJake- Press Release #3

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  1. OpJusticeForJake. For Immediate Release
  2. May 9, 2013
  4. Greetings,
  6. We are Anonymous.
  8. In a bittersweet event, Jacob 'Jake' Limberios was reburied this afternoon. The tears of Anonymous join those of the Limberios family. We fervently hope that Jake will now finally be allowed to rest in peace. This family has buried their son 3 times, this is too much for anyone to bear. Yet through it all, the courage and dignity of the Limberios family continues to stand as an example for all of humanity. If the Sandusky County justice system has a shred of decency left within it, this will be the final time.
  10. We, the citizens of Sandusky County, and the World, have read the latest email demands and threats directed towards the family, Dr. Wecht, and Attorney McGookey. While the demands made may appear reasonable on the surface, they become much less so when one knows the history of the case. In the eyes of the World the Special Prosecutor's office is now beginning to appear heartless, petty, and vindictive, as well as potentially incompetent. Do you not believe this family has been through enough that you might consider one of the compromises which have been suggested rather than sticking, shall we say doggedly, to your "my way or the highway" approach? A bit of humanity and understanding might go a very long way.
  12. Pennsylvania is not cross-country from Ohio; why not let your doctor travel there to view the samples? Surely in view of the scope of this public relations disaster a couple tanks of gas should not be considered a big issue? How much more bad press will this case get in the time it would have taken you to have her simply go look at the samples? The first national media article has already been published; how long before it becomes a flood? We fail to understand your decision making process.
  14. On that subject, Anonymous wishes to thank the news media for their solid and unbiased coverage of this issue. We look forward to continuing to work with you until the conclusion of this tragic story.
  16. Anonymous continues to believe that this entire issue can be quickly and simply worked out. We believe that justice for Jake Limberios is not only within reach but is eminent. Please do not let the details obscure the goal.
  19. We Are Anonymous.
  20. We are legion.
  21. We do not forgive.
  22. We do not forget.
  23. Expect us.
  25. Email Contact:
  27. Twitter contact: @OpJustice4Jake
  29. #OpJusticeForJake
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