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  1. Brother of the king declares near public appearance to expose the U.S. plan to attack Syria, Qatar
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  4. Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz, brother of Saudi King for panoramic view near the diagonal to expose the Zionist scheme to divide the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Syria hit service for Ā«IsraelĀ».
  6. The newspaper building the Lebanese that the words of Prince Talal came during a meeting at his home in Cairo, with three of the prominent Arab as quoted by one of these figures for Prince Talal criticized strongly the policy of the rulers of Qatar and the execution of their plans are in favor of Israel and help them pass their programs against the Palestinians and the Arabs.
  8. The Prince Talal, that the people of Al-Thani, the rulers of Qatar will at a later stage attempts to divide Saudi Arabia and Hasher Al Saud in the mini-state of Mecca and Medina and the uprooting of part of the kingdom on the borders of Jordan to resettle Palestinian refugees, adding that America will not keep the unity of the territory of the Kingdom and it has turned Qatar into a claw in the Arab body and the Gulf in particular and this indicates that the chaos to come to the GCC and Qatar agree with the number of princes in Saudi Arabia who have set up an alliance with the princes of Qatar U.S. instructions.
  10. He revealed the Saudi prince to be held soon, a press conference on security relations developed between Saudi and Israeli officials are planning together against the Arab identity of the region and against Syria, Palestine and push Saudi Arabia as the spearhead of aggression, a US-Israeli EU against Iran, where I expected a variety of sources to declare Prince Talal support for the position of the Syrian and condemnation of NATO and the conspiracy of the Atlantic and the Saudi involvement in this matter.
  12. She explained that the Arab character Prince Talal told the countries in the GCC Qatar conspiracy and warned them of the steps being planned to strike the stability of the squares, pointing out that his country is on the verge of sharp conflicts within the family may be the deadliest for control of the government.
  14. On the other hand, the newspaper said Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz will resort back to Cairo to announce refusing to fill the Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz and Crown Prince surpassing five of his brothers deserving of the job, including Prince Talal himself after being told by a telephone call yesterday with the station editing Egyptian satellite that will soon announce the cause of his resignation from the pledge of allegiance after the appointment of Prince Nayef as crown prince.
  16. The Prince Talal, the father of billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal, resigned from the Allegiance Commission which was formed for the selection of the Saudi king after three weeks of the appointment of Prince Nayef as crown prince did not give Prince Talal site on the Internet a reason for his resignation.
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