My Teacher - 01

Jun 19th, 2020
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My Teacher

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Min-Soo Cheol / 민수철 MC
Kim Bo-Young / 김보영 FMC
Min-Soo Jeong / 민수정 MC's Guardian
Head Teacher / 교장선생님 Old Fatty who wants to fuck every female teacher
Hajoon Seong / 하준성 Rapist, Drug Dealer, Minsoo Jeong's Boyfriend

Don't forget to add these two to the credit:

고손작: Author

호닷: Artist

I repeat don't forget to add these two to the credit:

고손작: Author

호닷: Artist

Script Information:

Minsoo Cheol MC
Kim Bo-Young KB
Minsoo Jeong MJ
Head Teacher / Principal P
Hajoon Seong HS
Classmate C1, C2..

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 01

KB: A function ƒ is said to be periodic if, for some nonzero constant P, it is the case that ƒ(×+P)=ƒ(×) for all values of x in the domain...


KB: Okay, next time we'll continue this chapter and work over the pages 57 to 60. So don't forget your notebook!

C1: *Aaaah ~ Teacher that's too much ~

KB: See you next time ♥

MC: Yeah.. See you next time.. ♥

MC: Ugh!

C1: Hey, you'were once again watching the math teacher?

C1: Yeah it's understandable, she has such a nasty body.

C1: Am I not right?

C1: But too bad for you

C1: It seems like the PE teacher already fucked her!

C1: It's said that inside the teacher room, he grabbed the math teacher's buttocks!

T: Such a nice ass!

C1: The math teacher then pressed her big ass against his dick!

C1: *Then he pulled up her skirt while praising her!

C1: Before tearing off her stockings!

KB: Tea.. Teacher.

C1: *He flipped her panties on the side! "You nasty bitch, did you again dirty your panties?" (In little at the end)

C1: After this the PE teacher stuck his huge dick of 6" inside her. (T/N: LMAO, huge... I'm dead..!)

KB: Ah...Aaaaah!

KB: You... So good.

C2: What a talker hehe

C3: Such a good story haha

C1: Hehe you should look forward to it! I'm gonna spread rumors about their relationship kekeke

MC: Ugh!

C1: You're hard, what crazy bastard! Kekeke!

C2&3: Fuck, that's too hilarious bwahaha!

C2: What's next?

C3: Korean

C1: Fuck, I didn't bring my book

C3: Borrow one

MC: Sorry, I'm late.. My stomach hurts.

C1: Bwahaha what stomach ache, he was jerking off while thinking about the math teacher!

C3: Who will believe a pervert like you? Kekeke

C1: The fuck... Where is it...?!


C1: Graaaa! A fucker stole my pair of golden goose!!


C4: What's a golden goose?

C5: Isn't it an animal from Canada?

(T/N: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is an Italian high fashion sneaker brand based in Venice, Italy. A Moose... Well it's a member of the New World deer subfamily and is the largest and heaviest extant species in the deer family.) [Note to add in little]

C1: Was it you? Open your fucking bag!

C5: But it's not me..

C1: Shut up fucking bitch! I told you to open your bag!

MC: {I can't stand it when they're insulting her...}

KB: Hey you guy! Shouldn't you study a bit more instead of hanging out?

C6: I'm already studying a lot at home.

MC: {Because...}

QB: Why your grades are so bad if you say you study a lot?

MC: {Because I love her...}

MC: {But don't take it as a student's unrequited love for his pretty teacher.}

MC: {She and I...}

MC: {We made a promise for the future...}

Title Drops

MJ: Yaaaaawn -

MJ: You're here?

MC: ...

MC: {I actually forgot about this fucker...}

HS: Wow Soo-Cheol you're here keke?!

HS: Go boil me some water and make some ramen.

MC: {He's the dumbass my stupid noona is dating...}

HS: Hey!

HS: Tssk.. That ungrateful bastard.

HS: Did he think he became a man since he joined high school?

MJ: Don't mess with my little brother..

HS: I've been taking care of both of you and now you're saying I'm the who is acting rude.

MJ: He's stressed out because he study a lot.

MJ: I...

MJ: Would you like if I was the one cooking you some ramen?

MJ: Kya ~

MJ: What are you doing ~ ?

HS: Weren't we about to do it one more time?

MJ: Aaah ~

MJ: Kyaaa!

MJ: Haaa..

MJ: Put it in...

HS: You told me to be nice to your brother, is it okay to do it when he's studying in the room next to us?

MJ: I don't care!


MC: {They're just a bunch of fucking animals in heat! Able to mate anytime, anywhere and with anyone!!!}

MC: Argh... FUCK!

MC: {Usually when my bitch of noona is having sex, since I can't concentrate, I wander around the streets at night...}

MC: {After doing a few laps around the entertainment district like this, their matting session will be over.}

MC: {Te.. Teacher?}

MC: Teach..

Blue: I made you wait a long time, haven't I?

KB: Why are you so late ~ ?

To be continued...
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