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Press Release: MapleCoin Launches Globally

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Mar 22nd, 2014
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  1. Press Release: MapleCoin Launches Globally
  3. Saturday - March 22, 2014 12:00 Noon ET
  5. Today at 12:00 Noon ET MapleCoin Version 0.8.5 BETA is released publicly. MapleCoin is the Unofficial Crypto-Currency of Canada. MapleCoin is a symbol of value and quality for Canadians and the world. With our fair, open and democratic Public Launch - we have led the way in National Crypto-Currencies.
  7. MapleCoin is fine money, money that can and will be traded and adopted around the world. It has been specially designed to have stable wealth retention and a gentle deflationary curve. And the fact is, it is better quality money than the "official" National "fiat" Currency. And that is the ultimate message of MapleCoin. That the governments and central banks reign of monopoly over the means of the production of money is over. Now the people can and will issue their OWN money that is better, more democratic - and free of corruption.
  9. Moving forward, the MapleCoin Development Team does not intend on resting. Beginning today we will launch projects designed to integrate MapleCoin into the Canadian economy, and work hard to incorporate MapleCoin into the global Crypto Currency markets and services. We have many exciting plans, and we'll reveal those in the coming weeks and months. The MapleCoin Development Team is in this to stay, we will always be working hard to make MapleCoin into a truly world class Crypto Currency.
  11. There are so many people to thank for helping us that this press release would be three pages long if we name you all. But you know who you are, and with all our hearts the MapleCoin Development Team thanks you. And to all of you who participate in this launch by downloading the software and mining, you are a part of this - a part of us. To everyone in the future who use, trade and mine MapleCoin we are grateful for your support. We are ALL part of the MapleCoin Team.
  14. SINCERELY -- MapleCoin Development Team
  17. MapleCoin Website -
  19. MapleCoin Twitter -
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